How Much Do You Get Paid on YouTube

Now a days more and more people are becoming famous with the help of YouTube. Not only they are becoming famous but also it has its perks, they are making tons of money with YouTube. Famous YouTube stars are making millions using their channel. How much do you get paid on YouTube exactly? Today i am going to show you how much money does YouTube will pay you.


There are millions of people who watch YouTube daily. Its like a Television now a days, even people are watching more YouTube than a Television. So, there are a lot of advertisers who are willing to show their ads in YouTube videos. There will be big advertisers like Mercedes Benz who pays a lot and there will be small advertisers who can afford less. If your videos are really famous and gets a ton of visitors daily, then there will be a huge demand for your videos among the advertisers. So, a lot of advertisers are willing to pay good price to show their ad in your YouTube videos. But if your videos are not that famous, then there will be less demand for your videos among the advertisers, so only low paying ads will be shown in your videos.

Currently, YouTube pays you 68% of the advertising revenue to its users. That means, here is the math.

If you have uploaded a video, and it became viral and you are getting around 20k hits daily. Then it means, your video is very popular and a lot of advertisers are in queue to show their ad in your video. Thats means, advertisers are willing to pay higher and higher for to show their ad in your video.

How Much YouTube Pays YouTubers Per View

Usually, YouTube charges its advertisers on the basis of CPM (Cost per thousand) Impressions, Say if an advertiser is willing to pay $20 CPM, then YouTube will give you 68% of that $20. That means you will get around $13.60 per thousand views.

Say if you are getting around 20k visitors daily, then you can earn around $13.60 x 20 which is equal to $272 per daily. This CPM rate also depends on the geo location of your visitors. If your 20k visitors are coming from Tier 1 countries, then you can get higher CPM rates, but if those views are coming from Tier 4 or Tier 5 countries, then no matter if you are getting 600k visitors are day, your CPM rates will be very less.

YouTube Sponsorships

If your video is viral, then you might get tons of emails asking for sponsorships in your upcoming videos, the advertisers will ask you to refer to their products in your upcoming videos and in return they will pay you money. Some advertising companies may ask you to endorse their products and it all depends on how big is your YouTube channel.

The more famous your YouTube channel is the better your chances are.

How do i earn from  YouTube?

So, if you are ready and wanted to make some money from YouTube, start an YouTube channel by signing with your Gmail account. Do you already have something in your mind of what your YouTube channel is going to be?

Some people love cooking, so they can start a YouTube channel on recipes.

Some people love dog training, so they can start an YouTube channel on how to train their dogs.

Some people love playing guitar, so they can start an YouTube channel on how to play guitar.

Some people love gadgets, may be they can start an YouTube channel on Gadget reviews.

Just find out what your passion is, and then start creating your Videos and upload regularly on your YouTube channel, and share your videos in social media, if people love your videos, they will subscribe to your YouTube channel and that gets you more visitors day by day, there by increasing your YouTube video views which will eventually make money from your videos.

Need some Inspiration? Here are the famous YouTuber’s who are making Huge Money!!

PewDiePie – YouTube

PewDiePie is the #1 YouTube star who is earning millions of dollars from YouTube, according to Forbes list his net worth is around $12 million. His YouTube channel is famous for video games. In his videos, this guy plays video games and record’s those videos and uploads in his YouTube channel. Currently he is having around 59 Million subscribers.

These two guys run this YouTube channel Smosh who are famous for comedy videos in YouTube. Currently they have around 22 Million subscirbers and their net worth seems to be around $8.5 million as reported by Forbes.

IISuperwomanII – YouTube

Lilly Singh is another famous YouTube star who is earning millions using her YouTube channel. Currently she has around 13 Million YouTube subscribers. She is famous for her stand up comedy acts in YouTube.
All these famous YouTube stars have started with single video and been persistent with their work and have attained success in what they do. So, if you are really into YouTube and wanted to become a star, start making your first video.
How do i start?
First Pick up a theme on which you want to create your videos.
Second, create your YouTube channel, and start giving description to your YouTube channel.
Now, record a video using your smartphone or a video camera and then upload your video to your YouTube channel.
Now share that video link in your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram etc.
Upload regularly in your channel and ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, in that way, your YouTube audience will grow.
Useful Links for YouTube video Promotions:

Best easy ways to make money quickly

Best easy ways to make money quickly

There will be some times where we need some quick cash to get things done. If you are in that kind of situation and wanted some quick cash and looking for easy ways to make money quickly. Here are some good methods to earn money quickly and easily.

