The Best Days to Send Email Campaigns and Other Email Marketing Tips

The best way to promote your products or services can be done with the help of a single email only! This way you can develop a relationship with potential clients or customers. It is a segment of internet marketing which encompasses marketing via online with mediums like, social media, websites, blogs and many more.

Do you know when is the best time to send email is? Being a marketer you should be an expert in all fields of marketing. Things change very quickly in marketing and so does the behaviour of the consumer changes. This states that marketing is a moving target always! This article is just one comprehensive guide so that you can find out the best time to send an email!

What is the best day of the whole week when you can send email campaigns?


Is it Tuesday or Sunday? Or is it Friday? The truth is, there are so many contradictory statements that there is no such particular day but each day has used as well as valid points!

Of these facts, many are backed by data which is based on studies and results from different verticals and clients. Many use business logic to understand this also!

Here are some interesting facts about the best days to send an email campaign:

  1. Mad Mondays:

There is no chance that you will hear marketing experts throwing out advice about how Mondays are exceptional for you to send your email campaigns. A study shows that emails which are sent on Monday do have the highest Return on Investment (ROI) whereas Fridays have better click-through rate!

Mondays are best for you if you need feedback from your clients. Surveys that are sent on Mondays have 10% responses more than the average!

  1. Rumoured Tuesdays and Thursdays:

By researching around every possible data and information it is seen that the highest rates of days when emails are sent are Tuesdays and Thursdays!  This might not be true, but it is very much likely that many of you also have heard this rumour.

Another fact that arises from this rumour is that higher the volumes of sending emails means the competition is more. This may be also true or not true but undoubtedly Tuesdays do have the highest click through and opening rates!

A famous email marketing site, after 300 million messages, concluded that Thursdays are also not very much behind than Tuesdays! So in this limelight, we can say there is a hint of truthfulness and everything is not rumours!



  1. Impact of Wednesdays:

Wednesdays, on the other hand, stands alone in the middle of the ground as it is neither the worst day to send emails nor also not the best day to send too!

Over 1 billion campaigns were analyzed by Harland Clarke Digital which was sent out over a span of 11 months! Wednesdays have a 20.6% open rates and 27% on sent emails which contributed by both mobile devices and desktops!

  1. Friday the best day?

Friday is a very productive day for a retailer if you send your email campaigns! An analysis of 20 million user profiles, 100 million online transactions, and 100 email campaigns proves this data! Friday produces 20$ conversation rate which is just 2% less than Tuesdays!

  1. Weekend warriors

Not many promotional emails are sent on weekends which helps a lot by creating opportunities to scoop out advantage as the competition is less! A study says that promotional emails received on weekends responded the lowest by the recipients.

The open rate of Sundays and Saturdays was 17.8 %. Before you try to shift all email launches on weekends, first test Saturdays and Sundays first!

Some small tips:


  1. Many studies say that sending emails at 8 am is very much early. You can get more than 25% open rates for WordStream blasts!


  1. Many people claim that Wednesday and Tuesday mornings are good to send emails, but the study says the open rate is down by 5% in that time.



  1. Mobile devices also very much depend on this study. People who sit in front of a computer open emails at work all the time but mobile users are very much active even late in the evening! And a lot number of people do regularly check emails from their phone only!


Some of the other email marketing tips:


Not one or two but a number of things make your email marketing fruitful and some of them are as follows:

  1. Personalisation of emails:

You should address customers by their names in email all the time and you should also send your emails to a particular or every person from the same account only else they won’t recognize you!

It is easier for you to build trust if you get more personal with your customer! It’s also a good chance that the emails which you send will be opened and read by them!

  1. Keeping your layout simple and easy:

Try not to overload with huge fonts, flashy graphics and other things that look odd! Make it simple and clean as this should make your clients feel that you are professional!  If your layout is overexposed your emails will be directly moved to trash without anyone reading it! The overall layout should be little eye-catching only!

  • Include a call to action:

There is no purpose of sending a mail to your customer without asking more than to just look at it! Make them do some actions like filling out a survey or clicking on a link or ask to make any small purchase! Any action you choose, make it sure one of them stays in the emails that you send to your customers!

  1. Overloading on a copy:

You will be tempted by using 3 paragraphs in order to talk about your product which you love and expect your customers to love also! But it’s wrong! An economical language with small paragraphs helps your customer to read and think about your product very fast. It not only helps them to understand your objective but also going through other emails!

