How to Get Free Amazon Prime Membership Without Paying Anything

Everyone is raving about Amazon Prime Membership because of its popularity, you can get free shipping and lot of other benefits using Amazon prime membership. But its not free to have this, you need to pay around $99 per year for this prime membership, however there are some cell phone companies and credit cards offer free Amazon prime membership for buying their expensive packages.


amazon prime

What if there is a way to get Amazon prime for free without paying anything? Is it possible? Yes there are some sneaky ways to get Amazon prime membership for free.

Here are the ways to get Amazon prime for free.

Get Amazon Prime for 1 month for free if your package arrives late

This is one of the coolest and legit way to get free Amazon prime membership. But to avail this benefit you must already have a prime membership. If you order anything from Amazon, and if it does not arrive at your doorstep within the guaranteed time, then you can contact Amazon support explain the situation to them. They will check your order and if it really doesn’t arrive at your door step within the guaranteed time frame, then they will extend your prime membership to one month more as a part of peace making with you.

If you have paid extra dollars for one day shipping, they will even refund your shipping fee incase if it doesn’t arrive within the guaranteed time frame.

If they offered you 1 month extra prime membership means, that extra one month will commence after your current prime membership expires, in that way, your extra one month will not get wasted.

Sign up for Amazon Prime Free Trail using multiple accounts

At first, when i heard about this trick, i didn’t believed it, but until when i got in touch with Amazon customer support and asked about this out of curiosity, they said, yes that is acceptable and can avail multiple prime memberships.

Below is the chat transcript of it

I asked her, if i have two email address, can i sign up for Amazon prime free trail using those two email address? and she said yes. So the trick is, first sign up for 1 free trail using one email address and when it got expired, use another email and sign up for another free trail and use its benefits. This is another cool way to get free Amazon prime.

But i don’t think it will last forever, so use it while it is still there. All you need is a different email address every time when you register a new account.

Get Amazon Prime for free by signing up with Sprint

There used to be a cell phone plan launched by Sprint mobile, that you could get 12 month Amazon prime membership for free when you sign up for one of their cell phone plan. It was long time ago, now they have removed that plan and only offering a way to add Amazon prime membership to your cell phone plan. If you are having a free trail Amazon prime membership, then you can add that to your sprint cell phone plan. But they are not giving it for free anymore.

Sign up for American Express Card and Get a Free Amazon Prime

Amazon and American Express has teamed up and are offering Free Amazon prime membership for people who sign up for Amex card. But unfortunately this promotion has ended recently. Right now there is no working promotion going for Amazon prime.

6 Months Free Amazon Prime for Students

Amazon did a great thing for students. They are offering 6 months free amazon prime for students exclusively. All you need to have is a .edu email address and you have to sign up to Amazon prime using that .edu email address and you need to enrol in atleast one course in any of the available 50 colleges in US, Puerto rico or The district of Columbia.

You will get all features available in Prime membership except prime music and Kindle lending library. Apart from this, you will get instant access to unlimited videos from Amazon prime videos, amazing college deals and many more.

Once your 6 months free trail expires, they will give you an option to continue using their membership for  just $49.95 a year upto 4 years. Its your wish to continue or not to continue with them .

Without Amazon Prime

Even without signing up for expensive Amazon prime, you can still enjoy the benefits of prime membership, since Amazon already offers free shipping on products which are of $35 or more, or for books its $25 or more and they need a minimum threshold of $75 or $99 in order to qualify for a free shipping. To beat this, all you need to do is, just back order few items until your cart becomes $99 and then you will be eligible for  free shipping, once you qualified for free shipping, you can cancel your back ordered items.

Do not over use this trick, as if Amazon finds out, they may ban your account.

Get your money back using Amazon rewards card

Sign up for Amazon rewards card as it pays 5% cash back on every item you purchase from Amazon. So, if you do around $165 worth of shopping every month through Amazon, in the form of cash back, your $99 invested for Amazon prime will be credited back to your account.

This trick is simple and straight forward unless you need to do atleast $165 shopping every month through Amazon.

Cancel your Amazon Prime Membership

Sign up for Amazon prime free trail and when it is about to expire in 2 days, cancel your prime membership. Amazon will offer you another 1 month free trail of Amazon prime membership.

This is another cool way to get free amazon prime membership.


