20 Clever Ways to Get Natural Backlinks to Your Blog


20 Clever Ways to Get Natural Backlinks to Your Blog

Of the many factors affecting the SEO of a blog or website, the most important is link building. Search Engines and particularly Google ranks the sites with a large number of backlinks higher in the search results. Since the Penguin update, Link building has become even more important. In order to get the most amount of traffic from the search engine, it is crucial to have a large number of organic backlinks.


What are Organic Backlinks?

Organic or natural backlinks are the ones created naturally by the sites, social profiles and blogs and refer to your site because you have a complete and authentic knowledgeable content on a topic. The best example of a site with a large number of organic backlinks is Wikipedia which is cited in a number of other sites as a reference. As a result, the Wikipedia is ranked high by the search engines like google and Bing. Currently Wikipedia has a domain authority of 100 which is the highest so far. It is all because of the backlinks it has.

Advantages of organic backlinks:

  • Search Engines love the sites with enormous amounts of backlinks
  • It introduces you to the readers of sites which you do not even know
  • It increases you authority and credibility in the niche

How to Get Natural / Organic Backlinks?

No one will automatically give you the backlinks until and unless you are a great site like Wikipedia. You have to earn the backlinks. Here are some methods to get organic backlinks by your own efforts without having to pay someone.

  1. Build Up Great Content

    Refer to the example of Wikipedia above. The single reason of Wikipedia having such an enormous number of backlinks is that it has the content no one else has. To get a large number of backlinks to your site, it is must to have authentic and verified content on the subject so that people can quote your site or blog as a reference. The content should also be rare and catchy so that people who read it are attracted to it. Here are some ways of making awesome content

    1. Writing on controversial topic
    2. Writing Case Studies
    3. Providing authentic facts and figures
    4. Making awesome videos

  2. Get a “Link To Us Page” or Section:

    If you really have great content, you can ask your readers to link back to you. You can do this by creating a Call to Action (CTA) button or simply providing an HTML code which the reader can use to link back to you. Remember that content is king, you can do this only if you have an awesome collection of authentic content..

  3. By Networking and Getting Seen in Places

The best way to get backlinks from a large number of websites is by introducing yourself to the owners of websites and blogs. You can make such contacts in:

  1. Conferences, live events, and press events:

    These are the best places to get noticed. Blogging depends on exposure and personal contacts. Building such contacts will give you such friends as will introduce you to their audience and earn you some very useful backlinks.

  2. Forums:

    Forums used to be the greatest source of building links before social media. However, even now if you are active on forums and do it smartly enough, you can get a number of quality backlinks from there.

  3. Q & A based sites:

    Sites like Yahoo answers and Quora can serve as a good source of backlinks if you provide the users with quality and satisfactory answers.

  4. Social Media

    In social media, you can provide the links to your site in your bio section. Such links have a great value as far as SEO is concerned. Below are some tips for some of the famous social media sites.

    Twitter: In Twitter you can add your bio of 140 characters and include links in it. Do not add more than 3 links or it will look spam.

    Facebook lets you add a number of links in your personal profile’s about you section as well as in the pages you own.

    Google+: In Google+ you can add as many links as you want but do not make it spammy.

    Pinterest: Like Facebook and Twitter, you can add the links of your site in the bio section.

    In LinkedIn you can add the links to three of your favorite websites. You can use this option to add the backlinks to your own site.

  5. Relationship Blogging

    This can be a good way to get natural/organic backlinks. Get to know the prominent bloggers of your niche and make sure that they get to know you. You can do this by actively commenting on their blogs and social media pages. Participate actively in the discussions they initiate. Once they get to know you, you can email them and ask to exchange links which will eventually be beneficial for the both of you.

  6. Release your earning report

    This can be helpful if you are earning substantial amounts from your blog. There are a number of magazines and blogs which show the bloggers making handsome amounts from blogging. If you are already making good sums of money, this money can beget even more money for you.

  7. Organize a link Carnival

    Monthly or fortnightly you can arrange an event on your blog or website to declare the best post of your niche written in the recent time. In this way you can make good relations with the bloggers of your niche. You can share their posts and they will share yours, bringing mutual benefit to both of you.

  8. Arrange Interviews

    Interview the renowned bloggers and personalities of the niche and ask them to mention your site as a source of firsthand knowledge on the subject. You can also get your own self interviewed by a fellow blogger.

  9. Create Unique and Handy Tools For Your Industry

    If you are good at the tech aspects of something, this art can be used to make quality backlinks. Even if you know only the HTML coding at a pro level, you can use it to make a large number of people visit the site by making a simple tool just like a GPA calculator for graduation students.

  10. Conduct a Massive blogger outreach and a post on what they say on a topic

    Make an amazing post on the views of a famous blogger of the niche and mention them frequently. After making the post live, forward the link to the person. They will feel good to promote the post among their own readers to show their own authority in the field and it will eventually get you natural backlinks.

  11. Check the Broken Links

    Over the years, websites come and go and at a given time no website has absolutely every single link in the working order. Find out the broken links related to your niche on various sites and ask them to replace the link with your link, telling them that you have quality and authoritative content on the subject.

    You can build Wikipedia backlinks with the above method.

  12. Benefit From the Scrappers

    You can never get rid of the content scrappers who steal your content. It is a good practice to include internal links in the content. The scrappers happen to be very lazy creatures and won’t bother removing the links. It can give you a large number of backlinks.

  13. Create Graphics

    Making videos, gifs, tutorials, images and memes that can go viral can also be a good source of quality backlinks to your site. Create such content as people will share in the link form. Make it copyright protected so that the copy geeks cannot download and upload it, killing your purpose of making the content.

  14. Alexa Ranking

    Alexa ranking can have a number of benefits and not only the backlinks. Decreasing the Alexa ranking to a record low will make the fellow bloggers mention you as one of the successful bloggers of the niche and eventually provide you with some quality organic backlinks.

    You might want to check

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  15. Be a Woman

    It has been statistically proven that the backlink requests sent from the name of women are accepted more easily. Send the request with the name of a girl. I am not a feminist and no not support gender discrimination but it has been statistically proven.

  16. Profile Links

A number of sites let you include your website’s address at the time of signup. This can be a source of backlinks but remember that not all the backlinks are high quality. An example is CrunchBase (sign up here).

  1. Guest Posting

    Guest posting just to make backlinks is a crime with google but if you write really good content and add backlinks for realistic purposes, it can be a good source of backlinks. Do not spam.

  2. You can ask the qualified bloggers to write guest posts for your site. In this way you can get quality content free and also the writer will provide a backlink in their portfolio.

  3. Reposting the Already Viral Social Media Posts

    Social media like Facebook etc. can be a good source to get quality backlinks by posting viral stuff like photos and videos related to your niche. In this way you can get quality backlinks as people will share them further.

  4. Be the First to break news

    Everyone is interested in the latest happenings in any niche. Try to keep an eye on the latest news and publish them on your site. People will surely share the articles with the latest news, giving you natural backlinks.

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