Free PSN Codes & Generator

If you are searching for Free PSN Codes or Free PSN Code generator, then you have came to the right people. This website will help you find Free PSN codes which you can generate online. Many websites claim that they can provide you with free psn codes, but in the end they will ask for human verification or a captcha verification or even a survey to complete, without those, you will never get a psn code.

free psn codes

But, are those websites really provide you with free psn codes? Lets find out .

About PSN (Play station Network) :

PSN is also called as Play Station Network which is owned by Sony Corporation. This PSN is created exclusively for gamers. It was launched in 2006 and is first meant for only play station consoles, later it is introduced to other devices like smartphones, Blu ray devices, and HD televisions. After the introduction of play station network, it has gained enormous popularity and now there are around 110 Million users in the play station network (PSN).

PSN (Play station network) is a subscription based services, and every month the user has to pay to keep their membership alive. The benefits you will get with PSN subscription are movie streaming, movie rentals, Huge discounts, play multiplayer online, online game saves and many more.

PSN network offers play station vue which offers live television with this service. With play station now you can access over 500 games from PS 3 and PS4. To get access to both Play Station Vue and Play Station Now, it can be possible with the subscription of PSN.

psn code

Play Station vue offers three type of packages as you can see in the above with psn. They are

Ultra – which is $74.99/month which offers Movie channels + Sports channels and other Premium channels.

Elite – which is $54.99/month offers Movie channels + Sports channels + Popular Live TV

Core Package – which is $44.99/month and offers Sports channels + Popular Live TV

Access Package – which is $39.99/month and offers only popular Live TV.

Is there really a way to generate PSN codes?

In the world of web, you can find anything you want. But many people are still skeptical about getting PSN codes using psn code generator. Do you think they really work and generate psn codes online. Let me clear that up for you people. Ofcourse there are a lot of psn code generator websites present. All these websites claim that users can easily generate psn codes in just a few clicks.

They also claim that, you don’t need to solve the captcha or complete a survey or even a prove that you are human to get psn code. They also claim that you don’t need to download and install any software in your computer or smart phones. All you have to do is, access their online tool and enter the amount you need to get as a psn code and generate one for you and use it to buy your favorite game.

Is it really that simple? If so everyone will use this method and won’t buy anything from PSN.

Does this free psn codes thing work?

The websites claiming that it can generate free psn codes online, offers the following packages.

psn cards

They offer psn codes in the following denominations

  • $10 code
  • $20 code
  • $50 code
  • and $100 code which is the maximum amount you can get.

They also claim that, you can only use these codes for the account you have generated for and these cannot be used on any other accounts at all.

How to get free psn codes?

These websites claim that all you have to do is, use their online generator and enter the details and generate your psn code online.

Here are the steps involved in it.

  • Enter your email address with the play station network
  • enter the amount you need to generate
  • After filling those above details, click next to continue, and it will generate a code for you
  • But in order to associate that code to your account, you need to activate that code
  • In order to activate the code, you need to solve the captcha, this is where the real deal begins.

This is how their online psn code generator looks like

psn code generator

It will ask for your email id and the type of device, when you enter those details and click next, here is what appears

free psn codes

Now, choose the options which you will be shown on the next screen

Enter the amount and click on Generate code

Now, the next screen may seem like it is actually connecting to the Play Station servers and hacking into it. This is how it looks like

psn codes

But it is not. Its not really hacking anything, this is just a pre made code which will be shown to every user no matter what input you give in their website.

captcha verification

This is not actually a captcha verification, but a way to earn money by the owner of that website. This captcha verification is called a CPA (Affiliate offer) when someone like you completes the verification which will lead you to complete an offer. See below.

complete survey

If someone like you completes the above offers, the owner of the website will make money. But its okay, nothing is free in this world

But, will you get the code after you complete it? Not in this world for sure.

Once, you complete these steps and complete the survey by giving your email address, your email address will spammed with lot of emails every day and you will never get a free psn code.

These website doesn’t do anything other than making you sign up for their offers. So don’t fall victims for these websites.

No website will give you free psn codes for free. You can get discount offers, but not this much for sure.

Here are similar methods to lure people

How to hack 8 ball pool 

how to clash of clans game

8 Ball Pool Hack

8 Ball Pool is one of the famous sports game which is trending now a days. Players are searching for 8 Ball Pool Hack to get unlimited cash and coins for that game. Why do you need cash and coins in that game when you can play? Because, this game is designed with amazing features, where players can play 1 on 1 or enter into a tournaments and play and win tournaments. But it is not that easy to enter into tournaments, for to enter into game tournaments, you would require lots of cash, but that can be earned by playing and winning lot of games or can win that cash and coins with 8 ball pool hack.

