15 of the best Clean and Minimal WordPress themes that can be used for Websites, Blogs and Agencies in 2016

Uncode Wordpress theme

It is not necessary that all visitors who come to your site will get excited by the bright colours and animations. Some users and visitors prefer simple sites over sites that look too complex. Many website developers also prefer clean WordPress themes as they can be loaded easily. When you keep the website simple and straight forward the visitors can concentrate on the things that are more important and don’t get distracted by the unnecessary things. Some visitors also do not prefer sites that have very shiny buttons. These visitors like elegant and simple sites. When you keep the WordPress theme simple it gives more flexibility and functionality to the website. To cut the long story short clean websites look more inviting and they are much easier to navigate compared to the sites that are heavily loaded with too many things.

If you want a simple and clean theme for your website then you have come to the right place. We in this article will take you through some of the best WordPress themes that you can help bloggers and website developers to come up with clean sites and blogs.

  • Uncode This has to be the first in the list of the WordPress creative and multipurpose website theme. We will list some of the features of this theme now:
    • Meticulously crafted
    • Deliberately graphically composed
    • Refined and resourceful
    • Flexible and pliable
    • Serious and professional
    • Hugely functional
    • Modern and top of the line
    • Very responsive

The Uncode is very easy to use and it has been very effectively put together by the team of the developers. It is a bold and expensive theme. The Uncode comes with a range of tools as well as templates and features. These features make Uncode capable of allowing the webmasters to create attractive and professional looking websites without investing much time. You do not have to write even a single line of code. The Uncode comes with a range of features and pre designed pages that can make you feel like a professional website designer.

The Uncode is a very Pixel perfect theme. It comes with some cutting edge technology that can easily adapt any image to the web page. It is just perfect for anyone who wants to make a website. There are many demo websites of Uncode that you can refer to before you start using the same.

  • Soledad This is another very popular WordPress theme that can be used clean the look of any website. Some features of it are:
  • Beautiful
  • Uncluttered and very neatly structured
  • Sophisticated
  • Redefined
  • Technologically perfect
  • Proficient
  • Resourceful
  • Reliable and robust
  • Efficient and lightweight


It is very easy to use. No matter what your skills are as a webmaster you can easily use this theme. It is built around the WordPress Live Customizer Platform. It allows the user to see the work after editing. The best part is that you can look at the website as it would appear to the end user. Needless to say that it comes with many features that can help you create a beautiful website quite effortlessly.

  • X- The ThemeThis theme is simple and very functional that anyone can use. You can get both quality and quantity from this theme. It comes with an intro video so that the users can get all the assistance that they need.

X- The Theme

You must check the preview of the site before you go live with it. This theme comes with plugins which otherwise costs a lot of money. The tools are customized very well so that they become extremely user friendly. It is considered to be one of the most successful themes of WordPress because it crossed the one million sales record in just six months.

  • Kalium This is a very effective theme when it comes to portfolios and blog web pages. It was the fastest selling WordPress theme in April 2015. It has received many awards.


Using this you can create a personal online store of your own. At present it is offering 10$ discount to the users. Apart from the main theme you can get a lot of free downloads when you download the Kalium. The cost of this theme is 28$ which is quite reasonable for the features you get with this theme. This can allow you to translate the blogs or the portfolios helping you to build a multilingual site.

  • Studio 8When you want to make the site look very professional then this theme can be of great help. This theme is very powerful and it can improve the portfolio site. This can be easily used by the non technical users as coding knowledge is not needed at all. This theme can create a website in less than three minutes.

Studio 8

The site that you will get will be completely functional. If you pay a little extra you can buy the developer version that you can use on the sites of the clients. Another very good feature of this theme is that if you are not happy with it then you can also get money back in thirty days time. Some other features of Studio 8 are:

  • Fast loading speeds
  • Comes with a series of shortcodes
  • Can support the system in an excellent manner
  • It can be used on all devices including tablets and Smartphone.
  • It can work on any operating system and web browser
  • It can be used to develop a multilingual site that is very helpful when you have clients across the world.
  • Morning timeThis is a theme that can give you the feel that it was perhaps tailored made for your site only. It can be used to improve any blogging site. This theme comes in standard and developer format you can buy any one of the two as per your need. You can use Morning Time for a number of clients and projects as it is extremely flexible.

