10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Blog Alive with Old Posts

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10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Blog Alive with Old Posts

For people who have been blogging passionately over a long time, it happens when they run out of idea and even upon thinking for hours and hours, they cannot come up with a good idea to write something unique. It is the time, when they have to renew the existing content on the site and present it to the readers and the search engine in a new and attractive way. It has two benefits

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  1. It brings the old posts to focus once again
  2. It relieves us from the tension of writing a new post for some time.

Every time you post a new post, the older ones are buried deeper and deeper. Those posts had costed you time and energy at the time of creation and they must be in a state of service always to get the most out of them. Moreover, particularly for blogs which have the topics that are related to information and not the updates or news or gossip, the content is never old. It is always interesting for the users the thing is just to bring the in the eyes of the readers once again.

Below, we are discussing 10 ways of boosting the older posts for the readers.

  1. Edit the Titles to Make Them More SEO Friendly

    Inspect the titles of the old posts and try to make them more appealing and attractive keeping in mind the recent trends of searches by getting the information from Google and other credible sources. Changing the topic will obviously not alter the SEO as the permalink and the keywords will be the same. You will also change the display topic of the post to make it catchier for the reader. Do remember using Google to get the information and select a viable topic.

  2. Create an Image and Pin it on Pinterest

    Like any social media platform, Pinterest is a great way for bloggers to generate enormous amounts of free traffic. Very often, we pin only one of the various images in a post on our site. It is a good practice to use some other picture from the old post and pin it using a great attractive caption. Pinterest can be a source of large amounts of free targeted traffic for a blog. The only condition is to use it wisely enough. Using good caption is one of the key rules to get success on Pinterest.

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  3. Link Old posts to New Ones

    You would have heard about killing two birds with a single stone but this trick here can kill a number of them with a single stone. As you know, internal link building is one of the basic factors in a good SEO, it is good for improving bounce rate and readers also have a good impression knowing that you have a good collection of content on a variety of related topics. In addition to it, you can bring the old posts to life what we are discussing here.

  4. Create Google Hangouts
    Google Hangouts are a good source of sharing knowledge with peers and fellow bloggers and at the same time a good source of traffic. Hosting a hangout related to an old post cannot only get traffic to the post but can also give you an idea about a new post as people share quality knowledge on the hangouts forum.


  5. Send Across Newsletter

    We have already covered the topic of newsletters and email subscriptions in detail. You can use newsletters to attract people to your older yet popular posts. Newsletters are also a good source of permanent loyal readers. Use newsletters to attract traffic to the older posts.

  6. Run Across a Popular Post RoundUp

    In addition to making newsletters, it is recommended that you make roundups every once or twice a month to grab the attention of readers to the older but popular posts of your blog. A good idea is by making a post like ‘top 10 posts from last 30 days’.

  7. Share on Social Media Network

    Social media is a great source of traffic. Despite all your efforts, you cannot get a post through to all the users of a given social media network. Everyone is not online at the same time. If you share an article at midnight, it will be seen by a totally different group of people as it will be if shared at noon.
    Share the posts again at a changed time so that the people who couldn’t catch up with them lately can read them now. Do remember to use newer captions that are attractive in the recent trend.

  8. Use Tweet Old Post Plugin

    Tweet Old Plugin is a great way to help rotate the old posts. It lets you choose the criterion for rotating the posts. You can select which categories to repost and the timing of the tweets. It lets you customize all the factors related to the reposting of older posts on twitter.

  9. Stumble Your Posts

    StumbleUpon is an awesome way to generate huge traffic for your blog. It can earn your old and new posts a great amount of traffic if used correctly.

  10. Re-write the Post with Related Updates and New Content

    You may think that will be as hectic as writing a new post but it is not. You just have to add new ideas in to the post and make it more attractive for the reader by adding new facts and figures. The trends of readers keep on changing with time. Changing the post’s layout and some of the ideas can be a good way to make it popular in people once again and it will take not more than one-tenth of the effort.

What do you think about the 10 ways we have discussed above? If you have any other ideas, do share them in the comments.