Tier 1 Countries Advertising

If you are in Affiliate Marketing Industry, you might heard of Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and Tier 5 countries. Certain affiliate offers only certain tier countries traffic. If you are unsure about what are these tier countries are, here is the list of countries by tier wise.

Have a look below.

Tier 1
United Kingdom
United States

Most of the affiliate offers only wants traffic from Tier 1 countries, and the payout for these offers are usually high when compared with other tier countries.

The next best geo list is

Tier 2

Czech Republic
El Salvador
Hong Kong
New Zealand (Aotearoa)
Puerto Rico
South Africa
United Arab Emirates

The amount of traffic available from these Geo’s is less when compared with Tier 1 countries, but you can get good affiliate payouts for offers for these Geo’s. If you have some good traffic sources for these geo’s its worth promoting few offers for these geo’s because of less competition and good payouts.

Tier 3

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
Korea (South)
Saudi Arabia
Slovak Republic
Sri Lanka
Viet Nam

You can find very few offers for these geo’s and traffic sources available for these geo’s are also less. Moderate affiliate payouts and very less competition.

Tier 4
Aland Islands
American Samoa
Antigua and Barbuda
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bouvet Island
British Indian Ocean Territory
Brunei Darussalam
Burkina Faso
Burma (Myanmar)
Cape Verde
Cayman Islands
Central African Republic
Christmas Island
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Cook Islands
Croatia (Hrvatska)
Democratic Republic of Congo
East Timor
Equatorial Guinea
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
Faroe Islands
French Guiana
French Polynesia
French Southern Territories
Heard and McDonald Islands
Ivory Coast
Korea (North)
Marshall Islands
Netherlands Antilles
Neutral Zone
New Caledonia
Norfolk Island
Northern Mariana Islands
Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Papua New Guinea
Republic of Serbia
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
San Marino
Sao Tome and Principe
Serbia and Montenegro
S. Georgia and S. Sandwich Isls.
Sierra Leone
Solomon Islands
St. Helena
St. Pierre and Miquelon
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
Vatican City State (Holy See)
Virgin Islands (British)
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
Wallis and Futuna Islands
Western Sahara

  • Very less affiliate payouts and huge inventory in many ad networks, but you get very few offers with very less payouts.

Tier 5


I have never promoted any offers for these geo’s, so unless you know what you are doing, go ahead and give it a shot for these Geo’s.


8 Ball Pool Hack

8 Ball Pool is one of the famous sports game which is trending now a days. Players are searching for 8 Ball Pool Hack to get unlimited cash and coins for that game. Why do you need cash and coins in that game when you can play? Because, this game is designed with amazing features, where players can play 1 on 1 or enter into a tournaments and play and win tournaments. But it is not that easy to enter into tournaments, for to enter into game tournaments, you would require lots of cash, but that can be earned by playing and winning lot of games or can win that cash and coins with 8 ball pool hack.

This is where, 8 Ball Pool Hack comes in to play.

About the game: 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool game was designed by MiniClip. This game is available in different platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. You can also play web versions of this game in browser using their website. But this game has become famous in mobile devices. People who have spare time, play this game at their convenience.

8 Ball Pool

Currently, it has around 100,000,000 – 500,000,000 installs so far in Google play store.

Here is their official Google App link and Itunes link.

They claim this as world’s number 1 online pool game.

Features of 8 Ball Pool Game:

It offers playing 1 on 1 games with other people and also with 8 other people.

You can also challenge your friends and invite them to your table.

This game allows you to play tournaments with other people in this world.

The more games you play, the more levels you will reach, and the difficulty level will increase with the increase of the levels.

You can earn cash and coins by winning games against your opponent.

These coins and cash can be used to enter into big tournaments.

If you are just starting out with this game, chances are very few that you will have few cash and coins, but in order to enter to big tournaments, without cash or coins, you cannot enter. This is where, 8 ball pool hacks come into existence. People believe that, these hacks can help them score more cash and coins in their game. But in reality, since the game is an online game, you cannot control it, and you cannot control any of those files and your score is also recorded online. 

Unless there is a real hacker who can hack into 8 Ball Pool game website, there is no way you can hack their systems and raise coins and cash.

What about 8 Ball Pool hack websites?

Out there in the internet, there are a lot of 8 ball pool hack websites claiming that, they can hack the game and get you unlimited cash and coins. They also show you screenshots with unlimited coins and cash. Just like the one below

8 Ball Pool Unlimited Cash

In the above screenshot, the play has around 7777777 cash, which was modified with Photoshop. Still don’t believe me? Then what these websites will do ?

