Best Paypal Alternatives to Accept Payments and Sell Online

paypal alternatives

Are you looking for an alternative to PayPal?

When it comes to online payment services PayPal is the name that tops the list. However, if you are fed up with the poor customer services that you get from PayPal then there is good news for you. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that there are many other companies that are into online payment services and the competition is getting tougher with every passing day. Big players like Facebook and Apple are also planning to join this profitable market of mobile payment that is expected to reach a $235 billion in few years.

Facebook and Apple are planning to explore the market but there are already some very professional service providers who are way better than PayPal. In this article we will try to tell you about these interesting options that you can try.

  • Google WalletIt was known as Google’s Checkout before. It has many features similar to PayPal. No fees are charged when you use Google Wallet in a online store.

Google Wallet

You can use it to transact fast and hassle free. It is safe no doubt about that. Account to account transfers can be done using this. It also has credit card processing option and ability to send out invoices. You do not have to pay any fees as you use this service unlike PayPal. It is mainly used in the USA but it accepts credit and debit cards from many other countries. It can also work like a digital wallet. It can work on Android phones as well as on Iphone. Many online merchants will accept checking with Google Wallet. It is mostly for the merchants so it is not possible sending money to the other users using the Google Wallet.

  • WePay This is a great option for online payments. It provides amazing customer service and provides fraud protection.


The consumers can make purchases even without leaving the site. The site looks very professional. The interest of the customer is given a lot of importance here.

  • 2CheckOut This successfully connects the merchant account with the payment gateway. Any credit card and PayPal payment can be made through this. Some international payment features are also provided by them like recurring billing and solid shopping cart.

2CO 2Checkout

It has got a lot of positive reviews from the users and is considered to be a great alternative to PayPal. This can be easily used to collect payments from across the world. The money transfer fees and transactions fees of 2CheckOut are on the higher side. If you are using 2CheckOut ensure that the payment release level is set high this can save you a lot of money. They support almost all currencies. 2CheckOut is easy to download and use.

  • Authorize.NetThis has been in existence since 1996. It claims to be the most widely used payment gateway on the internet.

    The Authorize.Net has about 400,000 merchants. It has been awarded the ACE (achievement in customer excellence) award for five consecutive years.

  • Skrill You must have heard about the Moneybookers. This was the previous name of Skrill. It is a very popular alternative to PayPal. The simplicity of Skrill makes it very popular. This works very well for international merchants.

Skrill Moneybookers

This allows anyone to transfer the account balance into a prepaid debit card almost immediately. The fees are low and it can be set up absolutely free. It allows you to send text messages from your account. They offer a prepaid MasterCard to the users that can actually work all across the world. Mobile payment is quite possible while using the Skrill as it supports transactions done on mobile. The mobile app works on both iPhone and android phones. When it comes to currency conversion rates the best deals you will undoubtedly get with Skrill.

  • ProPay This is a very useful online payment gateway. The service it provides is similar to that of what PayPal provides. With this you can send and receive money from all across the world. It also has the very useful features of recurring billing and built-in shopping cart.


The ProPay has an added advantage because it is accepted by the online shopping portal called eBay. There is a version of ProPay known as ProPay JAK. This is a mobile phone credit card reader that can process any card and can work on Smartphone. This feature is immensely helpful for those who need to transact on a personal basis.

  • Click2Sell This is a good PayPal replacement that has all most all the features that PayPal is bestowed with. It has the ability to accept payments from Skrill, Checkout, Paypal and credit cards. It can do this with as well as without the use of the merchant accounts.


Apart from the advantages listed above it have many other remarkable features like affiliate tracking, automated sales management and powerful reports. With the help of the leading sales reporting tool of Click2Sell you can also understand your own sales tactics and strategies better.

  • Dwolla This is something very similar to PayPal and can allow you to do a lot of things. With Dwolla you can accept payments as well as pay back. It is specialised in bank transfers. It also gives the users the facility of ACH payments (automated clearing house payments). Dwolla has been providing services for a little over five years. It has built some simple branded tools it also has a flexible API.


