Content marketing tips in 2016

Content Marketing

The main aim of a content marketer is to ensure that conversions happen. The content of the article should look interesting enough to attract more and more readers. There are many who spend hours online to come up with interesting and compelling articles that can actually lead to some conversion. The content marketing field is a competitive one and it is going to only grow in the near future.

It is basically a content evolution that we are seeing around us. We will now discuss some top ten things that you can do in order to ensure that your content is interesting enough.

  1. Don’t underestimate the “C” –
    “C” here stands for connect. The “C” stands for those who come between the age of eighteen to thirty four and are spending hours on the internet. These people have ensured that the spending on internet is increased significantly. In another few years these people will represent the workforce. To connect with these people you should know what they are doing. We will now list some of the things these people do:
  • They are always connected to everyone.
  • These people will trust and believe what their friends are recommending.
  • These people are well informed and have a mind of their own so you cannot just push them into anything.
  • These people are looking for reasons to share and read.
  • You cannot use the traditional ways of business to reach this group of people.
  1. The brand should be a genuine one – Always remember that the group you are dealing with is well informed and they just want the best. They cannot be fooled so try to keep the brand as honest as possible. You must clearly tell them what the brand is about and who is there behind the brand. They must be told what they can expect from the brand.
  1. People should understand your content – the articles you are writing must be simple and easy to understand. They should clearly explain the point. No one will be interested in reading things that have been dragged too much. The reader should be able to understand what you are talking about. Apart from that also ensure that the writing is visible and clear to the readers. These days many people use the mobile phone to read articles so whatever you write must be optimized for the mobile phones.
  • Try to add a cause to your product – the customer today is not that concerned about the price. They are more concerned about what the brand they are endorsing actually stands for. Ensure that you associate with a strong and valid cause.
  1. Honour the customer – think of ways by which you can honour the customer. You can introduce a concept like “customer of the month” this will ensure that the customers feel more interest in your site and keep visiting.
  2. Ensure that the customers are participating – Connecting is important and that can only happen with continuous association. Ensure that you engage the customer in all that you are doing. Keep arranging for quizzes and other competitions that will keep the customers engaged. You can start some voting options too. A twitter chat with the brand name can be a great idea. The more you participate in different activities with the customers the more will become your visibility.
  3. Generation of the content ideas must be planned –
    you must have a good and strong plan about what your content will be about. Try to keep a list of contents that you are dealing with. Now prepare a set of questions that the customer might ask. This will help you to come up with a good plan your contents.
  1. The visuals must be given due importance –
    The content you are writing is indeed important. What is more important is how you will make the content look on screen. The content should look bright and attractive only then readers will spend more time on it. You can add relevant pictures and videos to the content in order to ensure that it looks good enough. The visuals used must be striking.
  2. Email base is important the email base is very important. Ensure that you connect to the customers and give them enough chance to connect with you. They should be given enough occasions to send you their details. The emails that you are sending out must be interesting and creative so that the customers open them and read them. All these mails must also have a share button for better results.
  1. . Sales psychology –
    Most of the purchase that happens online is impulsive and emotional only a part of it is logical. This has been proved after a lot of research was done in this field. You can read more about it online and ensure that you incorporate this in the content marketing strategy that you are using. This can help you develop the content accordingly and increase the sales.

Many people feel that content marketing is actually not as important as it is made to be. The fact is content marketing is extremely important and it can make a significant change in the way you are doing business. The quality of content marketing you are using can have a major affect on the results that you are going to get from the business. You can use the enclosed digital marketing trends in order to ensure that you improve the content marketing.

  1. Budgets are growing –
    in 2015 the content marketing budget increased by a whopping fifty five percent. It was indeed one of the biggest years for content marketing. You can see that the content created is increasing. You will see that this is making the audience tire. The trend is such that :
  • Everyone has a blog.
  • Almost everyone will want you to be a part of their marketing email list.
  • Almost everyone has a video that you can watch.
  • The internet is filled with case studies that anyone can download.

The problem is that everyone is doing the same thing. With so much content being there on the net it is actually very confusing and chaotic for the normal customers to understand what is actually happening. As there is so much you have to come up with something that is unique and interesting in order to attract the customers. Creating high quality content may not be easy all the time. 2015 was the year of investing in content marketing. 2016 will be the year to analyse and understand what was spent and how much should be ideally spent on this. The contents must be analysed well before they are put on the sites. Unless the writing is good quality stuff there is no point having it on the site. So far a content marathon was going on now the point is to look for something that is more effective and can give good results. After all as we already mentioned in the beginning a good content must lead to conversion.

  1. Stress in now on long formed content – the demand is now increasing for contents that are detailed and can actually answer all the questions that the readers have. Even Google is giving to articles that are at least over two thousand words. You will notice that in 2016 most of the writers are coming up with longer articles so that they can get better visibility and consumer base. Gone are those days when small articles were preferred more. Even the blogs today will have at least a thousand words. Most of the short posts today are not able to get a ranking. We all want readers and takers for what we are writing and a sure way of getting that is by writing long and well descriptive articles.

    If the question you are dealing with needs a well descriptive answer then a long article is a must so that it gets more readers. Sometimes when you write a three thousand plus word article you may wonder if anyone is going to read it? Well the answer is yes people will if the article answers the question thoroughly. Do not do a lot of beating around the bush just to make the article longer. The content must be genuine and to the point.

  1. Try to blog less – the budget for content marketing in 2016 will remain same as it was in 2015 but you will have to come up with longer article. Does this mean you spend more time and make less money? Well may not be so all the time. Well what you need to do is Blog less. With Blog less we do not mean that you use few words rather you reduce the frequency of the blogs. What you do now is write three five hundred or seven hundred words articles a week what you need to do now is write one article a week that is good in quality and above fifteen hundred words at least.

    I know this is not the way you have been blogging and it might take you some time to get used to this. If you look closely you will find that the three articles you are writing in a week are more or less pertaining to the same topic and you can easily incorporate all the three articles in one long article. So the fact is that you are ultimately spending the same amount of time to come up with one blog rather than too many blogs.

    Don’t worry about who is going to read such a long Blog all that you concentrate on is the quality of what you are writing.

  2. Time to say Good bye to the SEO consultants – SEO (search engine optimization) is something that we all have been bothered about when it comes to content marketing. SEO consultants charge a huge sum of money to come up with short articles that can get noticed easily. With the new trends of long formed articles do you actually need a SEO? The answer is simply a no. If your article is only for a certain group of people you will need a SEO but when your target audience is a much bigger group you actually do not need a SEO. If you yourself do a little research in Google you will get to know all that you need to know about SEO. Then why should you spend money on hiring an expensive consultant?
  1. The content should be creative – the content that you are creating must be creative and innovative. The more dynamic the content is the better will be its impact on the readers. Instead of using the old boring methods like clipart try to learn some new tricks and create a content that is high on quality as well as attractive to the eyes. We will now discuss some of the tools apart from WordPress that you can use in order to increase the visual experience for your readers:

Vismethis is a very popular and simple to use tool which you can use in order to create a rich visual experience. It can be used for presentations and reports too.

Tableau Publicthis is free software that one can easily use. It can help you to come up with good visualisation effect especially with maps.

Infogr.amThese are nothing but templates that are already built. These can be used in the blog to make them more effective visually.

We hope that this article will be able to understand how you can improve the content marketing you are doing and come up with a better content that will do well for you and be more engaging to the readers. All you need to do is act a little smarter and divide your time well between the content you are writing and the type of content you are creating.

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