These methods are useful for people like students and housewives who have some spare time and wanted to put that time for good use. Continue reading this article to find the ways to make money quickly and easily.

The following methods include both online and offline methods. Choose the one right for you.

Method 1:

Make easy money with matched betting. This matched betting involves zero risk if done carefully. Here is the full guide on how to do matched betting and make some guaranteed money.

This is the best working method to make easy money very quickly. Literally in hours, you can earn some guaranteed money. Genuinely many people who are students or people who don’t have jobs have made £100’s with this method. This method is completely free and is 100% risk free and tax free. You don’t need to worry if betting is legal in your country. The type of the method I am going to reveal is called matched betting. According to William Hill this type of betting is completely legal and is 100% tax free. You don’t need to worry about anything.

Here is how to do that.

Many betting sites offer you free bets for their users. But in order to qualify for those free bets, they want you to spend some money first. Let’s say betting site A offers £25 free bet, but they require you to deposit the same amount first. So, what you will do is, deposit £25 and try to bet on a match.

Say for example there is a match going on between London and Liverpool.

Suppose if you bet that Liverpool will lose, then it is called Lay bet. You will win the bet when Liverpool loses.

And, suppose if you bet that Liverpool will win, then is called a Back bet, you will win the bet when Liverpool wins the game.

Now, that you have understood the betting terminology. Here is how to do the thing.

First, choose two betting sites. Let’s say

  • is offering $100 deposit bonus. is offering 20 GBP free bet.

Now choose a game to put your bet on. Say for example there is game happening between London and Liverpool.

Put a “Lay bet” on Liverpool in one site ( and put a “Back bet” on other site ( So, even you lose the bet on one website, you will win the bet on the other website for sure. So, you will lose little money as a transaction fee.

Now, after the game has finished, you will either lose a little money, or win the game and make more money, let’s assume that you lost the bet and lost little money. But you have qualified for the free bet, now, do the same thing, place a bet on one website with your free bet and place another bet on other website with your money.

Now, matter whether you win the bet or lose the bet, you already knew that you will make profit. Repeat the same thing with other websites and you can easily make around 30 GBP per hour which is not bad at all.

This method is 100% risk free.

Here are some famous betting websites incase if you need it

This type of betting is called matched betting and according to William Hill it is 100% legal and there is no risks involved in it. All you have to do is taking advantage of free bets offered by the brokers from time to time.

Method 2: Make Easy Money Using Online Surveys

If you didn’t like the above mentioned method to make easy money, here is another method which is even easier. This method involves filling online surveys. Some companies pay good amount of money for filling online surveys. All you need is an Internet connection and a laptop.

Many stay at home moms and students are making some decent money using online surveys. Research companies are always looking for new people to fill their surveys and test new products and for this, these companies pay for people’s opinion.

Filling a survey will take around few minutes and each survey pays you around $5. If you can fill a couple of surveys daily, you can make some good cash.

Here are the list of online survey companies which pays you good.

I heard that Swagbucks is good one among them and many users have reviewed that it has paid their customers on time always.

Method 3: Make Easy Money by Surfing the Internet

With you can easily earn money by surfing the internet. All you need to do is just install their browser add-on, after you have installed it, some sponsored ads will be display alongside of your browser and will pays you for displaying their ads in your browser.

It’s pretty easy and you don’t need to do anything. All you need to do is just install their browser add-on and do whatever you are doing and after some time you check your balance with

The good thing about is that there is no minimum payout, so you can cash out whatever you have earned with them.

Method 4: Online Market Trading

This method is not for everyone as it comes with a bit of a risk. You need to invest some money first in order to make money. You don’t need to born with a golden spoon, but still, don’t invest your last ever savings in this method.

Only invest if you have some spare money to spend. Trading has made people billionaires like warren buffet. But they are very good at market research. You don’t need to do all those stuff. You can make some easy money with the following method. and are the famous trading platforms now a days. They both offer free trading accounts for your practice. Once you get familiarized with trading, you can start trading with real trading accounts. offers 25 GBP sign up bonus without any deposit.

But to make easy money, I would suggest you to opt for as it offers an amazing feature called CopyTrader. With this feature, you can copy the trades done by big players, if they make money, you will also make money. So it all depends on choosing the right trader to copy from.

