12 of the Best CPM Ad networks for any website

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All the blogs and the websites that you have made after so much of hard work are actually of no use until and unless you start to make money from them. We will try to explain the methods that you can use in order to generate passive money online. There are many website advertisements that one can experiment with. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. First try to understand the concept of the ads. Some ads will pay you as per the clicks and some will pay you for the actual purchases. Some ads play as per the videos played and some ads pay as per the email collection by the visitor.

If the blog is a new one and you are not getting too many visitors you must go for ads that pay you for the impressions. These ads are known as CPM and they pay you for every thousand people the website serves the ad to. When the websites get a lot of visitors the CPM ads may seem to be the most lucrative ones. They have a lower payout compared to the CPC and CPA ads but they are much better when compared.

There are many CPM ads that you will come across. We in this article will discuss the 12 best CPM ads that can give you the best pay:

  1. BuySellAds If you have just started out with your website then this can work very well for you as there is no traffic requirement. With BuySellAds you can be rest assured that even if there are a few hundred visitors to your site they do not get wasted and you can start making money from day one.
    BuySellAds account

    The earnings will grow as the traffic to your site grows. BuySellAds gives the website owners about seventy five percent of the revenue that they get from advertisers. This is a huge sum of money actually. The money will be given to you as and when you demand it. The time taken to process the payment is about three days. The payment however can be requested only twice a month, which is fair enough.

    The minimum earning to get the payment is also quite low. You can get even 20$ to your paypal account. Cheques and online wire are also offered as payment options. The size of the ads is varied and can be customized as per your requirement. They can also be made compatible with Google AdSense. Till your website becomes popular enough this can be a good way to earn some quick money.

  2. Advertising.comThe second in this list is the “Advertising.com”. This was started by AOL. This gives the advantage of CPM as well as revenue share from ads. The website has got a very high CTR. The revenue share ads from them can be a great way to earn some quick money from a blog or site that is relatively new and is yet to get the required followers.

You must be told that
Advertising.com is a platform holds the 92 rank of the top 100 Ad Age listed advertisers. AOL will accept only those sites that have at least 500,000 or more of monthly traffic. This can be a little difficult for new websites to attain. The payments will be paid as soon as the minimum amount of 25$ is reached. The payment can be withdrawn by cheque, PayPal and wire transfer.

  1. Conversant MediaThe Conversant Media was known as “Value Click Media” before. They have publishers who belong to the different industries like automobile, retail, telecom and pharmaceuticals.

    The Conversant Media does not have a lot of requirements for and anyone with a minimal traffic can also take ads from them. Cashing out can be started with an earning as low as 25$. This can be collected from PayPal or from a cheque too. The Conversant Media Company follows a NET 60 payment model but the users say that the payments come within twenty five days itself. Definitely this is a great way to make some quick money when the website is new and do not have much traffic.

  2. Criteo This has been quite quick to gain traction. It has become a top earner for the various website owners. It had served a mind boggling 740 billion ads in 2014 alone. It has around eight thousand advertisers all across the world. Criteo can provide the website owners ads that have high CPM and have great conversions too.

The Criteo has seen about 96% renewals of service contracts by the advertisers. This figure shows that Criteo is very popular with the advertisers and a great revenue generator. More and more publishers show interest in this because the revenue they get from Criteo is much higher than offered by the other competitors. In case you have a new site and you want to monetize it at the earliest do try Criteo. It will not let you down.

  1. Radium OneIt was pioneered by the social media as a great advertising tool. It is highly popular as a CPM ad platform. This can help you monetize a huge range of content. It can work with videos, images as well as with text. It can be optimised to the desktop and mobile devices as well.

The Software that Radium one uses is very intelligent and it can easily connect the brands to the customers. On the second week of every month the payments are made. The minimum amount eligible to get paid is 100$. The payment can be collected from wire transfers, cheques and Paypal. Many bloggers and new website owners have benefited from Radium one and we definitely recommend it to one and all.

  1. Collective DisplayIf you are publisher who is looking for a CPM ad then the Collective Display can be a very good platform for you. The company has a number of new networks and it allows the clients to publish in the form of videos, text as well as ads.

