25 Best WordPress plugins used for Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a brilliant way to make money online. Many people are taking up the profession of an Affiliate Marketer. As an affiliate marketer what you need to do is take care of some websites and promote a variety of products. It sounds easy but keeping a track of multiple websites and products is not an easy job to do. It might get very confusing sometimes. There are multiple Word Press plugins that one can use in order to ensure that their job is done well. These plugins can not only save time but can also help in making more money.

In this article we will be discussing about the best ten Word Press plugins that you can use for Affiliate Marketing. These plugins have a lot of different functionalities. Some of the plugins that we will be discussing needs to be purchased and the others are free. We will be discussing all of these now in detail. We hope that you will find this article helpful and it will help you get ideas on how you can manage the job of affiliate marketing better.

  • Easy Azon3This plugin is very useful for those who are doing affiliate marketing for Amazon. It is powerful Word Press plugin software. It can help you definitely make more commission. With the help of this plugin you can create any type of Amazon affiliate link that you want. This link can include images, info block, search results, and call to action. This can save you a lot of time by avoiding bouncing back and forth between WordPress and Amazon. This can also be used to set default controls. By default controls we mean opening links in new windows, use nofollow tags, and the list just goes on.

Easy Azon has many other features like it has an automatic link localizer. This link can display all the affiliate links that are based on the location of the visitor ensuring that you can get more commission. This can generate more attention from the visitors by creating product popups. You can also set links that will automatically add products to the cart of the visitors. This ensures that you get around extra eighty nine days to get the commission in case the visitor is buying the product.

This is a very useful plugin and is considered one of the premium plugins that we are about to discuss in this article. Needless to say, this plugin is not free. You will have to pay forty seven dollars which is the starting price. You can use it on unlimited number of sites that you own. If you want to use it on the sites of the clients you will have to pay about 67$.

  • Better Links proThe second plugin that we will be discussing in this article is “Better Links Pro”. We all want to save time and make more money and that is exactly what you can do using this particular Plugin. This plugin was developed by Chris Guthrie. This can help you to create short links from the post editor or the link creation screen. Another very interesting feature of this plugin is that it can help you replace any keyword in your site with the affiliate link automatically. Using this link you can choose from multiple redirection types. It can help you to set options like open link in a new window and also adding nofollow tags.
Better Links Pro
Better Links Pro

With the help of Better Links Pro you can easily split testing between different links and analyse which one converts the best. This analysis can help you find ideas to make more money. The Better Links Pro can automatically understand the location of the visitor and send them URL that is specific to their location. This makes it easier to get conversions. Again this is a paid Plugin and you will have to pay around 27$ if you want to use this plugin in all your websites. If you want to use it in the client website it will cost you 37$ minimum.

  • Woo commerceIf you want to set up an affiliate site for Amazon you can use this plugin called the Woo commerce. It can help you to import products from Amazon. This site has the ability to function like its own e commerce site. This plugin has an automatic spinner that can ensure that duplicate content issue is avoided. At checkout the customers will be automatically led to Amazon. If the products are no longer available in Amazon you don’t have to remove them manually as they will be automatically removed by this plugin itself.

Woo commerce

It is a highly successful and recommended plugin so you will have to pay for it. The cost of this plugin is about 33$ for a single site.

  • OIO PublisherSome affiliate marketers use banner ads to promote affiliate products on their websites and blogs. If you are using banners then OIO Publisher can prove to be of a great help. With this plugin you can even sell ads to the paying advertisers.

OIO Publisher

As an affiliate marketer you can also use this to manage your own affiliate banners. The price of this particular plugin starts are 47$ and you can use it on unlimited websites of your own. It can help you keep the full revenue that you have generated as you will not have to pay any middle man. You can run third party networks along with your own ads. You will get a single license and with that you can cover all your websites. The best part is the installation is absolutely simple. It is definitely one of the most useful plugins in this list that you can use.

  • WP AdCenterThis is a plugin that you can use for managing ads on your website. It can also help you to sell ad spots. This will help you have full control over the ad zones that you set up. It will also provide you with all the statistical analysis that you need for tracking the websites.

