How to exclude Mobile Apps traffic in AdWords

How to exclude Mobile Apps traffic in AdWords

If you are running a Google AdWords display campaign for the first time or if you are running a display campaign without proper settings, then you might see a lot of traffic is coming from Mobile apps to your landing page in your display campaign. Actually, if you don’t filter these mobile apps, you will end up getting too many clicks from mobile apps which are irrelevant to your niche and these clicks will not bring you any ROI instead, your campaign will suffer loss.

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Why Ads in Mobile Apps are Dangerous?

Google display network contains millions of websites, mobile apps and videos serving billions of impressions daily. Advertising in Google display network is very effective when used correctly. But if you don’t optimize your campaign properly, a lot of money will get wasted by serving lot of clicks to mobile apps.

As we all know, mobile is the trending traffic source now a days, but still there are some apps which might not be useful for you to advertise there. For example, imagine a mobile app or mobile game in your mobile phone, while using that app, you might be popped with lots of ads, and the user may do two things, either click on the ad if he is interested or accidentally click on the ad and then move on to his mobile by continue using his app. So, the user is not really interested in your ad because he was engaged in other work. At this point, the advertiser will charged for the clicks the user has generated and no matter what. Since, these clicks from mobile apps are being generated by kids mostly during when they play games in mobile apps, your business won’t get much benefit from it unless you are trying to promote a kids product.

With other ad networks and RTB platforms like SiteScout you will have the ability to filter mobile traffic, tablet traffic or whatever you want. But in AdWords, you can only able to filter mobile traffic and there is no way to block tablet traffic.

So how do you exclude mobile apps traffic from tablets for your display campaign? Well you are not the only one looking for answers for this question. I used to lose a lot of money on kids who click my ads. Here is a sample screenshot of my display campaign.

mobile app traffic

At first, when I ran my display campaign, I thought it was doing really great as my CTR’s were really good and I am getting decent inventory. But after my budget got exhausted very quickly, I came to notice that, I am getting traffic from the above placements where most of my clicks have gotten from toddlers.

Actually I am trying to promote a diet product with my display campaign, and what is there to do for kids with my product.

As you can see below, here are the stats of my campaign,

disable mobile traffic

Here, I have blocked the mobile traffic completely in my display campaign, as I want only desktop users. But since, Google does not offer blocking of tablet traffic, see what happened in the above.

Most of the clicks were came from Tablets which I don’t want them at all. So, finally, I figured how to block the mobile apps traffic in my display campaign.

First check whether your campaign is getting more clicks from Mobile Apps

Here is how to do that,

Step 1: Log in to your Google AdWords account by visiting the following link:

Step 2: Click on your Campaign name, and then click on Display Network and then on Placements tab. See below on how to do that

Google Display network

Now, you can able to see from which sites or mobile apps you are getting traffic from. If you see a lot of mobile apps listed under Placements tabs. Continue to read on how to exclude them from your campaign.

How to Exclude Mobile App traffic in Google AdWords display campaign:

If you find some mobile apps under your placements tabs where you are getting most clicks from and if you want to block those individual mobile apps from your Google AdWords display campaign, you can do so. Here is how to do that.

To block individual mobile apps, check the mobile app placements which you want to block from your campaign and then click on the circle button which is next to the check box. You will be shown with two options: Enabled, Excluded. If you want the placement to be excluded, just check Excluded to exclude that app from your display campaign, from now, you won’t be served with any clicks from that particular app.

You can see below for a screenshot:

Google mobile apps traffic

How to exclude all mobile apps traffic from your display campaign:

If you want to exclude all mobile app traffic from your display campaign, just click on button in your Display Network tab.

Now click on Add campaign exclusions in the below and choose Site Category Options.

You will be shown with the following options as shown below

Google placements

Now click on the following topics,


GMob mobile app non-interstitial

And click on Excluded and save the campaign by clicking Close.

Now, again click on Display Network and click on button, then click on Add Campaign Exclusions

adwords campaign exclusions

Then choose, Placements.

Now, type the following URL in the placements tab

As shown below

Google placements

Now, click on Save to save the campaign.

After you have done with the above changes, you will no longer get any traffic from mobile apps in your Google AdWords display campaign.

Please let me know if you have any queries regarding this article.