Building a MLM Business Online

Building a MLM Business Online

If you are trying to build an online MLM business and you do not know how to go about t then you have come to the right place. Many people spend a lot of time and money on learning this business. We are always trying to help the readers with better ideas and tips. This is why we decided to come up with this article so that we can help the readers understand the business better. The ideas that we will be sharing now must be implemented in your marketing business with immediate effect.


This will definitely save you a lot of time and ensure that you do not do the mistakes that people have done before in order to understand the MLM business. The MLM business is not as complicated as people often think it to be. It can be simply divided in six basic steps. Do not follow what the others are doing. Take these tips and always stay ahead of competition.

Step 1: Always create a lead capture page or a website – It is very important to have a capture page as this will ensure that the site capture’s the attention of the prospective users. This will also ensure that the attention is captured and they share the names as well as the email ids. This will be at the exchange of something like a free online report, boot camp, white paper, or an eBook the list can be long. So what are the things a good capture page must have?

  1. A headline that can make a mark.
  2. A few key benefits.
  3. A call to action and sometimes you can also include a video.
  4. Remember that more than 120 words should not be used here.
  5. There should not be any other links on this page.

    How do you know if the capture page is doing a good job? Well the calculation is simple if at least 20 per cent of the people who are visiting the page are opting in then you are doing a good job. The capture page is not there to promote your MLM business it has a different focus area and these can be any of the following:

  • How to generate leads for a MLM business?
  • How to become successful in network marketing?
  • Blogging secrets for the network marketers
  • How to sponsor internationally?
  • How to use autoresponders to build the MLM business?
  • How to close leads on the phone?
  • The various benefits of the product that you have to offer

The capture page is targeted at the audience who you think will for sure be interested. It is not for people who are trying to make some money online. These people will never be interested in what you have and as a result you will only land up wasting time. Even if you get less people coming to the site is fine as long as they all come there for a purpose. So one quick point here try to look for what are the problems that the network marketers are actually facing and can you solve this problem with your product or service. If you can design a page on these lines the response will be much better and positive.

How do you build a capture page? Many people who are reading this article are of the opinion that it costs a lot of money and you need help of professionals to do it. Well that is not true at all. We will recommend They can help you create very good lead pages. They will provide you auto-responder, capture page and domain for only 127$ a year. It is a very good deal.

You may have a blog that is doing very well but if you are looking at a long game then capture page has to be built. Blogs will take a lot of time but capture pages are much faster and easy to build. Always ensure that in your capture page you are giving something that is valuable and free so that the target market will be more interested in the page. Make the capture page simple. Never discuss about the MLM Company of yours in the capture page.

Step 2: Build a listLet’s quickly move to the step two. The list is important and it means money. Make an email list of not only the people you know but also of the people who are allowing you to contact them. All the names and the email ids of these people must be automatically stored in the auto-responder. This should happen from the day one.

Auto-responder is a simple software program that can be used automatically to edit, create and manage an email list. It is a very different program from an Outlook or Hotmail. If you want you can get to know more about it.

After the capture page is set the next step is to get the Auto-responder. Some of the leading Auto-responder services are:

  1. Aweber
  2. Get Response
  3. GVO
  4. Mail chimp

The first one in the list meaning “Aweber” is what we would suggest. It is very reasonably priced and has got very high deliverability rate. After you sign up for the auto-responder services you will be given a code that you will have to paste on to the capture page. This will automatically create a form that people who are visiting the page can fill and the details like name and email id will be added to your list.

You can pre write the mail and keep it ready as a welcome mail that you can send to the people on your list informing them more about your MLM company and different affiliate products.

Another point that we must mention here is that all the mails that you frame should not be sales mail. Ensure that there is a good balance between education mails and sales mails. As and when you get to know about some affiliate products do mention about them in the email and upload in the auto responder. Using the auto responder you can also make a schedule for your emails. As soon as a person signs up to your list they will automatically start getting all the mails at a frequency that you choose. We would recommend that the ideal frequency will be two mails a week. This will help you to keep in touch with reh prospect without bothering them too much.

Your list is your ATM machine. Anytime you need to promote a new product or service you can just send a mail to all in the list and start making money. Do not waste any time if you do not have an auto responder then get one today.

Step 3: Traffic – It is time that we move to the next step in the list. Most of the time people spend in on generating the traffic which is the life blood of the MLM business. Many people feel that you need a very good content to get a lot of people visiting your page on a daily basis. Some also have the feeling that it is about luck getting a huge traffic. Well none of it is completely true. All that you need is some tricks of the trade that we will be discussing now:

  • Blogging
  • Banner ads
  • Advertising in newspapers and magazines
  • YouTube Videos
  • Article marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Social media
  • Pay per click ads

What you need to do is choose a paid and a free marketing method and see the result for a year. Do not try to do too many things at the same time. Master the strategy and then focus on something new. Paid traffic is always better when compared to free traffic simply because you will have more control over it. It is always faster to generate paid traffic than free traffic. Keep reading about traffic and how you can generate huge traffic never stop learning and working on your mistakes. You have to learn to get traffic to your page if you cannot get the traffic you are doomed.

Step 4: Follow up and build a relationship – One thing that you have to accept is the fact that people who are adding themselves to your list will not buy from you immediately. They can take months as well as years. That do not mean you stop thinking about them. Building proper relationships in very important in the MLM business and you have to accept the fact that people will prefer to buy from those whom they know and not from strangers. Build the trust and you will never lose. Send follow up mails. Ensure that all mails are not just trying to promote sales you should also send mails that are giving information and trying to solve the problems of the receiver. Sell by teaching and build a credibility that no one can take away from you. Try to provide value and communicate on a regular basis even with those who are not buying your products.

Step 5: Try to generate multiple streams of income – In MLM it is always good to have income coming from different sources. It can really change the profitability of your business. If you are promoting just an online MLM company you will not be able to make much money and finally you will have to close the business. When you have some additional products and services to promote you will always be in a better position and some of these are:

  • Capture pages
  • Autoresponders
  • Leads
  • Training courses
  • Paid mastermind teams
  • Systems
  • Website design
  • Hosting and domains
  • There are a lot more options available

What happens when you have more than one product or service to promote you will still land up making money even if some people say a no to your business opportunity? The point is you have to make more money from those who are saying a no than those who are actually saying a yes. For example someone might not be interested in your MLM business but they would need your advice on how to improve their business you will have to just give suggestions to these people from the other products that you are promoting and make money. Always diversify and look at some really nice and different ways to make money from your business.

Steps 6: Always try to build a primary MLM company – You have to build your primary MLM company this will happen if you follow all the steps that we have mentioned so far in this article. Some people will join the list and immediately start buying from you and on the other hand you might have people who will take time to start trusting you and buying.

One smart move is to mention about the primary MLM company of yours in the auto responder so that people have an idea of what exactly you are selling. As you do the business for some time in few years you should have a good number of distributors who will provide you a nice residual income. You must remember that the actual money is in the MLM Company and not in affiliate marketing. It will take you a few years to get to that point.

Some bonus tips for success

Even if you are a master at doing things online you cannot neglect the huge scope you have offline. You will have to meet people on a daily basis and share your business opportunity with them. Not everyone would want you to help in online business so it is always a good idea to know about offline business.

We have tried to explain all the tips in building a successful MLM business. This will ensure that the business becomes really successful online. It is something that has worked for many and it can work for you too, many top earners are actually using the same steps but no one will discuss these as openly as we have done in this article.

Improve Website Authority Using Ever Green Content

Using Evergreen content to improve authority

You must have noticed that most of the blog that you come across you tend to read it only once and then forget about it. This is the trend mostly. What we are trying to get at is can we come up with a blog that will never go out of demand and readers will keep coming back to read it. Well by the end of this article we hope that you will get a better idea on how to develop an evergreen content.

Why should we be looking for an evergreen content?

What’s wrong with blog topics that will be in demand only for a few days and can be considered to be disposable? They get readers for a while and then they are of no value. They have a shelf life of their own like many other products. Many sites prefer to post new topics as per the SEO requirements. Any new content with two to three per cent keyword density will have the ability to get a better rating in Google’s SERP (search engine results page). This is true but can we neglect the authoritative posts. If you do not have an article that is informative enough it will automatically discourage the readers and the future of the site may suffer.

Any old article in your site is called the legacy content. If a third party tries to link to an article that has out-dated information it will be a shoddy legacy for the host site. The host will try to remove the old content so that room for new content can be made. This is the point when you have an evergreen content you have created an authority. It will get readers again and again over a long period of time. It will pave the way to a lot of new articles that can be ultimately connected to this evergreen article. These articles will always remain useful not only to the site but also to the audience.

So you now have a fair idea of why and how evergreen content is essential. We will now move on to discuss how you can probably develop an evergreen post.

Try to consider the relevance

The first thing that you have to get is the niche you are working on. Once you have the niche you will get the topics that must be written. For example you are discussing the SEO trends that will work in 2015. Do you think this is an evergreen topic obviously it is not. It is a topic that will be of value only in 2015 and after that it will have no importance.