WP AdCenter

You can place the ads anywhere on the site by using shortcode. You can rotate the banners and place as many banners as you want. Another very interesting features us that it will automate your income. The advertisers will sign up and place the ads and pay you through paypal. You can pay monthly 27$, quarterly 47$ or yearly 97$ for this plugin. The club at present offers about twenty one WordPress themes and fifteen plugins. If you want to take your affiliate marketing to a different level you must definitely try using WP AdCenter.

  • AdPress This is another plugin that is used for ad management. This can be used to manage your ad space and sell ads.


It is very easy to set up and has much useful functionality. For a single site licence you will have to pay around 35$. Once you start using this plugin you will automatically realise you it can change the revenue that you were generating so far by using the same money.

  • WP PRO Advertising SystemThis is another useful tool to manage ads. It can help you to affiliate banners and sell ads. This can help you to track clicks, manage banners and manage the ad zone.

aWP PRO Advertising System

Apart from that it can track the statistics. It can help you show the ads using widgets, shortcodes and iframes. It is translate ready and multi site ready. You will have to pay an amount of 25$ to get this plugin for a single site. We recommend it to all the affiliate marketers.

  • Manage WPMost of the affiliate marketers will work on different websites. The Manage WP plugin can save a lot of time. With this plugin you can manage all the Word Press sites from one location itself. As a result you can save a lot of time as you will not have to keep coming back and forth or flip between the sites. There are many features in this plugin and we will be listing a few here:
    • Client reports
    • Clone wizard
    • SEO analysis
    • Scheduled backups
      Manage WP

When you are managing many websites which is generally the case with affiliate marketers then this plugin can be of great help to you. As far as the pricing is concerned it completely depends on the number of sites you are working on. If you are working on less than five sites you can try the free version. The paid packages will be starting from 2.40$ per month for per website. The risk associated with this plugin is very low as no password is stored and you can get support anytime you want from the team of Manage Wp. The response time of the support team is less than three hours which makes it very user friendly. The plugin is very easy to install and work on. Investing in this plugin is definitely worth the money.

  • Author hReviewIt is a comprehensive plugin that any affiliate marketer can use. We all know that most of the online businesses happen based on reviews. Publishing a product review is a great tool for the affiliate marketers. With the help of a plugin like Author hReview you can ensure that you manage the review of the products well. It will help you to review the products in your blog. As a result you will get better product rating and leading to more revenue generation. The plugin comes with a widget that can help you to display the products on your site that has got the highest ratings.

Author hReview

You will get membership to two more plugins as you enrol with Author hReview. These two plugin are namely WP reviews and WP Rich Snippets. With the help of WP Rich Snippets you can see a rating info of yourself in the Google search. With the help of WP reviews you can build a website for user review where others can post the ratings and reviews. This can indeed be a very effective way to promote the affiliated products. The price of this plugin starts from 69$ for a single website license. This plugin basically increases the traffic by making the SERP results more attractive. Many affiliate marketers are using this plugin to improve their business.

  • Optin MonsterEmail list is often used by the affiliate marketers in order to promote their products. This plugin can help you to build the email list. This plugin helps you to create very nice popups that can catch the attention of the visitors and increase the email list quite fast. The popups will appear in regular intervals. The plugin uses a technology to ensure that the popups appear at the right time.

Optin Monster

The popups can be in the form of footer forms, sidebar forms and after post forms. You can integrate these forms using the AWeber and GetResponse. There are various other email list managers that you can use. The price of this plugin starts from 49$ for a single website. If you want to build your email list then you must definitely try the Optin Monster. As the email list increases you can increase the traffic that is coming to your sites. You will be able to get a lot of visitors from different backgrounds and that will only add to the popularity of your site. With the help of a good email list you can get mention in the popular sites too. This plugin can definitely take your conversions to a different level all together.

