5 Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools


5 Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools

Google keyword rank checking is one of the important thing that most bloggers will often do. Because finding whether their keyword is ranking or not in Google is very crucial for their business. The more keywords their website ranks in Google the better traffic their website will receive and therefore they will get more sales to their business. That’s why every business care for their search rankings a lot. It is easy to check few keyword’s ranking in Google by searching them manually in Google search. But it is not that easy to search hundreds of pages to see in which page their keyword is getting ranking.

It’s hard for new bloggers who want to check rankings of their keywords because as their link profile will be new, and their keywords don’t usually rank in the first few pages. And also, for people having too many keywords, it’s hard to check that many keywords manually by browsing each and every search result page in Google. For this reason, every blogger should use Google keyword rank checker tools to ease their keyword rank checking in Google. And also after writing a great blog post with a proper keyword, the next thing bloggers will do is to keep track of its ranking in Google to get more traffic to their blog. With Google keyword rank checker tools, you can also find who your competitors are and how are they performing in Google search. This helps in understanding your competitor’s best performing keywords.

Here are some of the best Google keyword rank checker tools available in the internet that most bloggers use.

  1. SEMRush

SEMrush is referred to be as one of the most widely used Google keyword rank checker tool available in the internet today. It is being used by many popular bloggers like Aaron Wall from Seobook.com and Gavin Sanders from Clickz.com.


You can see how popular this tool is by checking its Alexa rank. Currently it is ranked 1226 globally by Alexa. Read this article if you are trying to improve your Alexa rank too.

Anyways, coming back to the topic, with SEMrush, you can check rankings of a keyword, domain and any URL you want.


In the above, I am checking rankings for the URL (dheerajkumar.com) in US Geo. SEMrush also supports checking your rankings in other GEO’s as well. In the right hand side of the search bar, you can select the country you want to check the rankings of your desired GEO. Currently SEMrush offers 25 Geo’s data. You can check your keywords ranking and other competitive data for your website in 25 different countries with SEMrush.


In the above, I am using US Geo to check rankings of my website. Here is what I got.


SEMrush helps in finding that which URL ranks for which keywords, and how much volume each keyword has, what is the CPC for the keywords that your website is ranking for, and how much traffic percentage of traffic your website is getting for that particular keyword and how many search results are there in Google for that particular keyword your website is ranking for.

One of the coolest feature for SEMrush is that it also offers competitive density which means, you can check that whether the keywords your website is ranking for are highly competitive or not. Apart from offering searching engine rank position checker, it also has lot of features which I cannot be explained in this article alone as I am going to review other tools as well in this article. I will write a separate blog post on SEMrush where I will explain other cool features of SEMrush.

  1. Small SEO Tools Keyword Position

Small SEO Tools Keyword position is another popular tool after SEMrush. Though its features are limited to Keyword position checker, with its simple interface even a newbie webmaster can also be able to check his keyword’s ranking in Google.

Keyword Position Tool

With its simple interface, you can enter your desired domain name and the keywords in the keyword field up to 5 keywords at a time and select the GEO’s you wanted to check your keyword’s positions. In the above, I want to know the ranking positions of the following keywords for my blog.

  • YouTube ranking factors
  • Sitescout review

And below is the result I got from Smallseotools.com. This is how their report will look like.


Apart from Google keyword rank checker tool, it also offers the following tools.

  • Backlink Checker
  • Google PageRank Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Online Ping Website Tool
  • Article Rewriter Tool
  • Backlink Maker.
  1. SERP Checker by WhatsMySerp.com

SERP Checker is another simple tool which can be used to check your keyword rankings of your website in Google. Unlike SEMrush it does not have that many features, but the main functionality is checking your keyword’s ranking. It does a great job in that by offering your keyword rank checking in Google.

SERP checker

With SERP Checker, you can check your current rankings and previous rankings of your keywords. It also helps in finding the best position that your keyword has achieved so far. You can also check your keyword rankings in different GEO’s. If you want to compare your keyword positions with your competitors, you can compare your keyword rankings with your competitors URL also. In that way you will get more clear idea on how much you need to improve in order to beat your competitors.

  1. SERP’s Rank Checker

SERP Rank checker is another simple tool which helps in finding the positions of your keywords in Google and Yahoo search. This rank checker can track keyword positions up to 100 countries. So you can check your international keywords with no problem.

Keyword Rank Checker

Like I said, it is a simple tool but powerful one. But it does not offer comparing your keywords with your competitor’s website. Apart from that, it has some unique features like, it supports checking your keywords in Yahoo search engine. And also, it supports checking your keywords in mobile search engine too.

Apart from keyword rank checker tool, their website also offers free keyword research tool, Google location checker and SERP’s volatility which will helps in finding whether your site has been hit by Google algorithm updates or not.

  1. SEOCentro Keyword Rank Checker

SEOCentro offers a simple Google keyword rank checker tool which helps in finding the positions of your keywords in Google Search Engine. This tool has an optional functionality to check your keywords against your competitor’s website, so that you can compare both websites for same keywords. So with this you can get insights about your competitor’s keyword ranking too.

Keyword Rank Checker

In the above, I am trying to check rankings for my website and I am comparing my website with seomoz.com for the same keyword “YouTube ranking factors“.

Here is how the result from SEOCentro will look like.

SERP Checker

Not only it shows the ranking positions, it also shows the top 50 URLS which appeared in Google search result. Apart from Google, it also shows ranking information of your keywords in search engines like Bing and Yahoo. By offering not only Google Keyword Rank checker tool, this website also offers the following SEO tools.

  • SEO Analyzer
  • Meta Tag Analyzer
  • Keyword Density tool
  • Keyword Generator
  • PageRank Check Tool
  • Social Media Shares Tool
  • Keyword Analyzer.


Apart from the above popular tools, there are countless Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools available in the internet, many of them failed to offer good value to the users. But, the above tools gave their best shot and have survived so long in the internet and offering good value to its users. If you know any other keyword rank checker tool which I need to include in the list, let me know so that I can update this post with that tool as well.

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