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Best Paying CPC Ad networks

Our constant efforts are to ensure that we can help the readers with the best information and guide them better. In this article we will discuss about the best Paying CPC/PPC Ad networks. Any webmaster who is posting ads using the PPC ad networks can earn some profits. Most of the people are confused between as they are not sure if they should join PPC or CPC ad networks. Some are also not sure about which are the best PPC networks that is exactly why we have come up with this topic so that we can remove all these confusions. We are just using a number for each of these Ad networks these number have nothing to do with ranking. Moreover, you never know which Ad network will suit your requirement the best. You might have to try a few of them before you know which one is getting you the best monetization.

You can also judge these networks by the traffic volume that they generate. Even the number of advertisers in each network is also a significant proof of how effective the network actually is. If there are more advertisers it simply means that more people will be competing for ad space in the site. The conversion rate of the ads must also be checked before you choose the ad network. Average click pricing is another point to be considered before you decide on the CPC/PPC Ad networks.

What we all want is to make some quick money online. So let us straight away come to the topic of Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad networks. One point that must be told here is that no matter which network you are using the A/B test ad placements must be used this will help you to improve your click-through-rates and the eCPM. You can also use AdPushup which is an Ad revenue tool this does the testing in order to improve the ad revenues from the various ad networks available. The names of Ad networks that we are about to share will give you the best Ad networks that you can use in order to make quick money online. There is no rule that which one will work the best for you. The only way you can find the best option is by just experimenting with them.

  • Infolinks The Infolinks is considered to be the third best Ad network that you will get today. They are generating good revenues for 200,000 online publishers spread across 130 countries. Infolinks has ad units that are unobtrusive and as a result can get good incomes. The Infolinks does not use a standard banner space. The ads usually appear in hyperlinks and the visitors will just have to roll the mouse over the links and the ads will appear.


The ads of Infolinks are native in nature and are free to use. Another good aspect is that they can work well with all ad solutions and they do not interfere with the experience of the user. The approval policy of Infolinks is based on the connect of the sites and not the traffic that the site generates this is why the approval time taken is also quite short. The installation process is like a child’s play. The code has to be simply added to the body of the website. There are plugins also available that can be used for convenience. The control that you enjoy over the ads is good. The support team is friendly and they are quick to respond. The Infolinks work with the best brands in the world like Ali Express, Pizza Hut, Ebay, Facebook and Amazon. It is promising and definitely worth a try.

  • Google AdSenseThe second in the list is Google AdSense. You can say that it is the king of the PPC Ad networks. This can also be the best network that you will find in this field. It works well both for the website owners as well as the bloggers. We highly recommend that you must give Google AdSense a try.

    Google AdSense

    The number of advertisers that work with Google AdSense is around two million. This is a huge number and anyone can benefit from such a large network. Some say that Google AdSense is also the main source of income for Google. The ads are of very good quality and can lead to very high CTR as well as more money for the users. As a website owner you would always want to be in control of the ads that appear on your site and this is absolutely possible with Google AdSense. This will ensure that you only post ads that will interest the people who visit your site. They also provide the users with reports and metrics to show how well the website is actually working. There is no signup fee involved and Google AdSense is very easy to use even to someone who is new into the field. You will get paid by the number of visitors who click on the ads.

    There is a possibility to add a custom search bar on the site so that you can make more money from the ads that appear on search result page. Ensure that you have sufficient space for the ads and you should know where you should place which ad. The simple question that can come to your mind is that if Google AdSense is so good then why are we talking about the other Ad networks? We will explain why. Google AdSense has an approval procedure that they follow very strictly. You have to full fill all these conditions else you will not be selected by Google AdSense. Google AdSense is very strict and has also suspended many on the grounds of click fraud. You cannot do much if Google AdSense suspends your account. These are the reasons why you must know about the other options that are available.