  1. Creating a very compelling subject line:

The only thing which first decides to break or make, whether your customers open up your email or delete it, is your subject line. Your subject line should be honest with a very compelling idea so that you can get your customers utmost attention. Don’t use terms like “Easy money” or “make quick money” as they don’t get the attention of the customers and they can delete your message as soon as they read the first line!

  1. Targeting emails to right places:

The most common mistake in case of failed marketing details is because the sender has treated every one of his/her customer like the same! Understand the nature of your customers and the strategy on how to send your emails! You can easily do it by looking at the buying habits to the geographical location of the customer!

  • Making it easy for your customers to subscribe:

If no one has subscribed there is no one to whom you can send emails! Thus making it easy for your customers to easily subscribe makes good popularity for you!  You can play your cards on a number of websites or social media apps like Facebook, Twitter or even on your blog! You should also include fields to know about your customers, but don’t make it long!


  • Tell your customers what they expect from your mail first:

You should tell your subscribers first about what they are going to expect!  It’s very important to tell your customers up front, it may be about daily deals, e-commerce sales, weekly updates, weekly tips and many more!

  1. Sending welcoming emails:

Customers start to engage with you from the moment they subscribe! It is the first building steps for the relationship between you and customer or your product or the customer!

As soon as they subscribe, send a welcome note through a mail saying that all information has been received in a correct way. You can also make your customers happy by sending some discounts or some special offer when they subscribe.

  1. Creating a publishing calendar:

Like you have created a calendar full of your content on your blog, you should do the same thing for your email newsletter also. It is the type of a commitment.

If by any chance you forget to send emails to any of your customers they will forget you soon!  And this results in deleting your emails or send them to the spam folder when you send mail for the next time!

You should keep all these points in your mind in order to have a successful Email marketing! There is no guaranty in each and every aspect but you can be sure that these will definitely improve your ROI and open rates! These tips won’t make you the best or perfect email marketer also but these will definitely make you better than the rest!

How to Get Free Amazon Prime Membership Without Paying Anything

Everyone is raving about Amazon Prime Membership because of its popularity, you can get free shipping and lot of other benefits using Amazon prime membership. But its not free to have this, you need to pay around $99 per year for this prime membership, however there are some cell phone companies and credit cards offer free Amazon prime membership for buying their expensive packages.


amazon prime

What if there is a way to get Amazon prime for free without paying anything? Is it possible? Yes there are some sneaky ways to get Amazon prime membership for free.

Here are the ways to get Amazon prime for free.

Get Amazon Prime for 1 month for free if your package arrives late

This is one of the coolest and legit way to get free Amazon prime membership. But to avail this benefit you must already have a prime membership. If you order anything from Amazon, and if it does not arrive at your doorstep within the guaranteed time, then you can contact Amazon support explain the situation to them. They will check your order and if it really doesn’t arrive at your door step within the guaranteed time frame, then they will extend your prime membership to one month more as a part of peace making with you.

If you have paid extra dollars for one day shipping, they will even refund your shipping fee incase if it doesn’t arrive within the guaranteed time frame.

If they offered you 1 month extra prime membership means, that extra one month will commence after your current prime membership expires, in that way, your extra one month will not get wasted.

Sign up for Amazon Prime Free Trail using multiple accounts

At first, when i heard about this trick, i didn’t believed it, but until when i got in touch with Amazon customer support and asked about this out of curiosity, they said, yes that is acceptable and can avail multiple prime memberships.

Below is the chat transcript of it

I asked her, if i have two email address, can i sign up for Amazon prime free trail using those two email address? and she said yes. So the trick is, first sign up for 1 free trail using one email address and when it got expired, use another email and sign up for another free trail and use its benefits. This is another cool way to get free Amazon prime.

But i don’t think it will last forever, so use it while it is still there. All you need is a different email address every time when you register a new account.

Get Amazon Prime for free by signing up with Sprint

There used to be a cell phone plan launched by Sprint mobile, that you could get 12 month Amazon prime membership for free when you sign up for one of their cell phone plan. It was long time ago, now they have removed that plan and only offering a way to add Amazon prime membership to your cell phone plan. If you are having a free trail Amazon prime membership, then you can add that to your sprint cell phone plan. But they are not giving it for free anymore.

Sign up for American Express Card and Get a Free Amazon Prime

Amazon and American Express has teamed up and are offering Free Amazon prime membership for people who sign up for Amex card. But unfortunately this promotion has ended recently. Right now there is no working promotion going for Amazon prime.

6 Months Free Amazon Prime for Students

Amazon did a great thing for students. They are offering 6 months free amazon prime for students exclusively. All you need to have is a .edu email address and you have to sign up to Amazon prime using that .edu email address and you need to enrol in atleast one course in any of the available 50 colleges in US, Puerto rico or The district of Columbia.