How to Make Atleast $10 a Day

Everyone will have their ups and downs in their life. If you are struggling to make at least $10 a day. Here is how to earn $10 a day with this proven method.

$10 a day

To make this work, you  must have little knowledge about affiliate marketing. If you are already an affiliate, then things will be pretty easy for you. But, if you are entirely new to this affiliate industry, then you need to work a little in order to know what is what.

So, anyways, here is what you need to do in order to earn atleast $10 a day.

First of all, you need the following

  • Craiglist account
  • An affiliate account in Peerfly or any other affiliate network where they have zip submit offers.

You can also find zip submit offers through this affiliate offers explorer (Offervault) or Odigger . Browse through some zip submit offers and sign up for an account in the company that offers zip submit offers.

Once you got registered, now pull your tracking link for the zip submit offer which will pay you around $1-$2 depending upon the offer and Geo.

Now, all over the world, there will be many people who are jobless trying to find some part time works which can be done from by working at home. So, what you will do is, post a craiglist ad under job sections, saying “Data entry people needed, earn $20 per survey

Be prepared to get floods of emails to your inbox. Now, reply them with your affiliate link in it, since people are hungry to make some money, they will sign up for it and you will make money for making people to sign up for your offers.


How to get Free Instagram Followers

How to get Free Instagram followers to your account? This is the first question people ask who don’t have many followers in their Instagram account. Often many people try to buy Instagram followers online, but end up searching for “get followers on Instagram “. Some people even search for Instagram likes and Free Instagram likes.

If you don’t know how craze that Instagram has, now a days Instagram is being used by around 600 Million people worldwide according to

Instagram Statistics

This means, almost all the current millennials use Instagram. Every one wants to get free Instagram followers to their account. Because many people think that having very few or no followers to their Instagram make them feel bad about their social media presence.

how to get more followers on instagram

  • Free Instagram followers with popular posts

Popular Instagram post

There is a good chance that you can get free Instagram followers if the posts done by you became popular. But how to get your posts popular? First of all, your Instagram account should be a public account, not a private account. If you are concerned about your privacy, you will never get new followers to your Instagram account. If you want to get free Instagram followers, then set your Instagram account to public and try to post regularly and be active in Instagram no matter what.

  • Get Instagram followers by using top Instagram hashtags


If you continue to regularly post in your Instagram and use popular hashtags for your posts, then there is a big chance that your posts can be found in Instagram by others. If you are regularly updating your account and getting found by new Instagram users, there is a big chance that they might love your posts and may follow you. This is a great way to get Instagram followers to your account.

Here are some of the popular tags which are being used by Instagram users

#love #instagood #me #cute #tbt #photooftheday #instamood #iphonesia #tweegram #picoftheday #igers #girl #beautiful #instadaily #summer #instagramhub #iphoneonly #follow #igdaily #bestoftheday #happy #picstitch #tagblender #jj #sky #nofilter #fashion #followme #fun #sun
If you are not sure about what are the hashtags popular right now, see this website tagblender where you can get the list of top hashtags which are currently in use.
  • Get Instagram followers by using Geotags

Upload your photos in Instagram by using Geotags.  If you upload photos using Geotags, there is a good chance that your photos can be seen by people who browse your location. This is a great way to increase viewership to your photos and videos. Once you get some viewers to your Instagram profile, then there is a good chance that people may follow you in your Instagram.

For using this feature, you need to make your account public, if you are using a private profile, no one can see your photos and videos and there is no way anyone can find out about your Instagram profile.

  • Give some space for your Instagram uploads

Do not upload your pictures and videos too soon in your Instagram. This may irritate your current followers. Because whenever you post something in Instagram, your update will be shown to all your followers. The more uploads you do in your Instagram, the more update your followers may get. And if you post too soon, their wall will be filled with your updates only and this may irritate your followers. So, try to do less and get more Instagram followers.

Do not post more than 3 posts per day. This what on average most people do.

  • Use Instagram Filters

You can make a normal picture to look amazing using Instagram filters. Many famous celebrities in Instagram are making use of these amazing filters present in Instagram. They bring lot of attractiveness to the picture. Obviously if you are posting a good picture in Instagram, you will get good reach and then more followers. This is also a great way to get free Instagram followers to your profile. There are a lot of filter apps which makes your pictures look good.

