How to Make Money Using Shopify and DropShipping


You might have heard of people quitting their 9-5 jobs and making millions of dollars using Shopify with drop shipping. And if you are here means, you probably heard of those stories and wanted to make money using Shopify with Dropshipping.


So, for people who want to start their online store and sell stuff. Here is how you can do that.

What is Shopify?

I know, since you already here, that means you know what a shopify is. But for people who don’t know what a shopify is, A shopify is a webservice which enables users to create their own online store very easily. If you wanted to sell something, it takes a lot of time to create a website, hosting etc. But with shopify, everything can be done so easily. You can start your online store in few minutes.

Now a days many people are quitting their jobs and chasing their dreams with Shopify by starting their online store. There are a lot of people who had earned millions through shopify sales. Want to start your online business too? Here is how to do it.

Choosing a Niche: 

First and foremost thing you need is, what products do you want to sell? What are you passionate about? Something you are expert at it. Or if you just want to earn money no matter what the cause is, then find a problem and sell a solution them.

For example, iPhone cases, no matter how many iPhone cases you have, still when a new iPhone cases comes out, many people want to buy it. If you can get unique iPhone cases for better price than others, you can sell them and make some profit.

But, where do i get iPhone cases for cheap?

Chinese are known for making things at cheaper price. No matter what product you want, they can make it at cheaper price. So, if you are looking for iPhone cases, try to find them in Chinese websites.

Here are the top Chinese E-commerce websites



So, go ahead and search for iPhone cases in those websites and you will be amazed to see the price difference. You can buy from them and sell it here in America. You might be thinking who will handle buying from China and here clearing the customs and then packing the things and mailing it to customers? Don’t get panic, everything can be done it two ways, one is the hardest way and the other one is the smartest way.

So, once you decided to sell iPhone cases, all you can do is apply the drop shipping concept here. You don’t need to ship it your home country, when someone places an order in your website, you can simply order that product for cheaper price in Chinese websites and you keep the profits. Sounds good right?

All you need to do is, find the product which sells good and try to find that product for cheaper price in Chinese websites. Once you decided to sell the product, now time to generate more and more sales and make money from it.

If you have no clue of what products will sell well, then try the following methods.

Try to find amazon’s best selling products in different categories.

  • Best selling amazon’s kitchen products
  • Best selling amazon’s electronics


Now you will get an idea of what kind of products are selling really well in the internet right now. So by now, you will have an idea of what kind of product you want to sell.

Setting up your Shopify Website:

Setting your shopify website is really simple. All you need to do is, sign up at and setup your online store. Here is how to do that.

Open and then enter your email address to get started.

It will ask for few details like your unique store name, email and password. Once you are through that, you will be asked to verify your email address.

During registration, you have given your unique store name, that will be your store’s website address.

For example if you have given your store name as “xzystore”, then your store address will be

You can also buy a custom domain from Godaddy and redirect to shopify. Here is how to do that.

Once you have logged into your Shopify dashboard, click on Online Store on your left hand side.

and now you can see the options Domains

Shopify Custom domain

Now, you will see two options

one is to Buy a New Domain 

or you can Change your primary domain 

If you don’t want any hassle just go with buying a new domain, it will be easy for you.

Now that you have your store setup with a brand new domain. You are almost ready to sell using your online store.

How to add products to Shopify?

Once you have logged into your shopify store, on the left hand side, you can see the option Products

Add product shopify

Now, click on Add New Product which you can see in  your right hand side of your screen. Use different options provided by shopify and design your store as you like it. You can also change the way your online store looks by changing the themes.

To change your shopify theme, Go to your Dashboard > Online Store > Themes

Shopify is bit expensive for everything, they don’t offer much for free, so in order to have a good theme, you have to buy their premium themes or you can buy one from as they offer different varieties of premium shopify themes.

So, finally you got your store setup with good looking theme.

How to pick a product to sell?

If you already have a product in mind, then you are good to go and add that product and start selling. Or if you don’t have any clue of what to do, then here is how to pick a product to sell in Shopify.

There are few websites which offers you amazon product research tools , here are some

Now, using the above amazon product research tools, you can find out which product is selling well right now in Amazon website. Then you can choose the same product and try to get it for cheaper price from Chinese websites and sell it through your shopify website.

So, now you have your store ready and you also have a product to sell.

How to get sales to your Shopify store?

Many people struggle at this part. Many people setup their shopify store easily, but when it comes to getting sales to your product, you need to work hard a bit. There are some free ways to get sales to your shopify store, but that doesn’t get you much sales. So, in order to get good sales, you need to set aside some marketing budget for advertising your store online through online media.

Many successful people have used the following platforms for promoting their shopify websites.

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Bing Ads

Now that you might start wondering on how to get your money into your bank account. If you are located in America, then you can easily sign up for stripe for processing your customer payments. If you are not that technical, you can simply sign up for Paypal account and link those in your shopify account, so that whenever someone purchases in your store, you will receive the funds in your bank account.

Here is how to setup your payment information in your shopify store :

Go to Settings in your dashboard which is located at the bottom of the page in left hand side. Click on it, then you will be able to see the following options.

Shopify settings

Now click on Payment Providers, you will be able to see different payment providers. If you are familiar with Paypal or Stripe, then choose that option and update your payment settings.


If you wanted to charge extra for shipping, then you can setup your shipping prices under Settings > Shipping

Shopify comes with wide variety of options, so that you can configure your store in the way you wanted.

I will write a separate blog posts on each platform on how to promote your shopify store. Until then, please go through my other blog posts and leave comments below if you need any help.


Wrote already a blog post on

Promoting your Shopify using Facebook Ads

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Free PSN Codes & Generator

If you are searching for Free PSN Codes or Free PSN Code generator, then you have came to the right people. This website will help you find Free PSN codes which you can generate online. Many websites claim that they can provide you with free psn codes, but in the end they will ask for human verification or a captcha verification or even a survey to complete, without those, you will never get a psn code.

free psn codes

But, are those websites really provide you with free psn codes? Lets find out .

About PSN (Play station Network) :

PSN is also called as Play Station Network which is owned by Sony Corporation. This PSN is created exclusively for gamers. It was launched in 2006 and is first meant for only play station consoles, later it is introduced to other devices like smartphones, Blu ray devices, and HD televisions. After the introduction of play station network, it has gained enormous popularity and now there are around 110 Million users in the play station network (PSN).

PSN (Play station network) is a subscription based services, and every month the user has to pay to keep their membership alive. The benefits you will get with PSN subscription are movie streaming, movie rentals, Huge discounts, play multiplayer online, online game saves and many more.

PSN network offers play station vue which offers live television with this service. With play station now you can access over 500 games from PS 3 and PS4. To get access to both Play Station Vue and Play Station Now, it can be possible with the subscription of PSN.

psn code

Play Station vue offers three type of packages as you can see in the above with psn. They are

Ultra – which is $74.99/month which offers Movie channels + Sports channels and other Premium channels.

Elite – which is $54.99/month offers Movie channels + Sports channels + Popular Live TV

Core Package – which is $44.99/month and offers Sports channels + Popular Live TV

Access Package – which is $39.99/month and offers only popular Live TV.

Is there really a way to generate PSN codes?

In the world of web, you can find anything you want. But many people are still skeptical about getting PSN codes using psn code generator. Do you think they really work and generate psn codes online. Let me clear that up for you people. Ofcourse there are a lot of psn code generator websites present. All these websites claim that users can easily generate psn codes in just a few clicks.