This is where, 8 Ball Pool Hack comes in to play.

About the game: 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool game was designed by MiniClip. This game is available in different platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. You can also play web versions of this game in browser using their website. But this game has become famous in mobile devices. People who have spare time, play this game at their convenience.

8 Ball Pool

Currently, it has around 100,000,000 – 500,000,000 installs so far in Google play store.

Here is their official Google App link and Itunes link.

They claim this as world’s number 1 online pool game.

Features of 8 Ball Pool Game:

It offers playing 1 on 1 games with other people and also with 8 other people.

You can also challenge your friends and invite them to your table.

This game allows you to play tournaments with other people in this world.

The more games you play, the more levels you will reach, and the difficulty level will increase with the increase of the levels.

You can earn cash and coins by winning games against your opponent.

These coins and cash can be used to enter into big tournaments.

If you are just starting out with this game, chances are very few that you will have few cash and coins, but in order to enter to big tournaments, without cash or coins, you cannot enter. This is where, 8 ball pool hacks come into existence. People believe that, these hacks can help them score more cash and coins in their game. But in reality, since the game is an online game, you cannot control it, and you cannot control any of those files and your score is also recorded online. 

Unless there is a real hacker who can hack into 8 Ball Pool game website, there is no way you can hack their systems and raise coins and cash.

What about 8 Ball Pool hack websites?

Out there in the internet, there are a lot of 8 ball pool hack websites claiming that, they can hack the game and get you unlimited cash and coins. They also show you screenshots with unlimited coins and cash. Just like the one below

8 Ball Pool Unlimited Cash

In the above screenshot, the play has around 7777777 cash, which was modified with Photoshop. Still don’t believe me? Then what these websites will do ?

Here are the screenshots of few websites which are claiming that they can hack 8 ball pool game

8 ball pool hack

and this one

8 ball pool hack

In the above screenshots, they are asking you to enter your username or email address. No matter what name or email address you put in there, it just works in the same way for everything.

I am giving a try here with some pseudo name which doesn’t exist.

8 ball pool hack website

and this one

hacking 8 ball pool

They may seem like, they are actually hacking the 8 ball pool servers. But its not, no matter what you enter in their website, it will show the same screen and finally in the end, they will ask you for human verification.

Here is what you can get in the next screen asking you for human verification or captcha verification

Human verification

and finally this

Complete survey

Every website which claims, that they can hack 8 ball pool game, finally shows the above screen and ask you to verify that you are human. For this you need to complete any offer in the above.

These are actually called CPA offers, which are being promoted by affiliate marketers. The website owner here is called affiliate marketer and for making you complete the survey, the website owner will get commission.

The amount of commission will depends on the geo location of the user. If the user is from tier 1 countries like US, UK or CA, the website owner will get good commissions for each survey the user fills in. If the survey is from third world countries, the commission will be very less.

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Is there a hack for 8 ball pool game?

Anyhow, there is no real hack for 8 ball pool game. If any website claims that they can hack 8 ball pool game, then probably they are bluffing. The company who made this game MiniClip, isn’t a small company, if there is a real hack out there, they will immediately shut that website.

If you still not convinced with what i said? Then try those websites with your own risk, once you give your email address there, from next day onwards, your email inbox will be bombarded with lots of spam mails and you can never able to unsubscribe from their email list.

Legit ways to get unlimited coins and cash

Aren’t there any legit ways to get unlimited cash and coins? yes there is. Just play the game for fun and earn coins. This is what most players do.


How to View Private Instagram

Are you looking for ways on how to view private Instagram? There are many reasons why someone wants to access a private Instagram profile. The profile he or she is trying to access might be his/her cursh’s Instagram profile or maybe his or her ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend’s Instagram profile which was set to private mode. Now a days everyone is having social media presence by having social media profiles.

View Private Instagram Profiles

Some of the most famous social media networks are

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat

Usually every college student is having these social media accounts now a days to get in touch with their friends. But with the growing popularity of these social media accounts, they are coming with restrictions like Instagram private profile, Facebook privacy settings. Because, people are uploading their real photos in their social media profiles, they don’t want to become a prey for scammers who use these photos for their illegal activities. Especially, female users don’t want to invade their privacy by scammers and stalkers.

