How to Add WordPress Navigation Menu in pages/posts


Adding WordPress Navigation Menu in pages/posts


In this article we will discuss how you can display the WordPress navigation menu in your posts and pages. If you are using WordPress for a while you will know that the WordPress theme itself handles how the navigation menu will be displayed on your site. We will explain about the navigation menu and how buy using it you can control here the navigation menu will appear in your site or post.

Why is there a need to add WordPress navigation menu to your posts?

One question that is common among the WordPress users is why should they add a navigation menu? WordPress already has a navigation menu in a structured form and it can be added to your site. You can create these navigation menus the way you want and display them in your site at the places where you want them to appear in the WordPress admin area. There is a restriction here and that is you can display them only in the menu locations that is available in your WordPress theme.

Let’s look at a scenario suppose you needed to add a menu is a page or a post in that case what do you do? If this is required you will have to manually create a list of all the links and this will not be an easy task and will take a lot of time.

We will now discuss how you can actually add navigation menus in the WordPress pages and posts. There are some video tutorials in this subject that you can refer to. However, you may find it confusing so we are explaining the steps one by one so that you find it easy to follow.

Adding navigation menu in WordPress

You must be aware of one thing here and that is like all other functions of WordPress even in this case you will have to install and activate the Shortcode menu plugin. In one of our previous articles we have explained in details how the WordPress plugins can be installed and activated. Please refer to that article and install the Shortcode menu plugin. Once you have activated the Shortcode menu plugin you will have to go to the appearance page and then you will have to go to menu. Here you will have to create the navigation menu.

After the menu is ready you will have to click on the shortcode menu that you can find in the WordPress admin bar. This step will take you to the shortcode generator page. We are enclosing a screenshot of this page so that you get a better idea of what we are trying to say.

Here you will have to select the menu that you want to add from the select menu drop down list. You can even add a class attribute and an ID to the menu. After you are done with this step you can move to the next step and that is selecting the style in which you want the navigation menu to appear. It is a default setting that the menu will appear in a block. If you want you can change the style to an inline format or a horizontal line format as you want.

Not only the format but even the colours can be changed. To do this you will have to go to the “design your menu on the fly” section. Here the plugin will allow you to choose the anchor colours, the background and the hover. After this you will have to go to the bottom of the shortcode generator column and you will get to see the shortcode with the option that you have selected above. All that you will have to do is copy the shortcode and paste it on the page, post or the widget wherever you want the navigation menu to be displayed. We are enclosing a screenshot so that you get a better idea of what we are trying to say.

The plugin has many other features too. It will help you to add some basic style to ensure that the menu looks more presentable. There may be a need for you to customise the appearance of the menu if you want to do that then you will have to use a CSS file.

With this we come to the second column in the plugin’s setting page. Here you will find a CSS snippet. This can be used as the starting point by ensuring that you add this to your child theme’s stylesheet or you can also use the simple custom CSS plugin.

However, it is quite possible that you are not familiar with the CSS in that case you can also try to use the CSS Hero. This is again a very powerful plugin that will help you to style anything on your WordPress site this you can do by using a simple user interface and you will not even need to write a single line of code.

This is all that we have to tell you about adding the navigation menu in the WordPress pages or sites. We hope that it will help you understand why you need to add navigation menus and how exactly you can add navigation menus to your WordPress sites. We have tried to keep the explanation simple and in a step by step manner so that the users do not get confused.