Best Travel Affiliate Programs for Travel Related Blogs

Best Travel Affiliate Programs for Travel Related Blogs

Travel Affiliate Programs
Travel Affiliate Programs

Travel Industry is one of the hottest industry in the Affiliate Marketing World. Many famous travel companies like, spend numerous amounts of dollars to promote their brands and get more sales.

When you search on Google for the keyword “cheap flights to Vegas” you can see how competitive that keyword is.

Even there is huge competition in Google AdWords for travel related keywords.

These travel companies are willing to spend any amount to get a new customer. Once, they get a new customer, they will make him to stick with their brand by using retargeting, email marketing and other marketing techniques. All they care is a new customer.

So, if you own a travel related blog with decent traffic, you can earn good amount of money with it. Kate’s Blog is one of the famous travel blog I really like. She is living her life the way she wanted to with her travel blog.

Usually, most blogs are being monetized by display advertisings like Google AdSense, Tribalfusion and other PPC adnetworks. But, in order to make some decent amount of money using these above programs, your blog must have some decent traffic say like atleast 10000 visitors a day. As most of these ad networks pay you on the basis of CPC or CPM.

Here are the best CPM Ad networks for your blog

In order to get that much amount of traffic to your blog, you should have a lot of content and good SEO done for your blog. For newbie bloggers and people who just have started this maybe a bit hard.

But how can you make some decent amount of money using travel blogs? It is possible with affiliate programs. Even with around 20 – 30 visits a day to your blog, you can make around $100 a day with travel blogs. For one lead, you can earn around $15 commission and this may go even high upto $100 or even more depends on the booking you generated through your blog.

Here are the best Travel Affiliate Programs for your Travel Blogs >>

  1. Affiliate Program

If you ever been in Affiliate industry, you must have heard about, as it is one of the top offer in many affiliate networks.

The reason why it became a top offer is because, does not charge the customer’s credit card when they book a hotel, they only will get charged when they checked into the hotel. This yields a lot of bookings. The affiliate will get paid upon successful booking through their link.

Many affiliate networks pays around $14.50 per booking while the official website pays you on percentage basis.

For 0 – 50 sales generated you will get 25% of each sale
For 51 – 150 sales generated you will get 30% of each sale
For 151 – 500 sales generated you will get 35% of each sale
For 501 or more sales generated you will get 40% of each sale.

They offer wide variety of tools like deep linking, search box and banners for your promotional purposes.

They pay affiliate commissions using bank transfer or PayPal and their minimum threshold is $100. If you are unable to make $100 in a month, your earnings will be rolled out to the next month until you reach $100 and then get paid.

  1. TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

TripAdvisor is another famous name in the travel industry. Its affiliate program offers 50% commissions on all the sales generated by you. While other affiliate networks pays you around 40% for the same offer.

You’ll get all the promotional features like deep linking, banners with this affiliate program. If you want to sign up as an affiliate for this offer, you need to have an account in Commission Junction which is very hard to get in for starters or you can use other affiliate networks like Peerfly or NeverBlue who are known for travel affiliate programs.

  1. Affiliate Program

Agoda is another famous travel company which is similar to Since, Agoda is new to this industry, it is trying to give higher commissions to the affiliates of upto 60% commissions on sales. If you join in their official affiliate program you will get paid on commission basis, while other affiliate networks like Peerfly, they will pay you a flat rate like $15.50 per sale. You can get pay bump if you generate good amount of sales every day.

You will also be provided with promotional tools like deep linking, banners for your promotional purposes. They also offer data feeds for your marketing purposes.

  1. SkyScanner Affiliate Program

Skyscanner is one of the famous travel booking site which offers searching of flight tickets from multiple providers. This is one of my favorite website for my flight bookings. They offer an affiliate program where you can use their search box in your travel website. So, whenever you write an article about Switzerland or other destination and if the reader was impressed with the beauty of that destination, you can offer him to search for flights in your own website using Skyscanner widget. If the reader books a flight from your widget, you can earn commission from Skyscanner.

The more bookings you generate, the more you will get paid.

Skyscanner also offers a Travel API, where if you want to start your own travel booking site, you can do that with Skycanner’s API.

  1. Expedia Affiliate Program

Expeida is another famous travel company which offers bookings of properties and flights. Unlike other travel brands, expedia also offers promotional tools for your marketing purposes. You will get data feeds, banners and deep links.

Expedia pays you on commission basis. They offer this program through Commission Junction (CJ.COM), if you don’t have an account with CJ or finding it hard to get an account with, then maybe you should try other affiliate networks who are having this offer. Currently, Peerfly has this offer and offers 4.50% commission on each sale.

  1. AirBnb Referral program

AirBnb is one of the famous website for booking private homes in any part of the world. They offer a referral program where you can earn some money in the form of AirBnb credits. They offer approximately $50 for each friend you invite to their website.

When you send a friend to AirBnb, you will get $20 AirBnb credit and you will get $10 when they travel and around $50 when they host someone in their property.

Wrapping Up:

Out there, there are numerous travel affiliate programs, but the ones I mentioned in the above are some reputed ones, so you don’t need to worry about getting paid or not. When you are about to try a new affiliate network, make sure, you read some reviews about that network before you send your precious traffic to their offer.

Let me know your thoughts on this article..

30 Famous Websites in the World that are Using WordPress

WordPress is the number one blogging platform available in the internet today. No matter what shape or size your website is, WordPress fits for all needs. Since, it is an open source platform, many people say it is not recommended for big brands. But to disprove the above statement, I am going to show you the top websites in the world which are using WordPress for their presence in the internet.

Currently WordPress powers 25% of websites available in the internet, which means quarter of the internet users trusts WordPress. It is being used by many famous news outlets, magazines and celebrities. After going through the list of big brands using WordPress as their website platform, many people might change their mind in reverting back to WordPress.

  1. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a world famous technology blog which offers news on technology and resources on startups. Currently it is ranked 646 worldwide according to Alexa ranking. This world famous website is using WordPress.

  1. The New Yorker

The New Yorker is the news magazine which covers daily news and news related to culture. It also offers political cartoons and videos. Currently it is ranked 1410 worldwide according to Alexa ranking. This website also uses WordPress as their blogging platform.

  1. BBC America

BBC America is a television news website which offers the facility of viewing the full episodes of famous BBC America TV shows like Doctor Who, Top Gear and Orphan Black. Currently it is ranked 5766 in America and it is one of the most viewed website in America.

  1. The Official Star Wars Blog

The official star wars blog provides latest news and updates about Star Wars movies. Currently it is ranked 5952 worldwide according to Alexa. The official blog of star wars is being powered by WordPress.

  1. Variety is a popular entertainment website which provides movie reviews and film news. It also provides news about entertainment industry conferences. Currently it is ranked 1739 worldwide according to Alexa. This site is most popular in United States.

  1. Sony Music

Sony Music is one of the biggest brand in the music industry. Many music videos are being produced by sonic music now a days. This site uses WordPress as their platform for their website.

  1. MTV News

I don’t think anyone wouldn’t know about MTV. This website MTV News is their official website for posting updates about their TV channel. You will get updates on entertainment industry, music industry and celebrity news in their official website. This site is powered by WordPress.

  1. Beyonce Official Website

Beyonce is one of the top singer, song writer, record producer and actress in America. She is famous for her songs like Single Ladies and If I Were a Boy etc. Her official site is powered by WordPress.

  1. PlayStation Official Blog

Sony’s Official PlayStation blog which offers updates on PS4, PS3, PSN and PSP uses WordPress as their blogging platform. Currently it is ranked 415 worldwide according to It is one of the most visited website in gaming niche. Since, the biggest brand SONY trusts WordPress as their blogging platform, I hope this will help people to change their minds to switch to WordPress.

  1. Xerox

Xerox is a big brand which offers business services and workflow solutions to big companies. It uses WordPress as their blogging platform. Many blogs hosted on this domain are using WordPress. Xerox is ranked 9768 worldwide according to

  1. Bata

Bata is one the famous footwear brand in India. Its official website is powered by WordPress. Currently it is ranked 32,051 in India according to

  1. Quartz

Quartz is a famous native news website which focuses on economic news mostly. Currently it is ranked 1361 worldwide according This is powered by WordPress.

  1. ESPN Digital & Print Media Product Blog

I don’t think anyone wouldn’t know about ESPN. It is the number one sports channel and it also offers many sports products. It is ranked 20,363 in United States according to It uses WordPress as their blog engine for their product blog. This big brand trusts WordPress, I hope this will change some of the people’s mind who are not using WordPress to switch to WordPress.

  1. Fortune

Fortune is one of top business news website which offers fortune 500 companies list every year. Apart from that, it also offers news on photography, travel, contributions and franchise lists. Currently it is ranked 473 worldwide according to This website is also powered by WordPress.

