37 Effective Tips for Writing Better Emails to Get Good Open Rate

email marketing tips

37 Effective Tips for Writing Better Emails to Get Good Open Rate

It has happened countless number of times that you wrote an email with every possible bit of effort and thought that you will make an excellent campaign using it. You used the best language, and displayed the best of your company and were damn confident that this email will do wonders but you are disappointed to see the statistical results of the email. It got no positive response at all!

email marketing tips

Now is the time to address this issue. Let’s look into the matter a little bit more closely. Let me give you a scenario. You can broadly classify all the emails you receive into two categories rather make it three. One the emails from your company organization or institution, you have to open and read them in any case. Second are the emails from friends which you are delighted to receive and third are the ones from the subscriptions which you simply do not open. So is the case with the people you email as a part of your campaign.

So now we have to do is to make it sure that the receiver of your email doesn’t feel like the email is sent to a large number of faceless subscribers but it is sent to them and in their greater interest not ours. It is not something difficult to accomplish. You just have to know what is interesting for people and what does not. Once you know that, you can do emailing like a boss.

Below we have compiled a list of some 37 very useful emailing tips which we have experienced in our business and have learnt from the successful emailers. They are not some pieces of magic but just some tricks to make sure two things number 1 that the subjects of the email catches the eyes of the reader number two the reader reads the whole message after opening it. If you follow them closely enough, chances are that you will write such emails as get maximum user engagement. However, email campaigning is a complete skill and we will soon update you about more details related to it.

  1. Change Your Tone

    Do not write as if you are writing for a perspective customer. Write like the reader-to-be is a friend. Adopt a style and tone which is neither too much official nor too much friendly. Keep it in between the both extremes. Just like you talk to a passerby to inquire a path to some place.

  2. Be Worth the While

    Ain’t nobody’s got time for wasting. Do not write the emails so that at the end the reader thinks he has wasted 5-10 precious minutes of his or her life. Write it so that they think they have invested the time in the right place. If it is just a promotional email, include at least a good quotation at the end.

  3. Be Personal

    Try to write the emails by name and especially include the name in the subject of the message. It carries an overall positive response from the readers. People generally happen to love their names and when you call by their name specifically, they are interested. But do not use their names too often.

  4. Introduce Yourself BY NAME

    People also love to know the name of the person talking to them. Instead of talking with ‘I’ or ‘we’ use your real name in the message. Or at least include your name in the ‘from’ or ‘regards’ section at the end. It is also necessary to let people know they are receiving the emails from an animate being and not a robotic system.

  5. Be Useful

    Tell the readers something which is really beneficial for them. May it be a regular piece of advice or a tip related to your niche or a discount coupon for your services.

  6. Get the reader’s Trust

    Tell the readers the truth. Do not lie to them and do not make unrealistic promises. Be trustworthy in their eyes. If you are telling your product’s performance or your company’s latest success, just tell them the things which they find true upon counter checking.

  7. Do not be Creepy

    Talking to the readers like friends and using their names is no doubt a healthy practice as far as the success of email campaigning is concerned but using their names too often in the email and talking to them in a too much friendly tone makes the email creepy. Remember that you have to talk like friends but you still remain the service provider and they are the perspective clients.

  8. Reward the Loyal Readers

    Make a reward program for people who take your emails seriously at a regular basis. It can be a discount on your services or anything like that or a free software package.

  9. Be Friendly

    Do not talk in a robotic tone. Talking in a friendly tone is better.

  10. Use Power Words

    Human beings are emotional creatures. You can use these emotions to get your message through. The words like love, children and spouse are the emotional power words. If they are used in the email header or subject, chances of the email being read are bright.

  11. Use Numbers

    Numbers are more credible than simple plain text. Try to use numbers in the email subject. Make subjects like ’20 DIY tips of….’ Or ’14 most successful people ever.’ These are just some examples you will have to improvise the topics by yourself.

  12. Exploit Curiosity

    The biggest weakness of a large number of people is curiosity. Curiosity can be of great use for you. You can make topics like ‘Do you know what happens if we boil an iPhone 6s in coke’. I know subjects like this are insane but people usually click on them to find out what happens though they already know it will end up screwing the phone up.

  13. Do not make Silly Mistakes

    Use excellent language and sentence structure in the emails in general and in the subject in particular. If an email has a grammatically incorrect subject, people think it is sent by some patent idiot and do not give it much importance.

  14. Point Out Common Mistakes

    Pointing out common mistakes people usually make related to your field can be a good practice to grab their attention and loyalty. No one wants to be called silly so if you tell them how to avoid that, they will surely honor you.

  15. Learn From Masters Of The Field

    There always is a master above each master. Try to learn from the style of people who have more experience than you or have higher success rates in the field of email marketing but remember you just have to learn from them and not to copy their style. Make your own unique signature style but keep in mind the habits of the masters.

  16. Be Realistic Not Statistic

    People do value facts and figures but real things on the ground are more effective. For example if you tell them that after using your diabetes medicine a person had their blood sugar level down to 120 from 300, most of the readers won’t know what does that mean. If you tell them that the person can know walk and even jog, they will understand you better.

