17 of the Best Ad networks for publishers in 2016


17 of the Best Ad networks for publishers in 2016

If you are talking about monetization, then the first thing that will come to your mind is Google AdSense. AdSense has been leading the market for some time and it is indeed the largest ad network that exists today. However, you can look at some options that may even be better than AdSense. This is exactly what we will be discussing now in this article. Google does have competitors and the competition is a tough one. The competition is only increasing and will continue to be this way. We are not saying that one particular ad network will get you the revenue that you want to generate. It is not possible to make so much money with just one ad network you will definitely need a combination of a number of ad networks. Some combination works well for few and others feel another ad network is better for them. You have to be doing trial and errors to check how you can make the most of the different ad networks that are available in the market. To make your job simple, we are naming some of the networks in this article that you must definitely try.

  • Adsterra NetworkTopping the list is the fastest growing ad networks that are considered to be the most premium of all that we will be discussing in this list. It has ten billion geo-targeted ad impressions each month. The best part is that Adsterra Network supports publishers from any vertical and they also guarantee a hundred percent monetization.

    With the help of the services that Adsterra Network provides you can format the sizes of all ads as per your requirement. Their services work well both for mobile as well as the web. Some of the ad types that they support are –display banners, interstitial, push up, pop-unders, sliders and direct links. Highest possible quality is ensured by using automated verification software that was designed by GeoEdge. Each of the campaigns is actually tested for hours. On time payments are made twice a week. A personal account manager is assigned to all the clients.Adsterra Network

  • Clicksor This is at present serving about 100,000 specialized websites and 900 million ad impressions. Clicksor can serve banner ads, rich media ads, pop-unders, in-text ads and interstitials.


Clicksor ensures that the text on your website is scanned well and the ads served are done using the latest contextual technology. This ensures that a higher click through rate is achieved. Clicksor can be installed easily. It is easy to download and very user friendly.

  • Vibrant MediaThis is another very popular ad network. It can offer specialised ad formats like lightbox, storyboad, mosaic, in-image and in-text. Apart from this standard IAB display ad units are used.

The ads created by Vibrant Media are responsive and they can be displayed in multiple platforms. The display setting of Vibrant Media can be changed as per the requirement of the client. Vibrant Media can employ the native ad solutions in order to increase the revenue without even changing the ad’s configuration.

  • RevcontentIt is a major content recommendation platform that you will get to see on the internet. The growth rate of Revcontent was at a mindboggling 900% last year. They are at present serving about 100 billion content recommendations in a month. They focus on the quality of the publishers as a result they will reject almost 98% of the applications that they get. This makes v a very difficult network to join. Revcontent has grown much because of this selective publisher strategy that they have adopted.


Just recently Revconnect V2 was launched. It features a very good interface that can lead to better transparency and easy customization of widgets.

  • Infolinks Ads are always viewed as an intrusion this is why the traditional concept of banner ads is slowly losing ground. Infolinks is a very effective ad network that you can use. It provides some really innovative set of profitable ad units. Some of these ad units are – InFrame (banner ads in margins and frames), InTag (tag cloud ads), InFold(overlay ads)and last but not the least InScreen (smart interstitial ads). These ensure that the space utilization is the best, the relevance is increased and users face lesser intrusion.


Infolinks is generating monthly revenue for 200,000 publishers from across the world. They are also the biggest advertisers for Ebay, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook.

  • Media.netIt serves ads from the Yahoo! Bing contextual ad network. It consists of a large pool of national and local advertisers. It has 100% fill rate across all the ad formats and the verticals.


Some the publishers that can be associated with Media.net are Elle, Reuters and Forbes. These are the prominent publishers apart from these they have a long list of publishers. They have access to all the high quality ads from all prominent DSPs. Media.net supports display ads as well as content native, mobile docked ads and desktop interstitial.

  • AdBlade It is a premium and very safe ad network. The major focus of AdBlade is quality and not quantity. It has a list of 1000 publishers and some of the names are big like Fox News, Yahoo!, ABC and Hearst Corporation. It supports the standard IAB units. It also supports NewsBullets which claim to be delivering three times better performance compared to others.


  • Revenue HitsRevenue Hits uses geo-targeted and contextual ads serving technology in order to deliver better revenue for the publishers that are spread across the world. They crater to publishers who are spread across mobile sites, widgets, toolbar, websites as well as mobile users.

Revenue Hits

They are serving two billion ad impressions in a day. They claim to have 100% fill rates across the geographic regions. Apart from display ads they are also into revenue hits and allow the publishers to monetize the websites. They also use XML feeds, widgets, apps, pop ups and other custom formats.

