Best Travel Affiliate Programs for Travel Related Blogs

Travel Affiliate Programs

Best Travel Affiliate Programs for Travel Related Blogs

Travel Affiliate Programs
Travel Affiliate Programs

Travel Industry is one of the hottest industry in the Affiliate Marketing World. Many famous travel companies like, spend numerous amounts of dollars to promote their brands and get more sales.

When you search on Google for the keyword “cheap flights to Vegas” you can see how competitive that keyword is.

Even there is huge competition in Google AdWords for travel related keywords.

These travel companies are willing to spend any amount to get a new customer. Once, they get a new customer, they will make him to stick with their brand by using retargeting, email marketing and other marketing techniques. All they care is a new customer.

So, if you own a travel related blog with decent traffic, you can earn good amount of money with it. Kate’s Blog is one of the famous travel blog I really like. She is living her life the way she wanted to with her travel blog.

Usually, most blogs are being monetized by display advertisings like Google AdSense, Tribalfusion and other PPC adnetworks. But, in order to make some decent amount of money using these above programs, your blog must have some decent traffic say like atleast 10000 visitors a day. As most of these ad networks pay you on the basis of CPC or CPM.

Here are the best CPM Ad networks for your blog

In order to get that much amount of traffic to your blog, you should have a lot of content and good SEO done for your blog. For newbie bloggers and people who just have started this maybe a bit hard.

But how can you make some decent amount of money using travel blogs? It is possible with affiliate programs. Even with around 20 – 30 visits a day to your blog, you can make around $100 a day with travel blogs. For one lead, you can earn around $15 commission and this may go even high upto $100 or even more depends on the booking you generated through your blog.

Here are the best Travel Affiliate Programs for your Travel Blogs >>

  1. Affiliate Program

If you ever been in Affiliate industry, you must have heard about, as it is one of the top offer in many affiliate networks.

The reason why it became a top offer is because, does not charge the customer’s credit card when they book a hotel, they only will get charged when they checked into the hotel. This yields a lot of bookings. The affiliate will get paid upon successful booking through their link.

Many affiliate networks pays around $14.50 per booking while the official website pays you on percentage basis.

For 0 – 50 sales generated you will get 25% of each sale
For 51 – 150 sales generated you will get 30% of each sale
For 151 – 500 sales generated you will get 35% of each sale
For 501 or more sales generated you will get 40% of each sale.

They offer wide variety of tools like deep linking, search box and banners for your promotional purposes.

They pay affiliate commissions using bank transfer or PayPal and their minimum threshold is $100. If you are unable to make $100 in a month, your earnings will be rolled out to the next month until you reach $100 and then get paid.

  1. TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

TripAdvisor is another famous name in the travel industry. Its affiliate program offers 50% commissions on all the sales generated by you. While other affiliate networks pays you around 40% for the same offer.

You’ll get all the promotional features like deep linking, banners with this affiliate program. If you want to sign up as an affiliate for this offer, you need to have an account in Commission Junction which is very hard to get in for starters or you can use other affiliate networks like Peerfly or NeverBlue who are known for travel affiliate programs.

  1. Affiliate Program

Agoda is another famous travel company which is similar to Since, Agoda is new to this industry, it is trying to give higher commissions to the affiliates of upto 60% commissions on sales. If you join in their official affiliate program you will get paid on commission basis, while other affiliate networks like Peerfly, they will pay you a flat rate like $15.50 per sale. You can get pay bump if you generate good amount of sales every day.

You will also be provided with promotional tools like deep linking, banners for your promotional purposes. They also offer data feeds for your marketing purposes.

  1. SkyScanner Affiliate Program

Skyscanner is one of the famous travel booking site which offers searching of flight tickets from multiple providers. This is one of my favorite website for my flight bookings. They offer an affiliate program where you can use their search box in your travel website. So, whenever you write an article about Switzerland or other destination and if the reader was impressed with the beauty of that destination, you can offer him to search for flights in your own website using Skyscanner widget. If the reader books a flight from your widget, you can earn commission from Skyscanner.

The more bookings you generate, the more you will get paid.

Skyscanner also offers a Travel API, where if you want to start your own travel booking site, you can do that with Skycanner’s API.

  1. Expedia Affiliate Program

Expeida is another famous travel company which offers bookings of properties and flights. Unlike other travel brands, expedia also offers promotional tools for your marketing purposes. You will get data feeds, banners and deep links.

Expedia pays you on commission basis. They offer this program through Commission Junction (CJ.COM), if you don’t have an account with CJ or finding it hard to get an account with, then maybe you should try other affiliate networks who are having this offer. Currently, Peerfly has this offer and offers 4.50% commission on each sale.

  1. AirBnb Referral program

AirBnb is one of the famous website for booking private homes in any part of the world. They offer a referral program where you can earn some money in the form of AirBnb credits. They offer approximately $50 for each friend you invite to their website.

When you send a friend to AirBnb, you will get $20 AirBnb credit and you will get $10 when they travel and around $50 when they host someone in their property.

Wrapping Up:

Out there, there are numerous travel affiliate programs, but the ones I mentioned in the above are some reputed ones, so you don’t need to worry about getting paid or not. When you are about to try a new affiliate network, make sure, you read some reviews about that network before you send your precious traffic to their offer.

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