List of Free Online Video Editors No Download Required

Now a days most people are turning towards free online video editors as they don’t require you to download the software and install it in your computer. If you are looking to convert your video or edit your video file quickly, then, online video editor might fit your needs. There will be no installation required, just upload your video and edit your video, convert it and download it.

Online video editor

Even though it doesn’t require any installation, online video editors comes with little features, if you are looking to add complex video effects to your videos, then online video editors doesn’t fit your needs. Only these online video editors fit for small purposes like video cutting, adding small texts etc. Anyways,

Here are the list of best online video editors available for free.

#1 YouTube Video Editor

YouTube video editor is one of the best online video editor available in the internet today. Even though YouTube is famous, most people do not use it for video editing purposes, because they don’t want to upload their video to YouTube. Its not an obligation to upload your videos to YouTube, you can just simply edit your videos and delete the video in YouTube or if you want, you can share it to your friends by uploading it in YouTube.

It comes with a lot of features like, trimming your videos, joining multiple videos to one video file, adding texts, adding audio etc. You can also zoom in and zoom out your videos.

Most of the offline video editors provide same features but they come with a price, but YouTube video editor is completely free to use.

#2 We Video


We Video is another great online video editor which comes with great features. It offers cloud storage of your videos and also allows multiple people to work on a single video project. Its mobile app allows you to record a raw video and directly uploads into Google drive for video editing. But this online video editor has its limitations like, you can only edit videos upto 5 minutes length. If your video is longer than 5 minutes, then you have to purchase their premium plan to get more limit. But over this is a great online video editor with lot of video editing features.

#3 PowToon


PowTool is not just an ordinary online video editor. This is used to create white board animated videos, explainer videos etc. With ordinary online video editors, you will get basic features like trimming your videos, adding new audio to your video, rotating, zooming etc, but with PowTool video editor, you will get access to lot of pre animated characters which can be used to make an animated video. You can use all these animations with drag and drop feature, so you no need to struggle yourself to create an amazing animated video. But the free versions comes with a limitation of 45 seconds. So, you cannot create a video longer than 45 seconds. However its a good start, if you like it, you can purchase the full version to fit your needs.

#4 Clipchamp 

Clipchamp is another cool online video editor which offers basic video editing features like cutting the video, adjusting the brightness, contrast, rotating the video etc. This video editor tool offers drag and drop functionality so that you can easily edit your videos, it also offers uploading of your finalized video to major social media platforms automatically, so you don’t need to do double work with your videos.

#5 Online Video Cutter

This is a simple and straight forward online video editor which offers very basic functionalities of a video editor. It offers the following features, trimming your video, cropping your video, convert from one format to another, rotate your video etc.

For to run this video editor, you need to have adobe flash player installed in your computer.

#6 Kizoa

Kizoa online movie maker is one of the coolest online video editor. It is different from other video editing softwares, because it comes with lot of transition effects for your videos. With numerous transition effects, you can make your video fit for all occasions like wedding, birthday etc. Certain features are limited for free version of it, however if you like their transition effects and want to experience its full features, then you can upgrade your account to premium to access all of its features.

#7 Creaza

Creaza is an educational online video editor. It is useful for mostly students, as they can create excellent school projects using this video editing software. Not only Creaza offers video editing, but you can also get audio editor, cartoonist software and Mindomo. All these tools are easy to use and supports all age groups. Unlike other complex video softwares, Creaza offers easy to access video editing tools.

#8 Video ToolBox

Video Toolbox is another online video editing software with limited features. It offers the basic video editing stuff like cropping a video, trimming a video, extracting an audio from a video file, downloading videos from online video sites, records video by using webcam.

You can also add texts and watermark to the video. If you are looking for a quick online video editing tool, then this one might help you with your needs.

#9 Magisto

Magisto is another online video editing software which automatically creates a story with your videos. Its features are very easy to access and does not require much knowledge about video editing. Magisto is famous for creating awesome video stories.

Affiliate Marketing Scams

If you are searching for Affiliate Marketing Scams means, probably you are about to start Affiliate marketing to make some money online. But before becoming a prey to some scam companies, it is very wise of you to come here for to know more about Affiliate Marketing Scams. Everywhere in this world, there is both good and bad. But doesn’t mean that, there are scams everywhere. There is also some good reputed companies doing decent business.

The common mistake most newbies do is becoming a prey to scam companies and then end up here searching for affiliate marketing scams. Affiliate marketing is not at all scam, but some scammers use this name and attract new people and steal their money in the name of affiliate marketing. Usually, people will hear a lot of sayings that many people are making good amount of money through Affiliate marketing. Yes that is true, but you need to put some work in there in order to make some decent money.

Affiliate Marketing

People are making $$$$ every day with affiliate marketing. By hearing these words, beginners wanted to learn how others are making that much amount of money and are willing to pay for the training. But here is what happens.