  1. Facebook Newsroom

The social media giant Facebook is also using WordPress as their platform for blogging. Facebook is using WordPress in their Facebook newsroom website.

  1. The New York Times Company

One of the famous news company in America the New York Times
is using WordPress as their main platform for publishing their news.

  1. Marks & Spencer’s

Marks & Spencer’s is one of the top apparel website in America. Currently it is ranked 2001 worldwide according to This famous site is using WordPress as their blogging platform.

  1. Larry King Liveblog

Larry King is a famous American television personality, comedian and actor. He received numerous awards for his works including Peabody’s and 10 Cable ACE Awards. His official page uses WordPress.

  1. The Official Rackspace Blog

Rackspace is one of the top cloud computing company which offers cloud computing services. Currently it is ranked 1800 worldwide according to Their official blog is being powered by WordPress.

  1. ExpressJet Airlines

ExpressJet is one of the famous regional airlines in America which offers United Express flights, Delta Connection and America Eagle. It also uses WordPress as their blog engine.

  1. Blackberry Official Blog

Blackberry is one of the famous mobile phone brand. This company uses WordPress for their corporate blog. Currently has an Alexa rank of 2859.

  1. Rotary Means Business Fellowship – Rotary Club

Rotary Club is one of the famous clubs across the World. This fellowship club uses WordPress as their website’s platform.

  1. The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones is a famous English rock band formed in 1962. The band originally formed in London and got famous worldwide. Their official website is powered by WordPress.

  1. AMC Network Entertainments

AMC is one the leading TV Channel in America which features the famous TV shows like the Walking Dead. Their official website is ranked 674 in America according to Alexa ranking system. This site uses WordPress as their platform.

  1. The Mozilla Blog

Mozilla is an open source company which offers Firefox web browser. Firefox is a very famous web browser available in the internet today. This famous company uses WordPress as their blogging platform.

  1. The Wall Street Journal
    – Law Blog

The Wall Street Journal is the famous news media website in America. Currently it is ranked 384 across worldwide according to This website uses WordPress as their blogging platform for their Law Blog.

  1. Official Website of the Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks is the famous NBA football team which won the 2011 NBA championship. Their official website is powered by WordPress.

  1. Wil Wheaton Official Blog

The famous Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Wil Wheaton uses WordPress in his official website as his blogging platform.

  1. Snoop Dogg – Official Website

Snoop Dogg is one of the famous American rapper. He is from Long Beach, California. His official website is powered by WordPress too.

  1. Reuters Blogs

Reuters is one of the top news website in the world. Before anyone have the breaking news, Reuters will have it first. This website uses WordPress for their blogging purpose.


With all the above list, I hope these websites are enough to convince anyone to use WordPress. Good luck with your blogging. Here is how to install WordPress if you change your mind.

Different Ways to Make Money Using 7Search

Different Ways to Make Money Using 7Search

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing and don’t know where to start? Most people will ask around internet marketing forums like warriorforum on where to start, and many experienced affiliate marketers will suggest you to start with 7Search PPC advertising. The reason why many people suggest 7Search is because it is newbie friendly and also it is very easy to start advertising with them. You can launch your first campaign with them in few mins.

7Search Pay Per Click Search Network

Apart from that, 7Search has very low restrictions when it comes to ad approvals and landing page approvals. Unlike AdWords who is against to direct linking of affiliate offers, you can direct link your offers in 7Search.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider advertising with 7Search

  • You can get targeted traffic for lowest possible CPC’s of around $0.01.
  • They offer lowest minimum deposit of $50 to test your offers with their traffic.
  • Low restrictions for ad approvals and landing page policies.
  • Easy to start your campaign with 7Search and is highly recommended for newbies by experienced marketers.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Unlike AdWords where your performance is limited by Quality score, with 7Search, the more you bid, the better your positions will be in their search.

Here are the different ways to make money using 7Search

#1 Make money by promoting dating offers through 7Search:

Dating Sites

Dating offers are the affiliate offers with low risk. As with their low payout, you can test those offers with your traffic source by spending less amount of money. You don’t need to pour hundreds of dollars for finding profitable campaign for your needs. So, with 7Search, you can easily promote dating offers and get profitable.

Here is how…

Step 1: Create your first campaign with 7Search by clicking on Create Campaign in your dashboard.

7Search My Campaigns

Step 2:

Now, enter your campaign details. See below for example.

7Search Settings

In the above, you can target both Desktop and Mobile users or separately. But it is recommended to create different campaigns for Desktop and Mobile, so that you can easily measure your ROI.

And under Campaign details, since, I am going to promote a dating offer, in the above example you can see I created an ad for Russian dating. For display URL, use the brand URL and for the destination URL, you can use your affiliate tracking link which will eventually redirect to the brand URL. But in your ad, the brand URL will be visible, so that you can get more clicks to brand URL’s than ads with unbranded tracking links.

You can set your daily budget if you don’t want to spend too much for testing. And for the geographic locations, it is recommended to create separate campaigns for each GEO, so that you can know which geo’s are bringing you good ROI.

Once, you have entered all the above details, click on Create Campaign.

Step 3:

7Search offers a great keyword tool, where you can get the estimates on the volume of searches available for a particular keyword.

7Search Bidding

In the above example, since I am trying to promote a Russian dating offer, people who search for Russian women will be my target audience.

The keyword Russian women has good amount of monthly searches and the top bid is around $0.63. So, here I am getting targeted traffic for 60 cents. Since, I am going to show my ad to the people who are searching for Russian women, there are more chances that my ad can be clicked. And also, the conversion rates will very good, as here I am targeting the right audience.

In order to increase the amount of traffic we get, we can bid higher to move to a better ad positions to attract more audience.

Once, you choose your keywords, click on the + button to add those keywords to your campaign, so that whenever 7Search users search for those keywords, your ad will be triggered based on your campaign settings.

And finally, here is how the ad will look like in 7Search.

7Search Search

You can also try different dating offers like Asian Dating, Christian Dating offers, Senior Dating offers etc. All you need to do is choosing the right keywords. Once, you go live with your campaign, you will start receiving targeted traffic to your ad. There are wide variety of dating offers available in prominent affiliate networks like, and These are some of the recommended affiliate networks where you can find plenty of dating offers.

If you spy on other advertisers, you can see many people who are direct linking their dating offer. But it is also advised to test both direct linking and with landing page. If you split test both, you can eventually find the one which is giving you better ROI.

In the above screenshot, the advertiser is using offer from Maxbounty affiliate network.

Find Bride

If you already have an account in those affiliate networks, grab some top converting offers and start a campaign with 7Search right away.

#2 Promote Gaming offers in 7Search to make some bucks

Game offers

Other recommended affiliate offer for newbies is game offers. Since with their low payout, it don’t take much of your money for testing. By spending few bucks, you will be able to find out whether certain game offer is bringing your ROI or not.

Gaming offers work pretty well in 7Search if you target right keywords. As you can see 7Search has decent volume on gaming keywords. If you can able to target right offers to those gaming keywords, you can bag some money.

See the below screenshot for to get an overview.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

As you can see in the above, there are thousands of searches going on in 7Search network for gaming keywords.

Here are some of the ads which are being run by gaming affiliates.

7Search Ads

Make sure to split test with and without landing pages. So, that you can get some insights on which one is working and which is not.

For the game Elvenar in the above ad, the affiliate is using a landing page, seems like this is working for him.

Gaming Landing Page

When you click on Continue, you will be redirected to actual game offer. This is a great way to convince your users and get them converted for your offer.

#3 Bag some Money with Pay per Sale Offers

As you may have already heard about Clickbank. Affiliate marketers are making thousands of dollars every day. They have some decent collection of products which converts great. If you already have a Clickbank account, take a glance at the top converting offers in Clickbank.

Clickbank offers

As you can see in the Clickbank dashbard, from many months, Fat Diminisher and The Venus Factor are the top offers in Clickbank. There are plenty of methods to promote Clickbank products. But do you know that you can promote these Clickbank direct sale offers through 7Search also?

Here is how…

Clickbank product owners spends thousands of dollars for landing page design, so that their landing page gets higher conversion rates. If the conversion rate for their sales page is good, more and more affiliates will try to promote their product which in turn generate more sales to the product owner. So, many marketers wanted to direct link their Clickbank offer in their traffic source. But many advertising networks like Adwords & Facebook who are against to direct linking of Clickbank offers will reject your ad copies. But with 7Search, you can direct link your Clickbank offers with no problem.

If you check the existing marketers who are already running campaigns in 7Search, they are successfully promoting Clickbank products through 7Search advertising.

