Best Twitter Unfollower Tools to Unfollow People who are not following you back

Twitter Unfollow Tools

Social media is becoming a very strong platform to connect and be visible to others. If you are active in social media you can easily increase your business and contacts. However, this is always not right especially with an account like Twitter. In this you may follow many people but you will realise that many of those you are following actually do not follow you. If you do not have too many people following you it is not considered as a good sign. Twitter will allow its users to follow only two thousand more accounts than the followers of the user’s own account. If you have two thousand followers you can follow four thousand users. If you have four thousand followers you can follow six thousand followers. So basically the more followers you have the better it is going to be for you.

The best solution is not to follow those who do not follow you. The question arises how you unfollow these people. Can you do it manually? Well the answer is “no” because that is a very time taking process. You will also come across a lot of inactive profiles as well as fake profiles on twitter how do you manage all this? To answer this we will now list the best eight methods or tools that you can use to mass unfollow the non followers on twitter.

The need to unfollow the non followers

We all use twitter as a platform to connect to others. If you have a serious purpose for having an account in twitter you must unfollow those who are not actually following you. This can enhance the performance of your twitter account remarkably.

  • When you unfollow some people it will help to automatically reduce the clutter on your news feeds.
  • Suppose you are there on twitter for a business purpose you must ensure that you are connecting only with those who are serious about your business and can help your business. You do not need too many unnecessary connections on twitter that are not helping you with anything. This will automatically help you to concentrate only on those users who are important for you.
  • If you unfollow the non-followers you will be able to connect with more people. As we have already explained how having more followers can help you to follow more people and create more effective connections.

Well we hope this clarifies the need to move people who are not actually following you on twitter. We will now move on to explain the tools that can actually help you to achieve this. We will take you through eight such tools in this article.

  1. Tweet adder – Tweet adder is a very effective tool that is used by many for this particular purpose. This can really help you a lot if you are marketing in twitter. It is user friendly and can be downloaded easily. It does not have any re occurring fees associated with it. It is fully automated. The software updates using this is absolutely free. You can open as many interfaces of the program as you want.

    We have discussed the features and now we tell you what it can actually do:

  • It can unfollow all the users who are not using the language that you use and understand.
  • It will unfollow all those who either talk a lot or not talk at all on twitter.
  • Any spam profile can be easily spotted by tweet adder and these profiles are automatically removed.
  • It will unfollow all those who have recently started to unfollow you or generally do not bother to follow you.

The interface of tweet adder looks like the one enclosed. It will give you a certain idea of the many features this tool actually has.

  1. Social bro – We will now talk about another powerful twitter tool called social bro. This too can help you ensure that your twitter account is free of clutter. It can help you mass unfollow twitter users you do not need.

It can also help you with many other things. Some of it is mentioned below:

  • Collaborators – it will handle the teammates who are a part of your twitter strategy. It will control how much access to your twitter account should be given to each team member.
  • Audience insight – this can statistically analyse those who are following you on twitter.
  • Analyze competitors – this will also help you study closely the functioning of those twitter accounts that are competing with you.

The social bro is a very simple interface that anyone can use easily. All you need to do is just login to the social bro website with your twitter login and password. Just go to the dashboard and click on the community option. You will instantly see the list of all those who are not following you. The screen will appear like the one below.

  1. – the third tool that we are about to discuss is This is a very convenient as well as a popular method that is used to unfollow users on twitter.

You can use it to effectively make the list of influencers and help you build the community. One demerit of is that you can only unfollow about one hundred users in a day if you have taken the free plan. This can be a little time taking if you have too many inactive followers to deal with. There is another very interesting feature of You can use it to set filters that will automatically trigger action when a desired action happens. For example if someone new is following you on twitter it will ensure that you automatically start to follow this new person. This can actually save you from spending a lot of time on twitter.

  1. Tweepi – we now move on to the fourth tool in the list. It is called the Tweepi. This can really help you to make your twitter account more effective.