You will get all features available in Prime membership except prime music and Kindle lending library. Apart from this, you will get instant access to unlimited videos from Amazon prime videos, amazing college deals and many more.

Once your 6 months free trail expires, they will give you an option to continue using their membership for  just $49.95 a year upto 4 years. Its your wish to continue or not to continue with them .

Without Amazon Prime

Even without signing up for expensive Amazon prime, you can still enjoy the benefits of prime membership, since Amazon already offers free shipping on products which are of $35 or more, or for books its $25 or more and they need a minimum threshold of $75 or $99 in order to qualify for a free shipping. To beat this, all you need to do is, just back order few items until your cart becomes $99 and then you will be eligible for  free shipping, once you qualified for free shipping, you can cancel your back ordered items.

Do not over use this trick, as if Amazon finds out, they may ban your account.

Get your money back using Amazon rewards card

Sign up for Amazon rewards card as it pays 5% cash back on every item you purchase from Amazon. So, if you do around $165 worth of shopping every month through Amazon, in the form of cash back, your $99 invested for Amazon prime will be credited back to your account.

This trick is simple and straight forward unless you need to do atleast $165 shopping every month through Amazon.

Cancel your Amazon Prime Membership

Sign up for Amazon prime free trail and when it is about to expire in 2 days, cancel your prime membership. Amazon will offer you another 1 month free trail of Amazon prime membership.

This is another cool way to get free amazon prime membership.


Working Godaddy Promo Codes for January 2018

Are you trying to purchase something from Godaddy and looking to save some bucks with the help of Godaddy Promo Codes? You might have already tried many websites for working godaddy promo codes and may failed, so to help fellow users like me, here i am going to share some working godaddy promo codes for your shopping with Godaddy.

Godaddy coupons or promo codes are used to get some instant discount during checkout. Never pay what Godaddy asks for, because no matter whether it is domain purchase, webhosting or any other hosting related product, Godaddy will issue promo code for every of their product. Many people are too lazy to search for promo codes and pay in full.

But smart shoppers will always look for coupons or promo codes to avail instant discounts from Godaddy.

Here is the coupon or promo code for Godaddy purchases: fbfhpg30bs

and Get 30% discount on any new purchase

This coupon can only be used on new domain purchases or hosting related products. This coupon cannot be used for renewals of any kind in Godaddy website. This instant discount is only applied to the purchased product not including ICANN fee, or any gift card applied to your shopping cart.

How to apply Godaddy promo code:

First of all, add all the items you wanted to purchase from Godaddy to your shopping cart, and during checkout, you have an option to enter promo code during checkout.

Now enter the promo code provided above in the promo code box and click apply to apply the promo code, instantly your shopping cart will be applied with 30% discount and you can pay the rest with your preferred payment method.

Keep visiting our blog for more promo codes, we will update the Godaddy promo codes regularly in our blog. Good luck with your blogging journey.

List of Free Online Video Editors No Download Required

Now a days most people are turning towards free online video editors as they don’t require you to download the software and install it in your computer. If you are looking to convert your video or edit your video file quickly, then, online video editor might fit your needs. There will be no installation required, just upload your video and edit your video, convert it and download it.

Online video editor

Even though it doesn’t require any installation, online video editors comes with little features, if you are looking to add complex video effects to your videos, then online video editors doesn’t fit your needs. Only these online video editors fit for small purposes like video cutting, adding small texts etc. Anyways,

Here are the list of best online video editors available for free.

#1 YouTube Video Editor

YouTube video editor is one of the best online video editor available in the internet today. Even though YouTube is famous, most people do not use it for video editing purposes, because they don’t want to upload their video to YouTube. Its not an obligation to upload your videos to YouTube, you can just simply edit your videos and delete the video in YouTube or if you want, you can share it to your friends by uploading it in YouTube.

It comes with a lot of features like, trimming your videos, joining multiple videos to one video file, adding texts, adding audio etc. You can also zoom in and zoom out your videos.

Most of the offline video editors provide same features but they come with a price, but YouTube video editor is completely free to use.

#2 We Video


We Video is another great online video editor which comes with great features. It offers cloud storage of your videos and also allows multiple people to work on a single video project. Its mobile app allows you to record a raw video and directly uploads into Google drive for video editing. But this online video editor has its limitations like, you can only edit videos upto 5 minutes length. If your video is longer than 5 minutes, then you have to purchase their premium plan to get more limit. But over this is a great online video editor with lot of video editing features.