Here are the screenshots of few websites which are claiming that they can hack 8 ball pool game

8 ball pool hack

and this one

8 ball pool hack

In the above screenshots, they are asking you to enter your username or email address. No matter what name or email address you put in there, it just works in the same way for everything.

I am giving a try here with some pseudo name which doesn’t exist.

8 ball pool hack website

and this one

hacking 8 ball pool

They may seem like, they are actually hacking the 8 ball pool servers. But its not, no matter what you enter in their website, it will show the same screen and finally in the end, they will ask you for human verification.

Here is what you can get in the next screen asking you for human verification or captcha verification

Human verification

and finally this

Complete survey

Every website which claims, that they can hack 8 ball pool game, finally shows the above screen and ask you to verify that you are human. For this you need to complete any offer in the above.

These are actually called CPA offers, which are being promoted by affiliate marketers. The website owner here is called affiliate marketer and for making you complete the survey, the website owner will get commission.

The amount of commission will depends on the geo location of the user. If the user is from tier 1 countries like US, UK or CA, the website owner will get good commissions for each survey the user fills in. If the survey is from third world countries, the commission will be very less.

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Is there a hack for 8 ball pool game?

Anyhow, there is no real hack for 8 ball pool game. If any website claims that they can hack 8 ball pool game, then probably they are bluffing. The company who made this game MiniClip, isn’t a small company, if there is a real hack out there, they will immediately shut that website.

If you still not convinced with what i said? Then try those websites with your own risk, once you give your email address there, from next day onwards, your email inbox will be bombarded with lots of spam mails and you can never able to unsubscribe from their email list.

Legit ways to get unlimited coins and cash

Aren’t there any legit ways to get unlimited cash and coins? yes there is. Just play the game for fun and earn coins. This is what most players do.


How to Hack Clash of Clans

Are you an avid game player and a big fan of clash of clans game? If you are looking for how to hack clash of clans game, then you are probably looking for ways to increase your gems, gold and elixir in your clash of clans account. You might have already tried a lot of hacks for clash of clans game. But nothing seems to worked for you because in the end, they will ask for a human verification if not they will say no human verification but need a captcha verification. But finally will they work? I will explain everything and tell you if there is a real hack for clash of clans game.

Hack Clash of Clans

What is Clash of Clans (CoC)?

Clash of Clans is a mobile game which is very famous in Android and IOS. It is labelled under strategy game in Google play store. Currently it has around 39,099,545 installs so far still increasing. The reason why this game has craze is because of its addictive feature. It is not just a normal game that you can play 10 levels and reach the boss level in the end. Its different, you will start this game as a clan to join in a group of clans or you can build your own group with your friends. And on your way in your journey, you will discover new buildings, villages and new characters. You will encounter with battles against different other clans. There will be times when you need to defend your village from the attack of other group clans. Its a whole new virtual world which you are going to live in.

Just like you need money in real world, you need gold, elixier & gems in clash of clans game to survive and live happily or to trade something. So this is the reason why too many people search for how to hack clash of clans to earn gold or gems. Just like in the real world, its not that easy to earn gold, gems or elixer by hacking clash of clans.

It is just like living in the real world, like building your own village by earning gold which you can earn by attacking other villages. Millions of players daily play this game and it is a good time killer.

To download this game

For Android devices: Click here

For IOS devices: Click here


At first, Clash of Clans (CoC) game was developed for IOS by SuperCell company later when it got too much popularity, they have decided to launch this for Android devices also.

How this game works?

Just like you have seen in movies about wars, you have to win in order to earn gold, gems & elixirs. You have to win battles against other group of clans from other villages. You need to protect  your village and clans from attacks of other villager clans. Just like in wars, training is very important in this game, you need to train your clans for possible attacks from other clans.

Win battles against other clans, if you defeat more than 50% of your opponents in other village, then you can own that village and it is yours. All the gems and gold present in that village will be yours. So, the more wins you will win, the more gold you can earn, apart from that you can earn gems and elixirs. Which you can use to get more clans, build more in your village.

