20 Best Twitter tools for your Twitter Marketing

Twitter Tools

Twitter plays a crucial role in social media marketing. Do you want to call yourself a Twitter power user? If yes then this article will indeed help you a lot. There are lots of twitter tools that are available online. It is humanly not possible to check each and every one of these tools. We are just making your job easy we are listing for you some of the most effective twitter tools that can change the way you tweet forever. Twitter is a powerful network if you know how to use it. These are some tools that can help you effectively increase your sales and network using the twitter. Without wasting any more time let’s start with the list of these tools.

  1. Manage FilterIf you want to make your twitter profile more intelligent you can use this feature called “Manage Filter”. It can offer a lot of advanced features and a great tool called Powerpost. The Powerpost is like a power tool it can ensure that the posts you are writing are scheduled in such a way that they automatically get optimum visibility. This is a free tool that makes it even better. Another very interesting feature of this tool is that it can help you to unfollow all the inactive twitter accounts that you do not need.

  1. AudienseThis is an enterprise level Twitter management tool. However, it is available to all Twitter users. This is a certified product. Like any other Twitter tool this too has a number of unique features. One such feature is about finding the influencers and connecting to them. In other words it can help you to be there at the right time and with the right people. It can also tell you the best time for you to be on Twitter. There are features like running automated direct message campaign and get maximum CTR.

Having non followers in your Twitter account can be very disadvantageous so this tool can help you to unfollow in bulk. Not only that, it can also help you to look for people who might be interested in what you are doing. So all in all it can make your Twitter account more useful and effective.

  1. TweroidWe have always been saying that spying on social media is actually a good habit. Tweroid is actually a great tool when it comes to spying. It can tell you exactly at which time your followers are in action and this is the time you can capitalise on the most. If you have been networking for some time you will know that research is critical to networking.

    Tweroid can actually help you a lot in doing the research. If your research is correct half of the job is done. What you can do is analyse the data that you are getting from this tool and use it to schedule your tweets. Ensure that you are tweeting most during the most interactive period of the day for the best results.

  1. HootsuiteThis list of twitter tools will be incomplete if we do not include this very effective tool called the “Hootsuite”. This is a tool that can effectively combine almost all the social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. No wonder their caption is “social media dash board”.

    This can be a great tool if you are into serious online marketing. It can also help you to manage multiple twitter accounts. It can help you to re tweet across multiple profiles easily and effortlessly.

  1. Twilertyou must have seen how Google alerts work. This is like a Google alert but for Twitter. All that you need to do is set your keywords and you will get Email alerts for those. You must stay alert in social media in order to stay connected. You must be very quick to react to the alerts. What this tool does is alerts you with an email about some activity in twitter so that you do not miss an opportunity to participate in the event.

  1. TweepiThis is a cool Twitter tool that can ensure that you do not waste time on the non followers. It can quickly identify the non followers and ensure that you get rid of them. Similarly it can also tell you about people who might have interest in your tweets so that you can start following them. It can make your Twitter account look really interesting and less messy.

  1. TweetchatTwitter allows you to interact with people who send you direct messages. Yes that is true. However, you can also connect with those users using twitter who have not sent you any direct messages. There is a possibility in Twitter to participate in individual chatting sessions also that you are not a part of directly. This can be done by using the tool called Tweetchat.

    All you need to do is just sign in to Tweetchat. Choose the hashtag that you want to follow. This will allow you to connect with people who are talking about the similar topics. When you choose a hashtag you will be directed to a Tweetchat room. You can also control the users by ensuring that spammers are not a part of this chat. The page does not refresh not its own as a result you can avoid replying to the wrong people.

  1. TwibesTwitter ensures that people who have similar interest connect as a result they can benefit from this interaction. Twibes is nothing but Twitter groups that are created as per the interests that Twitter users have. It is like different interest groups. By joining these interest groups you can ensure that you build good connections and grow your network. It can be a good platform if you are new to Twitter.