7Search Ads

In the above, you can see some examples of Ads which are being run by affiliates from so long in 7Search. 7Search has some good volume of keyword searches on weight loss. See the below image for an overview.

7Search Keyword Suggestion Tool

Since, there is a good amount of search volume available for weight loss keywords, you can easily market weight loss products in 7Search. Not only with weight loss keywords, but also there is a quite good amount of search volume available for many top keywords. Check out their keyword tool to get volume information for your targeted keywords.

What are you waiting for? Start your campaign with 7Search today.

Getting Rid of Uncategorized Category

Getting Rid of Uncategorized Category

After installing a fresh copy of WordPress, your new blog comes with one test post, one test comment and one category. Unlike post and comment which can be deleted, the test category named Uncategorized cannot be deleted. Because, it is used to show the carelessness of the editor.

When an editor forgets to select a category when publishing a post, WordPress automatically assigns that post to an uncategorized category. This is the main purpose of this category. This also helps in showing the URL structure of the blog post.

If you are running a professional blog, consider if you accidentally forgot to select a category for one your blog post, then WordPress will automatically add the blog post to a default category which is uncategorized category. Popping up of an uncategorized category in a professional blog doesn’t look good. It shows the carelessness of the editor and also it damages the reputation of the blog if the posts were published on an uncategorized category.

The posts will also appear in uncategorized category if the editor saves the blog post for later use and publishes it later. In this case, WordPress automatically assigns to uncategorized category when the editor just saves the blog post for later use. Later, when the editor completes writing of the blog post and publishes the post, the blog post still remains in the same uncategorized category. Even though if the editor selects a different category, the selection of uncategorized should be removed manually before publishing the blog post. Otherwise, the blog post will still show up in uncategorized category.

Every human makes mistakes, and so the editors. Sometimes, the first time users of WordPress were not used to WordPress much, so they forget to assign a category for the posts they publish. In order to avoid publishing of blog posts to uncategorized category, we propose a simple solution that is, renaming the default category to General or Other. In this way, even if the editor forgets to select the category for the post he is going to publish, the posts will go to default category which is general or other.

General category or other category sounds more professional than uncategorized category. This shows the reader that, the article does not belong to any specific category, so it was assigned to general or other category.

How to rename a category

To rename a category, follow the below steps.

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel
  2. Go to Posts > Categories

  3. Now select the uncategorized category and click on Quick Edit

  1. Rename the category and update the changes. Make sure, that you rename the Slug also, so that it gives a good name to the URL also.

How to view Post, Category, Tag, Comments or User ID in WordPress

How to view Post, Category, Tag, Comments or User ID in WordPress

WordPress is an excellent blogging platform. It became so popular that from coders to normal users, everyone is maintaining their own blog today using WordPress. For coders and techie guys it might be easy for them to do technical stuff in WordPress, but for normal people who don’t have much technical knowledge about WordPress, they might find it difficult to do some customizations in WordPress. At some point or other, in WordPress, we might want to know the post id, category id, tag id, comment id or user id. These details can be retrieved very easily but for non techie guys it might be a bit difficult for them to do so. So, I am going to show you how to view post, category, tag, comment or user id in WordPress.

WordPress uses MySQL database to store its data. Each post, comment, tag, category and user names are stored using unique ids. So that, each data can be retrieved using these unique ids from MySQL database.

How to Find a Page or Post ID in WordPress

Step 1:

To find a page or post id in WordPress, log into your WordPress admin panel.

Step 2:

Go to Posts tab and click on all posts

Step 3:

Now, select the post which you want to know the post ID of, and click on Edit

Step 4:

Now, after clicking on Edit button, an editor will open up and in the address bar, you can able to see the post ID of your desired post.

See below for screenshot

In my case, the post ID of the post which I am looking for is 1594. You can also know the page id of your desired page by following the above steps but all you have to do is, edit the page instead of post.

How to Find a Tag or Category ID in WordPress

Finding a tag, category ID or taxonomy ID in WordPress is similar to finding the post id or page id in WordPress. All you need to do is, follow the below steps.

Step 1:

Go to Posts tab and click on categories or tags.

Step 2:

Now, choose the category or tag you want to know the ID of and click on Edit button of the category or tag you want to know the ID. In the below example, I am taking WordPress category as an example.

Step 3:

After clicking on Edit button, in the address bar, you can able to view the category id or tag id of your desired category or tag.

As you can see in the above, I tried to retrieve category id of the category “WordPress” and in the address bar you can see tag_ID=28 which is my category id. You might confuse between tag id and category id as both appear as tag_ID in your address bar for both category and tag, because WordPress uses tag_ID name for all of its taxonomies.

Similarly, you can get tag id of your desired tag.

How to Find a Comment ID in WordPress

To find a comment ID in WordPress, follow the steps below

Step 1:

Log in to your WordPress admin panel and click on comments section in your left hand sidebar.

Step 2:

Now, click on Edit button of the comment which you wanted to know the comment ID.

Step 3:

Now, after clicking on the Edit button, an editor will open up and in the address bar, you will be able to see the comment id. See below for screenshot

As you can see in the above, my comment id is 2026. Similarly, you can find out the comment id of your desired comments.

How to Find a User ID in WordPress

Similar to the above procedures for finding comment id, post id and category id, you can also find the user id using the same method by editing the user profile.

Follow the procedure below

Step 1:

Go to Users tab and click on All Users.

Step 2:

Now click on edit button of the user you want to know the user ID of

Step 3:

After clicking on edit button, you can able to see the user id of the user you want in the address bar.

In the above, the user id of the user Peck
is 7.

You can also find your own user id using the above procedure.

I hope, this article has helped you in some way or other, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

How to display recent posts from a specific category in WordPress

How to display recent posts from a specific category in WordPress

Many WordPress themes comes with recent posts feature by default. In that, some themes display only two recent posts while some themes display four recent posts and it all depends on the theme you install in your blog. But most of the WordPress themes which offer recent posts feature, display recent posts randomly or display posts from the same category. What if you want to display recent posts from a specific category in your WordPress blog?

Today, I am going to show you how to display recent posts from a specific category

If your theme has already recent posts feature, then search for the following code in single.php if you’re recent posts are appearing below your posts or search in sidebar.php if your recent posts are appearing in your sidebar.

<h2>Recent Posts</h2>


<?php get_archives(‘postbypost’, 10); ?>


Now, before you edit any of your WordPress files, make sure you backup them first, so that incase if anything goes wrong means, you will always have your original file with you.


Replace the above code with the below code


<?php $recent = new WP_Query(“cat=1&showposts=10″); while($recent->have_posts()) : $recent->the_post();?>

<li><a href=”<?php the_permalink() ?>” rel=”bookmark”>

<?php the_title(); ?>


<?php endwhile; ?>


Now, in the above code, cat=1 means to display posts from category id 1

If you want to know how to see category id of your desired category, see below

Click on Categories in your posts tab in your WordPress admin panel

recent posts

Now choose your desired category and click on Edit

recent posts

In your address bar, you can able to see the category id of your chosen category. In my case, my category id is 28.

See below for screenshot

recent posts

Now, you got your category id. To display recent posts from your desired category, replace cat=1 to cat=your category number.

In my case, I would replace it with cat=28

You can also adjust the number of recent posts which are going to display by editing showposts=10 in the above code. Currently it was set to show 10 recent posts, if you want to increase or decrease the number of recent posts displayed, just change the number to your desired one.

Now, if you already don’t have recent posts feature in your theme, then follow the steps on how to show recent posts from a specific category.

Choose the position where you want to display the recent posts from specific category. For example, if you want to display the recent posts on your single.php (Single Post page) paste the below code on the location where you want to display your recent posts.


<?php $recent = new WP_Query(“cat=1&showposts=10″); while($recent->have_posts()) : $recent->the_post();?>

<li><a href=”<?php the_permalink() ?>” rel=”bookmark”>

<?php the_title(); ?>


<?php endwhile; ?>


You can do the same thing, if you want to display your recent posts in sidebar too.

You can also display recent posts using plugins, see

How to add related posts after blog posts in WordPress

Let me know if you have questions regarding this…

10 Websites to Make Money Online From Home

Websites to Make Money Online From Home

Making Money Online:

Internet is full of information and resources. You can use Internet for many ways, some people use it for educational purposes, some may use it for entertainment purposes and some people like me use it for to make money online. There are many people who make their living by earning money from internet. Many home based moms often search for ways to make money online from home by hearing the sayings that many people are making their living through internet. Yes that is true, a lot of people still make money online and making their living with it. But, at the same time, there are lot of scams present in the internet today many websites claim that they offer home based jobs and no skills required and you can earn $90 per hour, well these type of scam offers are fake and you will end up losing money which they will take from you as an initial deposit.

