BuzzSumo Review


BuzzSumo Review

The important thing you need to remember when writing a software product review is that you really need to find something negative in that software product which you are going to review. So, that in your review you will write something negative about that product but not only positive things about that product. Otherwise, your readers will think that, you were paid loads of money to write a review for that product and that’s why you have included all positive things about that product.

So, by keeping that in my mind, I am writing this review. Today, I am going to write a review on Buzzsumo pro tool.

Here are some awesome features of Buzzsumo tool.

Content Alerts:

Buzzsumo is a great product with awesome features. One of the best feature to start with is its Content Alerts. The developers of Buzzsumo are constantly working in giving awesome features. This Content Alerts feature is very useful for people who want to keep track of new link building opportunities for their keywords.

To access this feature, click on Content Alerts Tab and then click on Create New Alert button in left hand side of your Buzzsumo pro dashboard.

With this cool feature, you can create an alert, so that whenever someone mentions your keyword or your brand, you will get an email alert, so that you can reach out to the publisher and ask for link building opportunities.

Even though Google alerts has this kind of feature, but Buzzsumo has lot of fancy features when compared with old Google alerts.

With Buzzsumo’s Content alerts feature, you can specify whether the alert should be sent only when your brand or keyword was mentioned in title or body or in a topic. The results which were obtained for your settings can be sent in real time to your email or can be sent through daily digest email. In this way, you can limit the number of email alerts you receive in a day. One of the cool feature with Content Alerts is that, you can set the minimum number of shares an article should have, so that you will only receive alerts when it meets your requirements. In this way, you can only focus on the topics which are most shared across the web.

Apart from Brand and Keywords, you can also setup alerts for author, domain and links. This feature is really helpful in finding out which content is getting popular for specific author or domain. So, that you can get an overview of what kind of content is getting popular lately.

Content Analysis Reports:

The content Analysis reports in Buzzsumo pro is much powerful than the content analysis reports available in regular Buzzsumo. To create your content analysis report, click on Reports in Buzzsumo dashboard and then click on “Content Analysis

This content analysis report will give you lots of data. For instance, I chose the keyword “Adwords” as my keyword. In the below I will show you how the report will look like and how much amount of data this content analysis report is giving it to us.

In the above, you can info on top domains which are producing content “Adwords”. As you can see in the above, produces lots of content on Adwords followed by

Now, in the above, you can also get data on how many shares does each domain has for that particular topic which is “Adwords” in our case.

As you can see in the above, has highest shares after that takes the second position.

Coming to the shares, you can also see the data like, on which social networks the content is shared most. As you can see below, twitter has lots of shares when compared with other social media platforms.

Domain Comparison:

This is another awesome feature in Buzzsumo pro. Many of the bloggers are dying to know what is working for their competitors and on which social media platforms they are active in. You can get these kind of details with domain comparison tool. All you need to do is, just enter your domain URL along with your competitor’s URL and click compare and wait for the result while the buzzsumo pro tool gets the data for you.

In the above, I have entered the domains of wordstream and ppchero. As you can see, Twitter was used mostly as most of the shares were came from Twitter platform followed by Linkedin.

Domain comparison tool has another interesting feature, which is it measures the social success of each platform by content wise. For example, if you want to know which domain was successful in getting more video shares? With domain comparison tool, you can get that data. See below

In the above, you can see, “List” type of content was shared more than any other type of content. So, if you focus on getting more “lists”, you can get more shares. This is a handful of data which can be used to improve your website’s content and try to get more shares.


Despite of its awesome features, it has some features which needs to be improved more. For example, the ability to set the minimum numbers shares is a great feature, but it would be even more useful, if we were able to set it through individual platform. Suppose, if I want an alert for content which has 10 shares in twitter, it is not possible in Buzzsumo right now, but maybe in future we might. Finally, it is a great tool for search marketers to improve their rankings.