They also claim that, you don’t need to solve the captcha or complete a survey or even a prove that you are human to get psn code. They also claim that you don’t need to download and install any software in your computer or smart phones. All you have to do is, access their online tool and enter the amount you need to get as a psn code and generate one for you and use it to buy your favorite game.

Is it really that simple? If so everyone will use this method and won’t buy anything from PSN.

Does this free psn codes thing work?

The websites claiming that it can generate free psn codes online, offers the following packages.

psn cards

They offer psn codes in the following denominations

  • $10 code
  • $20 code
  • $50 code
  • and $100 code which is the maximum amount you can get.

They also claim that, you can only use these codes for the account you have generated for and these cannot be used on any other accounts at all.

How to get free psn codes?

These websites claim that all you have to do is, use their online generator and enter the details and generate your psn code online.

Here are the steps involved in it.

  • Enter your email address with the play station network
  • enter the amount you need to generate
  • After filling those above details, click next to continue, and it will generate a code for you
  • But in order to associate that code to your account, you need to activate that code
  • In order to activate the code, you need to solve the captcha, this is where the real deal begins.

This is how their online psn code generator looks like

psn code generator

It will ask for your email id and the type of device, when you enter those details and click next, here is what appears

free psn codes

Now, choose the options which you will be shown on the next screen

Enter the amount and click on Generate code

Now, the next screen may seem like it is actually connecting to the Play Station servers and hacking into it. This is how it looks like

psn codes

But it is not. Its not really hacking anything, this is just a pre made code which will be shown to every user no matter what input you give in their website.

captcha verification

This is not actually a captcha verification, but a way to earn money by the owner of that website. This captcha verification is called a CPA (Affiliate offer) when someone like you completes the verification which will lead you to complete an offer. See below.

complete survey

If someone like you completes the above offers, the owner of the website will make money. But its okay, nothing is free in this world

But, will you get the code after you complete it? Not in this world for sure.

Once, you complete these steps and complete the survey by giving your email address, your email address will spammed with lot of emails every day and you will never get a free psn code.

These website doesn’t do anything other than making you sign up for their offers. So don’t fall victims for these websites.

No website will give you free psn codes for free. You can get discount offers, but not this much for sure.

Here are similar methods to lure people

How to hack 8 ball pool 

how to clash of clans game

Guide To Shipping Via The United States Postal Service USPS

If you are about to start your online store, your first investment would be Shipping. Everyone wants to reduce their shipping costs and USPS comes first in place for reliable shipping partner at cheaper price. Here is the Guide To Shipping Via The United States Postal Service USPS. In this article, i am going to show you the complete details about usps delivery times , types of usps mails, usps tracking service details and many more.

Mostly new business owners wanted to to ship their products through USPS, because FedEx and DHL will seem expensive. Since, their business is just starting, no one wants to spend much money on shipping, instead they would choose something economy. At this point, USPS plays a key role because, it offers low rates and speed delivery but not so reliable shipping partner when considered with private shipping companies.


Do you know?

Do you know how many types of USPS mails available for your use? what kind of packaging you need to use for your products in order to ship through USPS? what tag you should affix for your parcel? The difference between express mail, priority mail or first class or parcel post? can you insure your package?

I am going to explain all these details in this blog post, continue reading further.

Types of USPS mails:

  • First Class Mail

First Class Mail

For lower weight packages, there is no shipping service that can beat USPS First Class Mail service. Their rate is very cheap when compared with other shipping providers. USPS First class mail is the cheapest and fastest way to deliver your parcels.

USPS website claims that their delivery time is between 1 to 3 days of time. But i have some cases where the package is delivered after 3 days of time. But ofcourse, there are some packages which were delivered overnight and some took many days of time. It all depends on the suburb you live in. Remote areas will take a bit of time while metro cities take very less time for delivery by USPS. On overall USPS delivery time is around 1 – 3 days.

When you ship your product through USPS First Class, you will be provided with tracking details with which you can track your package online and also its delivery status. If you are using some drop shipping company, then they will send you all the tracking details and delivery information to your email otherwise you have to track all by yourself.

There are some restrictions for USPS First Class Mail. If you wanted to ship your package through USPS First Class, then you have to follow the following restrictions.

– Your package dimensions should not exceed 15 x 12 inches (width x height)

– The thickness of your package should be at least 1/4 inch.

– The minimum length and breadth of your package must be around 11 1/2 x 6 1/8 inch (length x height) .

USPS is very strict about the thickness thing, if your package does not meet the required package thickness criteria, then USPS will automatically return your shipment back to the sender or will automatically upgrade your package to Priority mail and charge the end customer. So, make sure, your packages meet the thickness criteria for your shipments.

  • Priority Mail

USPS Priority Mail

If your package weight is more than 13 oz, then you must choose USPS priority mail service as described by USPS website. If your package is more than 13 OZ, then you cannot go for First Class Mail as it is only limited to packages under 13 OZ. The delivery time of priority mail is 1 to 2 days which is same as First Class mail service. However it was observed that priority mails are bit faster than first class mails. And also, this priority mail is bit reliable than First class mail service by USPS.

The benefits in using priority mail is that you can get all the shipping supplies for free.

For to order your free shipping supplies, just go to website and order your shipping supplies and they will delivered to your door step free of charge. There are lot of options available to choose from different delivery boxes.

Here are the different types of deliver boxes available with USPS.

Deliver Choices for USPS

  • Priority Regional Box 

With this box, your shipping cost is calculated basing on the weight of the package and also the distance of your shipment. This is the default way to calculate your shipping costs. Even if you use your own packing box also, this is the default way to calculate your shipping costs.

  • Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box

With Priority mail small flat rate box, you will be charged a flat rate regardless of weight of the package. In order to use this facility, you need to pack your product in a special box provided by USPS. This box’s dimensions will be 8 11/16″ x 5 7/16″ x 1 3/4″ (length x breadth x height). This size of box is usually enough for packing small electronics and other herbal products.

  • Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box

For a bit larger shipments you can choose USPS priority mail medium flat rate boxes. These medium flat rate boxes comes in two different sizes. one is 1/4″ x 8 3/4″ x 6″ (length x breadth x height) and the other one is 14″ x 12″ x 3 1/2″ (length x breadth x height)

  • Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box

If you have even more larger packages which needs to be shipped, then you can use USPS priority mail large flat rate box. All the above boxes comes with a flat rate.


  • Express Mail

Express mail

Just like UPS and Fed Ex’s next day delivery services, USPS also offers next day delivery service in the name of USPS Express mail service. But many customers have reported that it is not that reliable when compared with UPS and Fedex. Even though USPS guarantee next day delivery, many people have reported that it will take around 1 to 2 days in order to deliver your package to the customer.

In case of any late delivery, you will have to check  their website for tracking of USPS express mail. Even though this is a guaranteed service, getting a refund from them involves lengthy process.

When it comes to pricing, USPS express mail is much more cheaper than Fedex and UPS. They also offer flat rate boxes where you can get flat rates for your shipments. This flat rate varies with size of the box.

One of the bad thing with USPS is that, for express mail, the pick up time is very early. The pick up needs to be done before 3 PM and sometimes 1 PM only which is way too early. If this is the case, you cannot offer next day deliveries to your customers who ordered your product in the after noon. Where as with Fedex and UPS, their pick up time is 6 PM, so that, you can fulfill all your order in the same day itself.

Another bad thing with USPS express mail is that, even though your post man picks up your shipments before 1 PM, it does not mean that your packages will scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Sometimes, the postman might scan your shipments tomorrow, and therefore, your shipment will be delivered day after tomorrow to your customer.

