Best ways to increase Domain Authority

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If you have not been paying much importance to Domain Authority then this article is a must read for you. You will notice that many sites will have more queries and a better rank all though they have less information and were written much later. This is possible only with the help of Domain Authority. Domain Authority ensures that whatever you write is considered important as a result the site will start to attract more traffic. We will explain now how exactly you can improve the domain authority of your site.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

We will first need to understand what exactly the Domain Authority is. It is like a logarithmic score that can be anything from 0 to 100. It was created by Moz. This decides what will be the rank of this web page in the search engine results. This is based on many factors some of them are mentioned below.

  • Moz rank
  • Social signals
  • Linking root domains
  • Moz trust
  • Profile
  • User experience
  • The total backlink profile
  • Traffic
  • Site loading time

Any popular site will automatically have a DA of 100. This includes sites like Facebook, Google, etc. This does not mean that sites that do have a DA of 100 are any lesser. One point to keep in mind is that it is easy to increase the DA score from 20 to 30 but increasing it to 90 from 80 can be a challenging job. DA is basically a comparative value.

What is the difference between domain authority and page authority?

Many people consider the Page authority and the Domain authority to be the same. This is not true actually. These two are entirely different concepts. Domain authority will give the ranking of the site but page authority is only about the particular page in concern. The domain authority will remain the same throughout the site but the page authority will keep changing from page to page.

Factors to be considered for Domain Authority

There are many factors that actually affect the domain authority. We will explain a few of these factors now.

  1. Moz Ranks – the Moz rank of particular website will depend on the link profile that can range from one to hundred links. A few links from a good quality site is always better than having too many links from a number of poor sites.
  1. Linking the root domains – The number of links that are linking to your site determine your Domain authority.
    Getting hundred links from one site is equal to getting fifty links from different domains. What it actually checks is that number of sites that are linking to your site as a result helping to increase the value of the site.
  1. Moz trust – this basically checks your connections with other trusted websites. If the links that are coming to your page come from authoritative sites you are at a better position. It can work even if your article is indirectly linked to a trusted site. For example someone likes your article and comments on it. This person is liked by another strong site then too you are going to gain from it.
  1. Social signals – the number of likes and shares an article get in a social platform are equally important and does affect the Domain Authority.
  1. Quality content – if the content of your article is good and informative it will automatically increase the rank of the article. More people will start to visit the article as a result the Domain authority will increase automatically.
  1. Friendliness to the search engines – In case you are using the right SEO the site will appear in SERP as search queries are posted. Slowly this will increase the DA.

All these factors that we have explained are equally important in deciding the Domain Authority.

How can you increase the Domain Authority?

With the help of Domain authority you can maintain the ranking of the search engine. If you have a very low DA you must try to increase it at any cost. We will now explain some simple things that you can actually do in order to increase the DA of your site.

  1. Start marketing your contentif the content of your article is marketed well it can attract more readers. It is the new mantra in the blogging world. It can extensively increase the visibility of the article in social media and in other related platforms. There are many article and sources that are available online about marketing your content.
  • You need a clean link profile along with diversification – Yes it is a good idea that you get linked with as many websites as you can. Nevertheless, you must remember that the quality of the sites you are associating with is important. These sites should not be spams. Moreover, there are many sites that Google considers as improper so try to avoid association with these sites. How you can do this is regularly check the Google webmaster tool. This will help you understand who is connecting to you.


  • Earning linksSome people are of the opinion that earning links is a bad idea. However, the fact is that this can really help in increasing the Domain Authority. Try to link with as many sites as you can. Make the writing so detailed and good that the readers like it instantly. If the readers like it they will share it and automatically the Domain Authority will increase. There are many resources available online that you can refer for learning more about the same.
  • The internal link structure must be well planned – As the name itself suggests interlinking happens when one link the article takes you to another related article in the same site. With the help of this you can increase the on page SEO and the Domain Authority. Before you start interlinking do keep the following points in mind:
  • The number of links that you are setting must be optimum.
  • Try to use a varied type of anchor text. If you use too many anchor texts then the site may suffer.
  • Do not use too many internal links try not to interlink too many articles. If there are too many links in a page the page becomes so long that Google will automatically shorten the page as a result the whole page will not get indexed.
  • There should be a balance between the internal and the external links used.