  • Instagram stories for more followers

Create a story with all of your memorable photos and upload into your Instagram. This is a great way to create a new story, if you are using an iPhone, then it will automatically creates a story with your photos. Or in the internet, you can find lot of apps which does that thing. The thing is being active and interesting will help you bring more likes and followers to your Instagram.

  • Upload during peak times to get free Instagram Followers

You have a maximum of 3 to 4 hours before your photo goes into Instagram community. If you upload your photos during the peak times when maximum people are using it, you can get random visitors to your profile and thereby more followers and likes.

Everyday, morning and after work hours are the peak timings where most people use Instagram. If you upload your pictures at this time, there is more probability that you can get more likes and more followers to your account.

And in a week, the most popular time is Wednesday between 5 pm to 6 Pm

If you are located in Central Time Zone, the 2 pm – 3 pm is the most active time for Instagram, if you are living in another time zone, then find out whats working for you, at which time, more people are active in Instagram.

  • Don’t share everything

Keep your Instagram account with attractive pictures only. Do not upload everything to your Instagram profile and make it look awful. No one likes to see rubbish, so do you. Upload images which are worth sharing and which are interesting. This way, people will get the belief that you only share quality content. So, they want to become a follower to your Instagram account. Say for example, if you happened to upload a crappy picture and you get a new visitor and when he sees your crappy picture, he don’t want to see any of your pictures and leaves. So, upload only quality content.

Read: how to view private Instagram profile

  • Follow others to get more free Instagram followers

Just like in Twitter, follow some random people, so that they will follow you back too. Don’t follow too many people in short span of time. As your account maybe blocked by Instagram for spamming. Instead follow few people everyday and give them some time to follow you back.

If even after long time, they didn’t follow you back, then you can unfollow them again. People who just have created Instagram may use this method to increase their Instagram followers.

Best way to increase your followers is to stumble upon popular posts in Instagram and follow the people who are active in those posts, this way, you can get more viewers to your account and thereby more free followers

  • Update your Instagram account regularly

If you don’t regularly update your Instagram account, then all the hard work you put in getting free Instagram followers will be lost. Because no one wants to follow a dead Instagram account. Try to update it regularly with some engaging content.

If you don’t update regularly, your followers may start to unfollow you.

  • Join in micro communities to get free Instagram followers

Micro communities in Instagram are like a group or forum where people with similar interests talk about. Find some interesting micro communities in Instagram that suits your interests and join in to those groups and introduce yourself to that community. This is a good way to make new friends and get more free followers to your Instagram profile.

For example, if you love New York and its food, try finding food lovers in New York and join into those groups and make new friends. The more friends you make, the more followers you can get to your Instagram account. Once you joined into that community, all of your posts will get more likes and shares.

  • like-for-like and follow-for-follow Instagram accounts

No one will like an Instagram account with no or few followers. Everyone wants to increase their Instagram followers. You are not alone, there are some accounts who will definitely follows you back in Instagram if you follow them..

Here are some, follow those Instagram profiles and they will definitely follows you back.

– like4like




Try the above keywords in Instagram and i am sure, you can find a lot of profiles like this.

  • Use a Hashtags generator

There are some apps who can generate #hashtags for your Instagram posts. You can copy those hashtags and post it along with your picture. When people search for hashtags and your posts will be displayed for those tags. The more tags you upload, the more people sees your insta posts. This way you can get lot of likes to your Instagram posts and also more free followers.

some of the apps which are in use today are for generating hashtags


hashtag generator

  • Follow and Unfollow Celebrities

This is one of the creepiest way to get free followers to your Instagram account. Follow and unfollow Instagram celebrities regularly. What happens is, people often check celebrities Instagram followers list. If you follow them and unfollow them regularly, your name will be in top under the followers list of these celebrities, and there is a good chance that these people who are browsing celebrities might follow you.

But like i said, anything suspicious you do will ring an alarm to Instagram spam filters, so do this with caution, as this may result in account banning.

  • Buy Instagram followers and Likes

There are websites who sell Instagram followers and Instagram likes. But these followers and likes are not for free, you need to pay for their services. So services are reliable and you can increase your Instagram followers with it. But, with some service providers, your followers will only last few days and then disappear.

So, do a research before buying any Instagram followers or likes. In most cases they won’t last longer and moreover, these followers are not from real accounts, they are just created to follow accounts like this and make money. If you just want an increase in your followers, then go for it. But, if you want, daily likes and activeness from these followers, forget buying Instagram followers. They will never last, as those accounts might get removed by Instagram sooner or later. is a website, where you can tweet, like, share, follow and get points and use those points to get followers to your Instagram account. But what you can get here are both real and fake users. So, go with caution.