So, if you are looking for next day delivery, have them scanned directly at the office, in this way, you will know that your shipments are going out today itself.

For example, if a customer pays extra for express delivery, that means, he wants his order the next day and USPS express delivery is not that reliable, if you really adore your customers, try other providers for next day delivery.

You can also get the following perks with USPS express mail

– Insurance coverage upto $100 for your package

– USPS tracking

– Signature confirmation for your package delivery

  • Standard Post

Standard Post

USPS standard post is one of the cheapest way to send your parcels. If your customer pays for normal shipping and you don’t want to pay much for shipping, then this is the one to use, because it is the cheapest way to send your parcels. According to USPS the delivery time for standard mail takes around 2 – 8 days. But, in practice, it takes forever for delivery to the customer.

Normally, people opt for this service is because, if their package is more than 70 lbs, then they would choose this method of shipping. The only pro for this service is that is very cheap. If your package is more than 70 lbs, try other options also like Fedex and UPS who offer quicker delivery than USPS.

  • Media Mail

Media Mail

USPS media mail is just like USPS standard mail except that it should be used only to deliver printed materials, CDs and DVD’s kinda educational materials. The following materials are allowed to send using media mail.

– Printed materials, should contain atleast 8 printed pages.

– Film Catalogues – should be of 24 pages or more.

– Audio recordings – CD’s & DVD’s

– Educational materials

– Computer readable data

The trend of CD’s & DVD’s have gone long ago, no one is shipping them now a days, instead they are using services like dropbox to transfer their files.

  • Addon Services from USPS

Insurance Coverage:

USPS offers insurance coverage to your shipments upto $5000. But very few people purchase this insurance thing for their products. Unless your products too fragile, i don’t think it is really necessary to buy insurance for your shipments. And moreover, claiming an insurance is never been easy for anyone and it involves lot of pain. Its upto you, if you think you can do all those hectic procedures in claiming an insurance, go for it.

Registered mail:

Shipping your packages through registered mail offers good security for your package, since the name itself tells that registered mail means, it will deliver your product to the person who you registered your package to. This is very helpful in sending high valued products using this registered mail service. It also offers loss or damage protection upto $25000. So you no need to worry about your package.

Delivery confirmation: 

Delivery confirmation is free with every First class mail, express mail and priority mail. But you need to print your own shipping labels online if you want this service to be free.

Signature Confirmation:

For low valued packages i don’t recommend getting this service, as this is not free. But if you are shipping high valued services, you should definitely get this signature confirmation service, as this will be helpful in defending your charge backs from your payment processing company when a dispute is raised by the customer.

Certificate of Mailing:

You can use this service if you want to prove the customer that you have shipped the product on exact date and time. But this certificate doesn’t show you the delivery status. But this will be helpful in the process of claiming the insurance.

Certified mail: 

This service is only limited to letters and cannot be used for big packages. This USPS certified mail requires signature of the person during the delivery of the letter and also it helps in allowing to see whether a package is delivered or not.

Return receipt: 

You must attach a post card along with the package, when the person received your package, the post card attached along with the package will be returned to you, this helps in making sure whether the shipment is delivered to the person or not. This service is similar to certified mail except it is used for big packages.

Collect on Delivery (COD): 

This is service can also be called as Cash on delivery. The package will be delivered to the person only when he pays the money at the time of the delivery.

  • Conclusion

Finally, almost all booking of shipments can be done online with USPS. Or if you think this is too much to handle, you can handle this job to fulfillment companies who handle your orders and ship your products directly to the customer. I will write another article on fulfillment companies in a while. Until then, stay tuned.

Please leave comments if you have liked my article.

Best Commercial WordPress Plugins

Wanted to give a pro look to your WordPress website and try the best commercial WordPress plugins? Here we have complied the list of commercial WordPress plugins which are very useful in the current SEO world. No doubt, plugins add extra value to your WordPress website, but not all plugins are free to use, and some are free to use, but they are not completely free. Some plugin developers release plugins with limited features and to use the plugin fully, you need to go for their paid plugins. But are they really worth it? In this article, i am going to discuss about the list of best commercial WordPress plugins available. The reason they make it as a paid plugin is because it comes with extra features which a normal free plugin cannot offer.

But how do you know that are they really worth your money? And what are the best commercial plugins? Here is the list below.

Visual Composer

As the name says it all, Visual Composer – Page Builder for WordPress. It is a visual editor for WordPress which helps in creating amazing pages or posts. If you wanted to create an excellent content or build a landing page? Then, visual composer is the one to go for all your needs. It comes with lot of templates already inbuilt in it which helps in creating amazing pages for your WordPress website. If you own a business and wanted to create professional sales page or landing page, then this is the number one plugin for your needs which helps your way.

The cost of this plugin is $34.

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

If you want to give your website an amazing look with sliders? Then try Slider Revolution responsive WordPress plugin. This plugin helps in building amazing sliders for your website and presentations. Have you ever seen websites with sliders in their home page? Now you create similar kind of sliders with this plugin.

This plugin comes for $25.

UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Want to create amazing menus for your website, then you can try UberMenu mega WordPress menu plugin. With this plugin, you can create responsive menus with grid system. These menus also work with touch enabled systems. Since, these are responsive menus, they can amazingly work in IPhone, Ipad and other android devices.

EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

If you run a show business or conducts events or trade shows regularly. Then this plugin will be very useful for your needs. With EventON WordPress plugin, you can create event calendar which will show case upcoming events in your website.

Bookly Booking Plugin

If you are a professional and wanted to offer your professional services to your clients using your WordPress website, then Bookly booking plugin might help with your needs. This booking plugin offers support for integration of Stripe payments, PayPal and payments. It also comes with synchronization of Google Calendar, so that it stays up to date with the current date and time with your bookings. It can also send SMS and Email notifications for bookings done.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

If you are an amazon affiliate and have a website promoting amazon products for commission, then this plugin might come handy for you, as it can easily create amazon product list for you which you can list that it it your website. It supports all amazon websites like,, and many more. It is a great way to add amazon product lists to your posts, as if the same thing needs to be done manually, it will take up a lot of time, but with this plugin, just enter your keyword and enter the number of items need to display, and that’s it, the amazon products will be automatically shown to you in your post. When someone purchases through your link, you will make your commission from Amazon.

The cost of this plugin is $42.

Ninja Popups for WordPress

If you want to create popups for capturing email addresses from your potential customers, then Ninja popups might be very useful for you with your WordPress website. Even though there are a lot of popup plugins available to you in WordPress plugins website, but this one is different, because you can create your popup anywhere you want in your website. With free popup plugins, you have no choice but to use their own popup, but this one is highly customizable and build your own one. It comes with a drag and drop builder with which you can easily create your popups and supports all major email marketing services.

Here are some useful articles which you might be interested on

How to build email list

Adding content locking in WordPress

Adding content locking in WordPress

We have been trying to answer most of the questions that users get about using the WordPress and just don’t know where to get the answers from. Another common question that people have is how to add content locking. Many people want to use content locking on their sites so that they can boost the lead generation, build email list and increase sales. In this article we will explain how you can implement content locking in WordPress without affecting the users.

What exactly is content locking in WordPress and why do you need to use it?

Content locking in WordPress is basically used by the site owners to ensure that they can force the users to perform an action before they get access to the content of the site.

One point you must keep in mind is that if you do not use it properly it can annoy the users and that is not something we want right. Do not be scared of using content locking if you can do it right it could give high leads and help you achieve the marketing goals for your site.