Make Money Online

There are different ways present in the internet today to make money. Some jobs require specific skills to make money while others require few skills. If you are on this page means, probably you are searching for ways to make money online from home. Well, to help people like you, I have compiled a list of websites where you can make money online from home.

Before you proceed further, you need to know the fact that, nothing comes free. You have to work hard in order to get something and the same thing applies for making money online too. You need to put some efforts in order to earn something from internet. Anyways, moving on, here is the list of free websites where you can make money online from home.

#1 Fiverr


Fiverr is a well-established freelancer website where everything costs only $5. People are earning a lot of money using Fiverr. To make money online using Fiverr website is simple, all you need to do is create a gig and list the services you can offer. For example, some people who are very good at doing voiceover, can list their talent by creating a gig here at Fiverr.

Here is the sample gig created by one of the member who is offering voice over services.

Fiverr Gigs

As you can see in the above, there are two boys and two girls who listed their voice over services for $5. Don’t worry, you can earn more than $5, but $5 is the standard fee, if the customer wants any extras you can charge those people more.

If you open the first gig listed in the above screenshot, here is how the description looks like

Fiverr Voiceover

Here is the description of her gig

Fiverr description

In the above, she says that she can do voiceover up to 75 words for $5. She has also added extras which she will charge separately apart from this $5.

Here is the screenshot of it

Fiverr Extras

Suppose, if the client wants 150 words of voiceover, he or she needs to purchase an extra 75 words from her extras. So the total would be $10. If the client is willing to purchase two gigs for $10, Fiverr will charge $10.50 ($0.50 Fiverr fee) from the client and will be held under escrow, once you submit the work and the client approves the work, the amount will be automatically added to your Fiverr account which you can withdraw to your PayPal or bank account.

If you are skeptical that whether your gig will get orders or not, just check the existing gigs in Fiverr for similar gigs you are going to offer. For example, if you check the above voice over gig, she has currently 26 orders in queue which is equal to 26x$5 = $130, there she already earned $130 and if any client has bought extras from her gig, she will earn even more.


Your payment is protected by Fiverr escrow. You don’t need to do marketing for your business as this all done for you by Fiverr. You can start your own business in few mins.


Your opportunities depends on your reviews, the more good reviews you have, the better your chances for getting more clients. At first, it will be hard to get clients, so try to give more for less price and once you get some good reviews, you can bump up your prices.

#2 Listverse


Listverse website is another great way to earn money online. If you don’t know what listverse is, it is a website famous for offering lists. As you can see in the screenshot, posts like 10 Unbelievable Times Politicians Pretended Science Didn’t Exist are famous in Listverse. They only publish posts which are in the form of lists. Since, amazing content is always in huge demand, they are also always looking for amazing content for their website, for this they are going to pay $100 for each article they like. If you can write a list following their guidelines, you can easily earn $100 for every approved list you create.

For example, see this post

10 Hollywood Films Altered To Appease China

The above post describes the 10 Hollywood films altered to appease china which is a list. So, if you think you can write something like which can grasp reader’s attention, you can easily earn $100 per list.

#3 Cracked

Cracked is another entertainment website which offers the ability to make money online. It is similar to listverse website and also looking for amazing content for their website. If you can write something that can grab user’s attention, then can gladly accept your content and will pay for your work. Apart from writing content, you can also share great pictures, videos which can suit in All they are looking for is funny/creative/smart person. If you are such kind of person and deliver something which their users will like, then you are good to go. will make a deal with you if they like your content. If your content is amazing, they will even publish your content in the front page of their website which receives millions of views.


All you need is creativity to earn money from If you can write an article which suits for audience every day, you can earn a lot of money from it. If your article is pretty good, you will get decent amount of money for your contribution.


In order to get accepted in, your English should of top notch quality, not every article they receive will be published. They are very picky in choosing the articles which they want to publish in their website, so unless you are a great writer, your work will not be credited by them.


If you are expert in something, then you can earn some decent money from Suppose, if you are an expert at parenting, you can writing amazing content about parenting tips for and they will pay you for your work. The only problem is that, unless you are expert, it’s hard to get into for writing guides for them.

Pros: is a huge site with great traffic. So, if you can write amazing content, they are willing to pay you more for your great content. If you are an expert at something, get in touch with them to earn money.


Since is a very popular website, their review policy is so tough. You need to be a pro in the field you are going to write and also, your English needs to be of top quality. If you can satisfy the above conditions, this site can provide you with good income opportunity.

#5 Shutterstock


Shutterstock is a website used for downloading stock photos, Royalty-Free images and Vectors. People buy monthly subscriptions from Shutterstock to download these stock photos and vectors to use them for their commercial and personal purposes. Shutterstock website contains millions of stock photos and vector graphics and still wanted to offer more and more stock photos and vectors for every kind of situation. For this, they have launched their contributor program, in which they will pay people who share awesome pictures with them. If you love photography and can take beautiful pictures, you can sell your pictures to Shutterstock and earn some decent money from them.

Currently, Shutterstock is looking for Footages which are of 4k video and HD quality, they are sayingthat their customers are looking for location based videos and driving shots, green screen High definition videos. They also looking for high quality images which include cityscapes, landmarks and families. Vectors are also in huge demand at Shutterstock, if you have some awesome vectors which are either icons, textured backgrounds or illustrations they would love to pay for these. Get in touch with them today to find a way to make money online from Shutterstock.


If you can offer good work in photography, you can earn a lot from Shutterstock, as there is always a huge demand for stock photos, vectors and High definition videos.


Since, this site maintains high quality, your work needs to pretty good. Unless your photos are awesome, you won’t get paid.

#6 Swagbucks


Using Swagbucks you can earn money online easily, but I don’t say you are going to earn millions of dollars using Swagbucks. If you have some free time to kick in, you can use Swagbucks to make some extra cash. You can make money using Swagbucks by doing variety of things like by taking surverys and also by using their search engine. The amount they pay depends upon the type of work you do. But most of them, don’t require any special skills. So, it is the easiest way to make some money online.

#7 InboxDollars


InboxDollars is another easiest way to make money online. It is similar to Swagbucks and you can earn money by taking surveys and using their search engine. They pay $5 as a sign up bonus, so it is a great way to start your online money making thing. If you want to earn more money, I recommend you to sign up at both Swagbucks and InboxDollars to increase your daily revenue. Apart from the above two sites which pays you for taking surveys, there are few other sites which you can give a shot, here are some… EpollSurveys and SurveyClub.

#8 Project Payday

Project Payday

Project Payday is another great source for making money online. There are many customer testimonials for Project Payday saying that many people have earned thousands of dollars using this website. This website pays the user for signing up for trail programs. For example, if you sign up for a skin trail cream, they will pay you around $40 for trail. At the end, you might like the product and continue using it or cancel the product before the trail ends. Some people will forget to keep track of the trail programs they signed up for, and finally they will end up charged by this trail program for full price. If you can keep track of these trail programs you signed up for, you can earn some decent money using this website.

#9 User Testing

User Testing

User Testing is another great way to make some quick money online. This website pays $10 a pop for testing a website. The website owner wants real opinions from real people about their website’s user experience, by registering an account in this website, you can test different websites and give feedback on the user experience of the websites they show to you. Usually, the test lasts for 15-20 mins, and the website owner will get a ton of feedback from you and you will get $10 for a test.

#10 IZEA


If you have a blog with good number of visitors or if you have a large twitter account with many followers, then you can earn some good amount of money using IZEA. IZEA pays to blog, tweet, take pictures and videos. The more followers you have the better money you can make from twitter and the same thing applies for blog too, the more visitors you have for your blog, the more money you can earn from your blog.


There are countless websites present in the world of internet today where you can earn money online. I will be writing more articles covering more ways to make money online. Share your comments below.

How to exclude Mobile Apps traffic in AdWords

How to exclude Mobile Apps traffic in AdWords

If you are running a Google AdWords display campaign for the first time or if you are running a display campaign without proper settings, then you might see a lot of traffic is coming from Mobile apps to your landing page in your display campaign. Actually, if you don’t filter these mobile apps, you will end up getting too many clicks from mobile apps which are irrelevant to your niche and these clicks will not bring you any ROI instead, your campaign will suffer loss.

Google AdWords Logo

Why Ads in Mobile Apps are Dangerous?

Google display network contains millions of websites, mobile apps and videos serving billions of impressions daily. Advertising in Google display network is very effective when used correctly. But if you don’t optimize your campaign properly, a lot of money will get wasted by serving lot of clicks to mobile apps.