List of Affiliate marketing scams

  • Fake Affiliate Marketing Training

Many starters wanted to start affiliate marketing and make some decent amount of money, for this they will fall prey to numerous online courses which claim that they will teach A-Z about affiliate marketing and finally end up in buying the course, which is nothing but bullshit. For me, i haven’t bought any course at all before starting my affiliate marketing career. There will be online forums, blogs where you can find plenty of free information. First learn the basics which you can acquire anywhere in the internet by searching in the Google.

For real beginners, i would recommend you to create forum account at and ask for tips and suggestions on how to start your affiliate marketing journey.

If you think, you really found a great course on Affiliate marketing, try to find some reviews on that training before buying anything from them. Its always good to search for the reviews before buying anything. That will make your life easier by not making you lose any money.

  • Fake Affiliate Networks

Even, if you have managed to learn everything about affiliate marketing and started your journey with affiliate marketing, and making some money already. You have to be very cautious about your traffic you send in and the affiliate network you have joined in. If you have joined in a new affiliate network, make sure that they will pay you on time. Try searching for reviews and ratings of that affiliate networks. Because some affiliate networks keep your money for long time and will end not paying you by giving a fake reason saying that your traffic is not backing out for them. Even though, if you have sent good quality traffic, you might end up not being paid because of that fake affiliate network.

Here are some reputed affiliate networks





  • Get Rich Quick Offers

90% of the people fall for this get rich quick offers. Scam marketers advertise that there is a secret system with which you can make thousands of dollars every day. They also promise you like that all you need to work is 2 hours a day and make around $500 per day. People think that they really can make this much amount of money every day. But the scammer don’t give out this secret system for free, the user needs to pay some amount of money in order to get that secret system. So, newbies will fall for it and pay the scammer, and finally end up getting some bullshit ebook and other materials with which you can’t do anything.

Here you will get scammed, so, never pay a dime for this kind of get rich quick offers. If someone is promising you that you can make thousands of dollars every day, why can’t they just use the same method to make money? Instead why they are offering you? So, do your research before paying for anything.

Apart from that, making that much amount of money in affiliate marketing requires lot of hard work and yes you can definitely make such huge amount of money with affiliate marketing, but you need to do hard work and lot of testing different campaigns.

  • Pyramid Schemes

There will be some pyramid schemes, where they will promise you that you can make good amount of commissions for life long. But in order to get these kind of commissions, you need to first join in their program by depositing some money. Don’t ever fall for these kind of pyramid schemes. All they will say is, that you can make money by browsing ads which is real bullshit. Because, all they will do is, when you make a deposit with their company, your deposit will paid to other people’s in your tier as commission. And when you bring a new person, then the new person’s deposit will be paid to you as commission and so on.

These pyramid schemes are not legal and if the police finds out about this pyramid scheme, they will immediately shut down that company and you will lose your money and others which you might join under your tier.

So, don’t fall prey for it. They are not real and not reliable. 100% scam even if they look promising never pay a dime.

  • Never pay to join in any affiliate network

If an affiliate network asks you to pay some money to join in their network, i wouldn’t trust this company at all. Because, a real and trusted affiliate network will never ever ask their affiliates to pay money to join in their network. Even the most popular affiliate network, clickbank also offers free sign up.

However, some CPA companies will ask recommendations from other affiliate network managers and revenue proofs, then only they will activate your affiliate account. These kind of affiliate networks are trust worthy.

And make sure, when promoting an affiliate offer, follow their restrictions, some offers only certain kind of promotions. So check the restrictions and promote the offer, otherwise, even though if you generate good amount leads, they won’t pay you.

  • Domain Name Scams

This is one of the popular scam which is being practiced by many scammers and yet many people are falling prey for this scam still. Suppose if you own a domain name, these scammers get your WHOIS information and email you pretending as the domain registrar for your domain. They will send you an email saying that someone is trying to register your domain name on other company’s name, and if you want to stop the domain transfer they will ask for some amount of money.

If believe that it is true, then you will pay for them and you get nothing, because, they don’t own your domain name, but they will make you panic and steal money from you. Never ever open your emails in spam folder. Most of these scam emails goes to spam folder.

Just don’t respond to their emails, instead raise a support ticket with your domain registrar.

Finally, wherever you go, scammers exist, but you need to be careful with what you do. Keep in mind that, Google is your friend, if you ever suspect anything, find their reviews and if you couldn’t find any reviews of that company, then approach to online forums and open a thread in there with the situation you have encountered with.

Nothing comes free, even your money which you are about spend on them is your hard earned money, so do you are research and invest wisely.

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How to Restrict Page Access to Certain Users in WordPress

There are many reasons why some want to restrict page access to certain users. If you are looking on How to restrict page access to certain users in WordPress, then continue reading this post to know how to do this. Different people will have different reasons, but mostly, people create premium content and don’t want to give that content for free and wanted to sell them online using their website. This premium content can only be accessed by people who paid for their premium subscription. If you are looking to offer that kind of feature in your website, then this is the right place to see on how to do it.