One point to keep in mind is use the concept of content locking when you have something of value in the content. Use it for a free eBook, a free course or maybe before a free download. Use a simple logic why will the user go through so much of trouble they will do so only when they feel that the content is actually worth it. As you are clear with the concept we will now teach you how exactly you can use content locking in your site.

What are the things you need for content locking in WordPress?

In this tutorial we are going to use OptinMonster as we feel that it is the best lead generation solution that you can find in the market. If you want to use OptinMonster for content locking you will have to use the plus or the pro plan. If you are new to WordPress you can get 10% discount by using the OptinMonster coupons.

Adding Content locking in WordPress

The first step here would be to install and activate the OptinMonster plugin that you can get in WordPress. We have already explained a step by step guide on how exactly you can install a WordPress plugin in our previous article titled “How to Install a WordPress Plugin” you can go through that and install the OptinMonster plugin. This plugin is basically a connection between the WordPress site of yours and your OptinMonster account.

Now that you have installed the OptinMonster plugin we will move to the next step and that is activation of the OptinMonster plugin. Unless you activate it there is no way you can use it. Once you are done with all this you will have to click on the OptinMonster menu item that you can easily find in the WordPress admin bar. Once you do that you will be asked to provide the OptinMonster API username and the key.

You must be wondering where you will get the API information. Well you will find it under the column your account on the OptinMonster website itself. What you will have to do is just login and click on the API link.

We hope that you have got what we are trying to say so far. Now we move to the next step. In this step you will have to copy and paste the API username and key into the OptinMonster plugin page. Once you have done that you will have to click on the “connect to OptinMonster” button. If you have done so you will be successfully connected and all that you have to do is create new optin button.

Now that you have reached this step you will be directly taken to the OptinMonster website. Once you get to the website you will have to provide a title for the optin campaign and also select your website from the drop down menu. After you are done with this you will have to move to the next step and that is you will have to select the “after post/inline” whichever you want as your optin type. After you are done with this some ready to use templates will appear on the right column and you will have to choose the template that you actually want.

Now you will see that the OptinMonster’s form builder here what you can do is configure the settings and customise the appearance of the optin and the result will be exactly the way you want. You can edit the fonts, the texts, the images and even the colours. Anything that you want can be edited using this form. It will look something like what we have enclosed in the screenshot below.

So far I hope you are clear on what you need to do. Now we will move to the next step. You will have to click on the “optin” menu and then scroll down to the content blocking section at the end. You will have to click on the “content blocking” option for this optin and you can do this by clicking the on or the off switch as shown in the screenshot that we have attached below. When you turn it on it will show you the options that you can use to determine how you actually want in the content blocking system to work. For doing this the most important thing is to choose the content blocking method.

The two options that you can do to hide the content is obfuscation which will blur the content and you can also use removal of the content if you want to completely remove the content. The option is up to you to choose. These options can be found under the content below optin.

Another important thing that you need to do is change the success cookie duration to a zero. This will ensure that the cookie is prevented from being set unless the user submits the optin. Once you are done with all this you will have to go through the integration setting and connect to your own email marketing service. This will also help you to configure the analytics setting. We hope you are clear so far. After all these above steps are completed you will have to click on the save button. You will find the save button on the top hand right corner of the builder for saving the settings. This is the most important step if you do not save it then all the changes that you have done so far is actually of no use. We are enclosing a screenshot that will help you understand where you can find the save button.

So you have basically by now made all the changes to the OptinMonster account and now you will have to go to your own WordPress site and click on the OptinMonster menu. When you do that you will be able to see the content lock optin under the list of the optins. Sometimes it is possible that you will not be able to see the content lock optin do not worry just click on the refresh optin button and you will be able to see the optin.

Well now that you have done till this you can move to the next step. You will have to click on the optin title and then click “edit optin output settings” link. This will take you to another page where you will have to click on the “enable optin on site” option as shown in the screenshot that we have attached below.

Another important point that you have to keep in mind is that at the end of the page you will see a “save” button that you will have to click if you want to save the settings else all the settings that you have done so far will be lost. Next step will be to click on the OptinMonster menu again and this will take you back to the optins overview page. Here you will have to copy the optin slug. We have highlighted what the optin slug is in red colour in the screenshot that we have attached below.

After all this is done you will have to edit the post or page where you want the content locking to exactly be enabled. This optin slug that you have copied is a shortcode and it has to be added before all other contents in your post or you can also add it after the first paragraph. You will find a optin slug here and what you have to do is replace this optin slug that is already there with the new optin slug that you just copied.

With this you can move to the next step that is your post or page. You will have to visit this post or page in a new browser window and you can see the content locking in action before you make it live for the users.

Adding the content locking to all the WordPress Posts

You might want to add content locking to all your WordPress posts. This is comparatively easy than what we were explaining so far. For doing this you will need a different plugin and that is called “Insert Post Ads” plugin. After you have activated this plugin you will have to go to “post adverts” and settings for configuring the plugin settings. We have included a screenshot to explain this.

After this you will have to choose the place where you want the enable the post ads or the plugin posts or pages and then click on the save settings button. Remember that until you save the settings the changes will be lost.

After this again go to the post adverts option and add a new page. You will have to provide a title for the content locking script and then add the content lock optin shortcode in the advert code section.

After this go to the “display the advert” dropdown menu and you will have the option to either add it before the content or after the first paragraph itself and click on the publish button. This is it and the plugin is all active and you can see it working on all your WordPress posts.

We would like you give a recommendation here and that is always add the shortcode after the paragraph as this will help you to use the first paragraph to tell the users about how useful and valuable your content actually is and why they should read the rest of the content. We have tried to explain all the steps that you need to follow in order to add content locking in WordPress. We have ensured that we include images wherever possible. There are many steps involved and it is actually not very easy to do but if you do it once you will for sure get the hang of it. We have tried to keep the explanation simple and slow so that you can understand the steps better. We hope that you will find this article informative and useful.

Exporting all WordPress URLs in Plain text

Exporting all WordPress URLs in Plain text

WordPress is a huge area and it is quite obvious that you may not know everything about it. In this article we will try to discuss about one lesser known aspect of WordPress. Did you know that you can export all the URLs of WordPress in a plain text or CSV format? If you did not then this is what you need to read. It is a possibility that you would need these URLs if you want to for example need to migrate the website or set up redirects. So are you ready to know before about exporting all the URLs in your WordPress to a word or a CSV file?

Why will you even need to export the All WordPress URLs into plain text?

Some of you must be wondering why we at the first place even need to export the All WordPress URLs into Plain text. Yes this is a good question. The WordPress is built in such a way that it already has built in tools that can be used to export any content to an XML file. This file can be easily used if you want to import the content into another WordPress site. With these tools you can easily move the WordPress to a new domain name and you can even use this to transfer from a local server to a live site.

However, although this amazing feature is a part of WordPress and most of the WordPress users know about it. There can be a need to list the URLs and the reasons for this can be many. We cannot list all the reasons because some of them can be very situation based. Nevertheless, for an example we can consider this scenario. There might be a need for you to set redirects to a new website and to do this you will have to share the URLs with the SEO team or setup a tracking using some very effective SEO tools. So we hope that we have made it clear that why you may need to export the WordPress URLs to a word or a CSV file. Now let’s move on to how exactly you can get this done.

Exporting WordPress URLs in text and CSV format

Let’s move to the first step to get this job done. As a first step you will have to install and activate the Export All URLs plugin in WordPress. We will give a step by step guide on how you can install this particular WordPress plugin. We have already explained in details about installing the WordPress plugins in our previous article titled “How to Install a WordPress Plugin“. Please refer to that and install the “Export All URLs” plugin.