As we all know, mobile is the trending traffic source now a days, but still there are some apps which might not be useful for you to advertise there. For example, imagine a mobile app or mobile game in your mobile phone, while using that app, you might be popped with lots of ads, and the user may do two things, either click on the ad if he is interested or accidentally click on the ad and then move on to his mobile by continue using his app. So, the user is not really interested in your ad because he was engaged in other work. At this point, the advertiser will charged for the clicks the user has generated and no matter what. Since, these clicks from mobile apps are being generated by kids mostly during when they play games in mobile apps, your business won’t get much benefit from it unless you are trying to promote a kids product.

With other ad networks and RTB platforms like SiteScout you will have the ability to filter mobile traffic, tablet traffic or whatever you want. But in AdWords, you can only able to filter mobile traffic and there is no way to block tablet traffic.

So how do you exclude mobile apps traffic from tablets for your display campaign? Well you are not the only one looking for answers for this question. I used to lose a lot of money on kids who click my ads. Here is a sample screenshot of my display campaign.

mobile app traffic

At first, when I ran my display campaign, I thought it was doing really great as my CTR’s were really good and I am getting decent inventory. But after my budget got exhausted very quickly, I came to notice that, I am getting traffic from the above placements where most of my clicks have gotten from toddlers.

Actually I am trying to promote a diet product with my display campaign, and what is there to do for kids with my product.

As you can see below, here are the stats of my campaign,

disable mobile traffic

Here, I have blocked the mobile traffic completely in my display campaign, as I want only desktop users. But since, Google does not offer blocking of tablet traffic, see what happened in the above.

Most of the clicks were came from Tablets which I don’t want them at all. So, finally, I figured how to block the mobile apps traffic in my display campaign.

First check whether your campaign is getting more clicks from Mobile Apps

Here is how to do that,

Step 1: Log in to your Google AdWords account by visiting the following link:

Step 2: Click on your Campaign name, and then click on Display Network and then on Placements tab. See below on how to do that

Google Display network

Now, you can able to see from which sites or mobile apps you are getting traffic from. If you see a lot of mobile apps listed under Placements tabs. Continue to read on how to exclude them from your campaign.

How to Exclude Mobile App traffic in Google AdWords display campaign:

If you find some mobile apps under your placements tabs where you are getting most clicks from and if you want to block those individual mobile apps from your Google AdWords display campaign, you can do so. Here is how to do that.

To block individual mobile apps, check the mobile app placements which you want to block from your campaign and then click on the circle button which is next to the check box. You will be shown with two options: Enabled, Excluded. If you want the placement to be excluded, just check Excluded to exclude that app from your display campaign, from now, you won’t be served with any clicks from that particular app.

You can see below for a screenshot:

Google mobile apps traffic

How to exclude all mobile apps traffic from your display campaign:

If you want to exclude all mobile app traffic from your display campaign, just click on button in your Display Network tab.

Now click on Add campaign exclusions in the below and choose Site Category Options.

You will be shown with the following options as shown below

Google placements

Now click on the following topics,


GMob mobile app non-interstitial

And click on Excluded and save the campaign by clicking Close.

Now, again click on Display Network and click on button, then click on Add Campaign Exclusions

adwords campaign exclusions

Then choose, Placements.

Now, type the following URL in the placements tab

As shown below

Google placements

Now, click on Save to save the campaign.

After you have done with the above changes, you will no longer get any traffic from mobile apps in your Google AdWords display campaign.

Please let me know if you have any queries regarding this article.

How to Make Money Online Using Amazon

How to make money from Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates Overview:

One of the best way to earn passive income online is by promoting Amazon products. Amazon associates is one of the oldest affiliate program available in the internet till today. They pay commissions for the sales you generated through your blog or website.


The percentage of commissions they pay varies from product to product. If you are promoting a Health & Beauty product, you will get around 8.5% commission on each sale you generate from your blog to Amazon and if you are promoting Electronics, you will get only 4% commission for each sale. These commission rates are also varies from country to country. For example, if you are from India, you will get different commission rates, as Amazon recently started its presence in India, so they are offering higher commission rates to drive more sales. Whereas if you are from Canada, the commission rates will vary differently. So, always check for Advertising Fee rates for your Amazon account before you promote them.

In India, here are the commission rates Amazon is offering.

In Canada, they pay different commission rates by basing on the type of promotion the affiliate will do.

If you can send good volume of sales to Amazon, they will give you higher commission rates. Here is the table showing the commission rates in terms of volume.

Few Reasons why People don’t use Amazon Associates Program:

  • Amazon offers lower commission rates from 4% to 8% and also the commission rates depends upon the number of sales your send to them.
  • Usually many people will buy low priced items in Amazon like books and music. With 4 – 8% commission rates, affiliates can’t earn much by promoting these products. For example, if you are promoting a book worth of $10, you will get $0.4 – $0.8 as commission. So, people don’t think that it is worth their time.
  • Most of the Amazon cookies expires in 24 hours, so if your promotion doesn’t produce a sale in 24 hours, all your efforts will be in vain.

But here are the reasons why I like Amazon Associates Programs:

  • Amazon is a popular brand, if anyone wants to buy something online, they would prefer to buy from Amazon.
  • Even though, Amazon offers lower commission rates of around 4% to 8%. You won’t get much benefit if you promote lower payout products. But, if you promote products like cameras and other high priced digital products, you get good commissions even at 4% to 8% commission rates. So, whoever wants to make some decent money using Amazon associates, I recommend promoting high priced products.
  • Amazon offers great integration tools, which helps you in integrating their affiliate links in your website.
  • During holiday seasons, Amazon offers great discount sales, this will help in generating numerous sales during holiday seasons, thereby you can get good amount of commissions from amazon.
  • Amazon has products for every category, so you can choose wide variety of products from Amazon to suit to your blog or website.
  • Amazon spends numerous amounts of money on coding experts for landing page optimization to get better conversion rates. So, whatever offer you try to promote in Amazon will yield better conversion rates.
  • Apart from that, Amazon also runs remarketing campaigns, where users will be shown with ads with the products they previously visited in whatever website they visit. This will help in bringing back the lost customers.

On overall, I don’t say Amazon associates is the best affiliate program for blogs, but it’s worth giving a shot.

  • Niche Selection

Selecting the niche is the first and foremost step in earning money from Amazon associates. It’s better to choose your niche something related to a physical product. Since, making money from Amazon is all about selling their products and getting some commissions for the sales you generated.

You will get more sales, if your blog or website discusses about a physical product by explaining its features or a product review. At the end of the article, you can place a link to the actual product in amazon using your affiliate link. Once, people read your review, if they are impressed with your review, they might wanted to buy the product and so clicks on your link and makes a purchase and then you will earn your commission from it.

And one more thing to keep in mind is that it will be hard to get sales from my blog, as I am not talking about any physical product here in my blog, so the people who come to my blog, their intent is different and might not buy an Ipod from my website. So, it is always important to choose a niche which is relevant to the product you are going to promote.

  • Get more traffic

As we all know, the more traffic comes to a product, the more sales we will get. Of Course I don’t say not every traffic converts well with your offer. Does this mean you should not promote Amazon associates program if you don’t get much traffic to your blog? Obviously not, you should start experimenting with Amazon associates from the starting itself, but you can’t earn much with low traffic. Getting few dollars is always better than getting nothing. In the end, your main focus should be on creating great content, so that it will attract more audience and then more traffic to your blog.

  • Place your Affiliate Links in the Body

You can get lots of sales by placing your affiliate links in the body of your blog post. Suppose if you are reviewing a product, let’s say Electric Scooter Bike, you can promote it like the below.

Example: Check out this cool Electric Scooter, I’ve been writing reviews for electric scooter from very long, and I’ve never seen this one priced for only $899, as it includes a discount of $300.

In the above, I have included my affiliate links as simple links, but are very effective in driving sales. People tend to trust the content on the body rather than any area in the website. So, it is the best position to promote your affiliate links.

  • Place affiliate links for your product images

After placing your Amazon affiliate links in your body, try to hyperlink all your product images with your amazon affiliate links. This is another way to drive potential buyers to your affiliate links. Many of the experienced bloggers have claimed that, hyperlinking product images with affiliate links resulted in increase in sales to their amazon associates account.

  • Link more often to

Like I said in the above, placing your affiliate links in your body will bring more click through rate for your affiliate links. So, linking many times in an article to amazon using your affiliate links is the best way to get more from amazon associates.

If you are doing a product review, I would suggest you to have more hyperlinks in your body to the actual product in amazon using your amazon associates link. This will help in getting more clicks to the product you are promoting it through amazon associates and thereby it will end with a purchase from the user.

  • Write Product Reviews

Product reviews are one of the best way to get sales from Amazon. Writing a quality product review on a product which is related to your niche will helps in getting more engagement like higher landing page CTR and good conversion rate for your affiliate products.