For example, if you happen to see the website, it offers video tutorials on various topics like PHP, MySql etc. Since, they are putting so much work in producing those videos, they don’t want to give those videos for free instead they created a subscription service and people who have subscribed to that service can only access their video tutorials. Even if you try to access their videos, then you will get a subscription message on the screen like the below.


You can create the same kind of functionality in your website with the help of some amazing WordPress plugins. You can customize your website to whatever you’ve needed with WordPress plugins now a days.

Here is How to Restrict Page Access to Certain Users in WordPress:

To restrict page access to certain users in WordPress, you need to use the plugin called Restrict Content

Restrict Content Plugin

==> How to Install a WordPress plugin

Now, open your WordPress admin panel, and go to Plugins and search for Restrict Content 

Restrict Content Plugin

Now, click on Install Plugin and then Activate the plugin.

Activate Plugin

Once the plugin is activated, you can see its options in Settings > Restrict Content 

Restrict Content Settings

Now, if you click on Restrict Content Settings, here is how it appears in your admin panel.

Restrict Content Settings

Now, enter the restricted message to be shown to users who are restricted from accessing your premium content. You can also display messages to all group of users. If you want to restrict only certain group users, then enter the message to them.

Creating Restricted Content:

After you have installed the restrict content plugin and configured its settings. Now, create a new page or edit the already existing page which you want to restrict.

In the bottom of the page editor, you can find the Restrict Content Settings as shown below.

Restrict Content Settings

You can now set the restrictions to the user groups you want to restrict. In my case, i am selecting Contributor group who can access the content. Once you have published your page with restrictions.

Testing the restriction:

Once you have successfully published your content with restrictions, its time to check whether the restriction really applies or not. For this, try to create a test user account in your admin panel by navigating to Wp-Admin panel > Users > Add new 

Before creating the user group, make sure, the user group is selected in the restricted group by default. In my case, i have choose to allow Contributor group and the default user group will be subscriber who has no access to my premium content.

Once, the user is created, now try to login with that new user account and try to access the restricted page you have just created. You should get the restricted message.

In my case this is what i’ve got.

Restricted Content

You can also restrict a piece of content in your page by using a shortcode.

Use the following short code to restrict a piece of content

You need premium subscription to access this content

Allow Registrations in Your Website:

By default, WordPress restricts registering of new user accounts within your website. If this is the case, please continue reading on how to allow new registrations in your website.

To allow registrations, go to your WordPress admin panel > Settings > Check Anyone can Register

Anyone Can Register

Choose the default user’s role for the registered people, and select the appropriate restrictions when creating your restricted content pages. Before going live, please double check all your settings and test your settings with a test user.

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Link spam – Destroying the Ranking of your Website

Google hates Link Spam. Many People will try this on your website for destroying the Ranking of your Website

Link Spam

Initially, when the fake process of spamdexing or link spamming started, the spammers used to enrich the content of the targeted website with such words that matched the keywords. This eventually increased the ranking of the pages and was called content spam or term spam. This was one classification of spamdexing or Black-Hat SEO.

Now, let’s talk about its other classification that is called link spamming. Enlighten yourself about what is a Link spam? Misleading the search engines to rank a not-so-good website with the top slot during searching is called link spamming. In this mischievous technique, the ranking of the link-based website is increased artificially. This is actually a major problem faced by the search engines and has economic implications over the internet community.

An insider view of Black-Hat SEO

Black Hat Seo

When you are making a website you need to stick to the fair rules of the game in order to succeed in your business. But, having an insight in to the crooked minds of your competitors becomes essential to develop your defense-mechanism.

You generally create hyperlinks to connect your pages to different links. Ranking of link-based pages is done by the link-based ranking techniques like Page Rank. When these techniques evolved, the spammers started to construct spam farms. That was basically the collection of interlinked spam pages.

The modus operandi of the link spammers is really a smart one. They don’t believe in value-based SEO but aim at increasing the traffic to their site. They may link your website to the spam sites or porn sites which will obviously reduce the traffic to your site and defame your business. Spammers buy these spam links and use deceptive techniques to fool the Page Rank Algorithm. For this reason, web community often calls link spamming as Negative SEO.

Types of link spamming

There are various methods for link spamming that can be used by the skilled spammers:

  • Link building software: These software automate the SEO process
  • Link farms: Coupled links of web pages that are mostly spam.
  • Hidden links
  • Sybil attack: Mainly used for affecting blogs ranking. The spammers generate different websites that point to each other. These websites are mostly the fake ones but result in increasing the data traffic towards a link.
  • Guest Blog Spam: In this method, guest blogs may be placed at your website that will in turn point to some other link.
  • Page hijacking: In this procedure, the snapshots of main website are linked to spam pages.
  • Through cookies stuffing, the records of the net behavior activities of the visitors can be kept.


Solution for LinkSpam

Being the owner of the site, you need to be really watchful about the tools of the search engines that can tell you the exact statistics about the links associated with your website. Such tools also help in blocking the suspicious links that may possibly be the spam.

And last but not the least, what is a link spam? , is known to you so, build a website that is credible and a rich in content.