7 attraction marketing tips to develop your business

7 attraction marketing tips to develop your business

Running a business successfully is not a simple job today. There is so much competition and you are competing with the people from other parts of the world too. As the business is complex we will have to look for more competitive ways to do business. This is exactly why the concept of “attraction marketing” has developed. Some of you must be new to the concept and some of you must have read something about it. We will try to explain all the aspects of this interesting concept in this article. It is popularly said that attraction marketing is about being the hunted and not the hunter. Well that is true no doubt but there is more to the concept than that.

If you ask our opinion we would say that attraction marketing is nothing but value based marketing. This is so because it is actually about leading with value and free training to build a strong relationship with the people who consider as your prospective buyers. It is not as complicated as you think it to be or people have made you believe that it is.

If you look around closely you will find a numerous examples of attraction marketing but till date you must not have realised it. For example suppose a business firm is holding a free seminar for the local business it can be considered to be attraction marketing. Why we say so is that they are leading with something that is free and it also adds value. This is a concept that will definitely attract the customers. Now suppose this company had just made calls to the customers then would the impact be as strong as it is after this free seminar. The answer is simple “no”. If you want to attract the customers of today you will have to give them some benefits. Else they will not come to you. This is the difference between the marketing of yesterday and today.

Some people feel that attraction marketing is effective only in case of online business. However, we do not agree to this. Attraction marketing can be used in all types of business. It can actually give you a lot of advantages if you learn how to do it well.

The seven attraction marketing strategies that we will be explaining in this article are simple and any one can start using them soon after reading this article:

  1. Always act as a solution provider – The first point is you will have to understand the difference between a consultant and a sales representative. You will notice that people are at least ready to listen to a consultant but as soon as they hear the words “sales representative” they will start to move away. Why do you think this difference is there? The answer is simple a consultant will try to provide a solution where as a sales man will always try to sell something. Suppose you are projecting yourself as a solution provider people will be more interested in what you are saying. If you say that you have a deep knowledge on a subject and you are trusted as an advisor by many people then your value will automatically increase more. Anyone will try to know more about you and spend more time with you.

    This is the first and the foremost principal of attraction marketing that you stop saying that you are here to sell something. Always say that you want to provide a solution to the problems of your prospective users. When you do this you will automatically be the hunted and not the hunter who is looking for buyers. Do not even think that you are selling something. Always have it in your mind that you are basically providing solution to the people.

  2. Teaching something is vital – The second point of attraction marketing that we will be explaining now is that become a teacher. Whenever you are doing anything regarding your business like making a video or writing a blog always remember that you are a teacher and you are here to teach. Use the words “I am going to teach you how”, “we are here to teach you about” and the list just goes on. Always make it clear that you are here to teach for free. You want to share with the people all that you have learnt from your experience so that they do not have to make the mistakes to learn the tricks of the trade. Ensure that you can make the audience believe that you can actually teach them a lot.

    The people whom you are targeting should have a feeling from all that you are teaching that you can actually help them and teach them something more. Only then they will subscribe to your premium products and special paid coaching sessions in anticipation that you can teach them something valuable and important. You will have to use a “bait and switch” policy. You have to give a lot of free stuff only then people may want to pay for some content. When you do this there will come a human need to reciprocate and this is called “rule of reciprocity”. This is a time tested rule and it can never fail you. Some people would not like to use it saying that why should I keep giving free stuff when the other party is not even responding. Just have patience wait and watch this rule will always work.

  3. You have to learn about the direct response marketing – We will now quickly move to the next step that you need to follow for a successful attraction marketing strategy. Direct marketing is very useful tool and it can very well work in attraction marketing. We will explain more about the concept now. The fact is most people do not know what direct marketing is. Some people also have a wrong idea about direct marketing and they will right away tell you that direct marketing cannot work. If you do not use the tool of direct marketing correctly you will not be able to get the benefits that you are seeking. So what exactly is this? If you ask a simple definition we will say that direct marketing is about using some measurable systems in order to generate leads that can be put through a follow up process that will ultimately convert into sales. It is always more effective than selling on the front end. Seems complicated right? Well do not think so much about the definition. It is simple you will have to come up with a process that can finally help you ensure that sales happen. You will again have to spend a lot of time in developing a good process that can be relied upon. Once you have this process you will have no reasons to look back. Spending time on developing it is important. It is your business and no one will now it better than you so you yourself will have to develop this process of direct marketing.
  4. Try to use the internet – You are practicing attraction marketing and to do that one thing that you will need for sure is the internet. When you use the net only then you can make attraction marketing more powerful. The internet does not have any geographical boundaries and you can use it easily to create a valuable content that you can send to the different parts of the world. If you have a successful blog you can use it again and again to create a valuable content that people would like to read again and again. This will also help you get a better content in the search engines. This is possible with search engine optimisation. Always keep in mind that more content you create the better traffic you will be able to generate.

    Apart from blogs which is always a good idea you can also try to use videos and YouTube to reach more people. These options will help you to create better educational videos that can be sent to all the prospects. It has been observed that people like to see videos more than reading online this is why videos can help you to get much better response. It can really help you to get better leads. Do try to use this option and make the most of attraction marketing. When people see a video they will be able to remember you and your product better they will also be able to relate to you more.

  5. You have to hold webinars – our intention is to give you some practical tips that will help you to ensure that attraction marketing is working well for you. Webinars are very powerful and can add a lot to your image. You can consider them as a modern day seminar that can be given to all the prospects from different parts of the world using the internet. It is always a good idea to hold a training webinar as that can add a lot of value to your image and give you authority. When a prospect will see your webinar they will automatically feel more attracted to the work that you are doing and they would like to know more about you.

    The webinar must be informative and you should spend a good time in developing the webinar. It should be made in such a way that an instant interest can be developed in the mind of those who are watching it. They convert very well as they are nothing but special scheduled event that people would like to attend. It does not include any interruption marketing. So what you get from it is a highly qualified prospect taking time to listen to what you have to say.

  6. You have to get a video – If you are using the internet attraction marketing can be done more easily. You will have to make a video in order to tell people who you actually are. There are many such videos out there so you will have to ensure that the video is made in such a way that people actually watch it and share it. Video marketing is critical in today’s world if you have not yet tried the concept then do give it a shot at the earliest. The best part is that it is very personal. You must use it along with webinars to get better response. You want to be seen as a trusted advisor so people need to know about you in order to trust you.
  7. Try to create a free guide – The last point on attraction marketing is preparing a free guide. This is that something that you can giveaway in order to build your email list. You may consider this as a bribe or a freebie. Ensure that the free guide gives a rough idea of what you know and can teach people. The guide should have information that the users can actually use. This will help you build an email list and get recognition for your site or blog.

    The points that we have discussed about attraction marketing are simple and can be implemented by anyone easily. If you put all the points together the simple fact is you will have to act nice and say that you can teach the prospects something that no one else probably can. Never project yourself as a salesman. There are many salesmen out there and people do not want some more. Does a little change in the way you project yourself and you can easily feel the difference it can make to your business. Many people have used these attraction marketing strategies and they are doing well. When you ask people about attraction marketing they will tell you many things. Do not make attraction marketing so complicated it is a simple concept that needs a different approach when it comes to traditional marketing ideas.