The Best Days to Send Email Campaigns and Other Email Marketing Tips

The best way to promote your products or services can be done with the help of a single email only! This way you can develop a relationship with potential clients or customers. It is a segment of internet marketing which encompasses marketing via online with mediums like, social media, websites, blogs and many more.

Do you know when is the best time to send email is? Being a marketer you should be an expert in all fields of marketing. Things change very quickly in marketing and so does the behaviour of the consumer changes. This states that marketing is a moving target always! This article is just one comprehensive guide so that you can find out the best time to send an email!

What is the best day of the whole week when you can send email campaigns?


Is it Tuesday or Sunday? Or is it Friday? The truth is, there are so many contradictory statements that there is no such particular day but each day has used as well as valid points!

Of these facts, many are backed by data which is based on studies and results from different verticals and clients. Many use business logic to understand this also!

Here are some interesting facts about the best days to send an email campaign:

  1. Mad Mondays:

There is no chance that you will hear marketing experts throwing out advice about how Mondays are exceptional for you to send your email campaigns. A study shows that emails which are sent on Monday do have the highest Return on Investment (ROI) whereas Fridays have better click-through rate!

Mondays are best for you if you need feedback from your clients. Surveys that are sent on Mondays have 10% responses more than the average!

  1. Rumoured Tuesdays and Thursdays:

By researching around every possible data and information it is seen that the highest rates of days when emails are sent are Tuesdays and Thursdays!  This might not be true, but it is very much likely that many of you also have heard this rumour.

Another fact that arises from this rumour is that higher the volumes of sending emails means the competition is more. This may be also true or not true but undoubtedly Tuesdays do have the highest click through and opening rates!

A famous email marketing site, after 300 million messages, concluded that Thursdays are also not very much behind than Tuesdays! So in this limelight, we can say there is a hint of truthfulness and everything is not rumours!



  1. Impact of Wednesdays:

Wednesdays, on the other hand, stands alone in the middle of the ground as it is neither the worst day to send emails nor also not the best day to send too!

Over 1 billion campaigns were analyzed by Harland Clarke Digital which was sent out over a span of 11 months! Wednesdays have a 20.6% open rates and 27% on sent emails which contributed by both mobile devices and desktops!

  1. Friday the best day?

Friday is a very productive day for a retailer if you send your email campaigns! An analysis of 20 million user profiles, 100 million online transactions, and 100 email campaigns proves this data! Friday produces 20$ conversation rate which is just 2% less than Tuesdays!

  1. Weekend warriors

Not many promotional emails are sent on weekends which helps a lot by creating opportunities to scoop out advantage as the competition is less! A study says that promotional emails received on weekends responded the lowest by the recipients.

The open rate of Sundays and Saturdays was 17.8 %. Before you try to shift all email launches on weekends, first test Saturdays and Sundays first!

Some small tips:


  1. Many studies say that sending emails at 8 am is very much early. You can get more than 25% open rates for WordStream blasts!


  1. Many people claim that Wednesday and Tuesday mornings are good to send emails, but the study says the open rate is down by 5% in that time.



  1. Mobile devices also very much depend on this study. People who sit in front of a computer open emails at work all the time but mobile users are very much active even late in the evening! And a lot number of people do regularly check emails from their phone only!


Some of the other email marketing tips:


Not one or two but a number of things make your email marketing fruitful and some of them are as follows:

  1. Personalisation of emails:

You should address customers by their names in email all the time and you should also send your emails to a particular or every person from the same account only else they won’t recognize you!

It is easier for you to build trust if you get more personal with your customer! It’s also a good chance that the emails which you send will be opened and read by them!

  1. Keeping your layout simple and easy:

Try not to overload with huge fonts, flashy graphics and other things that look odd! Make it simple and clean as this should make your clients feel that you are professional!  If your layout is overexposed your emails will be directly moved to trash without anyone reading it! The overall layout should be little eye-catching only!

  • Include a call to action:

There is no purpose of sending a mail to your customer without asking more than to just look at it! Make them do some actions like filling out a survey or clicking on a link or ask to make any small purchase! Any action you choose, make it sure one of them stays in the emails that you send to your customers!

  1. Overloading on a copy:

You will be tempted by using 3 paragraphs in order to talk about your product which you love and expect your customers to love also! But it’s wrong! An economical language with small paragraphs helps your customer to read and think about your product very fast. It not only helps them to understand your objective but also going through other emails!

  1. Creating a very compelling subject line:

The only thing which first decides to break or make, whether your customers open up your email or delete it, is your subject line. Your subject line should be honest with a very compelling idea so that you can get your customers utmost attention. Don’t use terms like “Easy money” or “make quick money” as they don’t get the attention of the customers and they can delete your message as soon as they read the first line!

  1. Targeting emails to right places:

The most common mistake in case of failed marketing details is because the sender has treated every one of his/her customer like the same! Understand the nature of your customers and the strategy on how to send your emails! You can easily do it by looking at the buying habits to the geographical location of the customer!

  • Making it easy for your customers to subscribe:

If no one has subscribed there is no one to whom you can send emails! Thus making it easy for your customers to easily subscribe makes good popularity for you!  You can play your cards on a number of websites or social media apps like Facebook, Twitter or even on your blog! You should also include fields to know about your customers, but don’t make it long!


  • Tell your customers what they expect from your mail first:

You should tell your subscribers first about what they are going to expect!  It’s very important to tell your customers up front, it may be about daily deals, e-commerce sales, weekly updates, weekly tips and many more!

  1. Sending welcoming emails:

Customers start to engage with you from the moment they subscribe! It is the first building steps for the relationship between you and customer or your product or the customer!

As soon as they subscribe, send a welcome note through a mail saying that all information has been received in a correct way. You can also make your customers happy by sending some discounts or some special offer when they subscribe.

  1. Creating a publishing calendar:

Like you have created a calendar full of your content on your blog, you should do the same thing for your email newsletter also. It is the type of a commitment.

If by any chance you forget to send emails to any of your customers they will forget you soon!  And this results in deleting your emails or send them to the spam folder when you send mail for the next time!

You should keep all these points in your mind in order to have a successful Email marketing! There is no guaranty in each and every aspect but you can be sure that these will definitely improve your ROI and open rates! These tips won’t make you the best or perfect email marketer also but these will definitely make you better than the rest!