Once you have activated the Export All URLs plugin using the steps that we have mentioned in our previous article about installation of WordPress plugins you can move to the next step towards exporting the URLs. You will have to click on “settings” and then click on “Export all URLs” page. We have enclosed a screenshot below to explain the same. The plugin is so effective that it will allow you to export the URLS for all your posts, custom post types and pages. If you want to can ensure that the types of URLs are selected and you do not have to waste much time to look for a specific URL.

After you are done with the above step you can also select the data that you actually want to export. The Export all URLs plugin will help you to export categories, title and URLs. You also an option to either export this data in a CSV file format else you can directly display the data on the setting page. After you have selected all the settings that you need you will just have to click on the “export” button as shown in the screenshot attached above and continue with the rest of the process.

The ultimate result will look something like the screenshot that we have attached below. It will depend on the settings that you have selected. The plugin will either be displayed on the plugin’s setting page itself or it will appear in the CSV format.

CSV files are nothing but simple text files that have a comma to separate the values. This is exactly why you can open these files in a plain text editor too. Another advantage of these files is that they can also be opened in various types of spreadsheet software like a “Microsoft Excel”, “numbers” and even Google Sheets. These features make Export all URLs plugin of WordPress very useful indeed. As the data can be represented in various forms it is even easier to share with others.

We hope that this article on exporting all WordPress URLs in Plain text will help you. Do use these ideas and see how easily you can actually do this. We always try to ensure that we can help the readers do their work better and faster. Keep looking at our forthcoming posts we will try to cover more such fascinating and unknown features of the WordPress that can really make your life easier.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin

How to Install a WordPress Plugin

A query that we often get is “how to install a WordPress plugin”. Many people feel that this is very complicated well it is definitely not as complicated as you think it is. We always try to ensure that we can solve most of the problems that our readers are facing so we thought of coming up with this step by step and detailed guide. We have tried to keep the article simple so that we do not land up confusing the readers. We hope you will find the article of help. The installation of WordPress plugin is easy and you can learn it with ease. In this article we install a WordPress plugin in details and we will try to answer all the questions that you may have regarding the topic.

Once you have installed the WordPress what you will have to do is learn how you can install the WordPress plugins. These plugins are important because they can add new features to WordPress. Unless you have the WordPress plugins you will not be making the full utilisation of WordPress. For example suppose you need a gallery or a slideshow you will have to have WordPress plugin. You will see that there are many free as well as paid plugins that are available for WordPress. This is basically a step by step guide that can help you realise how the WordPress plugin can be installed and used.

The first thing that you need to know about WordPress plugin is that you cannot install them if you are using Many users often complain that they are not able to see the plugin menu in the WordPress dashboard. This is simply because they are not using the self-hosted WordPress. You will have to use in order to install the plugins because WordPress .com has its limitations.

How to install a WordPress plugin

Now that you have a basic idea about installing WordPress plugin we will move on how to do it practically. There will be many videos available online that will teach you about how to install WordPress plugin. Some users may find these videos confusing that is exactly why we are now going to discuss in details about all the steps that you need to follow. We have covered all the three methods using the search and they are:

  • Install a WordPress plugin using the WordPress plugin search option.
  • Installing a plugin using the WordPress Admin plugin upload.
  • Manually install a WordPress plugin using the FTP.

    We will recommend that you read the text as well as have a look at these videos created by WordPress so that you are in a better position to install and use the WordPress plugins.

  1. How to install a WordPress plugin using the WordPress plugin search

We would say that this is the easiest way of installing a WordPress plugin. However, this method comes with a limitation and that is the plugin you want to install must be in the WordPress plugin directory and that is limited only to a few plugins.

First go to the WordPress admin area and then click on the options plugins and then Add New. Put the name of the WordPress plugin that you want to search in the search box as mentioned below. We have included a screenshot to explain this. You will get a list of options once you put the search as shown below. Once you have all the plugins just chose the option that is best for you.

After you have selected the plugin that you want you will have to click on Install now button. WordPress will then start to download the plugin that you want. After the installation is done you will see a success message. You will also get a link to activate the plugin or return to the plugin installer.

The WordPress plugin is now installed and can be used on your site. However, you cannot use it until you activate it. As you can see in the screenshot below that an “activate plugin” option is there, unless you click on that the plugin will not get activated. So you have successfully installed the WordPress plugin and now you will have to configure the settings of this WordPress plugin so that it works as you desire on your WordPress site. The settings will differ from plugin to plugin. That is exactly why we will not discuss that in this article.

  1. Installing a plugin using the WordPress Admin plugin upload

The first method that we discussed was only for those WordPress plugins that are free. The paid WordPress plugins cannot be installed using this method. For the paid WordPress plugin you will have to use WordPress plugin upload. As you did in the first step get to the admin area of WordPress and then download the login from the source which will mostly be a zip file. Then you will have to visit the plugins and click on the Add New page option. Once you get there then click the upload plugin button on the top of the page.

This will get you to the WordPress plugin upload page and here you will have to click on the choose file button and select the plugin file that you had downloaded earlier to your computer.

Now that you have selected the file you will have to click on the install now button. WordPress will now upload the plugin file from your computer and install it for you. Once you have done that you will get a success message that will look like the one we have attached below after the installation is complete.

So you are done with the installation. The WordPress plugin will stay in your system but will not work on its own. You will have to activate it and ensure that it works on your site. As you can see the “activate plugin” option in the screenshot that we have enclosed above you will be in a position to start using the plugin. After all this is done you will have to configure the settings that will fit your need. The point here is that each of the plugin has a different setting pattern. It is not possible to cover all the settings in one article so we will not be discussing about the settings now. We will concentrate only on installing the WordPress plugin.

  1. Manually installing a WordPress plugin suing the FTP

Let us first understand why we use this method of installing the
WordPress plugin at the first place. Well we do so if the WordPress hosting provider has a file that is restricted and could limit your ability to install a plugin from the admin area. If this happens the only way for you will be to download the plugin manually by using the FTP. We have to say that this method is not a friendly one if you are new to WordPress plugins. If you have been using the WordPress plugins for some time you will be in a better position to use this. We will try to explain the steps in such a way that you can understand the process better.

As a first step go to the plugin’s source and try to download the source file. This file will mostly be a zip file. After you have done so extract the zip file to your computer. As you extract the plugin’s zip file you will automatically create a new folder that will have the same name as the plugin itself. This is the folder that you will have to manually upload to the website using the FTP client. We hope you have got it till this point.

You will have to access the host through the FTP manager. In case you do not have a FTP user name and password you will have to contact the WordPress hosting provider and ask them how you can get the user name and the password. So now that you have the FTP user name and password you will have to move to the next step. Open the FTP client on your computer and connect it to your website suing the login credentials that were provided to you by the web host. After you are connected you will need to access the following path mentioned below:

Path/wp-content/plugins/ after you have given this path you will have to upload the folder that you had extracted from the zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/folder on your web server. We have enclosed the following screenshot to give you a certain idea.

After you have uploaded the files manually you will have to go to the WordPress admin area and then click on the Plugins links that you see on the admin menu. You will get to see that the plugin was successfully installed in the plugin page.

After you are done with all this you will have to simply click on the “activate link” that you will see just below the plugin. Once you click this the WordPress plugin will get activated. You cannot stop at just activating the WordPress plugin you will have to ensure that the WordPress plugin settings are configured. We have mentioned earlier in the article that each WordPress plugin will come with a different setting and so it is not possible to discuss all of them in this article so we will take them up separately.