In, you can browse all trader profiles with their earning statistics. So, all you have to do is choosing the right trader and copy their trades automatically.

But make sure, trading is a volatile market, if someone is making money means, the other person is losing the money. Never use your life savings in trading.

Method 5: Start Blogging

Blogging is another good way to earn passive income. You can’t make money overnight with this method. But, if you are consistent in this for at least 6 months, then you can earn good amount of money with this method.

Starting a website with Siteground is pretty easy. Here is the guide on how to install WordPress. Once you finished installing WordPress, your website is ready. You can get plenty of themes for WordPress to suit your tastes and with those themes you beautify your website the way you wanted.

Once you are finished with the setup of WordPress, just writing your blog posts. It could be anything you are passionate of. For me, internet marketing is passionate, so I started this blog. If you are interested in Cars or body building. You can write on that topic and when you are done writing your blog posts, share those blog posts in your social media to get visitors to your blog. Repeat the process to get more and more visitors daily.

Once you think that you are getting enough visitors, monetize your website with Ad networks.

Here is the list of best ad networks for your blog.

The best way for new users is to try with Google AdSense which is pretty easy and gives you better rates when compared with other ad networks.

Method 6: Review Websites and Apps for Cash

This is another simple method where you can earn some decent money by reviewing websites and Apps. Website owners and app owners need rave reviews about their websites and apps, because in the beginning of their business they will not have any reviews, so in order to get good reviews they are using this review services to get good reviews. provides review services for website owners and app owners. It pays people for reviewing websites listed in It pays upto $10 for a website review. Each review will take around 20 mins.

This is a good way to earn some quick cash if you have nothing else to do in the Internet.

Method 7: Make money with Disney Vault Secret

We all know how kids go crazy over Disney movies. To keep the craze longer, Disney studios keep the home releases in the “vault” for 8-10 years and release them for short period. Get those movies in the window for retail price and sell them at higher price when the sale goes off.

Any movie which is not available in the stores are considered to be in vault. Here are the list of movies available in Disney stores right now.

Buy them and keep it with you, when the sale goes off, the demand for these movies increases and you can sell at higher prices.

Method 8: Make money from Get Paid to Site (GPT)

Just like online surveys, you can make money using get paid to sites. Get paid to sites are nothing websites with various offers, all you need to do is, choose an offer from the list and complete the offer for which you will make some money. This is a good way to make few bucks if you have nothing else to do.

Here are the list of GPT sites.

Method 9: Make money by becoming a delivery boy

If the above methods don’t fit you, here is another way to make some quick money by becoming a delivery boy or driver. If you have a bicycle or motorbike or car. Try becoming a delivery boy for delivering food to hungry customers. All you need is a means of transport and a smartphone.

If you have a car, you can sign up as an Uber driver and offer rides for money or you can use Uber eats to supply food to hungry customers.

Method 10: Make money with Amazon Kindle Publishing

If you are student or good researcher you can easily make good money with Amazon kindle. Now a day’s almost all smartphones and tablets are having kindle app. Even people are buying kindles just to read. That means, people are always looking to read something in their spare time.

If you are good researcher, you can research for good stuff in the internet and bundle all that stuff into one eBook and sell it in Amazon kindle for few dollars. Amazon gives you 70% margin on the sales generated by it. Try selling the book for small dollars in the first and when you get some good reviews for your book, then you can raise the price.

You need to get good reviews to your book to appear high in the amazon search results. The key to good number of sales is to have an eye catchy title with outstanding cover.

Just identify a problem which is small or big and offer them a solution with your eBook. It is a good way to earn constant income, as once your book gets famous, you can earn constant income through sales generated by it.

Method 11: Make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another good way to make money. The person who promote affiliate offers is called an affiliate. Many affiliates are making thousands of dollars daily. But if you are very new to this. Learn the ropes slowly at first and once you understand the game, you can go for bigger things.

Affiliate marketing is nothing but, promoting other company products for commissions. Suppose, if McDonald launched a new kind of burger and is paying people who bring sales to that new burger. Say for example if the price of the burger is $10, McDonald will pay around $4 for the person who bought the sale.

All these kind of offers will be listed with Affiliate networks. Here are some famous affiliate networks where you can find numerous offers.