Morning time

This theme comes with a well written documentation that can make you an expert overnight. Using this you can create multilingual sites for the foreign clients. This theme is compatible with most of the mobile devices also.

  • The VouxIn case you are looking for a streamlined and clean WordPress theme this is the best you can get. This can be installed easily. You can customise this theme as per your requirement as it has a visual composer that comes with a drop and drag technology. The theme comes with some attractive homepage styles that you can choose from.

    The Voux

    With the help of Voux you can enjoy a good social sharing experience. The data is kept in the WordPress as invisible in the backend.

  • Circle FlipThis is a very useful theme for any WordPress
    website. Some of
    its features are:
    • It can attract a lot of users
    • It is practical and very good to look at
    • Requires no programming knowledge
    • It is extremely user friendly
    • Comes with a lot of tutorials
    • The process takes only a few minutes
    • Multiple background patterns are available
    • You can personalize the patterns easily

Circle Flip

The layout of Circle flip is very responsive and SEO ready. As a result you can display the well designed content of yours in any platform. It can be used on any device.

  • Cosonix Another WordPress theme is Cosonix that comes with a range of features and some of them are:
    • Seamless
    • Flexible technologically
    • Powerful and Pliable
    • Fast loading
    • Can be customised easily
    • Visually very stunning
    • Intuitive
    • User friendly
    • Very adaptable
    • Very responsive


The Cosonix is very well crafted and can be considered as a one-stop shop solution. Anyone can easily use this to make their websites look better and professional. It comes with a single click installation process.

  • Oshine This can be considered as a modern, multipurpose and clean WordPress theme. It comes with 16 unique theme demos that you can use to make a website of your own in few minutes. It can be considered as one of the most customizable WordPress theme.


It can be used by corporate, individual bloggers, creative agencies and freelancers as well as by any person who needs a creative website. This comes with a number of features namely smooth page transitions, clean looking effects, parallax scrolling effect and the list just goes on. There are unlimited colour options that you can choose from. There is a very nice drag and drop page builder feature too.

  • Armonioso It is a very responsive WordPress personal and professional blog and magazine multipurpose website theme. It is a brand new WordPress theme. It can handle different types of websites. Some of its features are listed below:
    • Visually stunning
    • Very innovative
    • Beautifully and graphically designed
    • Retina ready
    • The technology used is cutting edge
    • Trendy and hip
    • Sophisticated and graceful
    • It is mobile friendly


The theme comes with seven very unique blog layouts that can handle even the wildest of imaginations. You can import all the features of this with a single click. It can add many fun features to your website.

  • Kedavra It is a multipurpose WordPress theme. It can help you to showcase your content in a very professional manner. It can look stunning in any device and platforms. It includes a lot of businesslike layouts and templates that you can use. These layouts can be used within minutes of installation.


There are very detailed video tutorials available that can ensure you learn to use Kedavra easily. It can help you increase the traffic coming to your site quite easily.

  • My BlogMy Blog has been designed in such a way that it can take your blogs to the next level in matter of seconds. It can work on any type of site. When you have a lot of writers writing for you then it can get a little complicated for the readers. To solve this problem My Blog comes with an author box that will show the name and the picture of the author.

My Blog WordPress Theme

With the help of the colour palette theme you can choose the best look for your site. It has multilingual compatibility. The theme is well documented and very responsive.

  • Bloc It is a very simple and easy to use portfolio theme that can help your content get the attention of the target audience. This theme comes with a Swiss inspired page layout that looks very stunning and can be customized too as per the requirement of the user.

Bloc WordPress theme

It is very responsive and can adjust will all types of devices. It has a strong and a modern framework that can help you develop websites as per the latest designs. This theme supports more than six hundred Google web fonts and can ensure that the site admin uses various types of unique fonts.

  • Notio If you are looking for a simple yet classy WordPress theme then Notio is the one for you. it can work well on portfolio sites as well as on sites that need a simple layout. This theme is designed by using high resolution graphics. This theme can be customized easily.

Notio WordPress theme

The theme can be installed with just one click. Notio comes with WooCommerce support that can help the users to sell their creative works. It also comes with animated sliders and video background support. It has strong social media integration allowing the users to do online sharing with ease.

These themes can definitely help you to create some very nice and interesting websites that look modern as well as creative. We hope you find this article interesting and informative.