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What is Private Instagram?

A private Instagram profile is nothing but a normal profile but comes with restrictions. Not all people can view this private Instagram profile because of its restrictions. With private Instagram profile, not everyone can see the posts and pictures of that profile. Only people who are followers of that private Instagram profile can see the posts of private Instagram profile. You might think it is easy to follow someone who has a private Instagram profile, but it is not. They must approve your request in order for you to see their Instagram posts.

Here is how a normal Instagram profile looks like

Kim K instagram

Here is how a private Instagram looks like

Instagram Private Profile

Now, how to view private instagram profiles? Is it really possible? Continue reading for possible solutions

How To View Private Instagram Profiles:

  • Method 1: Send a request directly

One of the easiest way to view private Instagram profiles is to directly ask the Instagram profile owner. Whether it is your cursh or someone you are interested in, many people like honesty and if you ask them directly with honesty, i am sure they will consider you and approve you to follow their Instagram account. After they approve your request, you can get full access to their private Instagram profile, then you can easily see their posts and pictures.

This is a great way to start a new friendship. Often most people in their college make their friends using Instagram. If you are interested in a person from your class, just send them a genuine Instagram request and see what happens, if they feel the same or just don’t mind adding you into their Instagram they will add you back.

If you don’t get any response from them even after 2 days, then send a private message explaining your feelings. In Instagram you can send anyone a private message, sometimes people caught up with other things and they will forget about your request. Its always good way to reach out to the people you are interested in and tell your feelings. After that, still if you don’t get any response from them means, then its better to find someone else instead of stalking on their Instagram profile.

Who knows, there maybe even more special one waiting for you. Happy fishing.

  • Method 2 : Using a Fake Instagram Profile

If you are so desperate and want to view the other person’s private Instagram profile, then this method might work for you. By using a fake Instagram profile you can become friends with your crush or ex or whoever it is. Just follow the guide below if you really need to the see pictures posted in that private Instagram account.

Firstly know who are her/his friends in Instagram. Find someone who is not that close to them, just a hi and bye type friend, someone who is not that close to them, but still a friend. Or find someone who has good reputation in your class with whom no one wouldn’t mind doing friendship with them.

Now, create a fake Instagram account on behalf of them, just like impersonating their account and get a few pictures of them and make that account look like real.

PS: Impersonating a person is an offence, just use it at your own risk.

And few of some people in your class to make it look like genuine. Once you got enough followers to your Instagram account, now send a follower request to the private Instagram account from which you wanted to see pictures of. If that person believe that your account is real, then she or he might add you back. Once, they adds you back, you can now access their pictures and every post of them.

If the private Instagram profile owner is a male, then you can also create a fake female Instagram account and add some pictures to it and send him a request, he might get tempted to do friendship with that fake female profile. And once, he approves your request, you can get access to their pictures from Instagram.

  • Instagram Profile Viewer Tools (Complete Scam)

Out there in the Internet, there are a lot of Instagram private profile viewer tools available. But do they really work? Absolutely not. They won’t for work for sure. Instead they will lure you by stealing your email address and bombard your email inbox with tons of spam emails.

Here is how the private Instagram profile viewer tools look like

view private instagram profiles

Here is another one

view private instagram profiles

They might seem very promising to you, but here is what happens when you enter your details there. See below

view private instagram profiles

Here is another one

view private instagram profiles

They show things like they are really hacking the private Instagram profile, but they are not, in the end up with a screen asking for Human verification needed, which is bullshit, because they want you to complete an offer in order to view the private Instagram account.

Those offers are nothing but affiliate offers which the website owners will earn some money for each email the send in to that offer. So, the more people that completes the offer, the website owner receives more money. There is no way, you will ever can get access to that private Instagram profile.

Here is how their offers will look like for human verification

Human verification

Here is another one

Human verification

When you click on those offers, either they will want you to download a toolbar or anti virus which are malwares for sure. If you enter your email address there, then you will get tons of email spam offers from the next day.

So, don’t fall for them, there is no real Instagram private profile viewer tool available. Even if it is there, Instagram developers will definitely sue that website as it invade their user’s privacy.

The first two methods might work for you if you really really want to view the private Instagram profile, if not, then it is better to move away. There are a lot of fishes in the ocean.

Happy fishing!!

