11 Copywriting Hacks that You Must Know

11 copywriting hacks that you must know

Any business will need a killer copy so that it can get more power. It is words that have the power to either make a brand a success or a failure. Some may feel that creating a content is time taking and not that all of us have the ability to create a killer content with ease. The best part is that you do not have to be a blessed writer in order to come up with a killer content we will explain how in this article. What we are going to share now is a number of copywriting hacks that can be used by you in order to improve your website dramatically.

  1. The 5 minute SEO copywriting trick – Google is trying to improve the search by concentrating not only on the URL but also on the title and a few keywords in the article. The algorithm has to be clever so that Google can easily search your article. Suppose you are writing on how to write a business proposal. You will have to look for keywords that are similar in nature and try to make the article effective.

At the end of the page you will find a list of keywords that are similar so you can use these some additional phrases in the article because Google feels that these keywords and related to the topic that you are writing about. Google uses semantic search and as it does so this article will be definitely a good choice. Anyone who is looking for “sample business proposal” or “how to write project proposal” will have a good chance of getting your article in the search.

  1. Spruce up your meta descriptions – The meta descriptions are very critical and they must be the best writings of yours. It is the last option that you can use to convince a person that he or she must click your link and not your competitors. You have created the best SEO strategy but you just cannot stop there you will suffer. In Google the content has to click else it is of no use. A neat little description can help you to ensure that people look into what you have written and that you get enough traffic. It will also help you get more customers. The audience must be targeted properly. If you have a good content but no one is reading it then it is of no value. The search engine will display 150 to 160 characters and within that limit you have to come up with a writing that can attract attention. If you write more than the limit the copy will be truncated.

The meta descriptions must be user friendly. It must clearly explain the purpose. It is not a bad idea to mention a phone number or an email id on it so that people can find it more personal. Refer to some meta descriptions online and it will definitely help you understand how you should frame yours.

  1. Get the design and the copy working today – Words are important indeed but visuals play a far greater role and so you must give a lot of importance to the images and visuals that you are using. Some golden rules to be followed for digital design and copy are:

  • Always be very careful as you are wrapping copy around images.
  • The font should be nice, large and readable.
  • There is no harm in leaving some white space.
  • The font should not be stretched.
  • The text should always be justified to the left.
  • Better not to use too many different colours.
  • Try to avoid hanging words meaning when one word gets pushed to another line. It breaks the rhythm for the reader.

    The research proves that people tend to read only twenty per cent of the words that is there on the site and if you do not design the content well the reader might tend to read even lesser words and that can be very dangerous. So ensure that the writing looks nice and readable to the readers.

  1. The best stuff must be saved for the best pages – It is not easy for people to keep fine tuning the site material for the readers. However, just ensure that the copy is spot on for the website pages that get more action. The top pages of your site should be easy to see. Just log in to your Google analytics and click on the “behaviour” option in the left side of the screen. After that expand the site and just chose the “all pages” option this will give you the top 10 most visited pages. We have enclosed the pictures below to explain these steps.

  1. The page should not be about us but about them –

Always remember that word of mouth counts. This is exactly why the “about us” page on your site is so critical. This is the page that will tell all about you and your brand. The about us page can change the bottom line of your business dramatically. Some points that you must keep in mind while building the about us page are:

  • Try to use words that can connect with the visitors on an emotional level.
  • You must know what is actually important. Your company may be 50 years old but you have to ensure that you prove how that matters to the customers.
  • It is always good idea to post photos as it gives a sense of security to the person reading what you have written that you are not hiding something.
  • The style should be informal.
  • You can talk about some hurdles that you have dealt with in order to target the audience better.
  1. PAD (problem and declaration) into must be used – The framework of your blog should be clear. You must start with illustrating a problem. After the problem come up with a solution that you want the readers to know. Make it clear that you are here to help so that the readers feel like reading what you have written. You can also mention something like “would you be interested in knowing a shortcut” this would enhance the interest of the readers and ensure that they read further.
  • Understanding human psychology – Always remember that you are selling something to the reader who might not even know who you are. This is exactly why you should be more particular about the psychology of the people. Always remember that you cannot sell by saying “buy the what” try to change it to “buy the why”. Explain why someone should buy the stuff you are selling. Attach an ethos to the product or the service that you are selling and we are sure you will make more profits.

  • The URLs should be short – A point that is often not paid much heed is the length of the URL. Always ensure that the URL is nice and short. Also ensure that the URL is relevant. It is not a bad idea to include the keyword in the URL. For example you have a URL that looks like www.myblog.com/123-abc-trd56 do you think it is a good URL well a good URL should be like www.myblog.com/businessproposal-tips. This will definitely make the experience of the user better and help them understand what the post is all about and another good part is that it will be liked by Google too.


  • The emotions must be leveraged – Humans are nothing but a bundle of emotions. There are different kinds of emotions that we go through each day and they can be both good as well as bad ones. The first thing you must know is that you are a marketer and you have to target the emotions of the other person. Emotions can be like jealousy, confidence, satisfaction, etc. First identify the correct emotion that you are targeting. Once you can do that half of the job will be done.

    For doing this you must first have a list of the clients along with the detailed profile of each of them. The questions that you need to get answers for are:

  • Who are they?
  • What do they actually want?
  • What do they like?
  • What do they hate?
  • Where do these people hangout?
  • What is the content that they like?

So basically you are trying to find out what the audience is struggling for and how can you help them? So what you need to do is come up with a picture with the pain points of the audience and then you must prepare the action plan that you have to reduce their problems. For example why would a person want you to write the business proposal, well the simple answer is so that he or she gets the contract. The user of the service is not confident of writing a proposal that is why they are seeking your help. When you look at the situation from this point of view and make your approach empathetic you will do much better as a digital marketer.

  1. The blog post must be optimized around a valuable keyword – Look for keywords that will help you to focus and also ensure that you do not waste too much of time, effort and money. Yes you must look for a keyword that will get you more revenue.

    For example you are into digital marketing business. What you do is help people write professional business proposals. Especially your service is for those who have a small business and their language skills are weak. If you look for keywords you might see that “writing business proposals” tops the list of keywords. If you pick this and make an article you might get some traffic. If you think a little you may realise that what you are doing is a service and some people out there might be just looking for a free service. So what do you need to do is look at something else. Why don’t you change it to like “get an amazing business proposal for free” you might not get too much traffic coming initially but whoever will come they will have a serious business need. Slowly your traffic will increase and you can make it big too one day.

  1. Never lose focus from the business goals – The goals that you have must be clear. You have a great content and that does get you a lot of traffic. Is getting traffic all that you want? Well definitely not the main intention is to ensure that the visitors do some action. The call to action must be compelling enough. The blog should be built in such a way that it actually takes the person on a journey. Unless the visitor takes your service or buys what you are selling you will not gain much.

    The research proves that people will tend to read on twenty per cent of the matter on the web. In that twenty per cent you will have to come up with a content that will make them take the action that you desire. They should sign up for emails or download something so that you make some revenue from it.

    Before you write something on the site always keep in mind that you want the reader to take this action and is the content compelling enough to make the reader take the desired action? Keep yourself as the reader and try to understand if you yourself would have done the required action after reading the article.

We have tried to discuss some of the amazing copywriting hacks that anyone can used easily in order to improve their website. We hope that you will find this article interesting and informative. Do try to implement the ideas and let us know your feedback. They are simple things but if implemented can definitely make a lot of change to your site.