Not that everyone is looking for a flashy website with too many things apart from the content. Many bloggers actually prefer a simple looking site that supports their content well. In this article we will take you through some of the best WordPress plugins that you can use in order to make the websites look clean and sophisticated. These themes can be used by anyone and everyone. They are simple to download and use.

  • Foodica It is a multipurpose WordPress theme. We will list some of its features now so that you get a better idea of what this theme is all about:
  • Can handle the needs of many websites
  • Professional and polished
  • Accomplished aesthetically

Foodica WordPress theme

It is mostly used by the restaurant and the food industry as the name clearly suggests. It can create a beautiful site in no time. It uses the HTML5 and the CSS3 technology. It has a very powerful drop and drag feature. Before modification you can actually see how the website will actually look like. It is empowered by the Zoom framework’s extended customization features. It uses a lot of shortcodes to build a nice website. It has six different colour theme pages.

  • Simple & Elegant As the name suggests this theme can help to develop very nice and elegant websites in no time. Some of its features are:
  • Pristine and clean
  • Deeply functional
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Navigable
  • Technically very resourceful
  • Functional

Simple & Elegant

It is very detailed as a theme. The visuals are very fresh. The layouts are such that anyone from whatever background they are can use them. It is very flexible and can be customized to a great extent. It has a powerful visual composer. It is also supported by slider revolution and live customizer tools. These make it easy and simple to use for even users who have no idea about websites. It is supported by HTML 5 and YouTube.

  • Angle If you want to give your website a clutter free look Angle can really help you. It can support the needs of a multitude of different websites. Angle is basically spotless. It can present your content in the most impeccable manner.

Angle has many powerful features and we will be listing a few of them now.

  • Subtle
  • Elegant animations
  • Hover effects the transition of the elements
  • Gives a feel that the website is alive and keeps the visitors engaged
  • Navigational experience is seamless

You can give different looks to your site using this theme. The space occupied by it is absolutely minimal. All the visitors get to see and concentrate on is the content alone and nothing else.

  • GraceUnderPressure – If you want a clean looking website that can get you more traffic you have got your solution here. This theme can actually change the web page of yours dramatically. It can streamline any website to perfection ensuring that the visitor gets to see a neat and sophisticated site.

GraceUnderPressure WordPress Theme

This theme has been made keeping the new users in mind. So if the user is new he or she will find the navigation extremely simple. It can also work effectively in small hand held devices as the layout is extremely responsive. It can offer the best browsing experience. The customer can keep making changes to the site till satisfaction is reached. It can work on all major browsers. The content can also be translated so that more users can understand them.

  • Takk It is one of the most elegant WordPress themes that were crafted for the creative minds. Some of its features are:
  • Can be installed easily
  • Crafted in detail
  • Can be customised easily
  • The manual is detailed
  • Easy to set no coding knowledge is needed
  • Have many features and images
  • Focus on user experience.

Takk WordPress Theme

It is WordPress 3.0+ ready. It is very responsive. There are many theme options that you will get with Takk. It was developed with HTML5. It can give a very high quality to the images used in the website.

  • Hempstead This WordPress theme is just superb. It is one of the simplest and the most modern themes that we will be discussing in this article. It gives a lot of focus to the style of the site. It was developed with a modular concept it mind. It has all the latest techniques used and you can benefit from them.

Hempstead WordPress Theme

It ensures that the website of yours will run well in all types of devices. The theme includes a sophisticated portfolio and blog option. The contents of yours will definitely be displayed n style when you are using this theme. This theme is integrated with Visual composer plugin. It is optimised for SEO and ranks well in Google.

  • Xenia Very polished WordPress theme that can be extremely useful in case you want to give your website a neat look. It can be used on any type of website and for any business purpose.

Xenia WordPress Theme

It is blessed will all the modern technology. These make it retina ready and very responsive. It will ensure that your website works well in different devices and also look good. PHP, JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 were used to code Xenia. It comes with all the default features that a WordPress plugin will generally have. It can help you make the most of your website.

  • Zerif PROIt can work best for small business. It actually has the ability to improve every aspect of the portal. With this theme you can get very good quality at a very decent price. This WordPress theme can work on literally any device. You can see the live demo of this theme before you actually decide to buy it.