Google does pay a lot of importance to quality and in the future someone might want to refer to this article in order to understand more about SEO trends and how they have been changing over the years. Let us now talk about another topic that has more potential to become an evergreen topic and that it “How can search engine be used to optimize the marketing strategy”. Here we have a topic that will not be out of demand after a year. We have used the same SEO as keyword but here SEO has a niche. It has many underlying topics that can be written about. The underlying factors that are in hand with this post are:

  1. We can optimize the content according to the search engine of Google.
  2. There are some tools available that can help us to do this.
  3. We can create content with this as a marketing tool.
  4. We can adapt the strategy as per the changes suggested by Google.

So an evergreen content will basically have these features

  • Any content that is evergreen will not limit itself to the current trends.
  • The evergreen topic will usually contain at least one keyword that will add to the niche of the site.
  • Any evergreen content is about learning so it will be of more importance to the new users and not the experts.

Create a power to stay

Sometimes it may happen that you think that this topic is definitely an evergreen topic but you will slowly realise that it is not on the other hand you might write a blog feeling that it will go out of demand in sometime but it will continue to be in demand. After your blog is published it will take you a while to know if it is an evergreen one or not. If a blog is evergreen it will continue to get likes, comments, shares and backlinks even after months have gone by. Some people will ask is six months a good time to understand this? Well that is not enough all the time you might have to wait a little longer at times.

Look at the backlinks they are the best way to judge if an article is evergreen or not. Any article that ranks highest in Google search engine it is mainly because of the backlinks. You will see that these links that are high up on the page will easily have huge backlinks. Just go to Moz and enter the URL you will get to see the backlinks within seconds.

Why do you think that a particular article is getting more likes? We will explain that now.

  1. It offers a directive insight or rather gives an authoritative definition.
  2. It is very well written in terms of grammar and language. The explanation is easy and readers can connect to it.
  3. If the article is promoted extensively on the social media it will definitely get more readers. Suppose the article was shared over five thousand times don’t you think it will get more visibility and will land up getting ore backlinks?
  4. The article is well connected to the other articles in the site and as a result the chances of getting backlinks increase for all these articles.
  5. The article handles the topic head on. The article asks questions and then answers these questions in a very convincing manner.

    These are the points that will make an article popular and ensure that it lands up getting more backlinks.

Prioritize the value

Value is nothing but a service. Value means that you have created a post where the readers can come back if they want to refer something again. In other words you have created a content that is so amazing that the readers would like to keep coming back to it again and again. Not only that they would also like to share it again and again. We will now explain how you can actually create this value and ensure that the readers keep coming back.

The how to post

How to make a pineapple cake, what comes after how to is not as important as the word “how to” itself is. Many people from across the world will search with “how to”. We are sure even you must have searched with these words many a times. The article “How to make a pineapple cake” is good and it gives different ways of making a pineapple cake. The information is detailed as a result you can expect that this article will not go out of fashion easily.

The tricks and tips post

Another type of post that can never grow out of demand are the ones on tips and tricks. For example “photo tips for mobile phones”, “tips and tricks of making pineapple cakes” and there can be many more like these. The reason is that people will always look for articles like these. However, you must keep in mind that these articles must be visually rich and less comprehensive. They should be more suggestive and open in a serial format. The tips should be individual and unique something that you have learnt from own experience. The tips should focus on subject matter and must be such that can be used by beginners as well as professionals. You can also add suggestions and tools so that more value can be added to the article.

The history posts

Any content to do with the history of something will be a good choice for an evergreen topic. Ensure that word history is included in the title. Wikipedia is your biggest competition when it comes to history so please add a point that makes your article unique like “the real story” or “will make you change the way you think”. Another problem with wiki is they do not use a lot of images so try to make the article visually appealing.

The list post

Any list that can give resources is a good idea for an evergreen article or content. For example try “15 resources to start your own business”. The point you have to keep in mind is that as you are using links for resources ensure that from time to time you check that these resources are active and keep updating the article with new links.

The FAQ post

Another great idea on evergreen topic is FAQ. If you look around you will find a lot of FAQs which can help you come up with a nice topic. So what you will have to do it listed below:

  • Pay attention to the FAQ that you are getting on your site.
  • Take the top questions that you get and make them into a blog.
  • Try to look for topics that are trending at present and are a part of your niche.

These tend to do very well as they answer the questions of the readers directly and can get to the heart of an evergreen content.

The definition post

Any blog to do with definitions can do very well actually we will now explain how. A post that is defining SERP will open up to a discussion on evolution of search engine. The only challenge with definition post is that there will already be quite a few of these and you will have competition. So how do you deal with this competition? Well you can and we will now suggest some points that can help.

  1. Biographies – Try to write the biography of any industry leader. Especially of someone who just passed away recently.
  2. Personal posts – Suppose you have a good experience and you feel that some people will be interested in knowing how you achieved the success then it is a great idea.
  3. Interviews – you can take interviews of the people who are doing well and it can really help to give a boost and recognition to your blog.
  4. Case studies – Try to build a strong case study that people would like to refer to again and again. It will help them when they are doing some research.
  5. Motivational – It is a good idea but it should be related to your niche. If written well this can be quite timeless.
  6. Humorous – Humour is a great way to deal with anything and it is a great idea to attract readers again and again when they want to have a good laugh.
  7. Myth- buster – It is not easy to find out myths. If you have got one that pertains to your field then do try to make the most of it and it can give you one of those killer contents for an evergreen topic.
  8. Strategic – You must stay grounded with this and try to look for an area you have real good knowledge about.

Evergreen sticks

An evergreen post is like one that will never get out of demand and will keep attracting readers again and again. Ensure that when you have an evergreen content keep writing new contents that can be linked back to the evergreen content that you wrote and this will help your blog to grow.

We hope that this article will help you to understand how exactly you can actually develop an evergreen content that will ensure that your authority improves and your blogs become more popular.

11 Copywriting Hacks that You Must Know

11 copywriting hacks that you must know

Any business will need a killer copy so that it can get more power. It is words that have the power to either make a brand a success or a failure. Some may feel that creating a content is time taking and not that all of us have the ability to create a killer content with ease. The best part is that you do not have to be a blessed writer in order to come up with a killer content we will explain how in this article. What we are going to share now is a number of copywriting hacks that can be used by you in order to improve your website dramatically.

  1. The 5 minute SEO copywriting trick – Google is trying to improve the search by concentrating not only on the URL but also on the title and a few keywords in the article. The algorithm has to be clever so that Google can easily search your article. Suppose you are writing on how to write a business proposal. You will have to look for keywords that are similar in nature and try to make the article effective.

At the end of the page you will find a list of keywords that are similar so you can use these some additional phrases in the article because Google feels that these keywords and related to the topic that you are writing about. Google uses semantic search and as it does so this article will be definitely a good choice. Anyone who is looking for “sample business proposal” or “how to write project proposal” will have a good chance of getting your article in the search.

  1. Spruce up your meta descriptions – The meta descriptions are very critical and they must be the best writings of yours. It is the last option that you can use to convince a person that he or she must click your link and not your competitors. You have created the best SEO strategy but you just cannot stop there you will suffer. In Google the content has to click else it is of no use. A neat little description can help you to ensure that people look into what you have written and that you get enough traffic. It will also help you get more customers. The audience must be targeted properly. If you have a good content but no one is reading it then it is of no value. The search engine will display 150 to 160 characters and within that limit you have to come up with a writing that can attract attention. If you write more than the limit the copy will be truncated.

The meta descriptions must be user friendly. It must clearly explain the purpose. It is not a bad idea to mention a phone number or an email id on it so that people can find it more personal. Refer to some meta descriptions online and it will definitely help you understand how you should frame yours.

  1. Get the design and the copy working today – Words are important indeed but visuals play a far greater role and so you must give a lot of importance to the images and visuals that you are using. Some golden rules to be followed for digital design and copy are:

  • Always be very careful as you are wrapping copy around images.
  • The font should be nice, large and readable.
  • There is no harm in leaving some white space.
  • The font should not be stretched.
  • The text should always be justified to the left.
  • Better not to use too many different colours.
  • Try to avoid hanging words meaning when one word gets pushed to another line. It breaks the rhythm for the reader.

    The research proves that people tend to read only twenty per cent of the words that is there on the site and if you do not design the content well the reader might tend to read even lesser words and that can be very dangerous. So ensure that the writing looks nice and readable to the readers.

  1. The best stuff must be saved for the best pages – It is not easy for people to keep fine tuning the site material for the readers. However, just ensure that the copy is spot on for the website pages that get more action. The top pages of your site should be easy to see. Just log in to your Google analytics and click on the “behaviour” option in the left side of the screen. After that expand the site and just chose the “all pages” option this will give you the top 10 most visited pages. We have enclosed the pictures below to explain these steps.

  1. The page should not be about us but about them –

Always remember that word of mouth counts. This is exactly why the “about us” page on your site is so critical. This is the page that will tell all about you and your brand. The about us page can change the bottom line of your business dramatically. Some points that you must keep in mind while building the about us page are:

  • Try to use words that can connect with the visitors on an emotional level.
  • You must know what is actually important. Your company may be 50 years old but you have to ensure that you prove how that matters to the customers.
  • It is always good idea to post photos as it gives a sense of security to the person reading what you have written that you are not hiding something.
  • The style should be informal.
  • You can talk about some hurdles that you have dealt with in order to target the audience better.
  1. PAD (problem and declaration) into must be used – The framework of your blog should be clear. You must start with illustrating a problem. After the problem come up with a solution that you want the readers to know. Make it clear that you are here to help so that the readers feel like reading what you have written. You can also mention something like “would you be interested in knowing a shortcut” this would enhance the interest of the readers and ensure that they read further.
  • Understanding human psychology – Always remember that you are selling something to the reader who might not even know who you are. This is exactly why you should be more particular about the psychology of the people. Always remember that you cannot sell by saying “buy the what” try to change it to “buy the why”. Explain why someone should buy the stuff you are selling. Attach an ethos to the product or the service that you are selling and we are sure you will make more profits.