#3 PowToon


PowTool is not just an ordinary online video editor. This is used to create white board animated videos, explainer videos etc. With ordinary online video editors, you will get basic features like trimming your videos, adding new audio to your video, rotating, zooming etc, but with PowTool video editor, you will get access to lot of pre animated characters which can be used to make an animated video. You can use all these animations with drag and drop feature, so you no need to struggle yourself to create an amazing animated video. But the free versions comes with a limitation of 45 seconds. So, you cannot create a video longer than 45 seconds. However its a good start, if you like it, you can purchase the full version to fit your needs.

#4 Clipchamp 

Clipchamp is another cool online video editor which offers basic video editing features like cutting the video, adjusting the brightness, contrast, rotating the video etc. This video editor tool offers drag and drop functionality so that you can easily edit your videos, it also offers uploading of your finalized video to major social media platforms automatically, so you don’t need to do double work with your videos.

#5 Online Video Cutter

This is a simple and straight forward online video editor which offers very basic functionalities of a video editor. It offers the following features, trimming your video, cropping your video, convert from one format to another, rotate your video etc.

For to run this video editor, you need to have adobe flash player installed in your computer.

#6 Kizoa

Kizoa online movie maker is one of the coolest online video editor. It is different from other video editing softwares, because it comes with lot of transition effects for your videos. With numerous transition effects, you can make your video fit for all occasions like wedding, birthday etc. Certain features are limited for free version of it, however if you like their transition effects and want to experience its full features, then you can upgrade your account to premium to access all of its features.

#7 Creaza

Creaza is an educational online video editor. It is useful for mostly students, as they can create excellent school projects using this video editing software. Not only Creaza offers video editing, but you can also get audio editor, cartoonist software and Mindomo. All these tools are easy to use and supports all age groups. Unlike other complex video softwares, Creaza offers easy to access video editing tools.

#8 Video ToolBox

Video Toolbox is another online video editing software with limited features. It offers the basic video editing stuff like cropping a video, trimming a video, extracting an audio from a video file, downloading videos from online video sites, records video by using webcam.

You can also add texts and watermark to the video. If you are looking for a quick online video editing tool, then this one might help you with your needs.

#9 Magisto

Magisto is another online video editing software which automatically creates a story with your videos. Its features are very easy to access and does not require much knowledge about video editing. Magisto is famous for creating awesome video stories.

Free Video Editing Software for YouTube Videos

Many people who want to upload their videos on YouTube, they want to edit or cut their videos before uploading it to YouTube, so most people will try to look for a video editing software. But, now a days, there are very few video editing softwares which comes for free. When you are starting as a YouTuber you don’t want to spend money on for editing your videos, so most people will look for a free video editing software for their YouTube videos.

I used to upload few videos on YouTube for fun when i was in my teenage. There are some popular video editing softwares which are free and gives you plenty of video effects for your videos.

Here is the list of free video editing software for YouTube videos

You might have already searched and tried for free video editing softwares, most of the video editing softwares you get now a days offer a free trail version and and when you try to export your video, they will ask you to buy their software. But i am going to list of video editing softwares which are 100% free.

#1 Movie Creator – Free Video Editor by Microsoft

If you are on Windows 10, then you can install Movie creator by Microsoft , this software is free and easy to use. If you are a newbie, then you can try this video editor for your small scale video editing needs.

If you are on older versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8, then you can try Windows Movie Maker, this is very easy to use and newbie friendly. You can make great videos with Windows movie maker.

#2 Virtual Dub

Virtual Dub

Virtual Dub is another 100% free video editing software for your YouTube needs. You can do small tasks like extract audio from video or add audio to your video. Go ahead and download this video editing software and play a little bit with it and see if it fits your needs.

#3 Openshot Video Editor

openshot video editor

This video editor is one of the best free video editor available in the internet today. It comes with almost all features for free. You can cut your video, add effects to your videos, add titles, add audio and many more effects to your video.

Convert your video to many formats like avi, mpeg, mp4 etc.

One of the main advantage of this software is that, it offers support for all operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux.

#4 VSDC video editor

VSDC free video editor is another freeware software which can help you with your video editing needs. This software offers all the basic stuff a video editor needs, like adding texts, adding audio, adding effects, setting up a capture device etc.

You can cut and past videos using this video editing software, like all free video editor’s comes with some disadvantages, this video editor does not offers preview when exporting your final video.

But, yeah you get what you pay for. But anyways something is better than nothing.

#5 iMovie

iMovie is strictly for Mac users only. Apple is offering iMovie for free only to its Mac users. We all know, apple always maintain’s some standards, so yeah this software comes with lot of editing options and you can customize your videos to fit your needs using Apple’s iMovie.