  • Undertone This specializes in providing really high impact ad formats along with standards AIB. It also has its own range of flagship display formats that are designed for higher engagement of the user. It also supports several other video formats.


Many of Undertone’s proprietary ad unites ensure that the ad inventory of the client is used in non-traditional ways. This ensures that there is no cannibalization of the products that are already existing. This in other words simply mean that the CPM of 100% to 150% more than traditional display ads can be offered by Undertone with immense ease.

  • BidVertiser The next that we will be discussing in this article is BidVertiser. It is a great monetization model that can be used by anyone. Apart from getting paid for each ad that is clicked the publisher is also paid an additional revenue as soon as the click leads to a conversion or a sale. The BidVertiser uses a bidding system this ensures that the publisher always land up getting the best possible revenue for each of his unit. There is a reporting interface that can be used to monitor the performance of the ads.


Needless to say BidVertiser has the ability to support a number of ad formats. This includes banner ads, mobile, skyscrapers and rectangles. The point and click tool can be used to customize the layouts of each of these units and ensure that the look matches with the look of the website.

  • Advertising.com It is the brainchild of AOL. Due to the backing of AOL Advertising.com has always enjoyed the advantage of having a huge network. It has relationship with about more than 70 of comScore’s top 100 ad supported sites. The network that the publisher covers is over thirty verticals and can handle 2 million impressions per day. These figures are absolutely mind boggling.


Advertising.com can handle anything so you do not have to worry if the ad will fit your site. They have a block of advertisers on the basis of industry and media.

  • Creafi Online MediaThis is an online media that can serve up to 300 million ad impressions in a day and that is some serious business. They believe in behavioural and semantic targeting as well as retargeting. This strategy has helped Creafi Online Media become quite popular with advertisers.

Creafi Online Media

As an advertiser you can customise who can see the ads on the basis of context and behaviour using these tools. As a result, the performance of the ads shoots up and that is what both the publishers as well as the advertisers want. A better control over the ad inventory can be enjoyed and the multiple formats to choose from.

  • Epom MarketIf you are looking for a cross platform ad network that can associate with leading advertisers then Epom Market is the best solution that we can suggest. It expands to forty countries and about fifteen verticals. On an average 13 million ad impressions are made by this and every month 320 million unique visitors come to the site.

Epom Market

The services include category targeting and mobile as well as local ads are taken up by Epom Market. These leads to a higher eCPM rates. Apart from the standard formats Epom Market also supports mobile specific units, footer and intext.

  • HaxhaxLooking for a premium and brand safe private market place then look no further as your solution is here. Haxhax has about 100 premium publishers who are handpicked. They are also serving mobile, rich media, video and traditional display. Apart from this some more user features associated with Haxhax are auto invoicing system for timely payment, multi-screen servicing and comprehensive reporting.


  • BlogAds In case you are a blogger and you are looking for a network that support bloggers primarily then BlogAds is the network for you. It represents a number of renowned blogs like PerezHilton, DailyKos, Cute Overload and the list is a long one.


BlogAds will help you have a better control over the advertising that you are doing. It will let you select the size, customize the look of the ads, set your own price and reject ads as well as per your discretion. The best part about BlogAds is that it will not charge you any fees instead they will only keep 14% of the sales that were made to your readers. It can be a good alternative for a blogger.

  • Propeller AdsIt is a network that will support banner ads in any size that you want. It also supports in- banner video ads and on click ads. Placing yourself strategically with Propeller Ads is important if you can do that then you can make as much as 1-2$ for every US and UK inventory.

Propeller Ads

The Propeller Ads handles about 3000 active campaigns all across the world. They also perform a manual check in order to remove any unsafe or suspicious advertisers. This practice ensures that the quality of the ads is high. A personal manager is given to all the clients. Apart from that a real time reporting can also be available.

  • Conversant It is campaigning for about 5000 brands. It can help anyone find the best fit across all the content verticals that are available. The campaign report that you can get from Conversant is transparent because it is a real time publisher. It also provides an activity and revenue data to the clients on a regular basis.

Conversant Media

The advertising solution of Conversant is cross platform and can ensure that the publishers make the most of the revenue form the mobile devices. There are many formats of display that is supported by Conversant and that includes – banners, rich media, static and in-text rollovers.

These are some of the ad networks that you must definitely try. Try to use the combination of a few of these so that you can understand how you can make more money. We hope you find this list informative and useful.