  • The URLs should be short – A point that is often not paid much heed is the length of the URL. Always ensure that the URL is nice and short. Also ensure that the URL is relevant. It is not a bad idea to include the keyword in the URL. For example you have a URL that looks like do you think it is a good URL well a good URL should be like This will definitely make the experience of the user better and help them understand what the post is all about and another good part is that it will be liked by Google too.


  • The emotions must be leveraged – Humans are nothing but a bundle of emotions. There are different kinds of emotions that we go through each day and they can be both good as well as bad ones. The first thing you must know is that you are a marketer and you have to target the emotions of the other person. Emotions can be like jealousy, confidence, satisfaction, etc. First identify the correct emotion that you are targeting. Once you can do that half of the job will be done.

    For doing this you must first have a list of the clients along with the detailed profile of each of them. The questions that you need to get answers for are:

  • Who are they?
  • What do they actually want?
  • What do they like?
  • What do they hate?
  • Where do these people hangout?
  • What is the content that they like?

So basically you are trying to find out what the audience is struggling for and how can you help them? So what you need to do is come up with a picture with the pain points of the audience and then you must prepare the action plan that you have to reduce their problems. For example why would a person want you to write the business proposal, well the simple answer is so that he or she gets the contract. The user of the service is not confident of writing a proposal that is why they are seeking your help. When you look at the situation from this point of view and make your approach empathetic you will do much better as a digital marketer.

  1. The blog post must be optimized around a valuable keyword – Look for keywords that will help you to focus and also ensure that you do not waste too much of time, effort and money. Yes you must look for a keyword that will get you more revenue.

    For example you are into digital marketing business. What you do is help people write professional business proposals. Especially your service is for those who have a small business and their language skills are weak. If you look for keywords you might see that “writing business proposals” tops the list of keywords. If you pick this and make an article you might get some traffic. If you think a little you may realise that what you are doing is a service and some people out there might be just looking for a free service. So what do you need to do is look at something else. Why don’t you change it to like “get an amazing business proposal for free” you might not get too much traffic coming initially but whoever will come they will have a serious business need. Slowly your traffic will increase and you can make it big too one day.

  1. Never lose focus from the business goals – The goals that you have must be clear. You have a great content and that does get you a lot of traffic. Is getting traffic all that you want? Well definitely not the main intention is to ensure that the visitors do some action. The call to action must be compelling enough. The blog should be built in such a way that it actually takes the person on a journey. Unless the visitor takes your service or buys what you are selling you will not gain much.

    The research proves that people will tend to read on twenty per cent of the matter on the web. In that twenty per cent you will have to come up with a content that will make them take the action that you desire. They should sign up for emails or download something so that you make some revenue from it.

    Before you write something on the site always keep in mind that you want the reader to take this action and is the content compelling enough to make the reader take the desired action? Keep yourself as the reader and try to understand if you yourself would have done the required action after reading the article.

We have tried to discuss some of the amazing copywriting hacks that anyone can used easily in order to improve their website. We hope that you will find this article interesting and informative. Do try to implement the ideas and let us know your feedback. They are simple things but if implemented can definitely make a lot of change to your site.

6 Timeless Tricks To Make More Money From The Blogs

6 timeless tricks to make more money from the blogs

Blogs are primarily created to make more money. In this article we will tell you how you can make money from your blogs. Many people have made great careers with blogging. Some complain that even if they get good traffic the money they make from the blog is not enough. The first step is definitely to provide a great content to the reader and then ensure that the traffic you get to the blog keeps growing. So when you have a great content and a good amount of audience who are reading the blog you can move to the next step that is making revenue from the blog.

Many people have the concept that the traffic and blog revenue are inter related. Well this may not be true always. The most important thing is that you must have some good money making ideas and should know how to use these ideas in the right manner. Now that we have given a certain idea of what you can expect from this post lets directly move on to the topic. We will in detail mention about the six best methods you can use to make your blogs more money making.

  1. Place the ads better – Anyone who is blogging will be posting ads on their site. However, just posting the ads is definitely not enough. Placing ads is the best way to make money from the blogs right! You have to ensure that the ads are strategically placed as a result the readers will definitely click on the ads. How do you ensure this is to think about yourself as a reader? Then start thinking why does a reader actually visit a site? Then you can think better about where you should place the ad so that the readers can see the ads and that do not hamper the experience of the user. The advertisement must be so visible that the readers have no choice but to click on them. We will now discuss in details the ideas you can use to ensure that you get better click through rate.
  • Above the blog post title
  • Sidebar banner
  • Right below the post title
  • At the end of the post and above the bio of the author
  • Between the different sections of the post

Here we have to mention the fact that all websites are different so the best solution will be to check the heat map of the website which will tell you exactly where the users tend to click more. As per the information given by the heat map you can place the ads on your site. This is the best way you can ensure that the ads get clicked more.

There are many materials online that you can refer to in order to understand how and where exactly the ads must be placed. One such very good material is titled “Google’s ad placement policies”. Do keep checking it regularly as they keep changing the policies as per the change in the trends. So just follow the guidelines that Google is coming up with as per the change in user behaviour and actually you do not have to do much. We are now enclosing an image that will help you to understand what we are trying to say better. The darker the orange colour in the picture the better is the area for ad placement.

  1. Try to think beyond Adsense You must have tried to get Google Adsense. Yes Google is a trusted name and they come up with ads that are definitely going to get clicked more because these are the ads that the readers are looking for online. It is not easy for everyone to get through Google Adsense. They have a very tough approval process and you have to earn a minimum of 100$ to get paid. These are not easy for a small time blogger to achieve so what do you do? Should you give up or should you look for some other options? There are some very good options available that you can use and we will explain about these options:
    1. BuySellAds- This is one of the best ad platforms that can be used. They get you ads directly from the client. They charge a commission of 25% for the service that they are providing you. The payout is set at just $20. The downside of BuySellAds is that it will not be easy for someone to get approved by them.

    2. Infolinks – They work mostly with the in-text and in-frame ads. They have the ability to monetize the blogs in a very different way. The best part is that it is very easy to get approved by Infolinks. The minimum payout is 50$ which is not very difficult to attain. The payments are usually made on time through PayPal.
    1. Viglink – What Viglink will actually do is that they will monetize your outbound links. They have the ability to convert the ordinary links to affiliate links. This basically means that when a reader clicks on the link and buys something you will land up getting a commission. This will ensure that you can use affiliate marketing to natural link building.

  2. Explore the native languages – English is a language that is being used extensively all across the world. However, there are many more languages apart from English that you can use and focus on. It is a fact that many people across the world still do not know how to speak in English properly so there is a potential to use some more languages and we will explain that now.

    Google Adsense has now started to support about thirty five languages. This ensures that you can use some native languages too. If Google is doing this it means native languages have a lot of demand online. Do you know there are so many readers who are looking for blogs in their native language as they do not understand English much so you have a huge market there to explore. Many bloggers are actually moving to the native languages like Hindi for example. If any of your native language is as strong as English you can definitely give this option a try in order to make more money.

    You can either write a complete blog in Hindi or you can mix Hindi with English. The choice is yours. For example if you are writing on digital marketing you can use the terms in English as people tend to be more familiar with terminologies in English.

  1. Always try to collaborate with brands for sponsored posts and reviews – The fourth method that can help you make some money is collaborating with brands to get sponsored posts and reviews. Let us explain what a sponsored post is all about it is nothing but a place where you talk about a product in general. It can also be a place where you try to incorporate something that you want to be associated with the product n your content. Sponsored review is similar in concept it is about reviews that you write for companies and get paid for it too.

Sounds like a great idea but this can only be used if you feel that readers will actually be interested in the products of the company that you are writing about. If you are just advertising the product and simply writing good things about the product the readers will stop trusting you and it can have a very negative impact on your site in the future. This becomes even trickier as you write reviews for the products of the company. Some feel that they have to write good things only otherwise they will not get paid. This is not true you are expected to write what you feel about the product and the review has to be an unbiased one. The more honesty you bring into the review the better it will be for you as well as for your readers. You must test the product and get an idea of all its pros and cons. Do let the company know that you will be writing an honest feedback. To get this you will have to connect with brands and let them know that you write sponsored reviews. Some options that you can use to do this are:

  1. Tapinfluence
  3. Famebit
  • Try to implement the affiliate programs – A term that you will come across very often is Affiliate marketing. As the name itself suggests what you have to do in this is tell the readers about the products and if they buy it as per the recommendation given by you then you will get a commission for it. If you take our suggestion we will say that affiliate marketing is perhaps the best way to make money when it comes to blogging. Some affiliate marketing will pay more and some less. However, why it is such a favourite among bloggers is that it ensures them money from all their posts.