If you own a Mac, go ahead and give it a try for your Apple’s iMovie.


If you are just starting with YouTube, give it a try with these video editing softwares, once you think you are in need of professional video editing for your videos, then you can purchase paid video editing softwares which comes with lot of cool effects which will make your video look more great.

Until then, keep working with these free video editing softwares.

How Much Do You Get Paid on YouTube

Now a days more and more people are becoming famous with the help of YouTube. Not only they are becoming famous but also it has its perks, they are making tons of money with YouTube. Famous YouTube stars are making millions using their channel. How much do you get paid on YouTube exactly? Today i am going to show you how much money does YouTube will pay you.


There are millions of people who watch YouTube daily. Its like a Television now a days, even people are watching more YouTube than a Television. So, there are a lot of advertisers who are willing to show their ads in YouTube videos. There will be big advertisers like Mercedes Benz who pays a lot and there will be small advertisers who can afford less. If your videos are really famous and gets a ton of visitors daily, then there will be a huge demand for your videos among the advertisers. So, a lot of advertisers are willing to pay good price to show their ad in your YouTube videos. But if your videos are not that famous, then there will be less demand for your videos among the advertisers, so only low paying ads will be shown in your videos.

Currently, YouTube pays you 68% of the advertising revenue to its users. That means, here is the math.

If you have uploaded a video, and it became viral and you are getting around 20k hits daily. Then it means, your video is very popular and a lot of advertisers are in queue to show their ad in your video. Thats means, advertisers are willing to pay higher and higher for to show their ad in your video.

How Much YouTube Pays YouTubers Per View

Usually, YouTube charges its advertisers on the basis of CPM (Cost per thousand) Impressions, Say if an advertiser is willing to pay $20 CPM, then YouTube will give you 68% of that $20. That means you will get around $13.60 per thousand views.

Say if you are getting around 20k visitors daily, then you can earn around $13.60 x 20 which is equal to $272 per daily. This CPM rate also depends on the geo location of your visitors. If your 20k visitors are coming from Tier 1 countries, then you can get higher CPM rates, but if those views are coming from Tier 4 or Tier 5 countries, then no matter if you are getting 600k visitors are day, your CPM rates will be very less.

YouTube Sponsorships

If your video is viral, then you might get tons of emails asking for sponsorships in your upcoming videos, the advertisers will ask you to refer to their products in your upcoming videos and in return they will pay you money. Some advertising companies may ask you to endorse their products and it all depends on how big is your YouTube channel.

The more famous your YouTube channel is the better your chances are.

How do i earn from  YouTube?

So, if you are ready and wanted to make some money from YouTube, start an YouTube channel by signing with your Gmail account. Do you already have something in your mind of what your YouTube channel is going to be?

Some people love cooking, so they can start a YouTube channel on recipes.

Some people love dog training, so they can start an YouTube channel on how to train their dogs.

Some people love playing guitar, so they can start an YouTube channel on how to play guitar.

Some people love gadgets, may be they can start an YouTube channel on Gadget reviews.

Just find out what your passion is, and then start creating your Videos and upload regularly on your YouTube channel, and share your videos in social media, if people love your videos, they will subscribe to your YouTube channel and that gets you more visitors day by day, there by increasing your YouTube video views which will eventually make money from your videos.

Need some Inspiration? Here are the famous YouTuber’s who are making Huge Money!!

PewDiePie – YouTube

PewDiePie is the #1 YouTube star who is earning millions of dollars from YouTube, according to Forbes list his net worth is around $12 million. His YouTube channel is famous for video games. In his videos, this guy plays video games and record’s those videos and uploads in his YouTube channel. Currently he is having around 59 Million subscribers.

These two guys run this YouTube channel Smosh who are famous for comedy videos in YouTube. Currently they have around 22 Million subscirbers and their net worth seems to be around $8.5 million as reported by Forbes.

IISuperwomanII – YouTube

Lilly Singh is another famous YouTube star who is earning millions using her YouTube channel. Currently she has around 13 Million YouTube subscribers. She is famous for her stand up comedy acts in YouTube.
All these famous YouTube stars have started with single video and been persistent with their work and have attained success in what they do. So, if you are really into YouTube and wanted to become a star, start making your first video.
How do i start?
First Pick up a theme on which you want to create your videos.
Second, create your YouTube channel, and start giving description to your YouTube channel.
Now, record a video using your smartphone or a video camera and then upload your video to your YouTube channel.
Now share that video link in your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram etc.
Upload regularly in your channel and ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, in that way, your YouTube audience will grow.
Useful Links for YouTube video Promotions:

Tier 1 Countries Advertising

If you are in Affiliate Marketing Industry, you might heard of Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and Tier 5 countries. Certain affiliate offers only certain tier countries traffic. If you are unsure about what are these tier countries are, here is the list of countries by tier wise.