If you own a high authority blog in your niche, you can contact the product owner for a demo product and post a review about that product and by the end of the product review, you should be able to transit the reader’s intent from learning to buying using your product review. Just place a link to amazon product page at the end of your product review.

By placing a link to amazon page at the end of the product review, makes the user to transit from learning stage to investigating its buying options.

For example you can place link like the below

You might heard this many times in many websites. But it is true, building an email list is still an effective strategy for promoting a product. It is pretty easy to build an email list for physical products because, people will be looking to find reviews about that product before they buy and also some people might be skeptical about buying a physical product online. So, if you can offer a buyer’s guide or more information about that product they are researching in exchange of their email. You can easily build up your email list.

Once, people join in your email list, gain their trust by providing some useful information to them, once they start trusting you, you can send them promotional emails with your amazon associates link in it. Since, people trust you already, they will buy from you using your links. Apart from this, you can also send other similar offers to the same email list and double your ROI.

  • Earn more during Holiday Seasons

You can earn a lot during holiday seasons, because Amazon creates special landing pages for popular festivals and holidays. Apart from that, amazon also offers great discounts and amazing deals which increases the conversion rate a lot. So, you can write a blog post containing amazing discounts and great deals and promote this to your readers and also to your email list during holiday seasons.

Don’t forget to link as many times as possible in your post, this will increases the number of visitors visit your affiliate link. Apart from that, link the product images with your affiliate links. You can able to see huge increase in your ROI during holiday seasons for sure by applying all the above methods.

You can also try including the most common searched keywords in your articles and email subjects to grab user’s attention. For example, use the most common keyword “Cyber Monday (Your Niche) Discounts” or “Black Friday (Your Niche) Deals”. These commonly searched keywords are being searched millions of times every year, so use these subject lines to grab your user’s attention.

  • Sell more – Earn More

Like I’ve showed you in the above, amazon offers different commission rates basing on the volume of sales you send to them. They start from offering 4% commission rates to 8.5% commission rates. So, try to link different products together, to increase the number of sales.

For example, if you are trying to promote a mobile phone in Amazon, you can also promote its related products in amazon in the same article. Similar products like cell phone case, cell phone screen guard and other cell phone accessories may come under related products.

People who bought a cell phone, may also buy its related products. So, you get many conversions from a single article. In holiday seasons, you can earn even more, by offering discounted products.

  • Sell low priced items more and earn higher commission rates

This is a great way to get higher commission rates from Amazon. Suppose, if you are in mobile phone niche, try promoting cell phone cases which worth less than $50. These cell phone cases will be bought by many people and you can get numerous sales, but the commissions are very low for these low priced items. Since, there is a chart showing if you can send large volume of sales, your commission rate will be raised to 8.50%.

So, after you get into 8.50% rate for your commissions, you can setup a new blog in the same niche and try promoting high priced items, now, you will earn higher commissions and also for high priced items. Imagine promoting an IPhone for $800, you will get 8.50% commission rate which is $68 in commissions. But normally you would get only 4% commission which is equal to $32.

So, the above method will increase your ROI a lot.

  • Track more effectively

By default, your amazon associates account will create a single tracking link for all of your products which will make it difficult to track different products on different websites. You can create multiple tracking links using this link for better tracking. By using different tracking links for different website, you will be able to tailor clicks to each offer from different websites. In this way, you will be able to concentrate more on what is working for you rather than what is not working for you.

For example, no one will install the same Google analytics code on multiple websites right? It’s the same thing, you shouldn’t use the same tracking link for all of your websites.

  • Get better conversions using WordPress plugins

EasyAzon is an amazing tool for promoting amazon products on WordPress blog. This plugin will helps in adding your affiliate links to your blog much more easily. It automatically converts your US links to other country amazon affiliate links. You can also add image affiliate links with product information blocks and also call to action buttons to your WordPress blog. These features will help in yielding better conversions rates from your blog.

This plugin also helps in cloaking your amazon associates affiliate links.

Apart from the above features, here are some of the additional features this plugin is offering.

  • Product popups
  • Add to cart functionality
  • You can use multiple tracking links using this plugin.
  • Promote by using product comparison charts

Many successful amazon marketers promote amazon products using comparison charts. This is a great way to promote a product. You can simply create a product comparison chart and compare different features for different products. From that chart, the visitor will be able to pick the one which suits for his needs. Using this feature, we will help the user understand the product’s features well and also yield good conversion rates to our offers.

If you want to create the comparison charts manually by yourself, you might need this plugin Pricing Table which will help in creating product comparison tables manually. Also, include a buy now button for each product in the comparison chart, and make it easy for the user if he wants to buy the product right away from amazon.

  • Offer weekly deals

If you want a way to promote products which are on sale frequently, you can promote them by creating a blog post saying weekly deals post which offers exclusive deals every week. You can also send email newsletter to your email list with “weekly deals” as email subject.

In the email or blog post, I will list the products which are on sale more frequently and use the above tactics to promote these products every week like linking the product images with your affiliate links etc.

  • Monthly Best Sellers in your Niche

Amazon offers listing of best sellers in each category. Here is the link to best sellers in amazon.

In the right hand side, you can choose your category for your niche and see the best sellers for your niche. Now, write an article or email listing the 5 best sellers in your niche, the products from best sellers are more likely to be purchase more than normal products.

So, just visit the above URL and pick the first five or ten best sellers in your niche and write an article and list the products.

  • Use Carousel Banners

When promoting your affiliate links through banners, try to use Carousel banners from amazon which will help in increasing your conversion rates more than normal static banners. Many experts say that, using carousel banners from amazon has increased their affiliate earnings a lot.

Here is how the carousel banners look like from amazon

You can simply create this banner from your amazon associates dashboard. You can add products of your choice to this widget or you can simply display the best sellers using this carousal banners widget.

  • Amazon Astore doesn’t work

Amazon also offers aStore feature for amazon associates which they say that it will help the visitors to stay longer in their website. But there are numerous reviews about aStore from many experienced amazon marketers saying that it did not produced expected results. So, unless you have too much spare time to spare, I wouldn’t recommend you to spend time on creating an aStore for your blog.

Many people like to shop a lot, but they would rather shop from website which gives the best deal.

  • Test different landing pages

As a marketer we need to test different landing pages constantly, because different landing pages will generate different conversion rates. Not all landing pages suit well for the products you are going to promote, as some landing pages may generate only 10% conversion rate while other landing page might generate 30% conversion rate.

So, if you are not testing different variations of landing pages, you might be losing a lot of money. Because, for some landing pages, you can get a sale even with few clicks, but for other landing pages, even if you send 100 clicks also, you won’t even get a single sale. We never know how the user’s intent is going to be, so by testing different variations, we can use the one which converts really well for many users.

  • Send users to

If you have read my article completely, you might have understood that I have put some stress on using your affiliate links more often in your blog post or emails and also for product images. The reason is that, if you can able to send visitors to, it will save a cookie on user’s computer. So, even if they don’t buy right away, the cookie will last for 24 hours. So in 24 hours whatever they purchase from Amazon, even if it is not the product from your niche, you will earn commission for the products they bought from amazon.

Apart from that, amazon stores cookies for 30 days, if the user has added some items to his cart. So, for this, whatever the user buys from amazon during this 30 days, you will get commissions for it.

For example, if you are trying to promote a kids product, and the kid actually viewed the product from his computer and didn’t bought that product. Later, if his father used the same computer and bought a $5000 worth watch from amazon, you will get $400 commission for that sale even if you don’t try to promote watches here. This is a great way to double your commissions.

  • Product reviews using YouTube videos

Many smart marketers review a product using video and then upload that video in YouTube and then place their affiliate link in the description of that video. So, people who watch the video review will end up visiting your amazon affiliate link, once they purchase something from amazon, you will get your commission.

For example, you can review a mobile phone or a watch and then place your affiliate link to that product which takes them to amazon website. So, after the user purchases something from amazon, you will get your commission.


Many marketers are making their living by promoting amazon products. So, if you want to earn some money using amazon associates program, try to choose a niche first and then using the above discussed tips start promoting your amazon products and earn commissions.

If you want a detailed guide on how to make money online, download my ebook just for $9.95

Please let me know if you need any help or if you have any comments on this post.

Ahrefs Review: The best backlink explorer tool

Ahrefs Review: The best backlink explorer tool

Ahrefs is one of the best backlink explorer tool available in the internet. It competes really well by having its amazing features with other backlink explorer tools like MOZ’s OpenSiteExplorer and Majestic SEO backlink explorer. They have their own backlink index which is fresh and growing in huge daily.


In this article, I am going to review Ahrefs tool.


This tool is very useful in exploring the backlinks of a particular website. It also helps in giving the social media insights of the sites you want. In SEO, it is the most recommended tool for analyzing your competitor’s backlinks.


