7 ways to get the content noticed without spending much

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7 ways to get the content noticed without spending much

All those who are writing online want a lot of traffic to come to their content. Some are doing well and they do get a lot of traffic. Some feel that the best way to get traffic is by improving the content. The content is important but there is more to know the tricks of the trade. This is what we will be talking about in this article of ours. Some say that if you are on BuzzFeed it is easier for you. So if you are not on BuzzFeed does it mean that you will always have to struggle to ensure that the content gets noticed? Well this is not actually true and after reading this article your idea of content marketing will change forever.

There are many small business and individuals who are also writing online does it mean that they can never get the traffic flow to their content. If you are not on BuzzFeed these are some of the tips that you can use as a content marketer.

  1. Put the ground work in early – So let’s start with the first part what have you got a killer content that you are sure will attract traffic. Well that is what all the content marketers feel about their content. We are not trying to demoralize you what we are saying is do you have a strategy? If you don’t then we will explain how you can have one. The first step is getting a distribution plan in place. If you start your PR after the content has gone live it will be rather late. Start the process as early as you can.

    Try to build relationships with the media influencers and the industry as a key step to get recognized. The point is simple suppose you get two mails one from a person you have interacted with before and one from a person you hardly know so whose email will you are you going to read first? The answer is simple.

    Look for people who will have genuine interest in the content and then ensure that these people have a huge fan base on twitter and other social media if a person like this shares your content you will definitely get a huge traffic to start with. Point to keep in mind do not send a fashion related content to an automobile guy, chose the right person. This may take time but it is worth all the seconds you are spending.

  2. Use strong data – You have come up with the content it is your idea so you will have to fight for it and nobody else will fight for it like you can. This is the first fact that you have to get used to. So many people are writing online so if you want to get your content recognized you will have to work hard and be strong.

You must have a strong data. For example you talk about a poll data and you have only 20 samples it is not a data strong enough to convince the readers. Many feel that getting data might cost a lot this is actually not true. We will tell you about places from where you can get data and that too at a very reasonable rate. If the data used is strong and it supports your claim effectively half the battle is won. There are different sources for different types of data we cannot list all in this article still we are trying to name a few:

  1. Socrata is a good place to find government-related data.
  2. UNICEF can give you statistical information about women and children from different parts of the world.
  3. Face.com is a good place to find facial recognition data.
  4. Data market is a place to find details on economics, health, agriculture and food.
  5. Google finance can give you data on stock market for the last 40 years.

Another thing that you can do is contact the industry leaders or the experts of the subject matter. If these people write something about the article and give a comment or two on what you have written the chances of your article getting a better response increases to a great extent. When you approach the publications you must lead with the strongest aspect of your data content so that you get almost instant attention.

  1. Use eye catching visuals – The content should be supported with strong visuals so that it can make the best impact on the readers. Even as a reader you will be able to understand that you prefer an article that has visuals over an article that has too much of text. With the help of infographics, you can display the data in a very powerful manner. There are many agencies that are developing infographics for various content marketers you can always approach these agencies. They are easily very easily shared on the social media by the readers.

    If you want to increase the reach of the content ensure that you use different visual mediums. The blog post can be turned into a videographic. Even people who are shopping online will admit that they prefer to look at a video before taking a decision. So do try to use these visuals in order to make the content more loved and shared.

  2. Distribute effectively – You have a good content and you feel people will see it simply because it is good. Well this is not always true you will have to promote the article and tell people more about the article. Unless readers know about what you have written you will not get an army of followers. Where ever possible talk about the content and try to make it popular in social media and among your followers so that they share it. Shout loud and as loud as you can.

Many people feel that well we have shared it once why do it again and again. Well people do not have a great memory as there is so much being written out there keep promoting your content again and again for months as well as for years if required. It has to be fresh in the mind of the readers. Do try to prepare a good and effective email list and ensure that you inform the readers about the content and tell them why they should not miss out on it. One place where you can distribute the content is Reddit. You can also have a paid media strategy and ensure that you have a budget to handle it. You cannot completely depend on the paid ads but they can be a very effective way to target a specific group of people. Using social media is any day a great idea but apart from that you can use wider distribution networks like the Outbrain.

  • Contact influencers on social media – We now move to the third step in the process of getting traffic to the content that you have developed. We have told you about how you should build relationships and ensure that you push the article in the right direction. We will now combine both the aspects. Phone and email is a good way to build personal relationships but that can be used only for a few influential people and journalists but if you want to make the content popular among the masses that are spread over all across the world then social media definitely has an important role to play.

    Twitter is a great social media for this purpose and you can find a lot of influencers here. However, Twitter is huge and looking for the correct contact can be a challenge this is exactly why you can use tools like the BuzzSumo to get the list of the influencers on Twitter.

    Once you know who are these people you are targeting on social media do not start bombarding them with information. Always remember that block and mute button can be easily used by anyone to stop your communications. The best way is tell them something about you in few words. Even these people will have articles why don’t you write a comment on these articles so that they start recognizing you. Once they reply to the comment you can ask them if they will be interested in reading something that you have come up with. So what you are doing is basically building a strong relationship that is beneficial to both the parties.

  • Piggyback similar content – As you develop the content you must have spent some time on research work. All the research that you have done will be of importance to you someday or the other so does not just keep it aside. You might need this information later. As you do research you will come across contents that have got a lot of recognition and people have commented on them as well as shared them.

When you look at the backlinks you can build and even better contact list of people who will have interest in the same topic. There are tools that can help you to do this and these tools are ahrefs and Majestic. BuzzSumo is the tool that you can use for the same purpose on Twitter. Just click the “view sharers” button and you will get to know the list of all those who have shared the link on Twitter. So what you have here is the list of the people whom you are targeting. A tip that we must mention here is do not blindly follow all the backlinks instead look for those who have a large audience and authority in the social media.

  • Put in the hard yards – All that we have said so far is important and must be followed. They may sound simple and easy but it is actually not as simple as it seems to be. Getting the right PR would definitely mean a lot of hard work and may take months as well as years especially if you are new into content marketing. Building relationships take time and the influencers you will be chasing are busy people who may not respond to your mails on time. It is quite natural to feel frustrated with this process but keep the patience all this hard work that you are putting in will actually pay you.

If you feel that the work is getting too much for you and you do not know what to do then the best way is that you make two separate lists for the people you are targeting and let someone else share the load with you. You will have to keep following up with the people and keep sending mails again and again so that they finally respond to you and your content. A strong outreach list is a great tool when you want to attract traffic to the content. One you have a good number of people in this list your future job becomes easy and you can approach these people much easily with your new contents. To make you feel good we can quote the example of BuzzFeed here. Do you think BuzzFeed had seven million likes on Facebook and three million followers on Twitter from day one? Of course not they spent years and a lot of hard work has been put in to achieve these figures. Today they do not heed to amplify anything because they had done it long time back and now they are reaping the benefits. Feel positive and keep doing the hard work that will definitely pay you one day.

We hope that these tips will help you to understand how you can attract more traffic to your content. Do try to use these and see what difference they can make to your content marketing. We have tried to put up the true picture without any false promises. These are all tested steps and you can trust them blindly.

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