The best part about Collective Display is that you can customise the ads and ensure that you get the best results. There are a various types of ads that you can experiment with when you are using Collective Display. The webmasters can use these ads and put them on the websites quite easily. The control that you enjoy on the type of ads that you are displaying is very high. These features make Collective Display a favourite of all. All of us want to monetize the blogs and sites and Collective Display can be a great way to do this.

  1. Exponential This was known as the Tribal Fusion before. The Exponential is known for the ability to improve the advertising services continuously. They offer the clients very good results as a result they do have a huge client list.

Any site that has a monthly view of 500,000 can subscribe with Exponential. This can be a little difficult a figure for sites that are new. There is also a daily requirement of 5000 unique visitors. The Exponential is a very hard ad network for someone to get into. Nevertheless, if you manage to join Exponential there are many benefits that you can enjoy that are unparallel in the industry.

As a client you can chose from a huge number of CPA and CPM ads as well as a number of other types of ads. This will give you the flexibility to choose the ad that suits your requirement the best. Exponential makes payments in every 45 days. These payments can be collected via paypal or through a cheque. The ads are highly targeted and can generate very high revenues in no time. Any website with large readership can use this to make a little more money.

  1. Technorati MediaThis is a preference among the pro bloggers and those who have a huge network. Technorati Media boasts to be the largest social media ad network in the world. It is ideal for those sites that get a lot of traction of social media network.

The Technorati Media is a very reputed platform. It offers very high rated ads that are great for increasing the conversion ratios. Serving ads through Technorati Media means a lot of exclusivity has to be maintained this may not suit all the site owners. Let’s give example of an ideal situation when you can use Technorati Media e.g. when you have a lot of traffic coming to the site but AdSense is not working. We hope that this will help you to understand the pros and cons of Technorati Media better and help you decide if you would like to associate with them.

  1. Adtegrity The Adtegrity craters to a wide range of verticals. Any blogger who has been blogging for a while will tell you how they appreciate Adtegrity for the service they are providing. You can choose from a range of thirty verticals. The ads are much better targeted meaning more revenue generation.

The Adtegrity has criteria that you must have 500,000 monthly visitors. Most of the revenue that Adtegrity generates comes from USA. If you area blogger or web site owner who has got a good traffic coming in then you can definitely try Adtegrity and enjoy some good revenue.

  1. Clove Networks – We now move on to the next one in the list. Clove Networks can give you access to different types of ads like CPC, CPI, CPL and CPM. You name it and you will get it at Clove Networks. This can be a good idea for those who have been into the business for some time and want to experiment with different variety of ads

As the ads are of different nature the money that you can make from them is also different. The Clove Networks ensures that you get a fair share for the business that they generate from the display of their ads on your website. Like most of the others the payments are on time and can be collected via paypal or cheques. The cash out is convenient and hassle free. After you have earned a substantial amount you can cash out.

Update: Due to lot of scam complaints on digitalpoint forum, we don’t recommend using Clove Networks.

  1. Amobee The Amobee has been coming up in a big way. It has acquired some of the most popular CPM ad networks. Some of the ad networks they have taken up are “AdConion” and “Kontera”. In case you are confused with this information then the simple answer is that Amobee is now a better option for you than Kontera.

The potential of revenue generation from Amobee is huge if you have a good number of impressions per month. It is a very user friendly ad network and can generate good pay. The payments are paid through paypal and cheques. No complaint is ever heard about the payment process. It has been helping a lot of bloggers earn a good revenue and we do consider it as a must try.

  1. AdBlade Network This ad network will allow you to publish the ads on your website from some of the top brands. AdBlade Network is a great way to tap the lucrative market of ads. This can get you a high CPM rate for the efforts that you have put in

If your website gets more than 500,000 visitors in a month you can be accepted by AdBlade Network. The verticals it craters to are huge so finding ads for audience specific to you is not a difficult job. If your site qualifies for sites like Fox News and Yahoo you can expect to get a much better pay. In every thirty days payments are made. Cash out is kept at 100$.

These twelve CPM ads can definitely help you to get some quick money from your website. Even if your content is not getting enough visitors you can use these to make some money and monetize your websites. We hope that this article will help you to make some quick money online.