Just sign up with the above mentioned networks and pick some offers and get your tracking links for those offers and share them in your social media. If someone signs up for you offer, you will earn your commission.

Once you reach the minimum threshold with the affiliate network, you will get paid through Paypal, ACH or wire transfer.

Method 12: Make money with Tinder App

You can earn some easy money with tinder. But this method involves some black hat technique. If you are not aware of what tinder is. Tinder is a dating app which is mainly used for instant hookups. People who use this app are looking for one night stands.

But anywhere in the world, there will be more men than women in any website and same in tinder app too.

Like I said in the above affiliate marketing method, sign up with any affiliate network like Peerfly. In Peerfly affiliate network you can browse many dating websites which pays around $5 for sign up. If you bring any new customer to their website, they will pay you $5 per user.

Now here is the method to earn few bucks daily.

Create a female tinder profile even though you are male with some sexy pics which you can get from porn sites. And start swiping acting like you are a genuine female looking to hookup. Once you get a match with a male, tell them that you are desperate and wanted to hookup right now. Once the other person is interested in you, ask them to verify their identity in this dating website so that you can come over to his place.

And send your affiliate link from peerfly to that person, so that he will create a verified profile, and there you will earn $5 for his sign up. Swipe as many you can and earn more dollars.

Like I said it is a bit blackhat method, but if you are desperate for money, it won’t hurt anyone but will earn few bucks for you.

Method 13: Make money by recycling your old phone

If you are having some old phones sitting in your home and doing nothing. Then you can sell them to recycling companies and earn some money and also save the environment. Something is better than nothing right. So, if you are in need of some quick cash, sell them to mobile recycling companies.

Here are some websites where you can sell your mobile phone

Out there are countless websites for this service, so, its better to use a comparison website, so that you can use the site which offers the best price for your phone. offers comparison of recycling websites for your phone. Just enter your phone name in the search bar and they will show you rates from different providers.

Method 14: Make money by doing data entry work

Many big companies hire people online to do their data entry works and they pay through PayPal for the work they’ve done. Websites like offer data entry works like form filling, typing etc. They need the job to be done quickly, so if you have some spare time, register an account with them and browse the jobs and choose the one you can do. Most of the jobs will be of like typing or form filling which anyone can do.

And for the work you’ve done, they will pay you through PayPal. If you are residing in U.S you can use the following website.

If you are from India, check out the following article.

Method 15: Claim Tax back

If you are a student and working part time or working as an intern in a company or on placement then you can claim your tax refund. Because, only few students reach the personal tax free limit set by the income tax, but your employer may be paying the tax for your earned income which you shouldn’t. So if you think your employer has paid your taxes and which you think you shouldn’t you can apply for a tax refund.

Method 16: Make some money when doing shopping

You can also make money by doing shopping. Different products will be sold at different prices at different websites. Some new shopping websites offer cash backs for the purchases you’ve made. You can also get cash backs during shopping seasons. This is the best way to make some money. If you wanted to buy something, just looking for the websites which offer cash backs.

Here are some websites which offer cash back service.

Method 17: Make some money by doing part time jobs

Obviously if you are reading this article means, you are looking ways to make money or some part time jobs. Out there are plenty of part time jobs available. If you hop on sites like or, you can find plenty of part time jobs.

Pick the one which interests you and do the job and get paid. It’s pretty simple or you can even search for classified ads in your area for part time jobs.

If you are located in UK, you can use the following website

Method 18: Make money using is a one of the biggest marketplace where you can sell small services for $5. You can sell anything on for $5. The services can range from creating a testimonial, giving a review, writing, translating, and voice over, painting, logo creating etc.

People are making $1000’s of daily with $5 may seem very small to you, but when get in large number, these will sum up and bring you good money.

If you are still skeptical, check out and see for yourself.

If you are smart enough you can even more money using Freelance websites like, where people pay $100’s of dollar for logo designing, video production. But the same can be done through fiverr with few dollars. So, look for jobs in upwork and and bid on those jobs and give the same job by buying gigs in fiverr.

Literally you don’t need to do anything except getting the job done by fiverr people and submit the same to buyer in upwork and freelancer websites.

Method 19: Make money by reviewing music

There are many websites who pays money for listening to music. Yup, this may sound crazy, but it is true, some artists require reviews for their music, so they post their music in websites which pays money for reviewing their music.

Here are the list of websites which pays money for reviewing music.