  1. KloutKlout is a popular tool that most of you are aware of. It can be used to keep a good track of the social media accounts. It can also help to rank the users based on the authority that they enjoy. It can help you keep a track of how influential you are in social media and if you feel that you are losing out in some area you can start working on it. Some blame Klout for fishy rankings but still it can be a very effective tool to use.

  1. Twtpollthis tool can help you to gather interactions and feedbacks from those who are following you on Twitter. This can help you to create social media surveys and can also be directly posted to your Facebook and Twitter. All you need to do is ask questions to your users. Get the feedback from these users and ensure that the users are engaged. The questions that you ask can be multiple ones as well as a single question type.

  1. Tweetdeck This is a multi platform Twitter tool that can give more power and flexibility to the users. The Tweetdeck can help you easily swipe between the different profiles. It is a great social media analytics tool. As a result you can manage all the interactions that are happening in your profile at single go.
    It is like a personal browser. The download is safe and free. It is one of the best twitter desktop apps that you can get.

  1. Paper.liabout two hundred million articles are published in this Twitter news feed daily. This is a tool that is used both by the individuals and by the professionals. It ensures that the readers get engaging content. This can also help the users to curate the content automatically as well as manually. The feeds are then published in a newspaper like layout making the look very interesting. This can help a lot in ensuring that the content looks nice to the readers and they find them interesting to read.

  1. Triberr
    This is an app that easily lets you connect to all the members in your tribe. These are the members who will follow you. This is a good way to get repeated tweets from the influential people. This will ensure that you get all the attention that you deserve on Twitter. This can be a great tool if you want to be visible in Twitter. It can easily help you network with other bloggers who have similar interests. It can help you to join big leagues. This is a semi automatic tool. It can increase the visitors to your blog very fast.

  1. TwtQpon – If
    you are selling a product (digital or physical) online this can be a great tool to promote your product. It can help you to reward the followers and also increase the social reach. This can help you to offer coupons for your product to the users. This coupon is valid when they tweet about your product. This can work as a good tool to offer services that increases the social reach. This can also be considered as a great way of social couponing.

  1. Tweetreach
    This is a great tool that you can use for marketing and do PR for your Twitter account. This will let you understand what the true reach of your tweets is. This is for serious professionals who want to see how far their tweets are reaching. You will have to pay a minimum of eighty four dollars a month in order to subscribe to this tool.

  1. TweetStats
    Keeping a track of the usage of your Twitter account is a good way of recognizing the social media patterns. It is a free tool that can be downloaded easily. It can keep a track of the tweets not only on a daily basis but also on a weekly and hourly basis. You can see the status at anytime and on your timeline.

The data is generated in a graph form that is easy to understand and good to look at. This makes it more helpful to the Twitter users.

  1. BufferThis can be a very useful twitter tool for those who like to tweet in short bursts. Sometime tweeting in a short burst can make you lose followers with the help of this tool you can avoid this. When you use Buffer it will ensure that the tweets are distributed well across the day and are scheduled in such a way that the best of your performance is ensured. It allows you to tweet at the best possible time of the day. When you have a balanced tweeting schedule it will prove that you are an organised person and will ensure that you get more attention as a serious blogger. Buffer is also available in an app format. If you are using the Bufferapp you can enjoy some additional features.

  1. Group tweet Some time you may want to interact with a certain group only and not have too many unnecessary people in the loop. To keep your twitter activities private you can use this tool called “Group tweet”. This can help you build a strong community of people who are genuinely interested in your tweets.

  1. Commun.it
    Another tool that is coming up big way on twitter is the “commun.it”. This is a very effective tool that can help you schedule tweets and automate a lot of activities. You can start with a free account of it. In the free account you can engage at least 20 people, which is a good number to start with. It will give you an idea of how the tool works and if you would like to buy it. It can help you to welcome people who have started to follow you again and announce top followers on daily basis, etc. The list of what you can actually do with it is a long one.

  1. Twibs This is like a directory of Twitter profiles that you can use for finding the people and groups on twitter that you should interact with.

These are some of the tools that can help to improve performance of your Twitter account and ensure that you can connect better to the readers and followers of your account. Anyone who is serious and wants to make it big on Twitter must try to use if not all at least few of these tools.