  • Media NetGoogle AdSense rules the market so Yahoo and Microsoft joined hands to come up with something that could challenge Google AdSense. The result was Media Net. They give you proper ads and you can also track your performance. The look of the ads can be controlled too. Advertisers can be filtered and even topics can be blocked. The downside of Media Net is that the approval policy is no better than AdSense. You have to meet the traffic requirements and the primary language used in your site has to be English.

Media Net

  • RevcontentIt is undoubtedly the biggest content recommendation platform on the net. It makes about 100 billion content recommendations a month. The growth rate was 900% last year. It is definitely a try but they reject 98% of the applications that come to them. They believe in quality and not quantity to grow. If you get selected by Revcontent there will be no looking back for you. They have launched Revcontent V2 that is an effort to ensure continuous improvement. With the help of the new launch they are expecting to make the user interface more intuitive. It will also enable more transparency and better customization of widgets.


  • BidVertiser Another good network that you can try. However, if you have been banned by AdSense then better not think about this network. Any site that is under construction cannot join this network. Any site that is selling drugs, promoting hate speech and doing illegal things will not be accepted by BidVertiser.


The approval process of BidVertiser simple as there is no need to use a certain language or traffic requirements. The installation of BidVertiser is easy. There is some HTML code that has to added to the webpages and you are good to go. Per click payment is good and they also pay you for the conversions. We must mention here that conversion means when the visitor goes to the website of the advertiser and actually makes a purchase. On the downside the reporting is not very detailed. Many users say that the information that they get on impressions and click through rates is not sufficient.

  • Chitika The best part of Chitika is that it can be easily used with other networks. Some say that it is the best site that can be used by those who have been banned from using AdSense. The approval usually takes a week to come. You just need approval on one site after that you can use the same approval for the other sites. The mobile ads can be resized in order to generate more traffic.


The pay per word is absolutely depending on the keywords. The limit set to withdraw the pay-out is $50. With PayPal the limit is $10. The ads here are not contextual. The ads depend on the keywords that the visitors have typed in the search engine that got them to your site. If you think you will realise that this concept can ensure that you get more relevant ads.

  • Clicksor Another place for those who have been removed by AdSense. Another good part about Clicksor is that they do not try to copy the ads of AdSense and have a unique style of their own. They have options of various sizes available and can make your ads look quite nice. It is easy to install. They too have plugins that can work on Drupal, Joomla, Blogger and WordPress. The approval process of Clicksor is simple. The best part is that you can have ads from other networks on the same page.


  • Vibrant MediaIt is a very well-known PPC ad network. They have some premium brand advertisers who can be seen in many popular high traffic sites. If you get half a million page views in a month you can think about joining Vibrant Media. You must have proper content profanity, hate speech, adult content, drugs, gambling and violence cannot be a part of the site.

Vibrant Media

The ads that Vibrant Media comes up with are innovative. There are 11 intext ad formats that can be used from. Multi button, expanding video boxes and expandable flash are some of the formats to name. The ads are effective and can generate returns that are more than five times of what you get from AdSense. These ads look nice on all types of devices. If you have good visitors, then joining Vibrant Media can easily give you an improved income.

  • Blogads This is an Ad network that is often preferred by the bloggers. It can help the bloggers who are looking to make some quick money. The point to be noted here is that if your blog is on a varied number of topics you will be expected to get half a million impressions a month in order to join Blogads. On the other hand, if your blog is about some special topic then thirty thousand impressions a month can also be a good figure. You can control the ads and ensure that you set the prices too.


  • Kontera (also known as Amobee)If you do not have an adult content in your site getting Kontera is not a problem at all. The installation of Kontera is easy and even plugins are available. The ads look nice. The inventory is large and the payment is good too. They specialize in “in-text” advertising and they are working on improving their skills in this area.


These are the names that can be easily considered to be the best when it comes to Ad Networks. You can choose from these and start experimenting. There are more Ad networks that you can work with in case you are not satisfied with the results you get from these. Ad revenue optimization tool is another method you can use in order to take your earnings to the next level. We can only suggest the best options you will have to test these one by one to understand which one can help you add that extra zing to your income.

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