Zerif PRO WordPress Theme

It allows the users to change the website settings easily. It generally works well with most browsers. If you have a large amount of content this theme can work well for you and it is available at a very low price.

  • MH Elegance This is indeed a very beautifully crafted WordPress design that can be a delight for the users. Some of the incredible features that this theme has are:
  • Multiple color options
  • Custom Widgets
  • Font amazing icons
  • Custom header images

MH Elegance WordPress Theme

The customization easy and can be done easily using the WordPress. The user can preview all the changes before going ahead with it. It is very responsive thanks to its amazing cutting edge technology. It can look great even on smart phones. It is SEO friendly and can easily help you get a good ranking in Google.

  • Brixton It is a minimalist blog style website theme that will not leave you disappointed. The design of this theme is captivating and it can easily change the look of your site. You do not need to be a tech savvy person in order to use Brixton.
    The layout is quite streamlined as a result the theme ensures that the website is loaded fast.

Brixton WordPress Theme

You can share your content on social media using this theme quite easily. This can ensure that more visitors come to your page. All the elements of the site are showcased on high resolution retina devices. The content will be the main focus in this theme but there will be a possibility to add new features as you want later on. We all want the visitors to find our site easily this is ma de possible with Brixton as it is very SEO friendly and can be easily visible to the potential visitors. The technology used makes it responsive on all devices.

  • Electric – The list will be incomplete if we do not mention the incredible theme called “Electric” here. It is a versatile package that must be used by those who need a quality design. IT can work on multiple websites and it is quite complex too.

Electric – The

The design of Electric is very accessible. It ensures that complex actions are simplified. Some say that it is so easy that constructing a sit seems like a child’s game with it. It does include a lot of streamlined and well written codes as well as practical plugins. The theme has a very detailed documentation that you can refer to in case you get stuck somewhere. It also has a good support team that can help you. There are about ten different portfolio variations that come with this theme. It can create a super browsing experience for all the users.

  • Milk This is a very beautiful WordPress theme that can be used by one and all. It is a simple theme and comes with equally simple layouts. It can give the users some amazing portfolio options. It has retina ready icons and many clear graphic elements. These features can ensure that the website design becomes visually quite appealing. The template options that you get with this theme are very unique.

Milk WordPress Theme

It includes amazing features like incredible hover effects, extensive topography settings, smooth animation and self hosted audio. You can chose from about 650 Google fonts. This theme is implemented with Bootstrap technology this allows third party plugins to be integrated with the website. This theme makes the sites amazingly mobile friendly. There are several theme settings that you get with it and you can try them if you want to give a nice different look to your site. All the changes can be viewed before you make them live.

  • Twenties It is a theme that can be easily used by a blogger, freelancer, writer and photographer. This theme is very modern and was built using HTML5 and CSS3 technology. It can make any site look nice and your content look even better.

Twenties WordPress Theme

This theme comes in three color skins namely sweetly pink styles, bold black and classic white. Apart from this there are many features that come along with this theme and can be used with ease. The grid style WordPress theme of twenties can help you build online magazines perfectly. The design keeps the readers engaged and improves their experience.

  • WP CloudIt is a one page website template. It has a very responsive homepage that can help you create the perfect online page. It can be installed easily and has varied design options available.

WP Cloud WordPress Theme

The WP Cloud theme looks very beautiful and refined. There are a number of layouts that it has to offer. The grid layout it uses is very intuitive. There are many layout options available in the theme that you can use in order to create a very nice website. The visual Composer Page Builder component that the theme comes with allows the users to create amazing pages in seconds.

  • Pluto It is an amazing WordPress theme that can be used to create some amazing websites. It is designed for the casual food bloggers. It has a reading mode feature that makes it work well on mobile devices. It will allow the users to customize the various aspects of the theme.

Pluto WordPress Theme

It comes with many types of interesting features like infinite scroll features, 8 post formats, unlimited color and font options, predesigned skins, QR code scanner and many more such amazing features. It is a functional template for any ecommerce website. It is also integrated with WooCommerce. There are a number of useful plugins that you will get absolutely free with Pluto. These plugins include Mega Main Menu, Visual composer, Private Messaging premium and UserPro. If you want to purchase these plugins you might have to spend about 76$.

These are some of the best WordPress plugins that you can use in order to make the website look more simple and streamlined. We hope you found this article of value and you will start using these plugins in order to give a better look to your websites.