The best part is that with affiliate marketing you do not have to depend on traffic because you will keep getting money as and when someone buys the product recommended by you. There are various types of affiliate marketing programs that is available in the market and you can chose any one as per the blogs that you are into.

  1. Writing an impressive Ebook – With this we move to the last best way of making money from your blogs. This is developing premium content for the readers of yours. For example create an Ebook for your readers. Creating an Ebook is cheap and it can help you keep earning revenue for a long time. Try to build a subscriber list for the Ebook so that you get to know if the subject matter is going to be of interest to the readers. You can also give the first few chapters free of cost to the subscribers and if they want more they will have to pay. There is a common question that people often ask and that is “should we sell the Ebook on your blog or sell it in Amazon? Well this is a good question and the answer is not quite simple. If you select an Amazon to sell your book it will definitely give you a better platform but the problem is that you will have to pay a commission too which is something not many people prefer. It may take you a long time to get paid in this case.

    Selling the Ebook all by yourself is also a great idea. You can use as the payment platform as it is easy to use. You can get paid easily. You can use this option if you have a good traffic coming to your blog. If not then you will have to create traffic and only then you will be able to sell. We would recommend that you try to use both the options simultaneously and that will help you make the most. It will give you a platform and will also increase traffic to your blog.

With this we come to the end of the post. We have tried to share with you some great ways to make more money from the blogs. You must have tried some and not the others before. Do keep trying. It is not necessary that all these methods will work for you. Sometimes one method might work for one person and sometimes the others. The key is in having patience and keep trying all the methods slowly. You should analyse your situation from time to time. Keep a close track of the revenue that you are generating this will help you to understand if these tricks are working for you or not. Many people who have made money blogging have used these steps to reach where they are today.

7 ways to get the content noticed without spending much

7 ways to get the content noticed without spending much

All those who are writing online want a lot of traffic to come to their content. Some are doing well and they do get a lot of traffic. Some feel that the best way to get traffic is by improving the content. The content is important but there is more to know the tricks of the trade. This is what we will be talking about in this article of ours. Some say that if you are on BuzzFeed it is easier for you. So if you are not on BuzzFeed does it mean that you will always have to struggle to ensure that the content gets noticed? Well this is not actually true and after reading this article your idea of content marketing will change forever.

There are many small business and individuals who are also writing online does it mean that they can never get the traffic flow to their content. If you are not on BuzzFeed these are some of the tips that you can use as a content marketer.

  1. Put the ground work in early – So let’s start with the first part what have you got a killer content that you are sure will attract traffic. Well that is what all the content marketers feel about their content. We are not trying to demoralize you what we are saying is do you have a strategy? If you don’t then we will explain how you can have one. The first step is getting a distribution plan in place. If you start your PR after the content has gone live it will be rather late. Start the process as early as you can.

    Try to build relationships with the media influencers and the industry as a key step to get recognized. The point is simple suppose you get two mails one from a person you have interacted with before and one from a person you hardly know so whose email will you are you going to read first? The answer is simple.

    Look for people who will have genuine interest in the content and then ensure that these people have a huge fan base on twitter and other social media if a person like this shares your content you will definitely get a huge traffic to start with. Point to keep in mind do not send a fashion related content to an automobile guy, chose the right person. This may take time but it is worth all the seconds you are spending.

  2. Use strong data – You have come up with the content it is your idea so you will have to fight for it and nobody else will fight for it like you can. This is the first fact that you have to get used to. So many people are writing online so if you want to get your content recognized you will have to work hard and be strong.

You must have a strong data. For example you talk about a poll data and you have only 20 samples it is not a data strong enough to convince the readers. Many feel that getting data might cost a lot this is actually not true. We will tell you about places from where you can get data and that too at a very reasonable rate. If the data used is strong and it supports your claim effectively half the battle is won. There are different sources for different types of data we cannot list all in this article still we are trying to name a few:

  1. Socrata is a good place to find government-related data.
  2. UNICEF can give you statistical information about women and children from different parts of the world.
  3. is a good place to find facial recognition data.
  4. Data market is a place to find details on economics, health, agriculture and food.
  5. Google finance can give you data on stock market for the last 40 years.

Another thing that you can do is contact the industry leaders or the experts of the subject matter. If these people write something about the article and give a comment or two on what you have written the chances of your article getting a better response increases to a great extent. When you approach the publications you must lead with the strongest aspect of your data content so that you get almost instant attention.

  1. Use eye catching visuals – The content should be supported with strong visuals so that it can make the best impact on the readers. Even as a reader you will be able to understand that you prefer an article that has visuals over an article that has too much of text. With the help of infographics, you can display the data in a very powerful manner. There are many agencies that are developing infographics for various content marketers you can always approach these agencies. They are easily very easily shared on the social media by the readers.

    If you want to increase the reach of the content ensure that you use different visual mediums. The blog post can be turned into a videographic. Even people who are shopping online will admit that they prefer to look at a video before taking a decision. So do try to use these visuals in order to make the content more loved and shared.

  2. Distribute effectively – You have a good content and you feel people will see it simply because it is good. Well this is not always true you will have to promote the article and tell people more about the article. Unless readers know about what you have written you will not get an army of followers. Where ever possible talk about the content and try to make it popular in social media and among your followers so that they share it. Shout loud and as loud as you can.

Many people feel that well we have shared it once why do it again and again. Well people do not have a great memory as there is so much being written out there keep promoting your content again and again for months as well as for years if required. It has to be fresh in the mind of the readers. Do try to prepare a good and effective email list and ensure that you inform the readers about the content and tell them why they should not miss out on it. One place where you can distribute the content is Reddit. You can also have a paid media strategy and ensure that you have a budget to handle it. You cannot completely depend on the paid ads but they can be a very effective way to target a specific group of people. Using social media is any day a great idea but apart from that you can use wider distribution networks like the Outbrain.

  • Contact influencers on social media – We now move to the third step in the process of getting traffic to the content that you have developed. We have told you about how you should build relationships and ensure that you push the article in the right direction. We will now combine both the aspects. Phone and email is a good way to build personal relationships but that can be used only for a few influential people and journalists but if you want to make the content popular among the masses that are spread over all across the world then social media definitely has an important role to play.

    Twitter is a great social media for this purpose and you can find a lot of influencers here. However, Twitter is huge and looking for the correct contact can be a challenge this is exactly why you can use tools like the BuzzSumo to get the list of the influencers on Twitter.

    Once you know who are these people you are targeting on social media do not start bombarding them with information. Always remember that block and mute button can be easily used by anyone to stop your communications. The best way is tell them something about you in few words. Even these people will have articles why don’t you write a comment on these articles so that they start recognizing you. Once they reply to the comment you can ask them if they will be interested in reading something that you have come up with. So what you are doing is basically building a strong relationship that is beneficial to both the parties.

  • Piggyback similar content – As you develop the content you must have spent some time on research work. All the research that you have done will be of importance to you someday or the other so does not just keep it aside. You might need this information later. As you do research you will come across contents that have got a lot of recognition and people have commented on them as well as shared them.

When you look at the backlinks you can build and even better contact list of people who will have interest in the same topic. There are tools that can help you to do this and these tools are ahrefs and Majestic. BuzzSumo is the tool that you can use for the same purpose on Twitter. Just click the “view sharers” button and you will get to know the list of all those who have shared the link on Twitter. So what you have here is the list of the people whom you are targeting. A tip that we must mention here is do not blindly follow all the backlinks instead look for those who have a large audience and authority in the social media.

  • Put in the hard yards – All that we have said so far is important and must be followed. They may sound simple and easy but it is actually not as simple as it seems to be. Getting the right PR would definitely mean a lot of hard work and may take months as well as years especially if you are new into content marketing. Building relationships take time and the influencers you will be chasing are busy people who may not respond to your mails on time. It is quite natural to feel frustrated with this process but keep the patience all this hard work that you are putting in will actually pay you.

If you feel that the work is getting too much for you and you do not know what to do then the best way is that you make two separate lists for the people you are targeting and let someone else share the load with you. You will have to keep following up with the people and keep sending mails again and again so that they finally respond to you and your content. A strong outreach list is a great tool when you want to attract traffic to the content. One you have a good number of people in this list your future job becomes easy and you can approach these people much easily with your new contents. To make you feel good we can quote the example of BuzzFeed here. Do you think BuzzFeed had seven million likes on Facebook and three million followers on Twitter from day one? Of course not they spent years and a lot of hard work has been put in to achieve these figures. Today they do not heed to amplify anything because they had done it long time back and now they are reaping the benefits. Feel positive and keep doing the hard work that will definitely pay you one day.

We hope that these tips will help you to understand how you can attract more traffic to your content. Do try to use these and see what difference they can make to your content marketing. We have tried to put up the true picture without any false promises. These are all tested steps and you can trust them blindly.