With Ahrefs tool, you will get a lot of information about your competitor’s SEO practices, so that you develop better strategies than your competitors.


Though Ahrefs tool is not cheap, it does provides a lot of data for the price you pay. Their initial plan comes for $99 per month. If you buy annual subscription, you will get a discount and the final price would be $82.5 per month. Their initial lite plan is limited to 5 campaigns only and it can track up to 300 keywords. You can only able to export reports up to 5 million rows per month using lite plan. If you want greater limits then, you should get standard or an advanced plan. These prices may change with time, as of now, I have already mentioned the current rates in the above.

Ease of Use:

Ahrefs has a very easy to use user interface. But since it offers many other SEO tools in just one platform, it may take some time to adapt to its user interface.


They are not available 24 hours a day, so unless you are from USA, you have to wait few hours in order to hear from them. But their support is good, if you have any problems, you can always reach to them.


  • Ahrefs has an amazing site explorer where you will get information about the most recent backlinks information of any site you want. If you want to know what backlinks your competitor is building, you can get the most recent data with Ahrefs site explorer.
  • Ahrefs content explorer helps in finding new ideas for your blog. You can simply enter a topic name in the content explorer and search for the posts which are being shared a lot across the internet.
  • It also has Positions explorer where you can check your top keywords which are bringing you good organic traffic and you can do the same for your competitors also.
  • It also offers excellent crawl reports where you can able to see critical data of your site.


  • The keyword tool still needs to be improved as it is limited to basic features only
  • Many bloggers prefer using the Standard plan in Ahrefs. But it is a bit pricier for a newbie blogger who is just starting out.


On overall I must say, it is one of the essential tool every content marketer should possess. If you are serious about improving your search engine visibility of your site, you should always stay one step ahead of your competitors. For researching your competitor’s content marketing strategies, Ahrefs tool will work flawlessly. It gives you up to date link information about where your competitors are building links. So that, you can stay ahead of them by overcoming their content marketing strategy and mixing your own strategy.

To help you understand in a better way, I am going to explain the features that Ahrefs is offering to its customers. If you are serious about your marketing, you will learn a lot from competitor research using Ahrefs tool.

According to Hubspot, the more content you post, the better traffic you will get to your site. If you are already publishing content in your blog from a very long time, you might have understood how it will be like to get traffic from the content we post.

content graph

Image source: Hubspot

As you can see in the above image, blogs with more than 400 posts tend to receive double traffic than blogs with posts less than 300. And you can also see, there is a steady increase in the traffic with the increase of blog posts.

Many popular blogs like SearchEngineLand posts around 5 – 10 posts daily and it’s obvious that it receives more traffic than any other SEO blog. As we all know, creating content does not come in cheap, if you are writing by your own, it takes lot of your time and efforts, if you are hiring someone to write for your blog, it costs money. Everyone will publish content expecting that they will get traffic for the content they post.

But, the truth is, out of 100% of our content, only 20% of your content will bring you good traffic. So how to know which content will bring you good traffic? By having the right insights about your competitors, you will have better idea on how to do a better content marketing to get good traffic. Ahrefs will do a very good job in providing insights about your competitor’s content marketing techniques.


Ahrefs is a comprehensive suite which provides access to SEO and social tools where you can analyze your competitor’s SEO and social marketing techniques and then you can compare your website with them and understand what is working for them and what is not working for you.

In this article, I am going to explain the amazing features of Ahrefs and how you can use them for your content marketing.

Why you need Insights?

What if I ask you to sail the boat in a sea without a compass? It will be hard for anyone to sail without having a compass, because they don’t know where they are going without a compass. Marketing is also same, if you don’t have any insights to follow, it will be hard to see success. Every successful marketer first analyzes their competitor and tries to do better than their competitor which will help them to gain more traffic.

Suppose, after you have analyzed your competitor’s site, you will get some insights like what content is bringing good traffic to them and what are the strongest links for them? If you have these kind of insights, you can try to do better than your competitors and thereby you can get better traffic than them.

Here are the top four reasons why you need some insights in your content marketing strategy:

  1. Spying your competitor

    Know what keywords are bringing them good traffic to their website? And how are those keywords performing in search and social media?

    If you can able to find answers to the above questions, you can create a better content with the same keywords your competitor is getting traffic from, so that you too can get benefit by getting good traffic and also your website will perform better in search and social media networks.

  2. Get new content ideas

    Know what type of content your competitor’s are creating and see which type of content is getting more shares and likes.

    For example if your competitor has created a content on 5 Keyword Rank Tools which has gotten too many likes and shares. Then, you can create similar content to attract those visitors to your blog too.

  3. Get Backlinks data

    From which websites your competitors are getting backlinks from? What type of content is getting more backlinks?

    If you can get answers to these questions, you can easily build links to your website by creating such type of content in your website. For example if your competitor has gotten a link from MOZ’s website for the content on How to get Wikipedia backlinks? Then you can create similar content in your website and try to reach them that you have better content than them.

  4. Finding Like Minded People

    The people who share, like and retweet your website are the most important people for your website. If you can find those people, and engage with them, you can increase your website’s engagement and get more traffic.

Myths you should know first before you buy Ahrefs:

No doubt Ahrefs is an amazing tool. It helps me in finding new backlink opportunities for my blog and also gives me new content ideas. But one thing people need to understand before buying Ahrefs is that it only offers great features but you are the one who is going to use those features. It won’t do the work for you. You have to do the work with those features.

You have to set sometime for it in order to use this tool. Since, it has lot of tools in it, you need to set aside some time to make use of those features. Many people think like, if I buy this service, it will automatically do the job for you. But it won’t. Of course, it has some amazing tools which you need to use in order to find out new link opportunities and new content ideas. Without spending some time on this tool, you won’t get any usefulness from it.

So buy this service only if you think you can dedicate sometime for researching with Ahrefs.

Without spending some time on Ahrefs, you won’t get any benefit buying that. Apart from that you will lose your hard earned money if you don’t spend any time on it. If you still think you can dedicate sometime, continue reading this article.

I will show you

  • How to increase engagement rate for your posts with Ahrefs
  • How to do a better keyword research
  • How to find high quality link opportunities and avoid private blog networks.
  • How your competitor has attained good rankings

Who should not buy Ahrefs

  • Don’t buy this if you are just a casual blogger. As you won’t get any benefit from its deep insights. At the end you won’t make any profits if you don’t know how to make use of these deep insights.
  • Don’t buy this, if you are in a niche which was not known by anyone. You won’t get much data from this tool, if your niche is not so popular.
  • Currently the lite plan for Ahrefs is $99. If you are on a low budget and you can’t afford this much money, don’t go for it.
  • If you are not a regular blogger, you won’t get much value from it.

Finally, let’s dive into Ahrefs review:

The following are the amazing features of Ahrefs

  • Crawl Reports
  • Site Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Positions Explorer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • SEO Toolbar
  • Domain Comparisons
  • Link Intersect Report
  • Batch Analysis

Crawl Reports:

After you have added your website to Ahrefs, you will be able to see the crawl report of your website which will help in finding how your site is performing.

Below is the snapshot of my site added to Ahrefs

Crawl reports

For example in the above, I can able to see the critical and non-critical errors for my site. If I fix those errors, it will help in increase my search engine visibility.

crawl report

If you click on Performance block in the right side of your Ahrefs tool, you can able to see the load time of each page in your website. If you have high load time means, it will affect your performance. Here is an article from MOZ about how site speed impacts search rankings.

So, if you have high load time for your pages, try to improve your site speed to get better performance.

With Ahrefs, you can also view which pages are generating 404 errors. Review the pages which are broken and fix them, because if you have too many broken links means, it will impact your search engine rankings in a negative way.

crawl report

Apart from that, In Crawl Report, you can also analyze your content, Titles, Meta Descriptions, Meta keywords, H1 and H2 tags. This will help in finding any duplicate titles you have in your content.

With all these features, you can do a better on page SEO for your website which will help you for better search engine rankings.

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Site Explorer:

The number one tool in Ahrefs is its site explorer. Actually, the company Ahrefs got popular with its site explorer tool only. Most of the marketers spend tons of time exploring competitor’s backlinks with this tool.

site explorer

Site Explorer offers a lot of features in a single tool. With this tool, you will be able to get your domain rank from Ahrefs for your website, your domain rating, number of backlinks, referring domains etc.

You will be able to compare your website’s referring pages and domains for different months. Slow growth in your referring domains indicate poor promotion of your website. You need to have good number of referring pages in order to get good number of backlinks.

Here is how it looks like

referring pages

Ahrefs has the best index of links and with this you will be able to get information about the most recent backlinks you have acquired for your domain.

