Building a MLM Business Online

Building a MLM Business Online

If you are trying to build an online MLM business and you do not know how to go about t then you have come to the right place. Many people spend a lot of time and money on learning this business. We are always trying to help the readers with better ideas and tips. This is why we decided to come up with this article so that we can help the readers understand the business better. The ideas that we will be sharing now must be implemented in your marketing business with immediate effect.


This will definitely save you a lot of time and ensure that you do not do the mistakes that people have done before in order to understand the MLM business. The MLM business is not as complicated as people often think it to be. It can be simply divided in six basic steps. Do not follow what the others are doing. Take these tips and always stay ahead of competition.

Step 1: Always create a lead capture page or a website – It is very important to have a capture page as this will ensure that the site capture’s the attention of the prospective users. This will also ensure that the attention is captured and they share the names as well as the email ids. This will be at the exchange of something like a free online report, boot camp, white paper, or an eBook the list can be long. So what are the things a good capture page must have?

  1. A headline that can make a mark.
  2. A few key benefits.
  3. A call to action and sometimes you can also include a video.
  4. Remember that more than 120 words should not be used here.
  5. There should not be any other links on this page.

    How do you know if the capture page is doing a good job? Well the calculation is simple if at least 20 per cent of the people who are visiting the page are opting in then you are doing a good job. The capture page is not there to promote your MLM business it has a different focus area and these can be any of the following:

  • How to generate leads for a MLM business?
  • How to become successful in network marketing?
  • Blogging secrets for the network marketers
  • How to sponsor internationally?
  • How to use autoresponders to build the MLM business?
  • How to close leads on the phone?
  • The various benefits of the product that you have to offer

The capture page is targeted at the audience who you think will for sure be interested. It is not for people who are trying to make some money online. These people will never be interested in what you have and as a result you will only land up wasting time. Even if you get less people coming to the site is fine as long as they all come there for a purpose. So one quick point here try to look for what are the problems that the network marketers are actually facing and can you solve this problem with your product or service. If you can design a page on these lines the response will be much better and positive.

How do you build a capture page? Many people who are reading this article are of the opinion that it costs a lot of money and you need help of professionals to do it. Well that is not true at all. We will recommend They can help you create very good lead pages. They will provide you auto-responder, capture page and domain for only 127$ a year. It is a very good deal.

You may have a blog that is doing very well but if you are looking at a long game then capture page has to be built. Blogs will take a lot of time but capture pages are much faster and easy to build. Always ensure that in your capture page you are giving something that is valuable and free so that the target market will be more interested in the page. Make the capture page simple. Never discuss about the MLM Company of yours in the capture page.

Step 2: Build a listLet’s quickly move to the step two. The list is important and it means money. Make an email list of not only the people you know but also of the people who are allowing you to contact them. All the names and the email ids of these people must be automatically stored in the auto-responder. This should happen from the day one.

Auto-responder is a simple software program that can be used automatically to edit, create and manage an email list. It is a very different program from an Outlook or Hotmail. If you want you can get to know more about it.

After the capture page is set the next step is to get the Auto-responder. Some of the leading Auto-responder services are:

  1. Aweber
  2. Get Response
  3. GVO
  4. Mail chimp

The first one in the list meaning “Aweber” is what we would suggest. It is very reasonably priced and has got very high deliverability rate. After you sign up for the auto-responder services you will be given a code that you will have to paste on to the capture page. This will automatically create a form that people who are visiting the page can fill and the details like name and email id will be added to your list.

You can pre write the mail and keep it ready as a welcome mail that you can send to the people on your list informing them more about your MLM company and different affiliate products.

Another point that we must mention here is that all the mails that you frame should not be sales mail. Ensure that there is a good balance between education mails and sales mails. As and when you get to know about some affiliate products do mention about them in the email and upload in the auto responder. Using the auto responder you can also make a schedule for your emails. As soon as a person signs up to your list they will automatically start getting all the mails at a frequency that you choose. We would recommend that the ideal frequency will be two mails a week. This will help you to keep in touch with reh prospect without bothering them too much.

Your list is your ATM machine. Anytime you need to promote a new product or service you can just send a mail to all in the list and start making money. Do not waste any time if you do not have an auto responder then get one today.

Step 3: Traffic – It is time that we move to the next step in the list. Most of the time people spend in on generating the traffic which is the life blood of the MLM business. Many people feel that you need a very good content to get a lot of people visiting your page on a daily basis. Some also have the feeling that it is about luck getting a huge traffic. Well none of it is completely true. All that you need is some tricks of the trade that we will be discussing now:

  • Blogging
  • Banner ads
  • Advertising in newspapers and magazines
  • YouTube Videos
  • Article marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Social media
  • Pay per click ads

What you need to do is choose a paid and a free marketing method and see the result for a year. Do not try to do too many things at the same time. Master the strategy and then focus on something new. Paid traffic is always better when compared to free traffic simply because you will have more control over it. It is always faster to generate paid traffic than free traffic. Keep reading about traffic and how you can generate huge traffic never stop learning and working on your mistakes. You have to learn to get traffic to your page if you cannot get the traffic you are doomed.

Step 4: Follow up and build a relationship – One thing that you have to accept is the fact that people who are adding themselves to your list will not buy from you immediately. They can take months as well as years. That do not mean you stop thinking about them. Building proper relationships in very important in the MLM business and you have to accept the fact that people will prefer to buy from those whom they know and not from strangers. Build the trust and you will never lose. Send follow up mails. Ensure that all mails are not just trying to promote sales you should also send mails that are giving information and trying to solve the problems of the receiver. Sell by teaching and build a credibility that no one can take away from you. Try to provide value and communicate on a regular basis even with those who are not buying your products.

Step 5: Try to generate multiple streams of income – In MLM it is always good to have income coming from different sources. It can really change the profitability of your business. If you are promoting just an online MLM company you will not be able to make much money and finally you will have to close the business. When you have some additional products and services to promote you will always be in a better position and some of these are:

  • Capture pages
  • Autoresponders
  • Leads
  • Training courses
  • Paid mastermind teams
  • Systems
  • Website design
  • Hosting and domains
  • There are a lot more options available

What happens when you have more than one product or service to promote you will still land up making money even if some people say a no to your business opportunity? The point is you have to make more money from those who are saying a no than those who are actually saying a yes. For example someone might not be interested in your MLM business but they would need your advice on how to improve their business you will have to just give suggestions to these people from the other products that you are promoting and make money. Always diversify and look at some really nice and different ways to make money from your business.

Steps 6: Always try to build a primary MLM company – You have to build your primary MLM company this will happen if you follow all the steps that we have mentioned so far in this article. Some people will join the list and immediately start buying from you and on the other hand you might have people who will take time to start trusting you and buying.

One smart move is to mention about the primary MLM company of yours in the auto responder so that people have an idea of what exactly you are selling. As you do the business for some time in few years you should have a good number of distributors who will provide you a nice residual income. You must remember that the actual money is in the MLM Company and not in affiliate marketing. It will take you a few years to get to that point.

Some bonus tips for success

Even if you are a master at doing things online you cannot neglect the huge scope you have offline. You will have to meet people on a daily basis and share your business opportunity with them. Not everyone would want you to help in online business so it is always a good idea to know about offline business.

We have tried to explain all the tips in building a successful MLM business. This will ensure that the business becomes really successful online. It is something that has worked for many and it can work for you too, many top earners are actually using the same steps but no one will discuss these as openly as we have done in this article.