Have a look below.

Tier 1
United Kingdom
United States

Most of the affiliate offers only wants traffic from Tier 1 countries, and the payout for these offers are usually high when compared with other tier countries.

The next best geo list is

Tier 2

Czech Republic
El Salvador
Hong Kong
New Zealand (Aotearoa)
Puerto Rico
South Africa
United Arab Emirates

The amount of traffic available from these Geo’s is less when compared with Tier 1 countries, but you can get good affiliate payouts for offers for these Geo’s. If you have some good traffic sources for these geo’s its worth promoting few offers for these geo’s because of less competition and good payouts.

Tier 3

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
Korea (South)
Saudi Arabia
Slovak Republic
Sri Lanka
Viet Nam

You can find very few offers for these geo’s and traffic sources available for these geo’s are also less. Moderate affiliate payouts and very less competition.

Tier 4
Aland Islands
American Samoa
Antigua and Barbuda
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bouvet Island
British Indian Ocean Territory
Brunei Darussalam
Burkina Faso
Burma (Myanmar)
Cape Verde
Cayman Islands
Central African Republic
Christmas Island
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Cook Islands
Croatia (Hrvatska)
Democratic Republic of Congo
East Timor
Equatorial Guinea
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
Faroe Islands
French Guiana
French Polynesia
French Southern Territories
Heard and McDonald Islands
Ivory Coast
Korea (North)
Marshall Islands
Netherlands Antilles
Neutral Zone
New Caledonia
Norfolk Island
Northern Mariana Islands
Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Papua New Guinea
Republic of Serbia
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
San Marino
Sao Tome and Principe
Serbia and Montenegro
S. Georgia and S. Sandwich Isls.
Sierra Leone
Solomon Islands
St. Helena
St. Pierre and Miquelon
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
Vatican City State (Holy See)
Virgin Islands (British)
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
Wallis and Futuna Islands
Western Sahara

  • Very less affiliate payouts and huge inventory in many ad networks, but you get very few offers with very less payouts.

Tier 5


I have never promoted any offers for these geo’s, so unless you know what you are doing, go ahead and give it a shot for these Geo’s.


How to Promote Your Shopify Store Using Facebook

Different ways on How to Promote Your Shopify Store Using Facebook:

No doubt, Facebook is the number one traffic source for many businesses. Because, now a days, almost every one in the world has a Facebook account and they hang out on Facebook regularly. Isn’t it the best way to reach your customers as they spend most of their time in Facebook?

So, everyone is taking advantage of Facebook and making huge profits with Facebook advertising. But hey wait, there are also a lot of people who spent good amount of money in Facebook advertising and didn’t made a single sale. So, you need to do it in the right way, otherwise, you will end up loosing money in Facebook advertising.

FB Ads

Here is how to setup your Shopify store for FB ads:-

First and fore most thing to do is, create your Facebook ads account. Many people use the option Create Ads in the profile page.

Facebook Ads

But i recommend signing up for a business account with Facebook, you can do so by visiting the following link Facebook business manager

This will offer higher leverage than normal Facebook ads account.

Facebook Business Manager

Now, create your first ad campaign with Facebook using Facebook power editor.

Campaign in Facebook

Enter your campaign name, if you are trying to promote Shoes, then enter something like your store name shoes.

Next, under Campaign Objective, if your main goal is “Sales“, then choose “Conversions

Give a name to Ad set and create a New Ad.

You need to be creative when creating your Ad, because this ad is responsible for driving sales to your website.

Facebook page

In the above, there is Obama’s Facebook page, create something like with your brand and start posting some posts in that post. Since you wanted to sell your products, you can add products to your Facebook page.

Here is an example post from’s Facebook page

Facebook Page Post

Here in the above post, they posted a post and it contained multiple products below the post. This is a great way to promote multiple products with a single ad. If you are selling multiple products in your shopify store, then you can also use this functionality to get the maximum out of Facebook ads.

When posting a post in your Facebook page, you need to tag products of your store in that post, so that when the post was published, those tagged products will be shown below the post. Here is how to do that.

Tag a Product in Facebook Post:

tag a product

But if you have not added your product feed in your Facebook, then no product will shown in the options when trying to tag a product.