If you want to increase your knowledge on inter linking you can again refer to many materials that are available online.

  1. An unbeatable Epic content – we have been telling this again and again the content of the article that you are posting must be unique, informative and interesting. It should be something that no one else has to offer. The article should be able to solve the problem of the reader. It should not be so that after reading the article they still have questions and they go off to some other place in order to find the answers. Never duplicate something that is already there. For example if you have come up with a post that is quite similar to a post that is already there you can use the rel=”canonical” feature in order to guide the reader to the original source.

    If you want to find out about topics that are in demand you can use the “Google trends” and “Buzzsumo”. If you feel that there are some posts that are not informative enough and you can write more about the topics you always write on them.

    A proper off page SEO – A good off page SEO strategy should include the following:

  • Blog Commenting – when you comment on popular blogs the chances of getting link backs to your site increases a lot. If your comments are informative and interesting you can also steal the readers from the blog you are commenting on to your blog.
  • Social bookmarking sites – with the help of this strategy you can reach audience that goes beyond your own readership. This will ensure that the readers share the epic content of your article thereby increase your Domain Authority.
  • Guest Posting – when you guest post on someone else’s article you can attract a lot more viewership for your article. With this you can also prove the authority you have in the niche.
  1. The friendliness of the site must be enhanced – all that we have said so far in this article will hold no sense if there are no readers to read your work. So basically speaking readers are the most important. If your site is not user friendly you will not be able to get the kind of response that you are looking for. If your site takes too long to open no one will have the patience to read it no matter how good your content is.

    If there are too many ads that are popping as the reader reads the article that too will affect the readership. Try to remove clutter as much as you can. When the site is user friendly it will by default attract more readers who will also stay loyal.

  2. Social media optimization – search engines are important but they are not everything that you can do to improve the DA. Why don’t you look at social media optimization too? With the help of the social media you can reach more audience and you can also market the content better. As more and more people are affected by the articles you have written the more popularity you will get.

    These readers will read your article they will like it and share it. This can get you many more dedicated readers. As the fans and followers for your work increases automatically the Domain Authority will also see a major improvement.

  1. Having patience – Patience is the keyword in anything that you do. As we all grow with time the same is with the Domain Authority too. Work on it slowly and do not expect that a miracle will happen. As the domains age will affect the domain authority slowly and steadily. There is a tool that is designed by Webconfs. It is called the “domain age checker“. Using this you can check the age of the domain.

How do you check the Domain Authority?

Checking the domain authority is much simpler than what you think. All that you need to do is go to the visiting the official toolbar of Moz or by going to “opensiteexplorer“. Type the name of your site and see the results. There are many tools like this that are available online. The DA is calculated once in every two weeks so you will have to keep checking it regularly. The screenshot below shows the Domain Authority of the URL mentioned in the search box.

A good Domain Authority score

How do you consider the Domain Authority score as a good or bad? It is nothing but a number that you can always work towards increasing. If the DA is above fifty you can consider it as a good score. Any domain that has been active for around a decade can enjoy a DA of eighty or even hundred.

Numbers are good but they are not the only things you should chase. Try to write good contents and provide the readers with a good experience. As and when you put new updates on your site, aim at increasing the domain authority slowly and gradually.


Domain Authority is nothing but the number that is associated with the quality of your blog. The better the quality of the blog is the better will be the DA score of it. All the points that we have mentioned above are important. None of the points are standalone you need to work on all of them simultaneously in order to achieve the numbers you are desiring.

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    It’s a great handy article for increasing DA. A good internal link structure can really help in better SEO and hence domain authority of a site. But most of the newbies tend to put the same anchor text across articles. A variety of anchor text is what one needs to put to make the most out of interlinking.

    Loved all the tips and the linked resource pages. Thanks for sharing. Take care and have a great day

  • I have heard that, the algorithm used by Moz to calculate Domain Authority is dying and giving many false results. Many bloggers are saying that, blogs Penalized by Google has High Domain Authority.
    So, My question is, Is it correct that, DA is dying? or it is just a to keep spammers away from Domain Authority?