How to hack clash of clans (CoC)

In the internet you will find many websites which promise you that they can actually hack clash of clans. But that’s bullshit, because here is what exactly happens. Every website which promises you that they can hack clash of clans makes the following promises. You don’t need to jailbreak your IOS for hacking clash of clans game. Some websites will show you that they are successfully hacking clash of clans game, but when they are about to show you the results, they will ask you to verify that you are human by completing a survey or verify captcha 

And finally, you will end up completing a survey for nothing.

Here is what exactly happens. Every website will take you to the following screen


hack tool for clash of clans

or this one

clash of clans hack

or this one

hacking clash of clans

You can find many clash of clans hack tools online but all these tools take you to the same screenshot which i have shared below.

Clash of clans generator

or this one

hack clash of clans

or this

Clash of clans hack

And finally, you will be encountered with the following message as shown below.

Clash of Clans Captcha

or this one

human verification

or you might see this one

Human verification

Normally, people would think that, they can get the gold or gems if they do this simple task. But that’s not true at all. Because, there is no hack for clash of clans at all. All these websites which are popping up for that keyword are websites owned by CPA (Affiliate marketers) who promote offers to make money.

For example in the above screen, there is an option to “Win an iPhone 7” which is an affiliate offer from Peerfly affiliate network which offers $1.40 for email submit. Which means, whoever clicks on that link and enters his email address in there, the website owner will get $1.40 per email address.

Here is the screenshot from Peerfly Affiliate network.

Win an Iphone Peerfly

or see this

Antivirus for Android

Which means, if someone clicks on that link for Anti virus and do what it says, the website owner will earn $14.25 per person.


These gamers who are searching for how to hack clash of clans are in desperate to get what they wanted, so they will do whatever they can to get this. But will you really get what you are hoping for? No, you wouldn’t, there is no hack tool out there for these apps and they are highly secured. You just have to play what you are playing, don’t search for instant gains, they never exist, you have to work hard to earn something whether it is in real world or in a virtual world like clash of clans.

Don’t fall prey for these websites, later your email inbox will be bombarded with lots of unwanted spam emails which you will never get rid of it. So, never give your email address or phone number into these sites.

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Still tempting?

You might get tempt with the comments present in the footer, they might look promising. But they aren’t real either. If you think they are real, try commenting there and your comment will never get published. Those are fake comments which are used to convince the user to sign up for their offers.

If you want to earn money by promoting offers in a legit way, you can try clickbank.  Here is how to promote clickbank products.

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If the above guys are really giving up gems and gold to your clash of clans account, i would have really endorsed them in my website, but they are not. The actual story for how to hack clash of clans is this.

If you want to earn gold, gems and elixirs then play hard and have fun.

What is a Top Level Domain?

What is a Top Level Domain?


Internet is a world of knowledge and it is the knowledge which helps us to be practical. If you are familiar with the terms of the Internet, you must be pretty aware of the fact that there are different domains and each of them are separate from the other. In addition of this, most of the domains use different sites for building a webpage. When it comes to the point of establishing online or while opening a website, domains are the prior thing of concern as it can be the key to influence success. There are several domains available which are internationally accepted but only a few of them acquire the position for being top.

Top Level Domain Advantages

There are some established domains such as .com, .org or even .net which are internationally accepted and thus they can be acquired quite easily with the help of reliable registration services. Indeed, there are a handful of advantages which you would get only from these domains. People are quite familiar indeed with these primary domains and they can actually find your website without any hazards. The simply have to type down the domain name and the extension will be up with the keyboard shortcuts. It is just Shift + Enter for a .net, Ctrl + Enter for a .com and Shift+ Ctrl+ Enter for an .org extension.

Specialised Endings for Top Level Domains

Apart from the default domain extensions, there are also customisable domains found. These specific set of domains acquire specific endings just to signify the purpose. A clear set of example is definitely with the Government websites which generally uses .gov extensions which specify their purpose. Other preferred domain extensions which can be easily acquired are .info, .biz as well as .web. Domain extensions such as these can also be considered as top level. They definitely do not have any such keyboard shortcuts but they can always be quite preferable indeed.

Other Top Level Domains

Specifically, there are other top level domains which may help you up in building your website. These set of domains are however, more suitable for your website than any other default names. The benefit of this is that even you put up a general name for your domain, the extension will be enough for you to make it clear what you are providing. This is quite helpful indeed as the people gets it easily to be understood without any hazards. An example of the Local Top Level Domains would certainly be .edu which defines that the website is providing educational services. Services may be of anything, but it is helpful when the extension is reserved.