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Pof Ads Case Study and Dating Ad Examples

Pof Ads Case Study and Dating Ad Examples


No doubt, Pof (Plenty of Fish) is the #1 source for promoting dating ads. Currently is ranked 647 globally and 267 in United States according to Alexa Internet. Since Pof (Plenty of Fish) is also a dating site which is free for the most part, most of the singles come to this site to browse other single’s profiles. So, it is well targeted traffic for promoting dating offers and other dating related offers. Pof offers dating profiles not only for younger people but also for people who got divorced or separated and even for older people who are around 50+ age.


According to Alexa Internet, the majority of the visitors come from United States followed by Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Here is the screenshot of it. So, if are trying to promote a dating offer in Tier 1 (US, CA, AU, UK) countries, its better to choose Pof Ads to promote your dating offers for tier 1 countries.

Apart from Pof main site, It also has few sister sites in the following countries.


Which are not that popular as Pof in USA but it is still be useful for promoting your offers in the above countries. No doubt Facebook is one of the biggest traffic source than any other. But recently Facebook has become very strict in accepting dating affiliates. So after Facebook, the next biggest traffic source for promoting dating offers is obviously POF Ads.

About POF Advertising:

You can start advertising in by signing up for an account at POF ads (

This is how their main page looks like.

Right now, due to overwhelming demand for Pof advertising, they have temporarily closed accepting new registrations for Pof advertising. But, however people who already have advertising accounts with Pof can still advertise in normally. Here, considering you already have an account, I am moving on to managing ads in Pof.

Pof Ad sizes:

Pof advertising offers 3 types of Ads.

  1. Small Ads (110×80 & 310×110 Ad Sizes)
  2. IAB (Interactive Ad Bureau) Standard (300×250, 728×90, 160×600 & 960×110 Ad Sizes)
  3. Profile Page Ads (300×250 Ad size)

According to Pof Ads, Small Ads has audience reach of around 3.6 billion impressions available monthly whereas IAB Standard has a reach of around 2.1 billion impressions available monthly and Profile Page Ads has an audience reach of around 700 monthly impressions available which is very huge.

In my experience, you can get higher CTR’s for IAB Standard ads and Profile Page Ads than normal Small Ads. But in order to get decent inventory from IAB Standard ads and Profile Page ads, you need to bid around $0.60 to $1, whereas with Small Ads you can start getting traffic for even at $0.16 also. Pof works on simple principle, the higher you bid, the more impressions you will get. If your creatives are good enough, then with higher bid, you will get maximum traffic and more clicks. Without a decent creative, it’s just waste to bid higher when your CTR is below 0.10% because, if your CTR is low means, that indicates, the number of clicks you get will be very low. You should atleast aim for 0.10% CTR. So, you will be spending high amount for each click when your CTR is low. Suppose, if you get CTR around 0.60% then, it’s no big deal to bid higher because, you will be getting more clicks, even though, if you bid higher, and so the cost per click will become lower if you get higher CTR.

Pof Targeting:

Due to the availability of different targeting options in Pof advertising, you can laser target your audience. Below is the preview of Pof targeting settings available in it.

With these many targeting options you can target the right audience for any kind of dating campaign.

How to create your first dating campaign in Pof:

Step 1:

Click on Create Campaign in your Pof dashboard.

Step 2:

Select the type of ads you want to run in Pof.

Step 3:

Now, enter the details of your campaign, like, name of your campaign, bid, start and end dates of your campaign, frequency cap, maximum daily spend you want to spend for your campaign, targeting options and finally your ad copy.

Here in the above, I have created a test campaign for Asian dating offer targeting males who are interested in Asian girls.

In the above, I have also narrowly targeted the audience by adding height, saying Asian girls like Tall Asian guys. This would only target guys who are taller which will bring good CTR’s and there by good conversion rates, as in the above I have targeted the right audience for my ad copy.

Step 4:

Now, I will target the above ad to relevant pre landing page to excite the visitor. Here in this example I am sending the visitor to the below pre landing page.

In the above landing page, the title says that this site only accepts Asian Guys who are taller, so the user will think that he is the perfect match for this dating offer, so the chances of the user signing up for this dating offer is very high, since we targeted the guy who is Asian and who is Taller we will get the user who is taller and Asian come to the landing page where we say that we only accept guys who are Asians and Taller. And also we can say like, registrations are open only for Asian guys who are taller. In this way, the visitor will think that he is the perfect match for the offer and all the girls in that dating site only likes Asian guys who are taller, so he signs up for the offer.

