Automatic Clickbank conversion tracking with CPV Lab

Clickbank Conversion Tracking
Clickbank Conversion Tracking
Clickbank Conversion Tracking

Clickbank is one of the biggest market place for Digital products. Many people are making thousands of dollars daily using it.  It is one of the most visited site by affiliate marketers. Having thousands of digital products in clickbank it is giving numerous options to affiliate marketers for their promotion and making money online. Since, having thousands of products, you will have lots of niches to choose from for your marketing needs.

Unlike other affiliate networks, Clickbank does not have the function of using pixel tracking. So, you still need to upload your subid’s in order to track your conversions manually. So you cannot easily track your conversions automatically. But however, CPV lab offers automatic conversion tracking of clickbank products. You can track clickbank conversions using INS (Instant Notification Service) by clickbank.

CPV Lab has built in function to track clickbank conversions automatically by using the feature INS (Instant Notification Service) offered by clickbank. This service sends an email every time when a sale was generated. CPV lab has used this functionality and integrated in CPV Lab.

Here are the steps you need to do in order to track your conversions.

Step 1: Log into your clickbank account, and navigate to Settings > My Site



Step 2 : Scroll down a bit and you can see Advanced Tools, if you don’t have any means, create one at the right corner. In the above i have given Secret key as CPVXXX



Step 3 : Enter your desired Secret Key and use as Instant Notification URL. 


Step 4: Now, navigate to your CPV Lab installation directory, CPV Lab directory > lib, 



Step 5: Edit your constants-user.php file located in your CPV lab’s lib directory .


Step 6 : Enter your created Clickbank secret key in constants-user.php file for $GLOBALS[‘ClickbankSecretKey’]



In the above, i have used CPVXXX, as i have already created clickbank secret key “CPVXXX”. Now, use yours.

Finally, save your edited file and there you go, your account is now set to track conversions from Clickbank using CPV Lab automatically .

Don’t forget : 

– Make sure, you use version 4.0 when using instant notification url.
– Make sure, you are using the same secret key in your contstants-user.php file with the key you created in clickbank.


  • Jelunta

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  • oua

    it says any version older that 6.0 will be deprecated. What exactly does that mean in the instant notification url

  • Joseph

    Thank you so much!!

    When I setup up my offer do I leave the payout at $0?

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