Many people often get confused on how the WordPress plugin must be installed and which method must be followed to install the WordPress plugin. We hope that this article will help you understand how to install WordPress plugins and how you can make the most of these plugins. Do follow the steps that we have mentioned and you will definitely not have any issues with installing the WordPress plugin. We will be discussing about configuration and setting the WordPress plugins in the next few articles they too will be a step by step guide like this article. We did not want to include them in this one article as that would make it very confusing for the readers. First you understand the process of installing the WordPress plugin and then you can gradually work on setting the WordPress plugins.

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7 attraction marketing tips to develop your business

7 attraction marketing tips to develop your business

Running a business successfully is not a simple job today. There is so much competition and you are competing with the people from other parts of the world too. As the business is complex we will have to look for more competitive ways to do business. This is exactly why the concept of “attraction marketing” has developed. Some of you must be new to the concept and some of you must have read something about it. We will try to explain all the aspects of this interesting concept in this article. It is popularly said that attraction marketing is about being the hunted and not the hunter. Well that is true no doubt but there is more to the concept than that.

If you ask our opinion we would say that attraction marketing is nothing but value based marketing. This is so because it is actually about leading with value and free training to build a strong relationship with the people who consider as your prospective buyers. It is not as complicated as you think it to be or people have made you believe that it is.

If you look around closely you will find a numerous examples of attraction marketing but till date you must not have realised it. For example suppose a business firm is holding a free seminar for the local business it can be considered to be attraction marketing. Why we say so is that they are leading with something that is free and it also adds value. This is a concept that will definitely attract the customers. Now suppose this company had just made calls to the customers then would the impact be as strong as it is after this free seminar. The answer is simple “no”. If you want to attract the customers of today you will have to give them some benefits. Else they will not come to you. This is the difference between the marketing of yesterday and today.

Some people feel that attraction marketing is effective only in case of online business. However, we do not agree to this. Attraction marketing can be used in all types of business. It can actually give you a lot of advantages if you learn how to do it well.

The seven attraction marketing strategies that we will be explaining in this article are simple and any one can start using them soon after reading this article:

  1. Always act as a solution provider – The first point is you will have to understand the difference between a consultant and a sales representative. You will notice that people are at least ready to listen to a consultant but as soon as they hear the words “sales representative” they will start to move away. Why do you think this difference is there? The answer is simple a consultant will try to provide a solution where as a sales man will always try to sell something. Suppose you are projecting yourself as a solution provider people will be more interested in what you are saying. If you say that you have a deep knowledge on a subject and you are trusted as an advisor by many people then your value will automatically increase more. Anyone will try to know more about you and spend more time with you.

    This is the first and the foremost principal of attraction marketing that you stop saying that you are here to sell something. Always say that you want to provide a solution to the problems of your prospective users. When you do this you will automatically be the hunted and not the hunter who is looking for buyers. Do not even think that you are selling something. Always have it in your mind that you are basically providing solution to the people.

  2. Teaching something is vital – The second point of attraction marketing that we will be explaining now is that become a teacher. Whenever you are doing anything regarding your business like making a video or writing a blog always remember that you are a teacher and you are here to teach. Use the words “I am going to teach you how”, “we are here to teach you about” and the list just goes on. Always make it clear that you are here to teach for free. You want to share with the people all that you have learnt from your experience so that they do not have to make the mistakes to learn the tricks of the trade. Ensure that you can make the audience believe that you can actually teach them a lot.

    The people whom you are targeting should have a feeling from all that you are teaching that you can actually help them and teach them something more. Only then they will subscribe to your premium products and special paid coaching sessions in anticipation that you can teach them something valuable and important. You will have to use a “bait and switch” policy. You have to give a lot of free stuff only then people may want to pay for some content. When you do this there will come a human need to reciprocate and this is called “rule of reciprocity”. This is a time tested rule and it can never fail you. Some people would not like to use it saying that why should I keep giving free stuff when the other party is not even responding. Just have patience wait and watch this rule will always work.

  3. You have to learn about the direct response marketing – We will now quickly move to the next step that you need to follow for a successful attraction marketing strategy. Direct marketing is very useful tool and it can very well work in attraction marketing. We will explain more about the concept now. The fact is most people do not know what direct marketing is. Some people also have a wrong idea about direct marketing and they will right away tell you that direct marketing cannot work. If you do not use the tool of direct marketing correctly you will not be able to get the benefits that you are seeking. So what exactly is this? If you ask a simple definition we will say that direct marketing is about using some measurable systems in order to generate leads that can be put through a follow up process that will ultimately convert into sales. It is always more effective than selling on the front end. Seems complicated right? Well do not think so much about the definition. It is simple you will have to come up with a process that can finally help you ensure that sales happen. You will again have to spend a lot of time in developing a good process that can be relied upon. Once you have this process you will have no reasons to look back. Spending time on developing it is important. It is your business and no one will now it better than you so you yourself will have to develop this process of direct marketing.
  4. Try to use the internet – You are practicing attraction marketing and to do that one thing that you will need for sure is the internet. When you use the net only then you can make attraction marketing more powerful. The internet does not have any geographical boundaries and you can use it easily to create a valuable content that you can send to the different parts of the world. If you have a successful blog you can use it again and again to create a valuable content that people would like to read again and again. This will also help you get a better content in the search engines. This is possible with search engine optimisation. Always keep in mind that more content you create the better traffic you will be able to generate.

    Apart from blogs which is always a good idea you can also try to use videos and YouTube to reach more people. These options will help you to create better educational videos that can be sent to all the prospects. It has been observed that people like to see videos more than reading online this is why videos can help you to get much better response. It can really help you to get better leads. Do try to use this option and make the most of attraction marketing. When people see a video they will be able to remember you and your product better they will also be able to relate to you more.

  5. You have to hold webinars – our intention is to give you some practical tips that will help you to ensure that attraction marketing is working well for you. Webinars are very powerful and can add a lot to your image. You can consider them as a modern day seminar that can be given to all the prospects from different parts of the world using the internet. It is always a good idea to hold a training webinar as that can add a lot of value to your image and give you authority. When a prospect will see your webinar they will automatically feel more attracted to the work that you are doing and they would like to know more about you.

    The webinar must be informative and you should spend a good time in developing the webinar. It should be made in such a way that an instant interest can be developed in the mind of those who are watching it. They convert very well as they are nothing but special scheduled event that people would like to attend. It does not include any interruption marketing. So what you get from it is a highly qualified prospect taking time to listen to what you have to say.

  6. You have to get a video – If you are using the internet attraction marketing can be done more easily. You will have to make a video in order to tell people who you actually are. There are many such videos out there so you will have to ensure that the video is made in such a way that people actually watch it and share it. Video marketing is critical in today’s world if you have not yet tried the concept then do give it a shot at the earliest. The best part is that it is very personal. You must use it along with webinars to get better response. You want to be seen as a trusted advisor so people need to know about you in order to trust you.
  7. Try to create a free guide – The last point on attraction marketing is preparing a free guide. This is that something that you can giveaway in order to build your email list. You may consider this as a bribe or a freebie. Ensure that the free guide gives a rough idea of what you know and can teach people. The guide should have information that the users can actually use. This will help you build an email list and get recognition for your site or blog.