  17. Be Concise

    Do not go into unnecessary details of the subject. Tell only the important things in the least words possible. No one has the time to read into the unnecessary details. Just tell them what is inevitable. In short, deliver maximum information in the minimum time possible.

  18. Write in A Flow

    Write in the natural flow of the writing. Do not write unusual sentences which are too complex to understand. The content should be concise and easy to understand.

  19. Do not be mechanical

    Do not write the emails like a machine doing an assigned task on and on and on. Write with emotions like you really mean what you are saying.

  20. Do not Write like a bot

    Do not write the emails like just changing the details and specs of the new product and leaving the rest same. Create a new email for each new product. But make sure you always write in a signature style which you have developed over time.

  21. Do Not be Selfish

    Do not talk only for your own benefit. Not a single person reading the emails is interested in that. Talk of their benefit. Talk of the goodies that can get by hiring you or purchasing your product or visiting your links.

  22. Leave The High School Style

    Write mature language and not like the one you used to write in high school essays. Write really amazing and engaging stuff so that the person who starts reading an email, finishes it. Remember you are not writing in an exam, you are writing to attract people.

  23. Experiment

    Experiment new writing styles and subjects and headers. No one knows which style may do wonders at some time. Even if an experiment goes wrong, it will tell you what not to do.

  24. Optimize for All Devices and platforms

    Not everyone reads the emails on a computer and no everyone has the same operating system. Most of the people read the emails on mobile devices and tablets. Optimize the email for the best experience on all these devices. Also make sure that the email is good for all the computer operating systems like Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

    Moreover, there are a number of email carriers like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc. try to make the email friendly with all the mainstream email carriers.

  25. Do Not Spam

    Spam is just not liked by everyone and people are generally sick of the spam emails they get every day. Mostly they are routed straight to the junk folder. Do not use emails for campaigning until someone has subscribed for that. Even after that do not email only for promoting your products. Send emails on general festivals so that people think you care for them.

  26. Know Where to Email

    People generally have a number of email addresses for different purposes. If you send the campaign email to a college student in the college email, he will not open it. Surveys show that the emails sent to Facebook email addresses are more often opened and read. Also it is important to email at right time. People are just enraged by emails at odd times.

  27. Learn From Your Own Experiences

    Learn from the mistakes and the excellent experiences you had in the past. According to your own audience, research that what type of subjects work the best and what type of email body gets the optimum response. Try to follow those.

  28. Do Include Un-subscription Link

    To do fair business, do include the link for subscription so that if someone wants to stop receiving the emails, they can do that nice and easy. Not doing that will usually cause you to be blocked so that you will not be able to send even some important email to the user.

  29. Do Reply Fast

    If someone emails you to ask something about the email you just sent them, do try to reply them with a satisfactory answer as soon as possible. When you reply people, they think that you really care for them and regard your emails even more. Also it can be useful in making a reader one of your customers.

  30. Be Clear About Privacy

    Tell people explicitly that any information you collect from them is going to be treated with what privacy standards and do not violate them. It can get you in real hot water. Also, never ever try to start a personal talk with a user who has subscribed to you.

  31. Minimize Use of Unusual Characters/Style

    The characters like italics an ALL CAPS make it difficult for the reader to read the email. It is better to be simpler. Try to write in some popular font and do not use unusual characters like replacing an S with a $ sign. Such things do not only make the emails difficult to read but also make them a little less worthy.

  32. Links

    If you want the people to go to your site by reading the email, do include the link in a way that if the email opens, the person clicks the link for sure. It can be done by exploiting the curiosity of people. Write some catchy lime and include the link as a hyperlink to it.

  33. Avoid Using the Word FREE in Subject

    The word free is no matter a power word but it is considered a spam as nothing is actually free these days. It is better not to use this word in the subject of the email.

    Getting Your Own Objectives Fulfilled in the Email

    Now when we have seen the methods, using which you can get the maximum number of people to open the email, it is the time to make sure that the basic purpose for what the email was written is fulfilled. There are some tactics which, of used can make sure that the reader actually takes the email seriously and does not just read it to pass time.

  34. Do not talk about them before making everything clear

    Before you start marketing your product or services explicitly, it is important to bring the audience to the point when they are ready to absorb what you are going to say. It is a bit tricky part. You have to make them believe that what you are going to say is really gonna benefit them. Only then people will take them seriously.

  35. Show the Benefits

    Everyone is interested in their own benefits. Make clear the benefits people will get by doing what you are saying. One thing is always to be remembered, people are no interested in you sales target, the only thing they care is their own benefit.

  36. Show the loss in case they do not do that

    Also show them the other side, if they miss the offer what will they possibly loose. It may be an expected rise in prices or unavailability of the product in the future due to high demand.

  37. Present Clear Deadlines and Stats

    Tell them clearly the deadlines for doing what you are telling them and also give the statistical analysis of the use of the product in the past so that people have a clear idea of what you are saying.

These are just some of the tips based on our personal experiences. If you have some better one, do share it in the comments below and also do not forget to visit us regularly to get amazing SEO, campaigning and e-marketing tips from the top notch professionals of the field at regular basis.