The regular services that are provided by Dwolla are free. Whereas there are some premium services that are charged. These include higher limits, white- label and next day transfers. These are available at a monthly fee basis.

  • Braintree It started in the year 2007 and since then there is no looking back for this online payment option called Braintree. This includes a lot of features like credit card storage, recurring billing, payment gateway and it allows global online as well as mobile business by accepting credit card payments via the merchant accounts all across the world. It can be downloaded easily and is quite user friendly.


  • ClickBank We now move on to the next in the list of the alternative payment options online that can be used in place of Paypal. This has been in existence since 1998.


There are many easy to use features that are provided by ClickBank. It can basically do anything for you. From building a site for the products you are promoting to optimizing the business as a whole. Such ranges of services are not provided by most of the options that are discussed in this list. It is nothing but a one – stop shop for all the online business issues anyone can face. These unique features of ClickBank make it one of the best options of making online payments that you must try.

  • Stripe Another interesting option that one can use in online payment is the Stripe. It is a start up that is growing very fast. Why Stripe is gaining so much of popularity is because it is removing the need to have a merchant account or a gateway.


Stripe is a very effective solution to all the problems that you face while doing an online transaction. It takes care of basically everything like storing the card information, direct payouts, bank accounts, handling the subscriptions. The API of stripe can be used to integrate the payment system into any project.

  • Payoneer This is undoubtedly the oldest service provider in this field. It is also available in countries like Pakistan, India and many others. It is a payment option that will also allow you to get payments from USA and Europe.


Payoneer is a very low costing online payment option. It can actually save you a lot of money. The signup to Payoneer is free and once you have made transactions amount to $100 you will also be given a bonus of $25.

  • TransferWise This very useful money transfer website was created by the people who made Skype. The transaction fee charged by TransferWise is quite less compared to the other sites. The currency conversion charges are also quite nominal. The use of TransferWise will ensure that you do not lose much money in conversion in case you are more into international payments.


The TransferWise supports many countries and currencies. It is quite easy to download and use. The support team of TransferWise does a very good job when it comes to customer support. The best part is that your first few transactions till £500 are absolutely free.

  • Remitly This is a very popular method to send money especially if you are sending money to India and Philippines. It has just started and it providing many promotional offers that you can benefit from.


Some of the offers that Remitly is giving now are no charge on transfers that are over $1000 especially when money is being sent using credit or debit card. The transfer happens automatically and the flat rate that applies to these transfers is $3.39. You can also send payments without paying fees but they will take a minimum of three days to reach. If you have time you can use the free payment option.

  • Paymate If you are a seller who is based out of Australia and New Zealand you can use Paymate. This will help you get money from international buyers that are spread over various countries. The fee charged for the services provided is very nominal.


The account is created with the credit card number details of the buyers. This can save the buyers from a lot of hassles. Do not worry about security as you are providing the credit card number as this is kept securely with Paymate and is not shared with anyone. It is useful for the online merchants but payment to other users is not possible.

  • Payza It was also known as Alertpay before. There are about 190 countries and 21 currencies that are supported by Payza. The main service is provided to USA and Canada. It also accepts credit and debit cards from different countries. Fund can be added to the Payza account by using the bank transfers and credit cards. You can also send money to other users. Requesting money through invoices is also possible.


The account with Payza can be created free of cost but all the services are charged with a small fee. You can manage multiple business using just one account. It is very helpful for the online merchants. The security settings of Payza are quite strict and it is not possible for personal information to leak out.

PayPal has many limitations like freezing accounts and poor customer service. PayPal is not a great idea if you are in India because it has issues with RBI as a result you cannot use PayPal to transact with a person who in using PayPal in India. If you want to think beyond PayPal we are sure that this article will help you with some very interesting options that are worth trying. Especially with international payments you can find a better pal in the list above other than PayPal that you had been struggling with so long. Most people do not use these options as they have not heard about them. You can trust us and use the services of these sites and see how helpful these actually are.