  • Like and Comment on Others Instagram Account to get free Instagram Followers

Its always a good way to make new friends. This is one of the proven way to increase your Instagram followers for free. Try browsing random posts and view random profiles and like their posts, comment on their posts and follow them. If you continue to do so, it will help your gain more viewers to your Instagram profile.

People may comment on your posts, like your posts, which will help you in getting more likes to your Instagram posts and also more free followers.

But don’t do overdo anything, this may alarm the spam filters set by Instagram. Set a number daily and comment and like their posts to get likes and comments to your posts aswell.

Because studies have proven that, people find comments so precious to them, and same with likes too. So, the more the comments they get, the more impressed they will be.

  • Call to action headings

When you do all the above methods to increase viewers to your Instagram account, when you do get viewers to your account, how do you keep them engaged with your content? If you don’t have any engaging content, they will just move away without follow you. For this, you need to use call to action headings to your posts, so that, when a visitor comes into your profile, they will have something to engage with, you might get a comment or a like for your content.

This is another way to increase likes and comments to your Instagram account.

A famous heading which most people use is

“Double tap if this made you laugh!”

  • Instagram Followers Hack – No Survey – No Human Verification

There is no real working Instagram Followers Hack available right now. So, please don’t fall for these spams.

Instagram Followers Hack

Instagram Hack

Look at the above screenshots, some websites asks for you to login to your Instagram account, before they increase your followers. But never ever do that, as they may steal your login information and use it for other purposes.

The sole purpose of these websites is to make you believe that they are going to increase your Instagram followers, but at last they will ask you to prove you as human, for that, they need you to fill up a survery for which they will make some money.

But, even after completing the survey, you will get nothing. So don’t fall for those scams.

Increase Instagram followers

Here is how they will ask for captcha verification

Manual Captcha

And finally, you will be shown with the following screen with full of CPA offers, for which they will make money and you get nothing

Content Locking

All the above ones are CPA offers, when you complete those offers, the website owner will make money. If you get what you’ve wanted, then it maybe fair to complete the survey for them, but you are getting nothing, they been ripping you off.

The only way to increase your Instagram followers is by buying Instagram followers or using addmefast website. But all you get is followers from fake accounts.

If you want, real people and real followers, then follow the above said methods, which will get you decent free Instagram followers.


How to Sell WordPress Plugins

Are you a WordPress developer and wanted to know how to sell WordPress Plugins and make money? Today i am going to show you how to effectively sell WordPress plugins and make some money. Who knows, if you’ve got a great idea for WordPress plugin, and liked by WordPress users, you can earn huge amount of money with your plugin. But how to sell WordPress plugins, everyone is good at one thing and bad at other things, a developer might not be as good as a real internet marketer and vice versa.

But, here is how all the money making plugin developers are making money with selling their WordPress plugins.

  • Sell WordPress Plugins using Themeforest

Sell WordPress Plugins

With Envato you can easily sell your WordPress plugins and themes and make money. Here is the step by step guide on how to sell your WordPress plugins.

  • Step 1

Create a Envato account or if you already have one, please sign in with your user name and password.

Envato Login

  • Step 2

Envato Logged in

Choose the option which fits best for you and then click on next to proceed further.

  • Step 3

Where do you want to sell

Now, select the option which fits you and click on proceed further, if you are first time selling your plugin, then choose “i will sell exclusively on Envato” or if you are already selling elsewhere then choose “I will sell on Envato and elsewhere” option.

  • Step 4 – Choose your specialty

Choose your Specialty

Choose the option which suites for you, if you are good at developing plugins, then choose “Code Scripts and Plugins” or if it is other one, then choose that one.

  • Step 5: Go to Dashboard

Envato Dashboard

Now, that you have completed the initial setup, now go to the Envato dashboard to start selling your WordPress plugins. With Envato market place, you can set your own price for your items (plugins or themes).

  • Step 6: Upload your item (Plugin or theme)

Upload Plugin

  • Step 7: Choose the category

Choose your category

Before uploading your plugin, you need to choose the relevant category for your upload. As shown in the above screenshot, i have chosen WordPress as my plugin is related to WordPress.