You will be able to explore the following features with Site Explorer tool.

  • The number of backlinks your site has
  • Type of backlinks your site has (Nofollow, dofollow, Redirect, SiteWide, Educational, Governmental etc.)
  • Your estimated domain and URL rating
  • CTLD’s distribution of your backlinks which tells where your backlinks are distributed in the world.
  • Anchor text cloud, where you can find out which anchor text was used most and how much percentage each anchor was used.
  • With Top referring TLD’s, you will be able to find from which TLD you have got backlinks from.
  • You can find the number of social shares your website has. For example, you will be able to see the number of Facebook shares, Google plus, LinkedIn shares and Pinterest pins.
  • Apart from all these, you will be able to export all these features to CSV or PDF file.

Usually, you can’t do anything with this much amount of data, but you will be able to get a quick glance on your website’s link profile. If you are doing a SEO consulting, you will be able to give a lot information to your clients using this tool.

  • Top Pages

Site Explorer offers Top Pages option where you can able to view the top pages of any website. These top pages are the pages which performs really well in the search engines for that particular website.

top pages

With this feature, you can able to view your competitor’s top performing pages in the web and try to replicate their content, so that there will be more chances to get more traffic by attracting new visitors.

For example, in the above, you can see my top posts and the number of backlinks they have. You can also see the number of social shares each post has. You can get the same data for your competitor URL’s also. Using these details, you can apply the same marketing techniques which your competitors are using for ranking their pages.

  • Grossing Pages

With Grossing Pages feature in Site Explorer, you will be able to explore the top grossing pages for your website, which will help in finding which pages are earning more links are.

Grossing pages

With this cool feature, you can explore the top grossing pages in your competitor’s website and create a better content than them and reach out to the blog owners who has already linked to your competitor’s website and suggest them your link saying you have better content than them.

It is a great way to attract new backlinks to your website.

  • Links

With this Links feature only Ahrefs got famous for. Existing tools like Open Site Explorer from MOZ, their link indexing is very slow, and you won’t able to get backlink data quickly. But with Ahrefs Site Explorer, you will get the most recent data of your backlinks.


This tool also offers a Disavow tool where you can disavow bad links in your website’s link profile.

  • Disavow Tool

Some spammers may try to bring down your website’s rankings by building too many spam links to your website. For this, Google has officially recommended to disavow bad links using Google Webmasters Central.

It is an advanced feature in SEO, use it carefully if you really needed it for your website. Even Google issued a warning before you use this tool. Here is the warning

Disavow links

Ahrefs offers a tool where you can create a file which contains links to disavow and upload them in your Google webmasters central.


It is very simple to disavow links in Ahrefs. Just check the links you want disavow and click on Disavow URL’s.

If the number of URL’s you want to disavow are more, you can save all those URLS in a file and upload it to Ahrefs.

Upload Disavow

  • Sorting of Links

You can sort your links basing on your requirements using Ahrefs filter option. Site Explorer has inbuilt filter option to filter the backlinks. If you want only nofollow links data, you can get that using its filter option.

  • Nofollow Links
  • Redirects
  • Sitewide links
  • Educational and Governmental links
  • Sort Links by platform (WordPress, Ecommerce, Message Boards etc.)
  • Sort links by language also.

Sort links

This feature is useful when finding which links are brining good value to your website.

  • New / Lost Links

With New / Lost links feature in Ahrefs, it is easy to keep track of your newly acquired links as well as the links that got dropped recently. In Site Explorer, you will be able to find the new and lost links between specified time periods. If you want to know what are the links you have acquired between the month of January and February, You can do that in Site Explorer and the same thing applies for lost links too. Here is how you can find that.

new lost links

In the above screenshot, choose the time period you want see the backlinks acquired or lost. And then, you will be able to find the link data below.

recent links

There are very good benefits with this feature, with new links data, you can reach out to the website owners who linked your website recently and get engage with them, so that you can increase the chances of repeated links from them.

And it is a good way to connect to the blog owners from where you lost links recently and notify them about the link down. So, that you can always maintain your link profiles.

Here is the email template if you would like to connect with the blog owners.

For New Links

Hi (Blog Owner Name),

My name is (Insert Your Name Here) and I am the owner or editor of the blog (your blog address).

Today, while I was browsing my website analytics, I saw you linked to one of my content (insert link here) from your site.

I just wanted to say Thanks for linking my website in your content. One day, if I find anything relevant to my content in your site, I will be glad to link back to your site.

Just let me know if you need any help J


(You’re Name)

The goal of the above email is to just get in touch with the blog owner, next time if your content is in good place to get a link from them, you can gladly ask them for a link back.

For Broken Links

Hey (Blog Owner Name),

My name is (Insert Your Name Here) and I am the owner of the blog (Insert Your Blog Name Here).

I just wanted to let you know that, one of your page recently went down and it is returning a 404 error. In case if you would like to fix it, here is the link (Please insert the URL for the page which was broken).


(Insert Your Name here)

Here also, the purpose of this email is to get in touch with the blog owner. Once you establish a good communication with him, you can pitch him for more links.

  • Broken Links Backlinks

Site Explorer will also help in finding the broken links in a particular site. It can help in finding broken links in your site, so that you can fix those broken URL’s for better performance. It is also helpful in finding new backlink opportunities.

broken links

You can reach to the blog owners who has some broken links and let them know about their broken links and also pitch them with your content recommendation to link in their content.

  • Content Explorer

Content Explorer helps in finding top shared content across the web. This is a great way to get new traffic by building new content. Just enter the topic related to your niche and check the results. You will be shown with top shared content across the web in your niche. Once you get the results, you can replicate the same content and publish the article in your website which can attract new audience to your blog.

content explorer

In the above example, I have searched for “Content Marketing” keyword in content explorer. Now, I am presented with top shared content on “Content Marketing”. If you write a new article on the above suggested topic and publish my article in my blog, I may have the chances in attracting new audience to my blog.

Filter Options:

filter options

You can also filter the results which you got in content explorer. You can filter them based on time, like if you wanted to get top shared content in past 24 hours, you can do so by using the filter option.

Social Shares:

social shares

You can also find the number of social shares acquired by these top posts. With this, you will be able to find how much popular this content is and decide whether to replicate or not.

Content Analysis Breakdown

This is another good feature in Ahrefs. You can actually see the content’s performance before you even decide to recreate in your blog. Once you think that this type of content can bring good performance in your blog. You can create similar content on your blog to attract more audience.

Content Analysis breakdown

As you can see in the above picture, you can see different graphs shows the distribution of organic keywords, traffic, backlinks, referring domains of that content. Once you find all these details, you will know whether creating this type of content in your blog will get your more visitors or not.

More number of shares, backlinks and good traffic means, you should definitely recreate the content in your blog.

  • Positions Explorer

This is another cool feature of Ahrefs. Just enter the domain name in the positions explorer to get more details about that domain. You will get details like who are the top 10 competitors for that entered domain. What is the estimated organic traffic coming to that site? What are the organic keywords which are brining good traffic to that domain? What are the top pages for that domain? And many more features.

positions explorer

If you click on the Top Pages option in the right hand side of the dashboard, you can get the top pages for that domain. It’s important to have this data about your competitors because many sites will get most of the traffic from long tail keywords. If you can able to find what those pages are, you can create similar content in your blog to get more traffic.

With positions explorer, you can also get information about the PPC keywords a domain is using. If your competitor is using PPC also for promoting their website, then you can easily know from what keywords he is attracting new traffic to his site.

  • Keyword Explorer

Keyword explorer is another great tool in Ahrefs. With keyword explorer you can get relevant keyword suggestions. Just enter the keyword you want to get long tail keyword ideas in the search bar. After hitting enter, you will be shown with relevant keyword suggestions under the results.

keyword explorer

In the above, I have entered “seo tools” as a search term and after hitting enter, I got the above keyword suggestions. This is very useful when you are lost and have no ideas on which topic you should create content. This tool will help you in giving new content ideas.

  • Domain Comparison

With domain comparison, you can compare up to 5 domains against each other. See below for example.

domain comparision

In the above, I have compared three domains, and you can compare a lot of metrics against each website. This will gives an overview on each site.

  • SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs has its own toolbar for both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It gives quick details of each site while you browse or search in the Google search.

seo toolbar

As you can see in the above, it gives details like

  • URL Ranking
  • Backlinks
  • Domain Ranking
  • And Social Shares

If you browse a website, Ahrefs toolbar will display information about that site in the top of the page. See below for screenshot.

ahrefs toolbar


Finally, with lot of features for $99, it’s worth to have this tool for your marketing purposes. If you are serious about your website and wanted to improve its rankings and wanted stay ahead of your competitors all the time, then you must possess this tool.

Share your comments below if you have any.