    The points that we have discussed about attraction marketing are simple and can be implemented by anyone easily. If you put all the points together the simple fact is you will have to act nice and say that you can teach the prospects something that no one else probably can. Never project yourself as a salesman. There are many salesmen out there and people do not want some more. Does a little change in the way you project yourself and you can easily feel the difference it can make to your business. Many people have used these attraction marketing strategies and they are doing well. When you ask people about attraction marketing they will tell you many things. Do not make attraction marketing so complicated it is a simple concept that needs a different approach when it comes to traditional marketing ideas.

10 most beautiful landing pages and the plugins that they were built with

10 most beautiful landing pages and the plugins that they were built with

We will now discuss about some of the most beautiful WordPress landing pages that you will ever see. We will also mention the plugins with which these amazing landing pages were actually designed. We all know how important the landing pages actually are. They can really make a huge difference to the website of yours. When you have a nice landing page you are basically ensuring that the visitors who are coming to your site actually are getting converted. This will also allow you to add variety to the website and ensure that more offers can be put on the site.

If you do not have a landing page then it is high time that you work towards building one. You must be thinking that for building a nice landing page you will need a plugin and the plugins do not come free of cost. Well lets clarify one point here you can create good landing pages even without the help of plugins. The process of creating these landing pages is relatively more simple and easy than you think. The best part is that you can create these landing pages absolutely free of cost. We hope that we have listed enough reasons on why this article is important for you and now we will straight way move to the actual topic. Using upfront you can actually build landing pages in no time and that to absolutely free.

Starting with a theme

You must have a simple theme which is called Scribe and even that is free.

Adding a welcome video

In the second step you a video that will welcome the users and tell them more about the product or service.

Ensuring that people actually sign up

All we want is that those who are visiting the site must actually sign up. You will need an upfront starter theme and you can easily customize the landing page into something that the visitors will actually like. Even later if you want you can customize the design all that you will have to do is drag and drop. Some people prefer to use the plugin and now we will be discussing in details about the plugins.

Some examples of best landing pages:

  • Option AlphaThis is a very good example of a landing page. It is very useful especially to the new users. They are basically guiding the user from one section to another so that the user does not feel like leaving.

The good

They have utilised the plugins well and have structured all the sections of the website well. The opening paragraph is good and gives only the information that is actually needed. The call to action button is also simple and it offers a free account.

The bad

The page is only focused at giving information and nothing else. It will ensure that you scroll to the bottom of the page. They also have too many sections and as a user who is visiting for the first time may feel that it is too much of information

  • Expert Voice BookThey have used OptimizePress plugin to create an opt-in landing page. The main purpose of this page is to basically collect all the email addresses that will be going into some autoresponder. This page is basically for the experts who want to improve the skills.

The good

The page is indeed very good to look at. The headline is clear and to the point. The video integration also adds a nice touch and makes the page look more professional. If you look at a perfect landing page this will be a good example.

The bad

There is a mention of an Amazon book at the end of the page and this can be really confusing. If the landing page has to optimize then only one action must be aimed at.

  • Mike FilsaimeThe main aim of this landing page is to ensure that new subscribers are generated even before they move to the other sections of the site. Another good thing is that the site does not give a lot of information. The lead page comes with a pop up that encourages taking action.

The good

The landing page is simple and to the point.

The bad

For a new user the landing page might not be very useful and they may tend to ignore it and move to the site.

  • TCK PublishingThe landing page is a good combination of health, success and wellness books. The page is very simple and can easily push the traffic to the other locations where the book is being sold.

The good

The landing page is simple and it effectively educates the users about the book. The call to action button at the end of the page is very direct.

The bad

A landing page should have one strong call to action. In this case there are at least five separate call to action and that is the only negative aspect of the site.

  • Cowabunga lifeThe landing page looks like a long form of some sales letter. The landing page has a lot of animations that can successfully attract the attention of the reader and ensure that they stay till the end of the page. It discusses the problems the user is basically facing and at the end will suggest how the product can solve the concerns of the user. It uses a personal story to attract the interest of the readers.

    The good

    The landing page looks very professional and can helps to build the trust and the faith of the viewer.

    The bad

    We cannot suggest much on what the landing page can do better as it is almost perfect from design and the layout aspect.

  • IM ImpactIt is a very simple splash page with the mail purpose of collecting the user’s email id in exchange for free report.

The good

The page is simple and clear. The headline is strong too.

The bad

There is nothing wrong with this page it is to the point and inspires to take action.

  • UC BabyThe main aim of this landing page is to gather email address in exchange for a context entry. This gives a good idea of how you can build a simple landing page.

The good

The contest idea was actually successful and it gathered about 500 email addresses.

The bad

This landing page is not very pleasing from an aesthetic point of view. The heading is in all-caps as a result it looks very loud. The contest copy is sparse and do not give much details about what the contest prize is.

  • Clamcleat This landing page looks more like a blog post and not a landing page. The opt-in form is placed on the right sidebar. As you read the content you can access the form.

The good

The headline of the landing page is really good and it does encourage the people to sign up. The page looks very friendly.

The bad

The content could be made more readable by putting it in paragraphs. The large walls of text are actually a turn off.

  • Occasion HouseThis site has not launched yet. The aim of the landing page is just to ensure that enough email addresses are gathered before the launch. The font selected looks like hand crafted.

The good

The aesthetic appeal is high. It has a countdown timer that creates a sense of urgency.

The bad

The look is good but the landing page looks crowded. The call to action could have been clearer.

  • Backpacker travelAnother simple landing page. This proves why we say less is sometime really more.

The good

They know the target audience well that is why they were able to create this very nice page. It is simple and really well made.

The bad

The landing page is really nice and not much can be changed. They can offer some more incentives in order to ensure that more people signup with them.

The Round up

We will now discuss the above mentioned plugins in a little more details so that you get a better idea about them.

  1. Optimize pressIt is a flexible landing page plugin that basically uses some templates that already exist. Apart from building landing pages you can use this for membership sites and custom pages. To gain subscribers this can be a great idea.
  2. LeadPages This is one of the quickest landing pages builders. Just after installing the plugin within minutes you can actually start to build landing pages. It is simple and offers free download in exchange of an email address. With this you will get landing pages that are ready to get customers and subscribers.
  3. Thrive Landing PagesIt is the best you can get if you want long form landing pages. This is a great tool for selling information product as well as any kind of digital product. It is very flexible too. You have thirty templates to choose from. The templates can be customized easily with just a drag and drop.
  4. Landing pages BuilderThis is a good way to create simple landing pages. This is a good idea for contests and giveaways. You can choose from more than forty mobile- optimized templates. The templates are hundred per cent mobile friendly keeping in mind that many users prefer to use mobiles only. It very well integrates with MailChimp.
  5. SeedProdIt is a premier plugin and can be used to create “coming soon” and “maintenance mode” landing pages. The landing pages you will create with SeedProd will perfectly integrate with the social media accounts and email marketing provider. As social media is integrated with SeedProd it can be very well used to create a buzz before the actual launch.

Other Plugins

Here is a list of other plugins that you can use apart from the ones that we have mentioned in the post. Even these plugins can give you good landing pages.

  1. WP Lead PlusIt is a good idea to build small squeeze pages. It can work with email autoresponders and can also create opt-in popups. The templates are very easy to customize and you can easily upload your own images and videos for the background of the squeeze page.
  2. Parallax GravityIf you want to create some beautiful landing pages with animation then you can use this plugin. It is mostly used for long form sales letters and sales pages for digital products.
  3. Ultimate Landing PageThis is another plugin that we must mention in the list. It also has some pre designed templates. These can be used to build simple landing pages in a matter of minutes. The features are few but it can be loaded easily and fast. Customization is also possible with this plugin.
  4. WordPress Landing PageThese landing pages will come with visual editor as well as integrated split- testing. This will ensure that you create some amazing landing pages that can give you good conversion rates. It also has third party ad-ons that extent the functionality of this plugin.