Give them a try, these websites pay anywhere from few cents to few dollars per review. But you need to listen to their music for at least 60 seconds before you can give a review.

Method 20: Make money by selling your notes

If you are student and make good notes of your classes, then if you don’t mind selling your notes, then it is a great way to make some money out of it. There are few websites which offers you the facility to sell your notes and make money.

These sites require you to upload your notes in PDF format, and once if someone downloads your notes, you will get paid by taking the website’s commission. You can get more money, if the notes is typed otherwise handwritten notes also will get a good rate.

Here are the sites, where you can sell your notes for money.

Method 21: Make money by selling your old text books

If you are still in college and looking ways to make money, here is another tip to make some quick money. Sell your old text books for money to fresher’s, or even you can buy text books from old students for low price and sell them just before the starting of college to fresher’s.

Just advertise in the college notice board, so that you can get more attention, sell the books which you have bought from old students and sell them for good price to freshers.

Method 22: Make money by tutoring a language

If you are language lover and you know a couple of languages, then there is a good way to make money by tutoring online. Even if you don’t know any other languages and only your mother tongue, you can still make some money.

All over the world, there will be people who likes to learn a new language. If you are English, then Russian people love to learn English and vice versa.

Here are the websites, where you can learn and sell your language skills, they pay around $30 per a half an hour session.

Method 23: Make money by becoming a mystery shopper

You can also make money by doing mystery shopping. There are some companies who wants you to visit a store and do shopping and then give a feedback about the shop to that company.

This mystery shopping involves various tasks like buying groceries, tasting a food in the restaurant or going to a spa and many more. All you have to do is, register an account with mystery shopping websites and do the tasks they ask for. They will pay anywhere from $2-$5 per task.

Here are the list of mystery shopping websites:

Method 24: Make money by becoming an extra character in the movie

Have you ever thought that in a movie scene, how come no one cares when the movie is being shot in outside? This is because, all those people behind the main characters are extra, they will be paid for becoming a train passengers or people who walk on the road and don’t care anything.

If you are interested, you can become an extra character in the movie, they will pay around $60 – $80 per day which is not bad at all.

All you have to do is joining in an agency and then they will hire you for upcoming movies.

Here are some of the websites where you can sign up for those agencies.

Method 25: Sell your old stuff for money

If you really want some quick bucks, then sell your old game cd’s and music cd’s. Before you sell those stuff, make sure you get a soft copy of it in your laptop, so that you won’t be missing them forever. You can earn around $20 – $30 per item which is not bad at all.

If you have good amount of those old classic’s collection, then you can earn even more. Here are some sites where you can sell your old stuff.


Method 26: Make money with tutoring

If you are good at academics or if you know anything that other people’s don’t’ know. Then you can sell your education by doing online tutoring. In olden days, tutoring was limited to face-to-face only, but now with advance of internet you can tutor online. is one of the famous website for tutoring, you can create lessons on any topic and when a user views your tutoring, they will get paid. You can get life time commissions from Udemy as long people watch your tutoring.

Here are some websites where you can do online tutoring and make some money with your skills.

You don’t need to have high grades in order to tutor, but the more the better your chances will be. Give it a try today.

Method 27: Make money by selling your photos

You can make some money by selling photos to stock photo websites. If you think you can take good photos, then give a try by uploading your photos to stock websites.

Here are some websites where you can upload your photos for free.

Method 28: Make money by renting your car parking space

If you have a free parking space at your place, then you can rent your parking space for some money. Many people who work at city places don’t get parking, so they will try to rent parking space. If you have one, you can rent it for some money.

Some student accommodations comes with free parking space, you can rent that too for some money. You can advertise this in your college notice board and there are some websites where you can advertise one.

Here is the list of websites where you can advertise

Method 29: Make money by lending your money for interest

If you have some money with you, you can use that money for lending and get interest from it. This is one of the risk free business, as you are just giving the money for lending and when the timeframe is completed, the lender gives back your money. In the meantime, you will get interest for the money that you have lent.

Here are the sites where you can lend money for interest

Method 30: Make money by becoming a charity collector

You can earn some commissions by becoming a charity collector. But if you are willing to do this job, you need to able to handle many rejections. You need to persistent in order to collect more charities. If you are willing to do whatever it takes, then it is also one of the way to make some quick money.

