8 local link building strategies

8 local link building strategies

Locality is a good way to attract attention. It is a good opportunity that can be capitalized on even in this age of networking and virtual chats. What we mean is that you can use the local area of yours to build a link, press mentions and target the customers. As an internet marketer it may be a little difficult to engage with the local culture as a means to provide with better opportunities in order to build a relationship. Citation and links is a great tool that you can use from the internet yellow pages also known as IYP. The fact is that if you build local links you might get more traffic.

Why are we so particular about the local area?

Local link building is important. When you are building a link online it might not be very relevant and strong. However, any link that you build locally will be more relevant. We will be discussing about the four functions of local link building along with the eight strategies that that you need to execute the local link building. We will also discuss some solid methods of sourcing relevant links that can achieve by doing good things for the community.

The four functions of local link building

We will now discuss the four functions of local link building in detail.

  1. Driving Relevant and targeted traffic – For example you are dealing with a restaurant then it is always better to spread the word about the new restaurant locally in order to ensure that more people get to know about it and actually visit the restaurant.
  2. Building strong links from the authoritative domains – Local newspapers are a great idea because they would like to link with you. Do not forget that the newspapers have a long history of creating good content for years. It is rarely thought of but if you look deep into it they have huge potential.
  3. Building a strong relationship with the authoritative local sources – It is always a good idea to be written about in authoritative local sources as it will really help to build your link on a local platform.
  4. Stimulating a Hyperlocal economy – Small business is the backbone of any economy. It is always a good idea that you let the small business compete with the giants. You never know many people might opt for these small ventures than the giants. This can be done by dominating the SERPs. This will not only get more customers as well as more investments. Some people may feel that it is easier said than done. These can be made possible just that you should have a plan and a strategy in place. We will now discuss what these strategies are. The primary focus in all these strategies is to build relationships. You just have to talk to people and ensure that they just change the way they do business. These will take time that’s one thing for sure but the results will be good.

8 Local link building strategies

We will now discuss the local link building strategies in details. As a preface we will discuss the Citation Labs Links Prospector tool this offers a lot of functionality that can be used for scaling the link prospecting activities. Instead of doing all this manually you can create a custom report that can be used to build search queries on the basis of prospecting tips that we are going to discuss below. This will also help you to export the result in a .csv file format. This format is useful if you want to analyse the data in details.

  1. Try to build the link with some amazing photography –

Pictures of the locality are a great idea. Either you yourself take a picture or you use pictures that already exist. You will have a lot of events happening locally. Just ask the organisers for a few pictures so that you can post them on the site. This will be a good idea as you do not have to worry about the anchor text the generic business URL itself will work well as anchor text.

Another bonus point is that you will just have to submit the pictures on sites like Pinterest and you will be able to build a second tier link. This will by default boost the value of the link. Some of you may feel that you are basically terrible at photography so don’t lose hope just login to Flickr and you will get amazing pictures taken by others who are willing to sell these pictures. You can also hire a photographer. Do keep looking for local events and photographs of these events on Google.

  • Try to build a link by doing something amazing for your community – You can create a content that is a burning issue in the community you are a part of. Post the content on your site and promote it with the help of the local press. Look for something that the community or your locality is famous for and use this point to build the content. Emotions are important and try to use topics that are close to the heart of the people. Another way to deal with is humour or making fun of the things people in your community do. This can be done only if you have a good sense of humour always remember that making people laugh is a difficult job.

  1. You can feature other people in your community as a part of the link – Another great idea is to look for people who are doing something great in your community and in your locality. Do write about them and publish it on your sites. Inform the local press about the content you have come up with. You do not have to think much developing these contents and the best part is the people about whom you are writing will themselves promote these articles.

    Try to write a blog about people who are helping the society and the community. Write about journalists who are doing good reporting. These writings have the potential of getting more links as well as they can get more write ups as everyone in the community might have something to say about these people.

  2. Try to build links with travel guides – These articles and bogs will be of interest to those who like to travel. You can discuss about the different things to do in your locality. Talk about hotels and places to visit. You can get information from Wiki travels. You can also put interviews of people who have actually visited these places. You can create link backs to the original websites.

  1. Building links with the neighbourhood sites- Try to build content on the locality of yours. There will be many people who would like you to write about local events and new things that are coming up in the locality. This can be a good idea as you will always have enough contents. People would like to read about the events that are happening in the locality and how it is having an impact on their lives. You will also get a lot of comments and suggestions that can help the local business or event that you are discussing about.

  1. You can also build the links with the “local scene” sites – The point with this concept is that there will be a lot of competition. For example a local restaurant or a school. As soon as you type that you are looking for a restaurant you will get a list of restaurants from various sites like Zomato and Foodpanda. What you can do different is talk about some speciality items that these restaurants are offering especially on this week so that more and more people get attracted to the post and the restaurant too gets a good number of customers. Review the restaurant and the speciality dishes that are offered by them.

  1. Trying to build links with daily deals sites – Groupon is a good site to look when you are searching for a good deal. However, even you can build contents around local deals that are available. There are many people who are dealing with local deals and making good money. Work with the local newspaper as they will have all the details about the local deals. Working with the newspaper will also ensure that you are building good contacts. Do not stop at just informing about the deal as a second step do discuss about how successful the deal actually was and when next such a deal can be expected.

  1. Try building the sites with IYP sites and Patch.com – Very few people actually know that Patch.com offers links that come from a very strong domain and these sites usually have a very high traffic. They are ready to accept articles from anyone. If you want you can send a few articles of yours to them and you will for sure get a good citation and a followed link. You can also develop some content for the local Patch.com. Becoming a neighbourhood editor is also a great idea. There are many internet yellow pages sites that you can use like Hotfrog. If you want to look for an IYP then do try local citation finder by Whitespeak.

    4 tools for tracking the success of the initiatives

Here are some tools that you can use to see how successful your link building strategies actually are:

  1. Topsy AlertsIt is a tool that shows social media analytics. It will automatically give an alert as soon as someone shares a link to your site using the social media. It will also give an alert if an article is written about you on social media. Ensure that you set up two alerts one for the URL and the other one for the content.
  2. Linkstant It is an amazing tool that will instantly tell you that someone has clicked a link that directs to your site. It is very easy to set it can send both email as well as text messages when you get a new link. You will just have to provide the snippet of codes to your page in order to set it up. It is real time so you can move quickly as soon as a link is established.
  3. Google AlertsThey are similar to the Topsy Alerts. If you would want to set an alert for the title of the content you can use Google Alerts. If anyone mentions about your business you will be immediately sent an email alert.
    Very easy to use and is being used by many people across the world without any complaints. In this case you will have to keep a close eye on your referrers in the Traffic Sources Pane.
  4. Link monitoring tools – If you want our suggestion we will say that instead of using only one link monitoring tool try to use a combination of a few. For example use ah refs so that you can view Yahoo site Explorer-esque reports on the recent links to your site. The open site explorer moves a little slowly. What you have to do is check up with them when they update the index. There is one more called the Pro tip – SEOmoz that runs a calendar in order to show all the planned index updates. You can add these to your personal calendar and you will know when to look for. So basically try to use a combination of Open Site Explorer, Google Analytics and ahrefs.

We hope that this article will actually help you to build some amazing links that will help your business to grow better. These are some of the link building tools that we recommend. If you go to search online you will get many more such local link building resources. Do try to look for the strategy that is working the best for you in order to make the most of it.

  • Nice article to build local links for getting more traffic.

  • I will start Implementing all these tips and I will check how it is working.