  • Step 8: Upload your item to CodeCanyon

Codecanyon Upload

Now, give a title & description for your plugin and all other details like screenshots, plugin files, support files, preview links, video preview and all other details like pricing. Like i said in the above, you can set your own price, in which Envato or Codecanyon charges some fee from your sales.

  • How much i can earn from selling WordPress plugins

Since you can set your own price, but still, you have to pay some percentage of money to envato for listing your plugin. As a first time user, here is the fee that is being charged by envato from me. See below in the screenshot

Envato Fee

As you can see in the above, it is charging around 37.5% of fee from you from each sale. Say, if you are about to sell the plugin for $39, then you will earn $21.86999 per sale from envato.

Something is better than nothing, if you don’t have resources to make your own website and pay money for ads for marketing your website, then envato market place is the best on to go. You don’t need to spend a dime to sell your WordPress plugins here and they only charge you when a sale is happened.

  • Things to remember:

– You can’t sell your plugin right away. After uploading your plugin, their support team will review your plugin and if they think that you have a quality plugin, then they will approve your listing. Otherwise, you have to go somewhere else to sell your plugin.

– In order for your plugin to be listed in envato marketplace, it should of high quality one, otherwise they wouldn’t approve your listing.

So try to maintain high quality in your plugin coding and good luck making money with it.

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List of WordPress Security Scan Plugins


Are you looking ways to secure your WordPress site? Here is the list of WordPress Security Scan Plugins which will help you in securing your WordPress site from intruders. No doubt, WordPress is the #1 blogging platform around the globe. Thousands of thousands of sites are being powered by WordPress platform. That means, there are a hell of WordPress sites out there in the internet. Now a days, thousands of websites are being hacked by the hackers, you can’t do anything if the hacker is a real genius. But now a days, most of the sites are getting hacked by amateur hackers who find a small flaw in your plugin and then deface your site. This is mostly because of having security vulnerabilities in your WordPress site.

In order to scan for those security vulnerabilities, you need a security scanner for your website which scans your WordPress site. And, thanks to WordPress plugins directory where you can find resourceful plugins for all your needs.

There are plenty of online scanners available for your website, but most of them aren’t free and they can’t scan completely because they only check for common vulnerabilities. But with these WordPress security scan plugins, they will scan from the core and find flaws in your plugins, themes etc. So, its better to have a security scan plugin than an outside scanner.

Here is the list of WordPress Security Scan Plugins:

Wordfence Security

Among WordPress Security Plugins, Wordfence Security is the most downloaded security plugin so far. This plugin is 100% free and open source. They also offer API service for their premium customers. If you don’t mind paying, then you can use their premium service or else you can just stick with their normal free service. Using this plugin it will create a WordPress firewall which will stop malicious attacks from outside. This will automatically create and update new firewall rules by using their live feed.

It also offers the following features

  • Blocking features – Using their blocking feature, it will automatically blocks known attackers, like if a site is using Wordfence and blocked an attacker, it will automatically protects you from that attacker. You can also block aggressive bots which are crawling your website and slowing it down.
  • WordPress Login Security – It enables you to have two factor login security, which is being practiced by banks. It will also forces you to strong passwords for your WordPress. It also locks an user if he is trying a brute force attack on your website.
  •  Security Scanning – This scans your entire WordPress core files and checks for vulnerabilities. It also scans all the plugins, themes for possible loopholes. It will scans for malwares, known viruses and checks all files if any of them have been modified lately.
  • Monitoring features – It will show the real time traffic statistics for your website. You can check your real traffic and check whether it is being accessed by normal visitors or bots or getting a DDOS attack.
  • Multi Site Support – If you are using a WordPress multi site, then Wordfence is fully loaded with multi site support also, as it scans all core files in your multi site too.

This is most widely used WordPress security scan plugin. Give it a try today and see what it can do for your website.

WordPress Security Scan by

This has two option. One is this WordPress Security Scan plugin downloads few pages of your website and analyze the RAW html code for possible vulnerabilities. And the second option is active scan, which enumerates the plugins and themes present in your WordPress gives you details about possible vulnerabilities in your WordPress website.

It also gives you information about your Web hosting whether it is reputed or not. It also scans your web pages for possible java script injections, Iframe injections. You can enable or disable the admin account using this plugin. But this plugin is not for free, you have to pay to use their services. Along with the plugin you will get access to their other premium tools like port scanner which will check your website for possible open ports which attacker might use to penetrate into your website.