Getting a million plus blog visits in a month is not that difficult after all

Getting a million plus blog visits in a month is not that difficult after all

There are many blogs online as a result we are spoilt of choices. We will discuss in this article how you can make your blog a success. Some blogs do extremely well and some are not so successful we will explain exactly why this happens. We all want that a blog is accepted by as many readers as possible and they share it with more people. Without wasting much time we will move on to the topic. Here is a guide on making a blog successful we have divided the blog into four parts and they are:

  1. Keyword Research tips
  2. Blog management tips
  3. Blog optimization tips
  4. Blog promotion tips

Part 1 – Why are we emphasising so much on keyword research for a successful blog strategy

Spend some time on keyword research and look for the keywords that the target audience is dying to read about. The keyword research can be done using a lot of tools and data. These tools will help you to look for the keywords that the people are typing in the search engine more than often. Once you know this you can start writing the blog. Especially for those who are starting to blog the list of keywords that are going to attract readers must be given highest importance. This will make the blog content easier to be discovered by the readers. Make keyword search your guide and this should be your first strategy.

Keyword volume is exactly corresponding to the subject interest that is why it is so important. When people are looking for these keywords it means that they are curious about these topics. This is exactly why when you are writing about these topics you will definitely get a good number of audiences to the writing of yours. These people will ensure that they share it on social media and the popularity of your blog only increases. So in short you are basically writing about something that people are actually interested in. There are many keyword suggestion tools you just put in the words and it will show you all the results that can be as per the popularity of the topic.

Building a content strategy with a keyword planner

You can use the AdWords Keyword Planner in order to find the Keyword topics that were broken down by the specific keywords. It can help you to look for keyword groups with PPC ads. All you have to do is just type the starter keyword topic and you will get a lot of results but concentrate only on the first tab that says “ad group ideas”. Here the keywords are grouped into related clusters.

If you click here you will get to see the related keywords and terms. You will also get to see the competition and average monthly search volume.

Use a keyword planner for competitive Blogging

Another way to hack the keyword planner all we are saying is that there is no harm in getting inspired by the competitors. So what you do is just pick a site that you admire copy the URL and paste it on the “the landing page” field of keyword planner this will give you keyword ideas based on the content buffer. After this go to the ad group ideas tab where you can find more inspiring ideas. After all this go to Google and see what is already ranking on the first page. Remember that the content you create should be always better than what is out there.

Best blogging tip – concentrate on evergreen and long tail keywords

If you are new in blogging do try a long tail keyword so that you get a good rank. These are long and more specific terms that have less search volume but are less competitive too. Evergreen keywords are those that tend to have a steady volume for weeks and months, these are topics that people will always be interested in. These can help you build a reliable traffic stream which is important if you are serious about blogging.

Tips for finding out effective evergreen and long tail keywords

Google Suggestions is a good way to find long tail and evergreen keywords. These are the keywords that will automatically come under the search box as you type. You can also use an underscore to get suggestions e are enclosing some examples.

Some creative ways of finding out long tail keywords

Finding the long tail keywords is quite important we will now explain how you can do it.

  1. Keyword referrals
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Q&A sites like Yahoo questions and eHow.

Part 2 – Blog management tips can make a lot of difference

A common question that people have is how often they should blog the answer is that at least twice a week you must blog so that your business gets a good response. You can blog as often as you want but this can be the ideal frequency.

How to develop an idea repository and editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is a must have as it will tell you how and when exactly should you be publishing your blogs. We will recommend that you use the editorial calendar of HubSpot. It is simple and free to download. Trello is the backlog of blog post ideas that HubSpot keeps.
Try to follow the calendar religiously.

Blogging tip – try to switch up the content types

Content is text based and it can be time consuming to write a blog this is exactly why you must try to come up with contents that need less resources. HubSpot also puts together a group of content templates that can help the bloggers to get new content types. Six such content templates are given free.

Organizing the email inbox for productivity and inspiration

As the content volume increases the blog related emails also increase. IT is good to have a good email management system that can make your life easy and ensure that you reply to all the mails on time, In Gmail you have different coloured mail boxes so that you can ensure that each category of mail goes into each of the specific mail box. As per your time prioritise the mails and reply.

A recap of the tips on expert blog management

  1. Always ensure that you create and more importantly use an editorial calendar.
  2. Keep a backlog of the blog content so that you will never run out of things to publish.
  3. The content type you use should be varied so that the readers do not lose interest in what you are writing.
  4. The email inbox should be organized so that the productivity increases and it is easy to track the blog activities.

Part 3 – Blog Optimization

Blogging tip – Headlines should be optimized so spend some time on developing them

Content optimization is perhaps the most important thing in blogging. The first step in this is keyword prioritization. Always ensure that when you evaluate keywords chose the one that has maximum traffic volume.

How do you ensure that the blog post is keyword optimized?

An awesome headline can really make a huge difference. We will now give tips on writing a great headline.

  1. Use lists – Use a number in the headline.
  2. Create curiosity – The headline should be curious enough so that people feel like clicking it.
  3. The headline should clearly have a feel that the content is actionable – For example compare “manage your budget” with “How can you save $20 a day”. Which headline looks more possible?
  4. The reader must be addressed directly – For example use words like “you” in the headline.

The subheadings in the blog content must be optimized

It is a good idea to use subheadings. When you use keyword planner try looking at the keywords that come right at the bottom of the list these can help you come up with the idea of sub headings. This is also a good way to increase the use of related keywords and long tail keywords that can prove to Google that your article is important that can increase the ranking of the post.

Blogging tip – Internal linking must be used

Always keep in mind that the article you have written now should be such that it is linked with at least five more articles in your site this is good internal linking. The benefits are:

  1. Readers will stay longer in your site if they have more things to read that interests them.
  2. It will help you to have a better idea of what your future posts should be about.
  3. It can help in passive link building making the internal links external links.

Another useful blogging tip – The most popular posts must be followed with new content

Another very good tip about blogging is picking the most popular article of yours and try writing more posts on the same topic. After that just connect these new posts to the original one.

Post publish optimization is very essential

This is one aspect that people often ignore. Ensure that you keep checking where exactly you stand in terms of the keywords that you have been targeting. There are tools to ensure this but it can be done manually too. Your aim should be to push the keyword from second to the first page or from the last to the top of the page. If you feel the ranking is not changing try the following:

  1. Can more related keywords be included?
  2. Can the number of times the keyword appears be changed?
  3. Can the intent of the keyword be addressed in a better way?

Part 4 – Content promotion ensures that you get more readers to your blog post

The blog post should be optimized in such a way that it can be easily shared on the social media. After a blog audience is built try to mention the share counts on the publish button this will show your credibility to new readers.

How to add CTA and Subscriber sidebar in order to build a base audience

A CTA (call to action) box is very important. If a reader clicks on this it will take you to a landing page that will take you to more content. The subscriber bar is also equally important as it will give the readers an option if they want to subscribe to the blog. Both will help you grow the reader base.

Do a smart social Media Promotion

Tweets with images will generate more than 30% visits. Try to optimize the images as they are critical to social media promotion. The images should be able to catch the attention; they should be large and have the best effects.

Promoting the content with the help of email

Ensure that each time you come up with a new blog post the readers are informed with the help of emails. The promotional emails are also optimised for social sharing.

How paid promotion can work for blog content

It is now used a lot and the three best ways are:

  1. Outbrain
  2. Social amplification
  3. Content remarketing

Blog content can be promoted on your own website too

The four areas to focus your attention for internal promotion are:

  1. Homepage – should contain the call to action and the relevant blog posts.
  2. Subscriber page – this is the landing page that should have unique and original contents.
  3. Content downloads – should come at the end and encourage the readers to share the content on social media.
  4. Related product page – should educate about your products.


How to Target Keywords with Blog Posts

Targeting Keywords with Blog Posts

A web marketer knows well that he or she will have to target a particular keyword in order to ensure that they have enough readers. A well-researched keyword can really help the blog but most bloggers actually skip this step completely because they feel that it is not required. This is exactly why we decided to come up with this post and explain the readers how a keyword optimized blog can actually help the blog forever.

What happens is that when you have a blog post the main aim is to allow you to target a trending topic that is hot and in demand. It is possible that this blog will not cover the whole content of the site as it might not be sufficient to develop a whole site on just one topic. This is why you should look for keyword phrases that are popular and seems that everyone wants to know more about these topics. Once the trend is over and people do not have any more craze to read about this topic you can comfortably place the blog in the archives and forget about it for the time being as the purpose has been achieved already.

We are not saying that all blog posts are destined to be archived there can be some topics that will be in demand forever. For example any blog post that explains “how to” do something have a very little chance of going out of demand. These articles can rank well and can help you attract traffic for months as well as years.

To make the point clearer we will now explain some of the keyword targeted blog posts. These are just a few examples that we could think of in order to explain to you what exactly we are trying to get at. There can be many more such keyword topics that you can come up with.

  1. Recipes – Food blogs are very common now a day. You will have to do a little research on how you should title and publish your posts. It is very common for people to look for recipes online that is why these blogs are so popular. The title is important as it will help your blog get a good ranking in the search engine. If you enter the word “chicken in white garlic sauce” a number of recipes will open and the one that tops the list is the recipe from What we are trying to say is that if you target some keywords on recipes then you might find a blog that will ensure that you keep getting good traffic for years to come.
  2. Evergreen how-to – We did mention in the beginning of the article that any blog that has “to do” in it might have the potential of becoming a blog that will be in demand for years to come. Any person who has been blogging for a while will tell you that these topics do have a demand that just refuses to reduce. For example “how to find anyone’s personal email id”. If you just type the word “how to” in the Google search engine you will see the various topics starting with it. The topics can be anything like how to lose weight, how to sleep better, how to clean silver and the list is endless. If you look into this area you might come up with some keywords that can help you build a content that will never go out of demand.
  3. Timely hot topic – Some topics are hot for a few days and weeks. You can capitalize on these and try to come up with a blog that will give you instant traffic for a few days for sure. For example Messi announced his retirement and it was a topic that everyone was interested to know more about. If you come up with a Blog that about Messi it would definitely attract a lot of readers and make your blog popular. This is a topic that would be in demand for some time and then lose the attention it was getting at that point of time.

