8 Ball Pool Hack

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is one of the famous sports game which is trending now a days. Players are searching for 8 Ball Pool Hack to get unlimited cash and coins for that game. Why do you need cash and coins in that game when you can play? Because, this game is designed with amazing features, where players can play 1 on 1 or enter into a tournaments and play and win tournaments. But it is not that easy to enter into tournaments, for to enter into game tournaments, you would require lots of cash, but that can be earned by playing and winning lot of games or can win that cash and coins with 8 ball pool hack.

This is where, 8 Ball Pool Hack comes in to play.

About the game: 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool game was designed by MiniClip. This game is available in different platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. You can also play web versions of this game in browser using their website. But this game has become famous in mobile devices. People who have spare time, play this game at their convenience.

8 Ball Pool

Currently, it has around 100,000,000 Р500,000,000 installs so far in Google play store.

Here is their official Google App link and Itunes link.

They claim this as world’s number 1 online pool game.

Features of 8 Ball Pool Game:

It offers playing 1 on 1 games with other people and also with 8 other people.

You can also challenge your friends and invite them to your table.

This game allows you to play tournaments with other people in this world.

The more games you play, the more levels you will reach, and the difficulty level will increase with the increase of the levels.

You can earn cash and coins by winning games against your opponent.

These coins and cash can be used to enter into big tournaments.

If you are just starting out with this game, chances are very few that you will have few cash and coins, but in order to enter to big tournaments, without cash or coins, you cannot enter. This is where, 8 ball pool hacks come into existence. People believe that, these hacks can help them score more cash and coins in their game. But in reality, since the game is an online game, you cannot control it, and you cannot control any of those files and your score is also recorded online. 

Unless there is a real hacker who can hack into 8 Ball Pool game website, there is no way you can hack their systems and raise coins and cash.

What about 8 Ball Pool hack websites?

Out there in the internet, there are a lot of 8 ball pool hack websites claiming that, they can hack the game and get you unlimited cash and coins. They also show you screenshots with unlimited coins and cash. Just like the one below

8 Ball Pool Unlimited Cash

In the above screenshot, the play has around 7777777 cash, which was modified with Photoshop. Still don’t believe me? Then what these websites will do ?

Here are the screenshots of few websites which are claiming that they can hack 8 ball pool game

8 ball pool hack

and this one

8 ball pool hack

In the above screenshots, they are asking you to enter your username or email address. No matter what name or email address you put in there, it just works in the same way for everything.

I am giving a try here with some pseudo name which doesn’t exist.

8 ball pool hack website

and this one

hacking 8 ball pool

They may seem like, they are actually hacking the 8 ball pool servers. But its not, no matter what you enter in their website, it will show the same screen and finally in the end, they will ask you for human verification.

Here is what you can get in the next screen asking you for human verification or captcha verification

Human verification

and finally this

Complete survey

Every website which claims, that they can hack 8 ball pool game, finally shows the above screen and ask you to verify that you are human. For this you need to complete any offer in the above.

These are actually called CPA offers, which are being promoted by affiliate marketers. The website owner here is called affiliate marketer and for making you complete the survey, the website owner will get commission.

The amount of commission will depends on the geo location of the user. If the user is from tier 1 countries like US, UK or CA, the website owner will get good commissions for each survey the user fills in. If the survey is from third world countries, the commission will be very less.

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Is there a hack for 8 ball pool game?

Anyhow, there is no real hack for 8 ball pool game. If any website claims that they can hack 8 ball pool game, then probably they are bluffing. The company who made this game MiniClip, isn’t a small company, if there is a real hack out there, they will immediately shut that website.

If you still not convinced with what i said? Then try those websites with your own risk, once you give your email address there, from next day onwards, your email inbox will be bombarded with lots of spam mails and you can never able to unsubscribe from their email list.

Legit ways to get unlimited coins and cash

Aren’t there any legit ways to get unlimited cash and coins? yes there is. Just play the game for fun and earn coins. This is what most players do.