Contact Form 7: WordPress Plugin for Contact Pages

Contact Form Plugin

Contact Form 7: WordPress Plugin for Contact Pages

What is the main purpose of making a blog, website or any other online forum? It is contacting interacting and indulging with others in an active way. If you have a blog where only you can open up your mind to the audience and they cannot talk to you, it is just like a newspaper, a Television Channel or a radio station. Any Blog or website is not complete unless and until and unless it does not let the users and the audience contact you. When you are working on WordPress, basically it is a matter of fact that you are not actually DOING anything. There are plugins which do all the tasks for you and you just have to monitor them. Like any other function, there are a number of plugins for the contact form function. One of the best plugins for this purpose is the Contact form 7 WordPress Plugin. Using it is as easy as copy and pasting something. It adds a contact form on the services page from where the audience can contact you using an email address.

Contact Form Plugin

WordPress contact form 7 plugin

WordPress contact form 7 Plugin has a number of options for the contact forms and you can also add additional fields if you wish. For example if you want to ask about the personal contact number of the sender, you can add a field for it. This amazing plugin has the following features

  • Multiple contact form
  • Spam prevention
  • Bot prevention with CAPTCHA
  • Customization enabled

How to Install and Setup Contact form 7

Simply go to the WordPress Plugins menu and install the contact form 7 Plugin just like you install the other plugins.

Once you have installed the plugin, go to the contact form 7 settings by clicking on the left hand side.

If you want to make a contact form where different emails are sent to different addresses, you can make a multiple contact form. This is a particularly useful option for large company websites where different emails are to be sent to different departments.

Fighting Spam

If you are running a very well-known blog and there are a large number of visitors, chances are that you will get a number of spam messages via the contact form. The contact form 7 is fully equipped to fight aby such situation. You just need to install a very simple CAPTCHA plugin in your WordPress. It will enable the CAPTCHA option of the WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin and no automated messages will be sent to you. Only original users will be able to contact you.

To avoid spam comments in your blog, follow our guide

How to avoid Spam comments in WordPress blog

What is Link Spam?

If you have used this plugin, do let us know your experience in the comments and if you know some better plugin or any other better option for this function, share it with your fellows in the comments section.

  • Fernando Branco

    I am trying to do exactly what you describe:
    “If you want to make a contact form where different emails are sent to different addresses, you can make a multiple contact form.”
    But I can’t seem to do it. I have a drop down list from which the user will choose the email to send, but I keep on receiving the email to all the other emails of the drop down menu.

    This is what I have:
    “[select recipient “Reasearch|[email protected]” “Services|[email protected]” “About us|[email protected]” “Projects|[email protected]”]

    And then this on the “To:” field
    [email protected],[email protected],[email protected]

    Can you help me?