We will now explain the three simple steps that you can follow for targeting keywords with blog content:

  1. Identify the keyword opportunities – The first step would be to identify the keyword opportunity. It is not so difficult to do this as it sounds to be. This will need a little research which is based on the goal of the post that you are writing. If you are looking at a timely hot topic the best way out would be to look for it in the Google search engine. It can suggest you all the topics that are hot and in demand at the present moment. There are some traditional keyword tools that can be used too and these are free keyword tool and Shameless plug they will pull in fresh data and ensure that you can research on the current events.

    If you are looking at a topic that will keep getting traffic again and again to your blog then you can definitely try analysing your own audience who have been reading your blogs it will help you understand what are the topics that your readers are actually interested in. When you have the data then start looking for specific keywords. These keywords will ensure that the traffic is driven to your content. For example you have a food blog and people are who are searching with the word “tofu” are landing on your page more so what you can do is write some more recipes on tofu. This will ensure that your rank in these searches goes higher and you also get a better click through.

The point is simple you have to look for the keyword that can do a magic to your blog and get more traffic to it. It is not a tough job but you will have to invest a considerable amount of time in the process that’s all. The keyword should be relevant to your site and those who regularly visit your site.

  1. Narrow down the topic – The second step in the process would be to narrow down the topic. In the first step you got an idea and that is “tofu” can be a good word for you to write on. However, tofu is still a very broad topic and many things can go into it so you will have to look for a more specific keyword or a phrase. This can be done by the using keyword grouping software. The software that you can use is WordStream for SEO (shameless plug). With the help of these tools you can easily find a variation that is specific as well as relevant. The keyword tools can easily help you to determine the suitable phrase that you are looking for. You must use your judgement before you chose the topic and not select whatever is being suggested.

All those who have a flip camera can also make videos that can be a great help to the audience and your blog can get more views. It is always a good idea to add a video because people like to see the food being cooked to get a better idea and with videos they can trust the recipe more. The title tag must contain the keyword that you are writing about. However, the video must have a title and the titles that you can come up with can be “video on how you can make the most of tofu”, “Video of simple and quick recipes using tofu”, and many more such topics can be searched. These keywords will definitely get more traffic to the blog because they are exactly what the readers are looking for and you found it out by doing a detailed analysis so you cannot just go wrong with these. We cannot promise that the traffic will increase by so and so numbers but we can assure that there will be a definite increase in the numbers.

  1. Write and optimize the post – We now move to the last step in which you are basically writing the blog. The toughest part is to find the correct topic to write the blog on. Once you have the topic with you this last step is damn simple. However, many may feel that writing a blog is more challenging. We will now explain how exactly you can go about writing an effective blog that makes a good impression on the readers and ensures that more and more traffic keeps getting attracted to the blog.

    Writing a blog is not tough and each one of us has a different style of writing which is good. However, there are some points and tips that must be kept in mind before you start writing the blog especially a blog that is a keyword targeted post:

The title tag itself must contain the keyword. It is a key that is used in the search engines and as a result gets more traffic. So this is the first thing that you must remember and it can really change the traffic flow coming to your site.

IT does not matter what type of post you are working on even a video post must have a text on the page. As you write the recipe ensure that you use the keyword as well as the variations of the keyword. The same keyword should not be used too many times in the post how you can ensure this is by using WordStream SEO for Firefox plug-in. These tools help to track the keywords effectively and can be of big help.

The keyword must be used in the appropriate meta tags. These include meta description and the file name. It can also be included in the alt text of the images. Ensure that it is included in the title description of the videos too.

Internal linking is another nice idea that you can use to make the blogs more effective in the search engine. Suppose you are writing a recipe on making some starter with tofu and you want to suggest a particular sauce to be made with it then you can use the idea of internal linking to connect the tofu recipe with the sauce recipe. You can also add a link to both the videos too. This can be done with optimized anchor text.

The last and the most important point is that you have to promote the blog that you have written. It must be mentioned in Facebook, twitter and all the other social media sites that you can think of. The more often you mention about the content the better are chances of it being read. This will promote the post and ensure that external linking is done on the post. External linking works very well. With external linking we mean that your readers will share it and the post will become more visible to more people across the world.

These are the simple three steps that you can follow as you are coming up with a keyword targeted blog post. Just keep these simple points in mind and you will make the most of the blog.

We know many people are of the opinion that keyword targeting is not required at all. What we are trying to say is that you can use keyword targeting as a tool. It is a great idea for bloggers to work on popular keywords in order to get a good traffic flowing to their site. We hope that after reading this article you will have a good idea of how exactly keyword targeting can be done and how it can benefit you. Keyword research can help you to come up with new topics for the blog. You will not have to worry if the content will fit the site architecture and it is easier to target keywords with blogs and not with web pages.

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Best Grammar Checker Tools Available Online

Best Grammar checker tools available online

We all need to write error free English but most of us do feel that it is perhaps not possible. Well there are many online tools that you can use in order to improve the quality of the English that you write. Most of the internet users perhaps either had English has a second language or did not study English at all for such people writing flawless English might actually be a challenge. Microsoft word does a little spelling and grammar check but that is not enough there are many errors that Microsoft word will also not catch. This is exactly why many online grammar checker tools have come up in the last few years.

We cannot list all the options that are available online but we have tried to list the best ones for the readers. You can try these and see how effectively they can improve the quality of English that you write. It is possible that even after using these grammar tools you will still have some errors in the writing. We are not guaranteeing that all the errors can be detected by using these tools but yes they can detect at least 80% of the errors most of the time. These online tools are manmade so they cannot give a detailed result like a human being can. You must have a basic idea of the language and the grammar in order to use these tools effectively. If you are someone who is new to the language you might not be able to make the most of these.

  • Grammarly This is an extension you can add to your Google Chrome. It is the preferred tool to check grammar errors for many across the world. If you ask our suggestion we would say that this is perhaps the best tool that you can get online. It can also identify plagiarism. The Grammarly has the ability to correct over 250 different types of punctuation errors and can also identify vocabulary errors with ease. It can identify ten times more errors than windows word processor. Installing Grammarly is simple and it is free but if you want an advanced version of Grammarly you will have to pay. It is however worth all the money that you are paying.


  • After the DeadlineThe second one we will be discussing in this article is After the Deadline which is also known as “polishmywriting”. This is a very robust online grammar checking tool that is available to one and all. It can correct grammatical as well as punctuation errors. Like most of the tools After the Deadline also comes with a text box you will have to paste your text in the box and then click on “check writing” after a while you will get the detailed analysis of the writing along with all the corrections that are suggested by After the Deadline. All you have to do is make the suggested changes in your writing and your job is done. Simple to use indeed but we must mention here that like most of the tool we are discussing in the list even this is not a full proof solution. Even after checking with After the Deadline your writing might have a few errors that can only be spotted by human eye. These tools can only give you a support and try to minimize the mistakes in your writing.

After the Deadline

  • Spellchecker.netThe third one in the list is which is very commonly used by any people across the world to check the quality of their English. As the name itself suggests it is basically into checking spellings. It can help you to avoid spelling errors and common errors like using “advice” instead of “advise”. Complex vocabulary errors can also be detected with the help of It is again a free tool and can be accessed easily by anyone. It is very easy to use. It comes with an additional feature of thesaurus checking. They have a site you can visit this page for more information on the tool and how effectively it can be used. They have two options of basic and advanced check. For the basic version you will not have to make any payments and it will help you to detect the minor errors. For the advanced version a payment has to be made and it can spot complex grammatical errors that can help you to improve your English. If you are serious about learning how to write a better English and you want to improve the way you write the language do give a try and you will definitely gain from it.

  • Online text correctionIf you want to write good English then you can try the online tool called online text correction. This is a very good tool when it comes to English correction. It is a simple site and can simply identify the errors that one makes while writing an article. It is a free online tool that is very user friendly. There is a simple text box in the site where you can input your writing. After you are done it will highlight the errors that were spotted. The colour coding is similar to the one that is followed by Microsoft windows. Green colour is used for grammatical errors and red for spelling errors. You have to check for the suggestions that online text correction is giving and accordingly choose the best option that you feel works for you the best. Online text correction can be used by anyone and it is very easy to understand the suggestions. You can go online and check online text correction. Once you start using it you will be able to understand if it works well for you.
    Online text correction
  • Spell check onlineThe fifth one in the list is Spell check online. It has many features that can help you to improve the quality of the English that you use. They clearly claim that they are a spelling and punctuation checking tool. It works best with emails. If you have to send an important email and you are not sure of the Basic English you can try using Spell check online. Just paste the writing of yours and then click on “check spelling”. It will give you good results but do not expect it to spot very minute and grammatical errors. It is very easy to use and anyone can learn to use the tool in no time. They have a personal blog which you can use if you have to check some complicated grammar. They also have a site where you can get more information about grammatical errors. Do try to use the Spell check online and see how nicely it can spot the grammatical errors in your writing. It is not recommended for those who want a detailed grammar check. It can only correct your spelling errors and punctuations.