Thus, being a top level domain does not mean that it will help you in all. But the best part is that you can choose domain according to your choice of service. With the help of a top level domain you can make your business stand and let it grow bigger and better. Top level domain is what the people are aware of.

Backlinks – A Way to Increase Web Traffic

Do you want to get your blog being the Top Rated? Well, to make an impact of the blog in a good Search Engine Optimization, the importance of Backlinks is huge. Backlinks are excellent to use when building a website. Backlinking from other websites, not only improves the importance of a blog in Search Engine, but it also influences in helping the blog grow better. Still if you aren’t familiar with the knowledge of these, here is a short guide for you:


What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are actually the key to get your blog on the top of a Search Engine. Backlinks are nothing but hyperlinks of some other website which are posted in your blog. Such hyperlinks from other websites are known as Backlinks which inturn are very important for a website to have. This is because more the number of backlinks there are in a website, more is the popularity of it. Google is definitely the most popular Search Engine today and it gives a higher ranking to the website with the largest backlinks adding more credibility to it. It is really important to build backlinks with the help of credible sources as it really helps to prove one point that the website carries quality content. However, it is not just enough to have a bunch of backlinks which are actually accumulated from different sources but it is of a real worth when the sources are accumulated from the similar content sources. However, there are a few restrictions to be taken care of. Having a limited backlink is okay but extending it to more than what you can think of can actually place the website to be banned.


What is Link Juice?


It is a colloquial term which is used in SEO world which actually gives the power to a site with the help of links from external as well as internal links. This is actually interpreted as a vote of recommendation to your site which helps in improving the search rankings of the website. There are actually many ways to earn links with the help of direct as well as indirect efforts. Direct effort refers to link a building strategy which is much similar to link building in the social networking as well as blog posting and commenting. However, for indirect efforts, it is just with presenting excellent contents in a blog. This is actually very helpful from a website and thus Link Juice is always essential for a website to have. The link equity which is passed out from these websites or blogs is actually considered as a link juice.


What Are NoFollow and DoFollow Links?


DoFollow: DoFollow are a special format of tagging the hyperlinks of a blog. When a backlink is tagged as a DoFollow link, it helps the website readers to get redirected to the site. This also initiates a good verdict for the website.

NoFollow: The websites do not recommend a NoFollow link to be used as a backlink. The major reason is that it initiates a negative impact on the website. These backlinks are dead and thus the user can verdict the website to not follow or track. In such cases, the website may get chances for getting banned if too many NoFollow backlinks are activated.


What are Spam Links?


Spam Links are a type of backlinks which initiates in building a dead to a website. Spam links can be created by anyone who does not want a website to get enough reputation. However, placing a spam link is creating the misuse of the website and this is the reason why most of the people do not prefer to put spam links on a blog. Much similar to a backlink, the spam link also initiates to a website page with the verdict of a spam note. Thus, with too many click on the link, the search rank of a site may decrease.


What are Internal Links?

Internal Links

Internal links are also a typical format of backlinks which redirects users. The only difference is that the redirection is done with the internal page of the same website. Internal links are hyperlinked on the blogs and articles of a website with the help of a specific keyword. Firstly, when a user clicks on this specific hyperlink, he is easily redirected to the extension of the link. The link redirects to somewhere else in the same page or in the same website leading to any product or any information. The help of internal links actually helps the websites to recycle traffic to their own domain and with the help of this, a huge traffic is generated. Thus, having internal Backlinks is also necessary for your website if you need to put an eye on the monthly traffic.


What Is Anchor Text?

anchor text

The clickable link which is used in a hyperlink is termed as an Anchor Text. There are many ways by which a website tricks to gain traffics. With the help of Anchor Text, a website can easily redirect users to their selected destination with the help of just one click. Usually, the blue underlined text is actually the Anchor Text in the article and it is most common as a web standard. These are specifically the keywords which are used as an Anchor text and it develops in such a way that the website gins the traffic as required.  Anchor text can also be caused as a backlink and it helps to improve the site ranking. Anchor texts can be of two types both natural as well as unnatural.

Natural Anchor Text: This is the anchor text which is used by the blogger to create external links to different blogs in the website. These links may be internal as well as external as well. The help of using Natural Anchor text will increase the ranking of the site.

Unnatural Anchor Text: The Unnatural Anchor Text is actually a spam or a barred text which is used for redirecting users to spam sites. This will bring the value of the blog down and also deteriorates the rank in the Search Engine.