6 Timeless Tricks To Make More Money From The Blogs

6 timeless tricks to make more money from the blogs

Blogs are primarily created to make more money. In this article we will tell you how you can make money from your blogs. Many people have made great careers with blogging. Some complain that even if they get good traffic the money they make from the blog is not enough. The first step is definitely to provide a great content to the reader and then ensure that the traffic you get to the blog keeps growing. So when you have a great content and a good amount of audience who are reading the blog you can move to the next step that is making revenue from the blog.

Many people have the concept that the traffic and blog revenue are inter related. Well this may not be true always. The most important thing is that you must have some good money making ideas and should know how to use these ideas in the right manner. Now that we have given a certain idea of what you can expect from this post lets directly move on to the topic. We will in detail mention about the six best methods you can use to make your blogs more money making.

  1. Place the ads better – Anyone who is blogging will be posting ads on their site. However, just posting the ads is definitely not enough. Placing ads is the best way to make money from the blogs right! You have to ensure that the ads are strategically placed as a result the readers will definitely click on the ads. How do you ensure this is to think about yourself as a reader? Then start thinking why does a reader actually visit a site? Then you can think better about where you should place the ad so that the readers can see the ads and that do not hamper the experience of the user. The advertisement must be so visible that the readers have no choice but to click on them. We will now discuss in details the ideas you can use to ensure that you get better click through rate.
  • Above the blog post title
  • Sidebar banner
  • Right below the post title
  • At the end of the post and above the bio of the author
  • Between the different sections of the post

Here we have to mention the fact that all websites are different so the best solution will be to check the heat map of the website which will tell you exactly where the users tend to click more. As per the information given by the heat map you can place the ads on your site. This is the best way you can ensure that the ads get clicked more.

There are many materials online that you can refer to in order to understand how and where exactly the ads must be placed. One such very good material is titled “Google’s ad placement policies”. Do keep checking it regularly as they keep changing the policies as per the change in the trends. So just follow the guidelines that Google is coming up with as per the change in user behaviour and actually you do not have to do much. We are now enclosing an image that will help you to understand what we are trying to say better. The darker the orange colour in the picture the better is the area for ad placement.

  1. Try to think beyond Adsense You must have tried to get Google Adsense. Yes Google is a trusted name and they come up with ads that are definitely going to get clicked more because these are the ads that the readers are looking for online. It is not easy for everyone to get through Google Adsense. They have a very tough approval process and you have to earn a minimum of 100$ to get paid. These are not easy for a small time blogger to achieve so what do you do? Should you give up or should you look for some other options? There are some very good options available that you can use and we will explain about these options:
    1. BuySellAds- This is one of the best ad platforms that can be used. They get you ads directly from the client. They charge a commission of 25% for the service that they are providing you. The payout is set at just $20. The downside of BuySellAds is that it will not be easy for someone to get approved by them.

    2. Infolinks – They work mostly with the in-text and in-frame ads. They have the ability to monetize the blogs in a very different way. The best part is that it is very easy to get approved by Infolinks. The minimum payout is 50$ which is not very difficult to attain. The payments are usually made on time through PayPal.
    1. Viglink – What Viglink will actually do is that they will monetize your outbound links. They have the ability to convert the ordinary links to affiliate links. This basically means that when a reader clicks on the link and buys something you will land up getting a commission. This will ensure that you can use affiliate marketing to natural link building.

  2. Explore the native languages – English is a language that is being used extensively all across the world. However, there are many more languages apart from English that you can use and focus on. It is a fact that many people across the world still do not know how to speak in English properly so there is a potential to use some more languages and we will explain that now.

    Google Adsense has now started to support about thirty five languages. This ensures that you can use some native languages too. If Google is doing this it means native languages have a lot of demand online. Do you know there are so many readers who are looking for blogs in their native language as they do not understand English much so you have a huge market there to explore. Many bloggers are actually moving to the native languages like Hindi for example. If any of your native language is as strong as English you can definitely give this option a try in order to make more money.

    You can either write a complete blog in Hindi or you can mix Hindi with English. The choice is yours. For example if you are writing on digital marketing you can use the terms in English as people tend to be more familiar with terminologies in English.

  1. Always try to collaborate with brands for sponsored posts and reviews – The fourth method that can help you make some money is collaborating with brands to get sponsored posts and reviews. Let us explain what a sponsored post is all about it is nothing but a place where you talk about a product in general. It can also be a place where you try to incorporate something that you want to be associated with the product n your content. Sponsored review is similar in concept it is about reviews that you write for companies and get paid for it too.

Sounds like a great idea but this can only be used if you feel that readers will actually be interested in the products of the company that you are writing about. If you are just advertising the product and simply writing good things about the product the readers will stop trusting you and it can have a very negative impact on your site in the future. This becomes even trickier as you write reviews for the products of the company. Some feel that they have to write good things only otherwise they will not get paid. This is not true you are expected to write what you feel about the product and the review has to be an unbiased one. The more honesty you bring into the review the better it will be for you as well as for your readers. You must test the product and get an idea of all its pros and cons. Do let the company know that you will be writing an honest feedback. To get this you will have to connect with brands and let them know that you write sponsored reviews. Some options that you can use to do this are:

  1. Tapinfluence
  2. Fango.me
  3. Famebit
  • Try to implement the affiliate programs – A term that you will come across very often is Affiliate marketing. As the name itself suggests what you have to do in this is tell the readers about the products and if they buy it as per the recommendation given by you then you will get a commission for it. If you take our suggestion we will say that affiliate marketing is perhaps the best way to make money when it comes to blogging. Some affiliate marketing will pay more and some less. However, why it is such a favourite among bloggers is that it ensures them money from all their posts.

The best part is that with affiliate marketing you do not have to depend on traffic because you will keep getting money as and when someone buys the product recommended by you. There are various types of affiliate marketing programs that is available in the market and you can chose any one as per the blogs that you are into.

  1. Writing an impressive Ebook – With this we move to the last best way of making money from your blogs. This is developing premium content for the readers of yours. For example create an Ebook for your readers. Creating an Ebook is cheap and it can help you keep earning revenue for a long time. Try to build a subscriber list for the Ebook so that you get to know if the subject matter is going to be of interest to the readers. You can also give the first few chapters free of cost to the subscribers and if they want more they will have to pay. There is a common question that people often ask and that is “should we sell the Ebook on your blog or sell it in Amazon? Well this is a good question and the answer is not quite simple. If you select an Amazon to sell your book it will definitely give you a better platform but the problem is that you will have to pay a commission too which is something not many people prefer. It may take you a long time to get paid in this case.

    Selling the Ebook all by yourself is also a great idea. You can use Selz.com as the payment platform as it is easy to use. You can get paid easily. You can use this option if you have a good traffic coming to your blog. If not then you will have to create traffic and only then you will be able to sell. We would recommend that you try to use both the options simultaneously and that will help you make the most. It will give you a platform and will also increase traffic to your blog.

With this we come to the end of the post. We have tried to share with you some great ways to make more money from the blogs. You must have tried some and not the others before. Do keep trying. It is not necessary that all these methods will work for you. Sometimes one method might work for one person and sometimes the others. The key is in having patience and keep trying all the methods slowly. You should analyse your situation from time to time. Keep a close track of the revenue that you are generating this will help you to understand if these tricks are working for you or not. Many people who have made money blogging have used these steps to reach where they are today.