So, first add your shopify product feed to your Facebook ads account, then you can pull the products to tag it in the post.

Adding product feed (Catalog)  to your Facebook Ads:

You can add your product catalog using the following App Facebook product feed which is easily available in your Shopify App store for free. Install this app by going to your dashboard > Apps and search for “Facebook Product Feed” 

Once you have installed, you will get a screen like this

Facebook product feed

You will get a link to your Facebook product feed.

Now, log into your Facebook business account and go to your Facebook business settings as shown in the screenshot below.


Now, go to Catalogs and provide the URL of your product feed.

Or simply you can connect your Shopify to your Facebook ads account. Here is how to do that.

Login to your Shopify dashboard, and then go the section Sales Channel

After the text Sales Channel you can see as shown below.

Now, you will be shown with an option Connect with Facebook, Go ahead and click on it and enter your FB login details to get connected with your Facebook ads account. Now, Facebook will pull all the products which you have added in your Shopify store. All these products will be sent for review by Facebook, once they are approved, you can directly promote them in Facebook without any hassle.

Once your ads got approved, you can start running your ads in Facebook. Its not that simple to get sales in the first place, let the ads run for few days with limited budget. Facebook will understand your ads and site and tries to find the best audience for your ads.

Make sure, in your Facebook ads account, you are able to track visitors using FB pixel. You can find that by going to your Facebook Ads Settings as shown below.


You should be able to track events using your FB pixel. Check your pixel in your FB account, to see if you are able to track events. See below

In the above, my pixel is tracking every

View Content
Add To Cart
Initiate Checkout
Add Payment Info

If you can able to track these events, then you can optimize your ads using those events, then Facebook will be able to deliver more conversions with less ad spend.

Things to remember:

Test for atleast 100 clicks to your website. And for that 100 clicks if you don’t get any sales means, something is wrong with the product, or maybe your product’s price is too high or maybe the product is not that good. So, work on these issues first and fix them.

In the above, my store has gotten too many website clicks (ViewContent), but very few people have added the product to their cart and very few people purchased the product.

The spike in website clicks here is, i sent external traffic and it didn’t performed well at all. But if you are only sending FB traffic means, you have to see the flow of the visitors and optimize it accordingly.

Try different ads, different audiences etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here in the comments below.




How to Make Money Using Shopify and DropShipping


You might have heard of people quitting their 9-5 jobs and making millions of dollars using Shopify with drop shipping. And if you are here means, you probably heard of those stories and wanted to make money using Shopify with Dropshipping.


So, for people who want to start their online store and sell stuff. Here is how you can do that.

What is Shopify?

I know, since you already here, that means you know what a shopify is. But for people who don’t know what a shopify is, A shopify is a webservice which enables users to create their own online store very easily. If you wanted to sell something, it takes a lot of time to create a website, hosting etc. But with shopify, everything can be done so easily. You can start your online store in few minutes.

Now a days many people are quitting their jobs and chasing their dreams with Shopify by starting their online store. There are a lot of people who had earned millions through shopify sales. Want to start your online business too? Here is how to do it.

Choosing a Niche: 

First and foremost thing you need is, what products do you want to sell? What are you passionate about? Something you are expert at it. Or if you just want to earn money no matter what the cause is, then find a problem and sell a solution them.

For example, iPhone cases, no matter how many iPhone cases you have, still when a new iPhone cases comes out, many people want to buy it. If you can get unique iPhone cases for better price than others, you can sell them and make some profit.

But, where do i get iPhone cases for cheap?

Chinese are known for making things at cheaper price. No matter what product you want, they can make it at cheaper price. So, if you are looking for iPhone cases, try to find them in Chinese websites.

Here are the top Chinese E-commerce websites



So, go ahead and search for iPhone cases in those websites and you will be amazed to see the price difference. You can buy from them and sell it here in America. You might be thinking who will handle buying from China and here clearing the customs and then packing the things and mailing it to customers? Don’t get panic, everything can be done it two ways, one is the hardest way and the other one is the smartest way.

So, once you decided to sell iPhone cases, all you can do is apply the drop shipping concept here. You don’t need to ship it your home country, when someone places an order in your website, you can simply order that product for cheaper price in Chinese websites and you keep the profits. Sounds good right?

All you need to do is, find the product which sells good and try to find that product for cheaper price in Chinese websites. Once you decided to sell the product, now time to generate more and more sales and make money from it.

If you have no clue of what products will sell well, then try the following methods.

Try to find amazon’s best selling products in different categories.

  • Best selling amazon’s kitchen products
  • Best selling amazon’s electronics


Now you will get an idea of what kind of products are selling really well in the internet right now. So by now, you will have an idea of what kind of product you want to sell.