  • Detectify


Detectify is another great security scan plugin. If you are looking for full website scan, then this is the tool you need to use. It will identify the following vulnerabilities in your website.

– SQL Injection
– Blind SQL Injection
– Remote File Inclusion
– Local File Inclusion
– Cross Site Scripting
– and many more..

Apart from discovering normal vulnerabilities, it also detects WordPress vulnerabilities like YoastSEO Data Exposure, Twenty Fifteen DOM XSS and others which are recently added to its database.

WP Scans

If you are looking for an online tool to scan your WordPress site, then WP Scan is the tool you need to use. Just enter your WordPress URL in the space provided and hit enter. It will fetch the scan details in few minutes.

It has deep scan functionality which scans all your pages, and also it has automatic scanning feature, which will automatically scans your website for possible vulnerabilities in your website at regular intervals.

WP Scan has around 6100 vulnerabilities database, which will enables the tool to deep scan your website more efficiently.


Security Ninja

Unlike the above tools, Security Ninja is another WordPress plugin which can be installed directly into your WordPress website. And once, it is installed, it can be run within your website which has access to every file your WordPress has. This tool performs around 50 security tests to your website and gives you a report on what vulnerabilities it found on your website and gives you suggestions on how to fix those issues.


SUCURI is providing all in one solution for your websites. It helps in cleaning your hacked websites and protection from potential attacks on your website. Unless your website is doing a lot of business it is not recommended because of its high price.

It provides both anti virus and firewall for your website and helps in protecting your website from attackers. The also provide monitoring service which will monitor your website 24×7.

If you are looking for free solutions, then you can try their free site scanner which scans for malware in your website.

They also provide Sucuri Security plugin for WordPress users. It provides the following features

– Security Auditing

– Malware scanning

– Monitor the blacklist

– Actions need to take if in case a malware is detected

– It also monitor file integrity

and a lot of other awesome features.

Pen Test Tools

Pen-Test tools offers WordPress vulnerability scanner. It is an advanced version for WP Scan tool. It scans for vulnerabilities in your website and offers a report in PDF format.

It also have the feature to enumerate the plugins, themes, users and then scans for vulnerability in those plugins, themes and users and gives you a report.

Exploit Scanner

Exploit scanner is a WordPress plugin which you can install in your WordPress. It scans all your WordPress core files, database and comments. If you ever feel like your site has been compromised, then this tool comes in handy as it scans all your files, database and comments. If anything suspicious or malicious code is injected in your code, it will scan and will give information about it.

But it doesn’t remove anything, just informs about malicious code injected in your code.

WP Loop

WP Loop is the basic level security plugin for your WordPress. If you have just installed your WordPress and wanted to take security precautions from the first place, then you can start with WP Loop plugin. It performs basic security checkups for your website like install.php, upgrade.php accessibility. Some hackers use install.php & upgrade.php to penetrate into one’s site.

It also enumerates the login and finds if there is any information leakage is happening in your WordPress website. It also checks for any information leakage when submitting posts through Windows Live Writer.

WP Neuron

WP Neuron is an online security scan tool which scans all your core files, plugins and enumerates weak passwords and checks against brute force attack. Using this scan tool, scan your complete website and check for any vulnerabilities that your website may have.

  • Acunetix


Acunetix is one of the best security scan tool which offers both online scan tool and also available for download to use in your computer for later use. It not only scans WordPress but also supports other CMS softwares.

It scans for vulnerabilities like Cross-site scripting (XSS) , SQL injection, SSL, DDOS, Header, SSRF, XXE. It also checks your website for weak passwords and user enumeration and wp-config.php security issues.


Quttera offers a WordPress plugin which can be installed in your WordPress website. With this plugin, you can scan your website from your WordPress admin panel, when running scan, it sends HTTP requests Quttera and fetches latest security updates from its servers.

It also downloads latest malware updates and checks your website for any potential threats. Along with malware lookups, it checks the following details

– PHP code injection detection

– If any external link is placed in your website this scanner will detect it

– It also checks your WordPress core files for any security issues.

If you are looking for a complete website protection, then you can try Wordfence which is most recommended one along with cloudfare. It is also important that you would use a reliable web hosting since all your files will reside with your hosting company.

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