How to Add Watermark to Images in WordPress

How to Add Watermark to Images in WordPress

We constantly try to help our readers with better knowledge. In this article we will explain how you can add watermark to your images in WordPress automatically. Watermark is used by site owners to ensure that their images are not misused by anyone. There are many methods of doing this we will explain each method one by one in details.


Method 1 – Using Envira Gallery you can add watermark to images in WordPressWhy we mention Envira first is mainly because it is the best WordPress gallery plugin that you can probably get in the market. This is mobile friendly and will allow you to effortlessly create beautiful image galleries that will work very well on your WordPress sites.

Envira comes with a special watermarking addon that will make it very easy for you to add watermark to the WordPress images. If you are a WordPress beginner you can use the code WPB25 coupon code and get a 25% discount on the purchase of Envira.

The Envira Gallery plugin has to be installed as a first step. We have already dedicated an article on how to download and install WordPress plugins please read it and download the Envira Gallery plugin. Once you have installed and activated Envira Gallery plugin you can move on to the next step. You will have to visit the Envira Gallery and then go to the setting page after that enter the license key. We have enclosed a screenshot here to explain the process better.

You must be wondering where you can get the license key from. Well you will get it in your account dashboard that you will find in the Envira Gallery website. Once you have verified the license key you can go to the Envira Gallery there go to the Addons page. You will have to scroll down to the place where you can find the watermark Addon. You can also search for this Addon in the site. Once you get the Addon just install it and then activate it. We have included a screenshot to explain this.

Now that you have completed all the steps that we have mentioned above you can move on to the nest step of adding your own images to the responsive galleries with watermark. To do this you will simply have to go to the Envira Gallery and click on add new to create your first image gallery. As you scroll down on the page you will see a tab that has “watermarking” mentioned on it. As you click on this tab you will get the settings for the watermarking option. You will have to select the checkbox that you can see next to “enabled” if you want to see more options. We are enclosing a screenshot here so that you can get a better idea of what we are trying to say.

Once you are done with these steps you will have to go to the next step. In this step you will have to click on the “choose watermark” button and after that upload the image to which you want the watermark to be applied. You will be happy to know that you can also change the position and the margin of the watermark image. Once you have watermarked the image you can add the image into the gallery. Just scroll up and then click on the “select files from the computer” you can also choose “select files from other sources” button.


After you have added a few images to your gallery you can go ahead and publish them. You can add the image gallery into the WordPress post or page. You can simply edit the post or the page and then click on the “Add Gallery” button. The screenshot below gives an idea of what we are talking about.

Just click on the button and it will get you a popup where in you will have to select the image gallery that you just created and click on the insert button. Once you are done with all this you will see that the Envira Gallery shortcode will appear on the post editor. After you get that you can publish the post or the page. Once you are done with these steps you can go to your site and see how the images of yours have got watermarked.



Method 2 – Using easy watermark you can add watermark to images in WordPressThis is another method that is used to add watermark to WordPress images. It is simpler compared to the first method. For using this method you will have to download the Easy watermark plugin. In our article on installing WordPress plugins you can get the step by step guide to install the plugins in WordPress. After installing you will have to activate the Easy watermark plugin. After activation go to settings and then click on Easy watermark page in order to configure the plugin setting. We have enclosed a screen shot to explain how the setting of the Easy watermark plugin should be.

As you can see the settings are basically divided into three tabs. The first one is the general setting tab and it is basically used to add watermark to all the images that you have uploaded in this setting you can also choose the image file type for the watermark to apply.

The next option I these tabs is the backup. You must check this option all the time so that the original files of yours are saved. Here you can select the image sizes and also add watermark to them. There is also a possibility to choose the watermark type. You can use the plugin to add image, text or both so that they can be used in the watermark. Before saving do check all the options in the page and ensure that you have selected the correct options. With this we come to the last step in this method. In this step you will have to click on the tab that you can see on the plugin setting page. This is the tab where you can actually upload the image that you want to watermark.

A point that you must keep in mind here is that if you have selected the option as image+text then you will also need to mention the text in the text tab. You can select the font size, watermark alignment, transparency, font and the colour. Always click on the save button to save changes and store the settings. Once you are done with this you can easily add watermark to the images that you are adding to your WordPress site.

You can add watermark to even old images in WordPress

Some users have questions on if they can add watermark to old images. Yes you can add the watermark to old images too. You will have to go to media and then choose watermark. After that click on the start button that you can find under the bulk watermark section. We are enclosing a screenshot of the page as you can see it.

One important thing to note here is that the process is irreversible so you have to be very careful. Always ensure that you make a backup for the WordPress site and the media uploads directory. This will ensure that the original files are not lost and they can be retrieved back if you need to. This can be done by ensuring that you always click the option “keep a backup” of your original uploads. Once you have done this you can also use the restore option on this page, doing this will remove the watermark from all the images that have them on your site.

Manually adding WordPress to images in WordPress

With this we come to the last section of the topic. Many people might not want to add watermark automatically they prefer to do this manually. Always remember that every watermark option will come with a manual option as well. What you will have to do is go to the settings and then to the Easy watermark page and ensure that you click on the checkbox that is next to automatically add watermark to images and uncheck it. As soon as you do that you will have to manually apply the watermark. Once you are done with these steps you will have to go to Media and click on library. Here you will have to select the list view and see the Add watermark option that you will find next to each image in the library.

We have tried to explain almost all the steps that you can follow regarding adding watermark to images in WordPress. We hope that you have found this article interesting and informative. The process maybe a little lengthy with too many steps but as you do it slowly you will definitely learn to do it better next time. Adding watermarks is important and you must use this option on the images that you are using on your site and you do not want them to be misused.