You can try similar landing page with different angle by altering images and text to suit other examples like Jewish Men, Catholics, Smokers, Hispanics and Drinkers etc.

You just need to find a different angle and create a landing page and offer and set the right audience for your angel and the boom! Start running your campaign.

The main important thing to remember is, the visitor came to your landing page because he liked the ad and the girl in the ad, so make sure you use the same girl in your pre landing page and if the user goes from pre landing page to your offer page and didn’t converted means, he didn’t find what he wanted.

So always make sure that, send the visitor to the page what you have told about in your landing page and in your ad. Suppose, in the above example, I convinced the visitor that he is going to find lots of Asian girls and what if I send him to Hispanic or Russian site? He will not sign up for it.

Ad -> Landing Page -> Offer

In order to get good conversion rates for your offers, make sure your ad copy, landing page and offer need to say the same thing. This is where most newbies make the mistake and end up losing money.


Sometimes your offer may not convert for you, even though if you think you are doing everything correctly. In that case, you need to split test few different offers and see which one is bringing you better ROI. If that doesn’t help, then, try raising your bids in order to get good quality traffic. In pof, the higher the bid you have, the better traffic you will get. Higher bidder’s ad will be shown to new users in the first place, whereas the person who is bidding very low, his ad will be shown after all the ads were shown to the user. At this time, the user have already seen too many ads, so he might not be interested in signup for your offer.

So, on overall, you need to test different bids, test different landing pages, test different ad copies, test different offers. Once you found a working one, blast it!

Sometimes, a particular ad copy will bring you very high conversion rate than others, so it’s always wise idea to track everything, so that, you can optimize your campaign more wisely.

Pof Ad Examples:

For beginners, they don’t have any clue from where to start. So, here are some examples to start with Pof advertising.

Having too many targeting options, you can create too many angles and laser target different kind of audience and achieve higher ROI’s.

Improving CTR with Crazy CTR:

One of the common problem in Pof is that your banners will get easily saturated. Means, your banners CTR will be dropped very quickly because, the users will get fed up with your ads by seeing them constantly. In order to boost your CTR, there is a software called Crazy CTR which will help in altering your ad image a bit by adding crazy borders to your ad image which are eye catchy.

Below is an example for what a Crazy CTR can do to your ad images.

By adding crazy borders to your ad images, it attracts the user’s attention and thereby it increases the click thru rates. This tool is recommended by many top affiliates and is being used by them for their campaigns.

Pof Pro:

Once when you think that you have gotten enough experience with Pof ads and you wanted to scale your campaigns by running too many campaigns with different angles? Then Pof pro will be useful for you to automate your campaigns. This is used by big affiliates who are running many campaigns with different angles.

With Pof pro, you can set rules and automate everything. With basic Pof ads, you will get confused when start running many campaigns at once, as you cannot always foresee CTR’s and conversions for all your campaigns and ad copies. Whereas with Pof pro, you can automate everything, if CTR for a certain ad was dropped, its bid can be reduced or raised automatically or can be paused automatically. You can set different rules for every campaign. This is a handy tool, when you wanted to play big game with Pof.


CPV Lab has a predefined traffic sourced added to it. So, you can simply create a campaign and select Pof from the traffic source and choose the tokens you want to track. When you got enough data, you can then optimize your campaign for better profits.


Finally, in order to get successful with plenty of fish advertising, you need to constantly test different ad images, different landing pages and different offers. Don’t stick with single landing page, single offer and single ad copy. You will never make any profits if you do so. Sometimes your ads maybe rejected for no reason, in that case, try submitting the same ad multiple times, as sometimes due to overwhelming submissions of ads, the review team will get hassle and denies all your ads.

Don’t forget to set a daily budget and frequency cap, otherwise, you will end up exhausting your funds in your account. Targeting females will bring good ROI than targeting males, as there is very high competition for males than for females.

Create a Pof account as a USA user and try spying on your competitor’s ads, which will help you to give an overview on what is working for others.

Try to target different age groups like the following

18 – 20 (One ad copy), 20 – 30 (Another Ad copy), (30 – 40) another ad copy.

Create different campaigns for different countries which will be helpful for optimizing your campaign.

That’s all it for today, when I get more time, I will write another topic on another interesting topic. Please share your thoughts here or if you need any help, comment below and I’d love to help you.