8 Important Tools to Power Up your Blog

Successful Blog

8 Important Tools to Power Up your Blog

You take any field, the professionals have a taste and a practice of completing work in a manner which the unskilled amateurs or newbies can never attain. This comes with experience. If you see the scheme of actions a veteran blogger follows to manage the blog, a newbie cannot even think of that. Just as a case of example, a skilled blogger having a 4+ WordPress blog will use Manage WP to manage various aspects of all his blogs. Similarly, such people also use powerful SEO tools which take care of all the aspects related to the SEO of the website may it be keyword research, keyword tracking, page rank inquiry or anything like that. If you have started a blog recently (up to 6 months ago) and also do other work along with it, you are not a pro blogger and it will take you approximately 2 years to be one. It is a good practice to try out new things. It’s your blog. If something goes wrong just undo it.

Successful Blog

I myself being a rather new comer in the field, always try new tools. Most of the times, the experiments let me grow my blog. When working on WordPress, the greatest advantage is the plugins. You’ve got one for everything. In this article, we will learn about some of the professional WP Plugins. These are the ones which let your blog flourish and grow. For me these are the ones I cannot blog without.

Blogging is not only about writing a post and publishing it. Honestly speaking it is just the tip of the iceberg. There are things like SEO, subscription management, making a brand, creating a community and socializing which must be taken care of. It is difficult to sum up all the things in one single post. Stay tuned to see the second post of the series.
Below are the must-use WordPress tools.

Analytics tools

Analytical tools, as the name implies are the tools meant for analysis of the website’s performance. They track down the attributes like traffic, visits and involvement of people. There are a number of tools for this purpose, free as well as paid. In this article, we will talk about two of the most useful and amazing free tools which I have personally used and found them to be great. There is another good analytical tool called Woopra but I have not tested it personally so I can’t say anything about it for sure.

Top Twitter Analytic tools

Google Analytics

Analytic is very important for any business. For blogs it is even more important. Analyzing the site views, engagement of the user and subscription, we can determine how good our efforts for the site are going and what is the response of people towards the site. In this way you can see how much of your goal have you achieved and plan what next to do. Google analytics is one of the best free analytic tools in the market. It keeps a track of your daily visits and also provides other useful information like landing pages, outgoing links, and keywords yielding most of the traffic and other things like that.

Setup your first campaign in Google Analytics



Sitemeter is another very useful website traffic meter. The difference is that it shows the website stats in real time whereas Google analytics shows over a period of time. It can also show you the traffic per hour and hence let you know in which hour the most people are logged on to your blog. It lets you compare the performance over two periods of time. For detailed information on the sitemeter tool, stay tuned to my blog.

Social Community and Group

Facebook Tools and Widgets:

Facebook is the greatest online advertisement agency of this time. To get the most out of it, including the Facebook like and share buttons and comments section on the site can be useful.

Facebook networked blog application

FB networked blog application is a good tool for people who want to publish the posts on their blog on to their Facebook profiles as well. Every post of the blog is automatically shared on Facebook automatically. If the blog owner has a large number of Facebook friends, this can be a substantial source of traffic.

Facebook Fan page

Facebook is more a marketing tool than a social media. Fan pages are a great way to add value to your blog and make it a brand. Fan pages let you keep the reader updated and let you send mass messages to all the readers at the same time. We will deal the topic of Facebook fan pages in the finest details soon.
Miscellaneous tool


Burning your feed through FeedBurner is a good practice. It will help you analyze your feeds. It also makes the feeds more interesting and catchy for the reader. FeedBurner also helps in branding of the blog. You can read more about the FeedBurner and how to use it to burn feeds in the following article.

How to burn your feeds using FeedBurner

Professional Email address

Professionalism is the key to success in any field. In blogging, all your details must be professional and these also include your email address. You should have an email address of your own domain. It has a good effect on the readers. They think it is a valid platform and the person is really qualified.

These are just some of the very basics of blogging. The subject is very extensive and I am also a learner like you. I will continue sharing the tips and tricks I learn about blogging. Stay tuned to get the latest updates. Do comment in the comment section below. Knowledge spreads by sharing so it will also be a good idea to share the post with friends.