About me

Hello Everyone,

My name is Dheeraj kumar and i am an internet marketer. I’ve been doing this from 5 years. I am one of the top earners in many of the top affiliate networks. I struggled a lot when i was started with internet marketing, so in order to help people like me, i started this blog. I will be sharing my experiences , guides, case studies in this blog which will be helpful for people who are going start their internet marketing career.


Good Luck


  • Eddie

    Hey Dheeraj,

    I was reading your blog about running a profitable sitescout campaign. Great read!

    i wanted to ask, have you had any success running display ads for b2b offers? I know retargetting works well with good ROI for B2B but im referring to strictly creating a new audience.


  • Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for stopping by at my website. Yes i do have some good experience in promoting them aswell. But, first i would go with site specific buys and then, scale it up.

    And also it depends on the budget we have in our hands. If we have good budget, we can do RON with tight targeting.