Spell check online

  • Paper Rater – English is a complicated language and it is not easy to master it. We would now move on to the next grammar checker in the list called Paper Rater. If English is your weakness and you are not sure of the grammar then it will be wise to try Paper Rater. This tool can also help you to know if the writing is plagiarized. It is the only tool in this list that can check grammar as well as plagiarism. The tool is designed in such a way that it can compare the writing with 10 billion documents on the net. Just paste your writing then click on the “get report” button and get an immediate analysis of the writing done by Paper Rater. The Paper Rater can be used by anyone with great ease. It will also give you an idea of how many people have actually written about the topic that you are planning to write on. The concept is interesting and can work very well for many. It can help you to find out grammar errors that you would otherwise miss out. Many people have used Paper Rater and are satisfied with the results let’s see what it can do for you and to improve your grammar and quality of writing. It is highly recommended for the bloggers because it has the added advantage of checking plagiarism.

Paper Rater

  • Grammarcheck.meThe list would be incomplete if we do not mention about This is a very good grammar checker too that is available on the net and can be used by anyone with great ease. It is a great tool that can be considered absolutely distraction free. It allows you to writ eon its editor’s interface directly and there are many formatting tools that are available too with I you already have a pre written document you can paste it here and look for the errors. It will highlight the errors and all that you have to do is check the highlighted area to understand what the correction should be. It is very easy to use and anyone with a basic idea of computers and internet can work on If you want to write flawless English then you must try to get your writings checked by we are sure you will not be disappointed by the
  • Ginger grammar checkerAnother very effective grammar checker tool that is available online is the Ginger grammar checker. It has been used by many people across the world to improve the quality of their English. It is considered to be one of the best grammar checker tools that you can find online. It can easily help to detect any contextual spelling errors, misused words and other grammatical errors. Ginger grammar checker can be found online and even software are available. It comes with some very unique features like English personal trainer and sentence rephrase. It can be downloaded easily to any desktop and each time you start writing a document Ginger grammar checker will automatically start and give you the suggestions on how you can improve the grammar and the spelling of the article that you are writing. Some users claim that when Ginger grammar checker is downloaded it can make the system very slow. We do recommend Ginger grammar checker to the readers and we would advise that you must give it a try and see if it can improve the quality of your writings.

Ginger grammar checker

  • Language toolWe end the list with Language tool. It is free software that can be downloaded easily by anyone. It can look for spelling errors as well. The best part is that this tool can be used for around twenty languages apart from English. It can work with any desktop software, office tool or Firefox. All you have to do is paste the text and click on the check button. It is very simple to install and use as a result many people are using it all across the world especially because it can support so many languages. It is the only tool in the list that can help in the grammar check of other languages apart from English. Many users do say that there are some errors that are left undetected by Language tools. Language tools have many advantages and can easily lift the quality of English you write. Do try to use Language tool and see how it is impacting your writing.

Language tool

These are some of the best online tools that are available in order to improve the grammar of your writings. They are all easy to use and can save you a lot of time. We hope that you will find this article informative; it is quite possible that all of the grammar checkers that we have suggested above may not suit your need. However, do keep trying these options one by one till you find the one that suits your requirement the best. Happy error free writing to all the readers.

The Best Online Payment Solutions – Payment Processors For Selling Your Products Online

The Best Online Payment Solutions – Payment Processors

Online purchasing is a blooming industry and we all shop online on a daily basis. The industry is only going to become bigger as online shopping is on the raise. We will now discuss about some of the best online payment methods that you can use to send and receive payments online. We are discussing the names randomly do not take the numbers as ranking for the best and the least favourite option. These are some to name there are many more such payment processors. You can easily trust these names and do financial transactions with them and forget about all the tension of online frauds.

  • 2Checkout Another very popularly used online payment option is 2Checkout and we had to include this in the list. It is a payment processor that is a great combination of a payment gateway and a merchant account. It does not need any PayPal account or a merchant account. Starting with 2Checkout is simple all that you need to do is register your account and then verify the account. 2Checkout accepts almost all debit and credit cards. As soon as you have your account you can start accepting debit or credit card payments. The best part is PayPal payments as well can be accepted. International payments are also possible using the 2Checkout payment processor. Recurring billing and shopping cart stores and recurring billing are some other amazing features that 2Checkout has to offer its users. There are some very interesting and helpful features of 2Checkout and we highly recommend it to the users. We hope that this payment processor will help you to solve almost all the issues that you face with online payments.


  • Stripe The third in the list is called Stripe. If you are a professional developer then it is quite possible that you have either used Stripe or you have heard about it for sure. The developers usually use Stripe so that they can integrate the payment system into the project that they are doing or is a part of. This integration is possible because Stripe has a robust API. This also ensures that there is absolutely no need to have a merchant account. With the help of Stripe you can also build your own payment forms and can easily bypass the PCI requirements. It was developed for the developers and we recommend it to them alone. If you are not an online developer using Stripe will not help you much. A developer may like working with Stripe and there is also a possibility that they would prefer some other payment gateway as per their requirements. Stripe has been designed in such a way that it can work equally well in mobile phones.


  • ACH PaymentsWhen talking about the popular online payment options the name of “ACH Payments” has to be mentioned. Like all the others mentioned in the list ACH Payments also has many effective features. These features make it one of the best payment options that you will see. Using ACH Payments you can make global payments with ease. It works as a payment gateway. It can help you to make global payments and is a good mobile payment processor too. It can handle ACH payments and can be used as a payroll system too if you are into online business and have some people working for you. The advantages of using ACH Payments are indeed many and we do recommend that you give it a try. It is like too many things packed up into one package and is giving a good competition to many others in the list.

ACH Payments

  • WePayIf we have to pick up the simplest online payment method available we will choose WePay. It can accept payments in less than a minute’s time. The speed and simplicity of WePay definitely stands out. They are definitely making the online payment look simpler than it actually is. It is user friendly and the takers for it are only increasing. Nevertheless, the services of WePay can be as of now used only in the USA. We have to say that WePay is a great and safe option and must be tried if you are operating from USA. If you are not from USA you can look at the other options in the list. We can expect that WePay in future might try to explore other countries too.


  • Authorize.NetWe will now talk about the Authorize.Net. Why we are discussing this is because it is claimed that Authorize.Net is the most used payment gateway on the internet. One reason for this can be the fact that it has been in business for almost two decades. This started in 1996. They handle annual transactions about $88 billion on an annual basis. There are about 375,000 merchants using the Authorize.Net in order to make payments through e-checks and credit cards. There is something about the way Authorize.Net operates because they have been providing satisfactory service for a long time and the business is only expected to increase. The Authorize.Net team definitely knows the online payment business well. They do know the art of simplifying the business and the payments. They have made a name for themselves and we do recommend the readers to give it a try and we can assure that you will not be disappointed for sure.


  • Dwolla The next in the list is Dwolla. This is again an amazing way to make payments online. This can work as an on-ramp to the ACH network. There are some outstanding benefits of using Dwolla that you cannot enjoy in any other options that we have mentioned here. Dwolla allows you to transfer payments through phone, email, Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter. If you are into business then it will allow you to integrate your bank account with the account transfers as per the needs of your business. They do not charge any fees on per transaction basis. Dwolla is simple to use and free too. They also offer advanced tools to the various businesses at a flat monthly rate. If you are not very happy with PayPal you can definitely give this option a try and see if this can help you more. Using Dwolla is safe and you can be rest assured that you will not lose the money or be victim to a fraud.


  • Amazon PaymentsWhen we talk about online payment options the first thing that we all want to know is if the option is safe. In case you are looking for the safest option then Amazon Payments is the answer. It is convenient as well as easy to use. It belongs to the online retail giant Amazon. They have a facility of ACH (automated clearing house) which can be used to send online money. Anyone who is into online shopping will definitely have an Amazon account and as result the personal information of the user is already stored and there is no need to input it again. Setting up Amazon Payments is very simple and can be done in a matter of few seconds. All the support and documentation that you will need while setting up Amazon Payments can be found in one place. You will be provided with a login and you can start using this payment processor immediately after getting the login. We would say that you can definitely give this option a try and see the results for yourself.

Amazon Payments

  • PayPal Everyone who has done some online financial transaction ever will know the name of PayPal. We had to include it in the list of the best online payment options else the list would be incomplete. We have to admit to the fact that PayPal is the most commonly used online payment option that is used by millions for years. It was like the pioneer. It is processing about eight million payments in a year a number that no one else in this list can match. It has 137 million active accounts. It has its presence in twenty six currencies and one hundred and ninety three markets. This ensures that using PayPal you can make payments to any part of the world. There are many other advantages of using PayPal and they are accepting checks with the camera of your smartphones. Card swiper and it also allows the customers to make purchases without even leaving the site. No wonder it has been a market leader for so long. If you have any fears of losing money or not getting back the money PayPal will ensure that all your worries are put to rest. Many people fear purchasing online thinking that they may lose the money but with PayPal you can forget about all these concerns and just concentrate on shopping what you want. However, many people do feel that PayPal is not the best pal they have for making online payments and as a result they look at other options. PayPal has a few drawbacks and that is exactly why it is facing tough competition from all the other online payment options mentioned in the article.