Now that we have discussed almost all the plugins that you can use for building a landing page the question arises is which of these is actually the best? Well anyone can be the best as it depends on your skills and your requirements. If you ask us to suggest we would go with the Thrive Landing Pages builder. This is definitely our opinion and others might have different opinion too and that is not wrong. Why we like it is no matter what is the style of the landing page you are looking for this plugin will help you to create it in the most intuitive manner. Do try the various plugins that we have mentioned and see for yourself whish one works the best for you.

3 steps to start a business when you want to make it big with investing less money

Three steps to start a business when you want to make it big with investing less money

When you see a friend of yours making good money with a blog you feel disheartened because you cannot come up with your own as you do not have enough money. Money is an integral part of any business. If you do not have money you just cannot grow your business. Does that mean if you do not have money you cannot do anything? If you look at history you will notice that many successful businessmen actually started with almost no money and made it to the top. What you will need is imagination and creativity. If you have a passion for your dreams nothing can just stop you and this is the fact of life. Ambition and money has nothing to do with each other. If you have the fire in you then this is the article for you. No matter how broke you are we will now give you some amazing ideas about how to start business without putting in much money. So what are we waiting for let’s directly getting to the point?

  • First of all make a list of things that you can actually do without the help of money – You do not need a coach or a guide. You can do it own your own. We are giving you a nice direction that you need to follow. It is absolutely up to you what you make of these directions that we are sharing with you. You will have to invest only one thing and that is your time. Time is actually money so always invest it with good planning.

If you want a coach then again this is a good idea because by the time you find someone for yourself you already have the skeletal plan ready. Now as an intelligent businessman you have to make a strategy. What are you going to serve to the people? Who will be the audience for you? For example are you targeting college students or you are targeting housewives? You must have all these things really clear in your mind. Are you confused and do not know what to do? Look at it from this point and it might help. For example think of where you were sometime back. Now, think about people who are now at the same position and have the same concerns. Then think how you worked on your problems and reached where you are. So after all this brainstorming what you have is your business idea.

So we will now move to the next step and that is looking for a good name for the blog. After you have the name for the business or the blog what you do is create relevant pages for it on all the social media websites. You can also use your own name and ensure that all your social media accounts are connected with the same common name that will help you build a brand. Your name in this case becomes your brand. Relationships and connections are integral part of any business. Now that you know which line of business you are choosing for yourself start connecting with anyone who is into the same line via social media. This will make your presence felt.

Some people will say that social media is huge so where should they start from? Well the answer is simple join a platform where most of the audience that you are targeting hangs around and you will have a good platform to start your business that is recognized by your target audience. Make the “about me” section of your social media accounts well. It will tell people who you are and how you can solve their problems. Make a killer bio and ensure that it is impressive.

The brand must have a style guide. You must know well the fonts, the colors and the images that you are representing because these are building your brand image and tomorrow people will know your brand with these. It is advisable to have a style guide to ensure that there is a consistency in the visuals and the audience do not get confused. There are many free style guides for templates that you can actually use.

Many people give all the importance to have money in starting a business. If you do not have money then does try to invest time and look for other important aspects of a business other than money. You will have to make a list of things that do not cost you any money. Trust us this is possible and once you have this list ready you are all set for the next step.

  • Make a list of things that will definitely cost you a lot of money – So you have now exhausted all the time you had and also used all the free resources. What matters now is that you have to get more real. For this you will have to make a list of things that according to you actually need money. What is included in this are:
  • Domain
  • Web design
  • Hosting
  • Coaching
  • Products

There will be definitely many more things in the list as per the level of intricacies your business actually has. Now you have the list ready so what you will have to do is set the cost and the priority for each item in the list with the order in which they must be executed. You must know that many people have great business ideas but they don’t really work on it because they feel that it is an unnecessary expense and can lead to losses. When you have a list with definite expenses like this it will be better for you to understand exactly how much the expense actually are. Sometimes you will feel oh this is going to cost me 1000$ at least but when you have a list like this you might realize that the expense is actually much lower than you thought.

You can also make a step by step plan and first do the things that are more important and critical and then slowly move to the items that are not so important. For example having a website is more important than anything else. It will help you to set goals better. We will give an example here suppose you will have to pay $1000 for a website and you do not have the money then why don’t you just buy a template that will not cost you more than 60$. There are hacks for everything. You will have to spend the time and keep looking for these hacks. This is fine because you do not have money so time is the only resources that you can invest to make the most of your ideas.

If you have a good idea and you know you are on the right track money does not matter. The points that we have mentioned here will save you a lot of money it will also ensure that in the long run you will realise that what you did at the beginning was absolutely correct. Business is risk. When you invest a lot of money your whole attention in on that money and you start getting sleepless nights. When you are not investing too much money you are in a better position mentally and it is also good for the business as you will get creative and look for ideas that actually do not cost you a lot of money. It is always expensive to hire a professional then why not start working with an amateur. You might be surprised to see how an amateur can give you better results than a professional. This is because an amateur will have the ability to think out of the box and try something that no one has ever tried in the business.

  • Make a list of things that you feel you are very good at and no one can beat you in – Most of the time we downplay our achievements and abilities. Why do you think that you do not have any expertise? We all have some expertise. Some of us realize it and work towards making it better and some do not want to take the chance they are simply happy with what they are doing. We want you to become a dream chaser. We want you to look beyond your limits and do things that no one has ever done before. Trust us it is possible just that you have to look at it from a new point of view. Just sit for a while and think what your achievements are? Think what people compliment you about. It can be something even as small as your flawless skin. Before you start with the business you will have to have all the answers for the questions that we are going to discuss now:
  • What is it that you are going to sell? Is it a service or is it a product? You have to look at making sales from the beginning itself. It is good for the business and your morale.
  • Who are the people who will be the target audience for you? Why they are your audience and what problem are you actually going to solve for them?
  • First offer the product or the service to the people you know well. Tell them about the product. Ensure that they use the product and service and give you a feedback. These can work as a testimonial. You can offer them a price lesser than the actual price as a friendly gesture. These can also be used as a case study. People who know you will show more trust in you than people who are interacting with you for the first time.
  • Now you have the product or the service that you will be offering to the clients. You have also got some feedback from people you know. Now you will have to look for a person who will have the skills that you need. You can ask these people who are interested in your business for barter because you do not have money. Tell then to provide you a service for free and in return you will also provide them with a service that they may need. You will have to figure out what is it that you can do in return so that these people feel interested in your proposal. You can ask them to build a website for you at a lower price and you can market their products in your site or blog. There are many people who are interested in such give and take. However, as we have mentioned before to look for such like-minded people you will have to invest time. It may take you weeks and months to get a positive response. However, when you find someone who is ready to accept your proposal there is no looking back for you. A trick that you can use here is build a relationship with these people and then make the proposal to them it will improve the chances of you getting a better response.

Whenever there is a mention about starting a business the first reaction you will get is “where is the money” well your answer should be “why do you need money”. If you have some big dreams then this must be the stepping stone to it. The first step to realize your dreams is to start working on them. We are not talking about things that are impossible. All the points that we have discussed above can be done by anyone who has a passion for his or her dreams. These ideas have helped many and if you want you can use them too. We always try to ensure that we give the best ideas to our readers and we hope this article will help you realize the dreams of yours.