  • Popup dominationThe Popup domination can prove to be a very useful link to grow your email list with the help of pop ups.
    It is a paid plugin that is definitely worth what you pay. The charges are starting from 47$ for a single site license.

Popup domination

Using this Word Press Plugin you can create popups of your own. You can integrate these popups with the email list manager and then configure the time when the popup should appear to the visitor. Apart from the ones mentioned Popup domination has many more features that can be associated with the Popup domination plugin and these features include analytics, A/B testing and many other customization options.

  • Ninja PopupsThis is another plugin that can help the affiliate marketers to grow the email list. The Ninja Popups plugin includes all the functionalities that are required for a popup plugin. There are many customization features in this plugin too.

Ninja Popups

Display settings and integration with different mailing lists is some of the other features that you get with this plugin. The popup can be designed in such a way that the visitors will not be able to see them until they subscribe to the list. The Ninja Popups is a paid plugin and you will have to pay 22$ for a single site license.

  • Pippity The Pippity is another popup plugin. Each of the popup plugins that we have discussed so far has features of their own. These features will decide if the plugin will work for your site or not.


Pippity plugin also includes many features and some of them are A/B testing, customization options and a lot of templates to choose from. Pippity also can be integrated with different and popular mailing lists.

  • Foobar Foobar is a very interesting plugin. This can allow the users to add notification bars either to the top or the bottom of the site. With the help of this plugin the affiliate marketers can get more exposure to their affiliate link. This is also an effective tool to grow the email list.


The user has complete control over the notification bar and he or she can customize the bar too. This can also be integrated with twitter and RSS feeds. This Foobar is a paid plugin and you will have to pay 14$ for a single site license in this case.

  • Optin Feature BoxThe Optin Feature Box is designed by Plugmatter. This can be used to grow email list but in this case popups are not used. Popups can sometimes be very annoying for the visitors. In case you do not want to use popups this can be a good plugin for you. This plugin creates an optin box above the page. This box cannot be missed by the visitor no matter what.

Optin Feature Box

The templates that Optin Feature Box comes with can be customised as per the need of the user. This will make the look more effective. Different optin boxes can be created for different posts and pages so that the response can be improved. The cost of this plugin starts from 37$ for a single site license.

  • Pretty Link ProThis is a very effective plugin and it can help you to manage shortened links for your affiliate links. This plugin also has a free version that you can try. We will be discussing the free version called Pretty Link Lite later in this article. The pro version will have a lot of extra features that you can use.

Pretty Link Pro

Some features that the Pretty Link pro version includes are automated keyword placement, split testing, cloak re direction and many others. You will have to pay 37$ for a single site license in this case.

  • WP- Keywords to LinkThis is a very interesting plugin that will allow you to add affiliate links and phrases or words to any place in the site that you want.

It is a simple plugin to use that can be downloaded easily. It is very SEO friendly and can help you in increasing the email list drastically. The plugin comes with a price. You will have to pay 15$ for a single site license in this case. Many affiliate marketers have been using this plugin and benefiting from it too.

So far we have been discussing about paid Word Press plugins now we will discuss about some of the free Word Press plugins that affiliate marketers can use.

  • WP ReviewProduct review is a common method many affiliate marketers use. The WP Review plugin can actually help you with the product review. This is a free plugin that you can use.

This plugin can help you use stars, points or percentages to support the ratings. The WP Review login supports Google’s rich snippets and as a result can show these ratings along with the search results to visitors. This feature can play a critical role in conversion. This plugin also comes with a feature that includes a tabbed widget that you can use to show the most popular and recent reviews. This can lead to more revenue generation anytime.

  • Many ContactsThis is a great option to develop and email list. This can help you to build a good and effective list quickly.

    Many Contacts

    The installation of Many contacts is very simple and anyone can do it. Apart from email list this can also help to add notification bar at the top of the pages. In these notification bars the visitors can enter the email ids. You can customise the notification bars and get more attention to the websites of yours. The best part is that all this you can do absolutely free.