Needless to say the tool is simple to use. It can easily help you to unfollow all those twitter users you do not need and are not following you. It displays the exact and synchronised list of all those users who are new to twitter. This can help you follow the new users and make new connections. You can easily do away with those who are not following you. All this can be done free of cost. They do have an advanced tool that you can use if you pay. However, if your aim is to just unfollow the non followers the free version of tweepi is good enough. It has some additional features like:

  • Follow friends
  • Smart unfollow
  • Follow followers
  • Force unfollow in actives
  • Unfollow eggs
  • List members
  1. Crowdfire – a very apt name indeed for a tool like this that can help you remove all those users from twitter whom you actually do not need. Crowdfire was actually developed by It was known as justunfollowers before. After the name change some more features were added to the tool. Nevertheless, the original feature of unfollowing the inactive users on twitter remains the same.

The Crowdfire has android and IOS apps that work for it on a dedicated basis to help keep the twitter accounts clean. If you are using the free version of this tool you will notice that it can help you only spot twenty five non followers in a day and that can be a very small number if you have a lot of inactive accounts to deal with. It can do a very powerful analytics of your twitter account. It can also help you to gain more followers. It can show you a consolidated list of recent followers too. This can help you to connect with new followers without spending much time searching for them manually.

  1. Manageflitter – Of all the tools that we have discussed so far this is perhaps the most reputed tool. We say most reputed because it has been featured in the top social media blogs. The most unique feature of Manageflitter is that it can help you identify and unfollow those twitter accounts that are most talkative. This can ensure that you concentrate on newsfeeds that are worth and will also help you to keep your twitter account noise free.

There are many cool features that can be associated with Manageflitter these make it one of the most creditable tool in unfollowing the non followers in twitter. One such cool feature about Manageflitter is that it can actually show you the number of twitter users you have followed. It is easy to use and once you log in you to Manageflitter will notice that it has a lot of visual pleasures too. It is a critically acclaimed tool. It has about six hundred thousand people using it. It can easily help you search within your twitter stream. We are enclosing a screenshot of how the Manageflitter interface looks like.

  1. Friendorfollow – This is a simple and absolutely free tool that you can use to unfollow users on twitter. They also have a similar tool designed for instagram and tumblr. Using this you can basically control your accounts not only in twitter but also in instagram and tumblr. This is indeed an added advantage and can save you a lot of time. Like all other tools we have discussed so far you can use this too easily spot which users are following you and who is not. Using this list you can unfollow all those you do not need. The list generated by friendorfollow can be downloaded and saved in .csv format or excel to be referred in the future. This file can be used if you want to analyse the date of your twitter account in the future. Compared to other tools mentioned above this is relatively new.

  1. Untweeps – This is another free twitter unfollow tool that we must mention. Having fewer followers is always better than having an army of users who are actually not even following you.

All you need to do is login by using your own twitter account. You need to mention for how many days your account was actually not in use. With this information Untweeps will easily be able to identify the users who have not been following you for some time. With this information Untweeps will generate the list of users you must unfollow on your twitter.

Untweeps is safe and it ensures that no information of the user is saved in the servers.

It can easily help you to block accounts that have zero tweets and are inactive. It will also help you see whom you are blocking. You can also maintain a list of the accounts you have blocked. You can create a white list of accounts that are your favourites. Instead of automatically searching for inactive accounts like other tools discussed so far it will let you choose the inactive accounts by asking you to choose the number of days the account is inactive for as per your discretion. You can select either 30 days or sixty days. We are enclosing the screenshot so that you can understand what we are trying to say better.

These are some of the best tools that one can use to ensure that the non followers are removed from your twitter account. You do not need users who are not following you or adding value to your twitter account. It is always an intelligent decision to not keep those users in your twitter account who are not adding any inputs to it. You can use these tools that we have recommended for a while and see how it can change the activities in your twitter account. Twitter is a powerful tool to connect and with these tools you can make it even more effective as well as useful.

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