Setting up your Shopify Website:

Setting your shopify website is really simple. All you need to do is, sign up at and setup your online store. Here is how to do that.

Open and then enter your email address to get started.

It will ask for few details like your unique store name, email and password. Once you are through that, you will be asked to verify your email address.

During registration, you have given your unique store name, that will be your store’s website address.

For example if you have given your store name as “xzystore”, then your store address will be

You can also buy a custom domain from Godaddy and redirect to shopify. Here is how to do that.

Once you have logged into your Shopify dashboard, click on Online Store on your left hand side.

and now you can see the options Domains

Shopify Custom domain

Now, you will see two options

one is to Buy a New Domain 

or you can Change your primary domain 

If you don’t want any hassle just go with buying a new domain, it will be easy for you.

Now that you have your store setup with a brand new domain. You are almost ready to sell using your online store.

How to add products to Shopify?

Once you have logged into your shopify store, on the left hand side, you can see the option Products

Add product shopify

Now, click on Add New Product which you can see in  your right hand side of your screen. Use different options provided by shopify and design your store as you like it. You can also change the way your online store looks by changing the themes.

To change your shopify theme, Go to your Dashboard > Online Store > Themes

Shopify is bit expensive for everything, they don’t offer much for free, so in order to have a good theme, you have to buy their premium themes or you can buy one from as they offer different varieties of premium shopify themes.

So, finally you got your store setup with good looking theme.

How to pick a product to sell?

If you already have a product in mind, then you are good to go and add that product and start selling. Or if you don’t have any clue of what to do, then here is how to pick a product to sell in Shopify.

There are few websites which offers you amazon product research tools , here are some

Now, using the above amazon product research tools, you can find out which product is selling well right now in Amazon website. Then you can choose the same product and try to get it for cheaper price from Chinese websites and sell it through your shopify website.

So, now you have your store ready and you also have a product to sell.

How to get sales to your Shopify store?

Many people struggle at this part. Many people setup their shopify store easily, but when it comes to getting sales to your product, you need to work hard a bit. There are some free ways to get sales to your shopify store, but that doesn’t get you much sales. So, in order to get good sales, you need to set aside some marketing budget for advertising your store online through online media.

Many successful people have used the following platforms for promoting their shopify websites.

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Bing Ads

Now that you might start wondering on how to get your money into your bank account. If you are located in America, then you can easily sign up for stripe for processing your customer payments. If you are not that technical, you can simply sign up for Paypal account and link those in your shopify account, so that whenever someone purchases in your store, you will receive the funds in your bank account.

Here is how to setup your payment information in your shopify store :

Go to Settings in your dashboard which is located at the bottom of the page in left hand side. Click on it, then you will be able to see the following options.

Shopify settings

Now click on Payment Providers, you will be able to see different payment providers. If you are familiar with Paypal or Stripe, then choose that option and update your payment settings.


If you wanted to charge extra for shipping, then you can setup your shipping prices under Settings > Shipping

Shopify comes with wide variety of options, so that you can configure your store in the way you wanted.

I will write a separate blog posts on each platform on how to promote your shopify store. Until then, please go through my other blog posts and leave comments below if you need any help.


Wrote already a blog post on

Promoting your Shopify using Facebook Ads

Thanks for reading my blog.


How to Make Atleast $10 a Day

Everyone will have their ups and downs in their life. If you are struggling to make at least $10 a day. Here is how to earn $10 a day with this proven method.

$10 a day

To make this work, you  must have little knowledge about affiliate marketing. If you are already an affiliate, then things will be pretty easy for you. But, if you are entirely new to this affiliate industry, then you need to work a little in order to know what is what.

So, anyways, here is what you need to do in order to earn atleast $10 a day.

First of all, you need the following

  • Craiglist account
  • An affiliate account in Peerfly or any other affiliate network where they have zip submit offers.

You can also find zip submit offers through this affiliate offers explorer (Offervault) or Odigger . Browse through some zip submit offers and sign up for an account in the company that offers zip submit offers.

Once you got registered, now pull your tracking link for the zip submit offer which will pay you around $1-$2 depending upon the offer and Geo.

Now, all over the world, there will be many people who are jobless trying to find some part time works which can be done from by working at home. So, what you will do is, post a craiglist ad under job sections, saying “Data entry people needed, earn $20 per survey

Be prepared to get floods of emails to your inbox. Now, reply them with your affiliate link in it, since people are hungry to make some money, they will sign up for it and you will make money for making people to sign up for your offers.