  • Amazon Simple Admin As the name suggests this can be used on the affiliate links to Amazon products that you are using in your page or post. It is also known as ASA. it helps you to integrate the Amazon products into the Word Press pages that you are using for your sites. It can flexibly embed the Amazon products into any Word Press page. It uses simple tags for the job.

Amazon Simple Admin

This plugin will allow you to design your own product templates. It will also help you to manage and define the collection of the products. This is a simple plugin that anyone can learn to use easily. It is also simple to download into any system.

  • Pretty Link LiteThis is the free version of the Pretty hat Link pro plugin that we have discussed about sometime back in this article. This version can be used by anyone. This plugin can help you to shorten the links by using your domain name. You can then redirect them to the long affiliate links.

Pretty Link Lite

Although the version is free it does come with many features. It can track the number of clicks and unique clicks that are made on the shortened link. This feature will help you understand how many people are actually clicking the affiliate links. You will be amazed to know that using this free version of the plugin you can create 301 permanent and 307 temporary re-directs. Apart from this you can you can also decide if your links should use the no follow tags.

  • Duplicator As we have mentioned before too the affiliate marketer has a lot of sites to promote. Handling so many sites at the same time can be very complicated as well as confusing. Using the Duplicator plugin the affiliate marketers can actually handle a large number of sites. This will help them to promote the affiliate products better.


The plugin is free as we have already mentioned before. An affiliate marketer will have different sites to manage but more or less all these sites will have a similar structure. with the help of the duplicator plugin you can very easily duplicate the site and move it to any other location. For example if you have a lot of Word Press based sites then you just need to create one foundation site that will include all the typical settings that you want in your sites. All you need to do is create a back up for this foundation site and then clone it with the different URLs whenever you are making a new site. With this you can ensure that you save a lot of time and you will not have to go through all the same steps again and again as you create a new site. Indeed a very helpful plugin for affiliate marketers.

  • Thirsty AffiliatesThis is a free plugin that you can easily use. This is a plugin you can use in order to create and manage different affiliate links. There are many add-ons that come with this plugin and can be bought if you want some extra functions. With the help of Thirsty Affiliates you can cloak affiliate links as needed as well as organise and redirect the affiliate links. It can be easily considered to be the best free affiliate marketing plugin that you can get. With this you can do accurate tracking and monetize your website. Downloading this plugin is simple. Many affiliate marketers have been using this plugin for improving their business.

Thirsty Affiliates

  • Amazon Auto LinksThis is a free plugin that can create Amazon affiliate links for the users. All that you need to do is just select the affiliate categories. It will automatically display all the required products as they are coming out today and include it in the affiliate link. It can amazingly work even on JavaScript disabled browsers. as almost every day new products are added in the Amazon website it can save a lot of time for the affiliate marketer.

Amazon Auto Links

The Amazon Auto Links can be used in both pages and posts. It has a widget which is very effective if you want to use sidebars. It can be downloaded and used easily.

  • PG Simple Affiliate Shop – This is a plugin that will help to create websites that will promote the affiliate products. It can also help to customise the product reviews.

PG Simple Affiliate Shop

With the help of the PG Simple Affiliate Shop plugin you can drag the products and drop them in order to change the way they are displayed on the sites. You can also categorise the products and ensure that they are displayed in different pages in the way you want. When you change the display it can get more viewership as well as grow the email list. It can make the site look more attractive. You can also create banner advertisements with this plugin. as most of the affiliate marketers deal with a number of products managing these products can be a problem as the business expands. With the help of this simple and free Word Press plugin any affiliate marketer can easily manage all the products they promote quite effectively.

Affiliate marketing is coming up in a big way. Many people are taking up the job of Affiliate marketing very seriously as it can help you ear really good money. With the help of these Word Press plugins you can really do the job of Affiliate marketing much better and get more money for the efforts that you are putting in.

These are some of the best of the Word Press Plugins that we could think of when talking about Affiliate Marketing. We have tried to give a basic idea about these plugins if you want you can read more about them. You can use a few of them and see how it can change the way it can affect the way you do affiliate marketing.