  • Google WalletThe Google’s version of PayPal is called Google Wallet. It helps the users to do hassle free payments and apart from that there is an added advantage of a Google Wallet card. Google is a big name that is trusted by one and all. It should not be a big problem for anyone to spend or receive money using the Google Wallet. Definitely one of the best options that we have mentioned in the list so far. Google Wallet is soon going to come with a physical card that can be actually used as a debit or credit card in different retail units. This is going to be a great help to the users of Google Wallet. At present Google Wallet has a huge number of users. Definitely very good news for the shopaholics. It has some really nice and innovative concepts when it comes to online payments. We are expecting that of all the names in the list this can give the toughest competition to PayPal.

    Google Wallet

The ten names we have mentioned in this article are definitely a must try if you are into online shopping. Most of the time people are actually confused if they should use credit card, net banking or some other method for payment. These methods are safe and can save you a lot of time. Do try them and see how they are helpful to you. Each one of the users will usually have a different requirement so they might find one of the above more helpful than the other. There is many such payment processors that you will come across and as the market is expanding we may expect to see many more such payment processors coming up in the future.

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Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad networks

Best Paying CPC Ad networks

Our constant efforts are to ensure that we can help the readers with the best information and guide them better. In this article we will discuss about the best Paying CPC/PPC Ad networks. Any webmaster who is posting ads using the PPC ad networks can earn some profits. Most of the people are confused between as they are not sure if they should join PPC or CPC ad networks. Some are also not sure about which are the best PPC networks that is exactly why we have come up with this topic so that we can remove all these confusions. We are just using a number for each of these Ad networks these number have nothing to do with ranking. Moreover, you never know which Ad network will suit your requirement the best. You might have to try a few of them before you know which one is getting you the best monetization.

You can also judge these networks by the traffic volume that they generate. Even the number of advertisers in each network is also a significant proof of how effective the network actually is. If there are more advertisers it simply means that more people will be competing for ad space in the site. The conversion rate of the ads must also be checked before you choose the ad network. Average click pricing is another point to be considered before you decide on the CPC/PPC Ad networks.

What we all want is to make some quick money online. So let us straight away come to the topic of Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad networks. One point that must be told here is that no matter which network you are using the A/B test ad placements must be used this will help you to improve your click-through-rates and the eCPM. You can also use AdPushup which is an Ad revenue tool this does the testing in order to improve the ad revenues from the various ad networks available. The names of Ad networks that we are about to share will give you the best Ad networks that you can use in order to make quick money online. There is no rule that which one will work the best for you. The only way you can find the best option is by just experimenting with them.

  • Infolinks The Infolinks is considered to be the third best Ad network that you will get today. They are generating good revenues for 200,000 online publishers spread across 130 countries. Infolinks has ad units that are unobtrusive and as a result can get good incomes. The Infolinks does not use a standard banner space. The ads usually appear in hyperlinks and the visitors will just have to roll the mouse over the links and the ads will appear.


The ads of Infolinks are native in nature and are free to use. Another good aspect is that they can work well with all ad solutions and they do not interfere with the experience of the user. The approval policy of Infolinks is based on the connect of the sites and not the traffic that the site generates this is why the approval time taken is also quite short. The installation process is like a child’s play. The code has to be simply added to the body of the website. There are plugins also available that can be used for convenience. The control that you enjoy over the ads is good. The support team is friendly and they are quick to respond. The Infolinks work with the best brands in the world like Ali Express, Pizza Hut, Ebay, Facebook and Amazon. It is promising and definitely worth a try.

  • Google AdSenseThe second in the list is Google AdSense. You can say that it is the king of the PPC Ad networks. This can also be the best network that you will find in this field. It works well both for the website owners as well as the bloggers. We highly recommend that you must give Google AdSense a try.

    Google AdSense

    The number of advertisers that work with Google AdSense is around two million. This is a huge number and anyone can benefit from such a large network. Some say that Google AdSense is also the main source of income for Google. The ads are of very good quality and can lead to very high CTR as well as more money for the users. As a website owner you would always want to be in control of the ads that appear on your site and this is absolutely possible with Google AdSense. This will ensure that you only post ads that will interest the people who visit your site. They also provide the users with reports and metrics to show how well the website is actually working. There is no signup fee involved and Google AdSense is very easy to use even to someone who is new into the field. You will get paid by the number of visitors who click on the ads.

    There is a possibility to add a custom search bar on the site so that you can make more money from the ads that appear on search result page. Ensure that you have sufficient space for the ads and you should know where you should place which ad. The simple question that can come to your mind is that if Google AdSense is so good then why are we talking about the other Ad networks? We will explain why. Google AdSense has an approval procedure that they follow very strictly. You have to full fill all these conditions else you will not be selected by Google AdSense. Google AdSense is very strict and has also suspended many on the grounds of click fraud. You cannot do much if Google AdSense suspends your account. These are the reasons why you must know about the other options that are available.

  • Media NetGoogle AdSense rules the market so Yahoo and Microsoft joined hands to come up with something that could challenge Google AdSense. The result was Media Net. They give you proper ads and you can also track your performance. The look of the ads can be controlled too. Advertisers can be filtered and even topics can be blocked. The downside of Media Net is that the approval policy is no better than AdSense. You have to meet the traffic requirements and the primary language used in your site has to be English.

Media Net

  • RevcontentIt is undoubtedly the biggest content recommendation platform on the net. It makes about 100 billion content recommendations a month. The growth rate was 900% last year. It is definitely a try but they reject 98% of the applications that come to them. They believe in quality and not quantity to grow. If you get selected by Revcontent there will be no looking back for you. They have launched Revcontent V2 that is an effort to ensure continuous improvement. With the help of the new launch they are expecting to make the user interface more intuitive. It will also enable more transparency and better customization of widgets.


  • BidVertiser Another good network that you can try. However, if you have been banned by AdSense then better not think about this network. Any site that is under construction cannot join this network. Any site that is selling drugs, promoting hate speech and doing illegal things will not be accepted by BidVertiser.


The approval process of BidVertiser simple as there is no need to use a certain language or traffic requirements. The installation of BidVertiser is easy. There is some HTML code that has to added to the webpages and you are good to go. Per click payment is good and they also pay you for the conversions. We must mention here that conversion means when the visitor goes to the website of the advertiser and actually makes a purchase. On the downside the reporting is not very detailed. Many users say that the information that they get on impressions and click through rates is not sufficient.

  • Chitika The best part of Chitika is that it can be easily used with other networks. Some say that it is the best site that can be used by those who have been banned from using AdSense. The approval usually takes a week to come. You just need approval on one site after that you can use the same approval for the other sites. The mobile ads can be resized in order to generate more traffic.


The pay per word is absolutely depending on the keywords. The limit set to withdraw the pay-out is $50. With PayPal the limit is $10. The ads here are not contextual. The ads depend on the keywords that the visitors have typed in the search engine that got them to your site. If you think you will realise that this concept can ensure that you get more relevant ads.

  • Clicksor Another place for those who have been removed by AdSense. Another good part about Clicksor is that they do not try to copy the ads of AdSense and have a unique style of their own. They have options of various sizes available and can make your ads look quite nice. It is easy to install. They too have plugins that can work on Drupal, Joomla, Blogger and WordPress. The approval process of Clicksor is simple. The best part is that you can have ads from other networks on the same page.


  • Vibrant MediaIt is a very well-known PPC ad network. They have some premium brand advertisers who can be seen in many popular high traffic sites. If you get half a million page views in a month you can think about joining Vibrant Media. You must have proper content profanity, hate speech, adult content, drugs, gambling and violence cannot be a part of the site.

Vibrant Media

The ads that Vibrant Media comes up with are innovative. There are 11 intext ad formats that can be used from. Multi button, expanding video boxes and expandable flash are some of the formats to name. The ads are effective and can generate returns that are more than five times of what you get from AdSense. These ads look nice on all types of devices. If you have good visitors, then joining Vibrant Media can easily give you an improved income.

  • Blogads This is an Ad network that is often preferred by the bloggers. It can help the bloggers who are looking to make some quick money. The point to be noted here is that if your blog is on a varied number of topics you will be expected to get half a million impressions a month in order to join Blogads. On the other hand, if your blog is about some special topic then thirty thousand impressions a month can also be a good figure. You can control the ads and ensure that you set the prices too.


  • Kontera (also known as Amobee)If you do not have an adult content in your site getting Kontera is not a problem at all. The installation of Kontera is easy and even plugins are available. The ads look nice. The inventory is large and the payment is good too. They specialize in “in-text” advertising and they are working on improving their skills in this area.


These are the names that can be easily considered to be the best when it comes to Ad Networks. You can choose from these and start experimenting. There are more Ad networks that you can work with in case you are not satisfied with the results you get from these. Ad revenue optimization tool is another method you can use in order to take your earnings to the next level. We can only suggest the best options you will have to test these one by one to understand which one can help you add that extra zing to your income.

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