How Does Alexa Rankings Work?

Alexa Ranking

Alexa Rankings Intro: is a web traffic company which is owned by based in California, USA. It was originally founded independently which was later acquired by It is a web traffic reporting company which provides analytics like global rankings, traffic data and other analytical information for websites. As of now, receives around 6.5 million visitors monthly.

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Initially Alexa offered users with web suggestions like which website he needs to go next. It also offered data like on which name a website was registered, how many pages does the website has and how often the website is updating its pages along with Alexa web search.

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It also started archiving webpages along with its analytical data reporting. After it was acquired by Amazon for approximately $250 million, it started partnership with Google, DMOZ and later with Bing and finally stopped its Alexa web search and focused entirely on offering web analytics data.

Alexa Toolbar:

Alexa ranks websites using a sample set of data which it will receive from its toolbar (Alexa Toolbar). Alexa website tracks user’s data from its toolbar from the people who installs this toolbar in their browsers. Whenever a user visits a website from the browser which has alexa toolbar in it, this toolbar will collect data from the user like how many times the user is visiting a website and what websites he was visiting and how much time he was spending on each website, like all this information is being collected by Alexa toolbar and will be used for ranking websites.

This is how Alexa toolbar will look like in Mozilla Firefox’s browser.

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It provides the following features:

  • Alexa Traffic Rank
  • Traffic Rank in most visited country
  • Search Analytics
  • Way back Machine
  • Related Links
  • Average Load Time for the website

You can download Alexa toolbar from here.

Alexa Ranking:

Basing on the number of visitors who visits the website from the browsers with Alexa toolbar installed. Alexa will measure the rankings of the websites.

It gives the following rankings data for a website:

  • Global Rank
  • Rank in country from which most visits come to that website.

Even though there are not many people who use Alexa toolbar in their browsers. The amount of data collected by Alexa is a small fraction from its toolbar users when compared with overall internet users. Basing on the sample data received from its toolbar users, Alexa will determine the rankings of the websites.

This is how my website ranking page will look like in Alexa’s website.

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Currently my Alexa Rank is around 300k and in Singapore it is around 3.7k. Since I receive most of the traffic from Singapore currently, I get a local rank from Singapore country. If your website receive most traffic from United States, then you will get local rank from United States country.

How does it ranks?

Like I said in the above, it collects sample data from its toolbar users. So, if most people with Alexa toolbar visits your website, Alexa will have more data about your website and you will get good Alexa rank. For higher traffic websites, the people who access with Alexa toolbar will be more and so the Alexa rank is good. Apart from toolbar data, Alexa website says, that it also has other sources from where it collects traffic data.

During the installation of Alexa toolbar, it also collects its user’s geographical data and demographics. So with Alexa ranking data, you will get a ton of information like Geographical data of the website users.

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Other important metrics like

  • Bounce Rate
  • Daily Page views per visitor
  • Daily time on Site

It also collects search traffic information like from where the users are coming to your website.

Metrics like

  • Percentage of Search Traffic received by the website
  • Top keywords from Search Engines

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Apart from the above data, it also collects what these users will visits after visiting your website which are called as upstream sites.

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It also analyzes the backlinks like which sites linked to your site. And also, it suggests related sites to your website.

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It also collects demographics like Age, Gender, Education, Browsing location, Income and Ethnicity data.

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