Backlinks – A Way to Increase Web Traffic

Do you want to get your blog being the Top Rated? Well, to make an impact of the blog in a good Search Engine Optimization, the importance of Backlinks is huge. Backlinks are excellent to use when building a website. Backlinking from other websites, not only improves the importance of a blog in Search Engine, but it also influences in helping the blog grow better. Still if you aren’t familiar with the knowledge of these, here is a short guide for you:


What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are actually the key to get your blog on the top of a Search Engine. Backlinks are nothing but hyperlinks of some other website which are posted in your blog. Such hyperlinks from other websites are known as Backlinks which inturn are very important for a website to have. This is because more the number of backlinks there are in a website, more is the popularity of it. Google is definitely the most popular Search Engine today and it gives a higher ranking to the website with the largest backlinks adding more credibility to it. It is really important to build backlinks with the help of credible sources as it really helps to prove one point that the website carries quality content. However, it is not just enough to have a bunch of backlinks which are actually accumulated from different sources but it is of a real worth when the sources are accumulated from the similar content sources. However, there are a few restrictions to be taken care of. Having a limited backlink is okay but extending it to more than what you can think of can actually place the website to be banned.


What is Link Juice?


It is a colloquial term which is used in SEO world which actually gives the power to a site with the help of links from external as well as internal links. This is actually interpreted as a vote of recommendation to your site which helps in improving the search rankings of the website. There are actually many ways to earn links with the help of direct as well as indirect efforts. Direct effort refers to link a building strategy which is much similar to link building in the social networking as well as blog posting and commenting. However, for indirect efforts, it is just with presenting excellent contents in a blog. This is actually very helpful from a website and thus Link Juice is always essential for a website to have. The link equity which is passed out from these websites or blogs is actually considered as a link juice.


What Are NoFollow and DoFollow Links?


DoFollow: DoFollow are a special format of tagging the hyperlinks of a blog. When a backlink is tagged as a DoFollow link, it helps the website readers to get redirected to the site. This also initiates a good verdict for the website.

NoFollow: The websites do not recommend a NoFollow link to be used as a backlink. The major reason is that it initiates a negative impact on the website. These backlinks are dead and thus the user can verdict the website to not follow or track. In such cases, the website may get chances for getting banned if too many NoFollow backlinks are activated.


What are Spam Links?


Spam Links are a type of backlinks which initiates in building a dead to a website. Spam links can be created by anyone who does not want a website to get enough reputation. However, placing a spam link is creating the misuse of the website and this is the reason why most of the people do not prefer to put spam links on a blog. Much similar to a backlink, the spam link also initiates to a website page with the verdict of a spam note. Thus, with too many click on the link, the search rank of a site may decrease.


What are Internal Links?

Internal Links

Internal links are also a typical format of backlinks which redirects users. The only difference is that the redirection is done with the internal page of the same website. Internal links are hyperlinked on the blogs and articles of a website with the help of a specific keyword. Firstly, when a user clicks on this specific hyperlink, he is easily redirected to the extension of the link. The link redirects to somewhere else in the same page or in the same website leading to any product or any information. The help of internal links actually helps the websites to recycle traffic to their own domain and with the help of this, a huge traffic is generated. Thus, having internal Backlinks is also necessary for your website if you need to put an eye on the monthly traffic.


What Is Anchor Text?

anchor text

The clickable link which is used in a hyperlink is termed as an Anchor Text. There are many ways by which a website tricks to gain traffics. With the help of Anchor Text, a website can easily redirect users to their selected destination with the help of just one click. Usually, the blue underlined text is actually the Anchor Text in the article and it is most common as a web standard. These are specifically the keywords which are used as an Anchor text and it develops in such a way that the website gins the traffic as required.  Anchor text can also be caused as a backlink and it helps to improve the site ranking. Anchor texts can be of two types both natural as well as unnatural.

Natural Anchor Text: This is the anchor text which is used by the blogger to create external links to different blogs in the website. These links may be internal as well as external as well. The help of using Natural Anchor text will increase the ranking of the site.

Unnatural Anchor Text: The Unnatural Anchor Text is actually a spam or a barred text which is used for redirecting users to spam sites. This will bring the value of the blog down and also deteriorates the rank in the Search Engine.