Here are some websites where you can become a charity collector

Method 31: Make money by baby sitting

If you have no skills at all, you can make money by doing babysitting. It is the simplest job in the world, you will get paid for watching TV and nothing else. Some people want you to have a good criminal record in order for them to hire you as their babysitter. If you are not having a good criminal record, then look for other ways to make money.

Here are some websites where you can advertise for babysitting job.

You will get paid around $8- $10 per hour which is not bad isn’t.

Method 32: Make money by taking a dog for walk

If you can’t do babysitting or not interested in babysitting, maybe you might like dog walking. People are so busy and they can’t make time for their pets, so they hire people for taking their dog for a walk. This is a great way to make easy money.

If you are student or you have free time, then you can do this dog walking thing and make some easy money.

Here are some websites where you can find some dog owners who are looking for dog walkers, post an ad and get hired.

Or simply you can post an ad in your local classifieds website.

Method 33: Make money by renting your home for filming

You can rent out your home for filming to directors and producers. These film directors are always looking for new homes to film their movies or short films. Don’t worry whether your place is big or small, it all depends on the director whether he is going to film in a big house or want a small house.

Just list your home and once the director interested in your home, you can earn some decent money for your home as a rent.

Here are some websites where you can list your home

Method 34: Make money by renting your body

If you are so desperate for money and don’t mind sitting in front of stranger in nude, then this is a great way to make some money. Especially many students do this life modelling thing to make some money, all they have to do is to sit in front of artists in nude, and so they can practice their drawing skills and draw your curves.

Try the following website if you want to do life modelling and make some money. Many students do this if they ever need some urgent cash.

You can also go for clinical drug trails like Botox trails for money. But these drug tests come with some side effects. If you are ready to face those side effects, you can try drug tests for money.

Method 35: Make money by freelancing

If you have a lot of spare time, you can sell your skills online to make some money. If you are good at copy writing, ghost writing or article writing then you can use these skills to make some money. Or if you are good at maintaining a facebook page or if you know twitter marketing or if you know how to build backlinks or whatever. Just list your skills in freelancing websites and get hired and make some money.

You can also work with your local contractors and if they like your work, they will hire you on long term basis and in this way you can earn even more.

Here are some of the websites where you can list your skills and do freelancing.

Method 36: Make money by selling clothes in EBay

If you are very good at dressing and do good fashion. You can make some money with your fashion skills. Buy good fashioned clothes in bulk and sell them in eBay for good price. If you think you can predict trends in fashion, buy the upcoming trending fashion clothes in bulk and sell them when the trend hits in eBay. This is a good way to make some quick bucks.

Method 37: Make money by selling your stories and videos

If you are very good at writing stories like fictional stories or child stories or anything. You can try selling your stories and make some money.

You can also try video contests like You’ve Been Framed and upload your videos there, if it is selected, you can win the cash prize.

Method 38: Make money with YouTube videos

Now a day’s more and more people are watching YouTube videos every day. YouTube offers revenue share program which encourages more and more people to upload their videos in YouTube. If you are good enough to make some interesting videos and upload them in YouTube. It pays you for every thousand views your YouTube video receives.

How much you will earn for your videos depends on how many views you are getting and from which countries your viewers are viewing your videos.

Interestingly more and more people are making YouTube as their career.

Here is how to rank a YouTube video.

Method 39: Make money with Multi-Level marketing

Multi-Level marketing is another way to make some money. This is not a get rich quick scheme or Pyramid scheme. There are some reputed companies who want you to sell their products for commission. You can make money in two ways with this type of marketing.

First one is through by earning commissions for selling the products and the second one is through by joining members who are going to sell the products under your tier. In this way, you can get commissions from the products sold by the members you’ve made them join under your tier.

In some places, multi-level marketing is not legal, so check your legalities before proceeding further.

Method 40: Make money as Real estate broker

You can make money as real estate broker. All you have to do is, find suitable properties for wealthy investors for low price and sell them for good price and you keep the margin. In order to make this work, you need to do a lot of hard work.

Make flyers and paste it all over your local with your phone number on it. You will be approached with both buyers and sellers. Try to make a deal with buyer and seller and when you are able to successfully sell a property to a buyer, you will make commission from both buyer and seller.

At first, you may not able to make much money, but when you have lots of properties in your hand, you will earn good money.

If you think I missed any other ways to make easy money, comment below and share your thoughts below in the comment section.