40 Ways to Drive Huge Traffic from YouTube

Drive Traffic From YouTube

40 Ways to Drive Huge Traffic from YouTube

Whenever we talk about videos on the internet, the one name that instantly comes to mind is YouTube. YouTube is the best online forum to share videos with the world. It is also a handsome source of traffic for blogs and websites. By using it in the right way you can get enormous traffic. Bellow we are discussing some of the ways to generate traffic using YouTube.

Drive Traffic From  YouTube

First thing is to make an official YouTube channel for your blog or site.

Some quick tips for getting Traffic from YouTube

  1. Go Viral

    Make your YouTube videos viral. Spread them to the largest number of forums you can. It can be simply done by embedding the video in a post of your blog and sharing the link on other blogs and websites.

  2. Be Social

    Like a simple blog post, your video must also get social involvement from users of the internet. Share it on various social networks like Facebook Twitter Google+ and Digg etc.

  3. Be Professional

    The video you make must feel very good. There must be no flaws in the quality and the editing of the video. Use good tools to edit it or hire a freelancer or otherwise a professional to edit the video. Good Sound effects and graphics make an amazing video.

  4. Take Care of The Acoustics

    Make sure that your video has good quality sound. All the things spoken must be audible easily and the background music and effects must be appropriate. Good Sound effects and graphics make an amazing video.

  5. Be Engaging

    Make a video that engages the viewer. It can be done by adding information in the video and delivering it in a fun way. Infotainment is the best genera to make a video hit.

  6. Do not be Controversial

    Do not make videos on controversial topics. You are going online for the whole world. It is better to be neutral. Try not to offend anyone

  7. Do not Forget to mention Yourself

    Remember you are doing all this for your promotion online. Always embed a watermark of your business/ product or blog in the video so that people get to know you better.

  8. Set Your Goals

    Set goals. Keep in mind what you have to achieve by these videos or this channel. Remember, all the videos are not equally famous. Try to set realistic goals.

  9. Use Quality Equipment

    Try to acquire a good camera which has a good audio/video reception to record the videos for your channel.

  10. Be Resolute

    Of course being resolute is good for success but here we are talking about having good resolution of the videos. Try to make the video in the highest resolution possible.

  11. Take Very Good Care Of Colors

    Adopt a captivating color scheme. Do not forget to use the colors in an attractive way.

  12. Be Yourself

    Learning from the successful people is good but it is not a good practice to copy someone. Try to be yourself. Make your own unique style and be known by it.

  13. Do not go For Perfection

    Nothing in the world is perfect. When it is about the online world, absolutely nothing is. Make mistakes and learn from them.

  14. Practice

    Do not go for the first hit. Make a video, watch it, show it to a couple of co-workers or friends and make it better.

  15. Make series

    Make a series of videos on a topic. It increases the number of loyal viewers of you channel. People return on and on again to your channel.

  16. Do Something Practical

    No one likes a video made on the theme of a sermon, i.e. a person sitting and speaking on a topic. Show the viewers you are actually doing something in the video.

  17. To the Point

    Stick to the topic of the video. Do not wander around on random topics. Talk only about the topic you have selected for the video.

  18. Make a Schedule

    When making a series of videos, make a schedule for uploading them to the channel. Otherwise, people won’t take your channel seriously.

  19. Make a Brand

    Make a signature entry and signoff in the videos. People remember it. It can be a signature music or telling your name in a specific tone such as hey people its Dheeraj kumar here.

  20. Give Credits

    Mention the names of the cast and the contributors in the end of the video.

  21. Respect Copyrights

    Do not use music or graphics in the video which you are not legally authorized to use.

  22. Welcome Comments

    Do ask the viewers to share their ideas/criticism in the comments. You will learn from it.

  23. Concentrate on the Title

    Talk only about the topic of the video.

  24. Use Your Keywords

    Using your keywords in the title of the video can be very helpful to get the video through to the right type of people.

  25. And Also Tags

    Describe the video in even more detail in the tags. YouTube uses tags to distinguish and classify the videos on various topics.

  26. Moderate The Comments

    Comments are good but take care of the negative and discouraging comments. Do not let people spam in the comments as well.

  27. Send it to the Subscribers

    Send the video link to the people who have subscribed to the email updates of your blog.

  28. Be Thankful

    Thank the users who make good comments on the video.

  29. Expect and learn from failures

    Not all the videos are going to succeed. Expect poor performance of videos and learn from the mistakes you may have made in such videos.

  30. Always Prepare the Video

    Indigenous videos are good but chances are that you may mess things up. Wrute the script and properly prepare the video before filming it finally.

  31. Do not spam

    Do not use the videos as ads. Use them as videos only.

  32. Use the world video in title
  33. Keep a Track of Results

    Use the tools like YouTube analytics to check the performance of your videos.

  34. Do not Fake
  35. Thumbnail

    Choose the thumbnail wisely.

  36. Contact

    Along with the logo and signature moves, do include the contact information in the video.

  37. Have Fun

    Tell the things to people in a fun way. Do not make grim looks in the video. You are not a terrorist intimating them.

  38. Stick to the goal

    Keep in mind the goal you have to accomplish from the vodeos.

  39. Learn from others

    Watch other videos and learn from them.

  40. Be relevant

    Make the video about the tags you have added to it.

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