Creating a killer content with WordPress plugins

Killer Content

The content is indeed the most important aspect of blogging. We will in this article talk about some vital WordPress plugins that anyone can use in order to come up with a very strong and effective content. There are about forty four thousand plugins available in WordPress that you can use in order to create a killer content. Yes WordPress does have many plugins that can assist you but at the end of the day it is definitely your talent that will decide the quality of the content you have come up with.

Content marketing is important and a good amount of time must be spent on it. Some people do have the natural ability to create a killing content. However, many people will struggle to create a content that can make a mark on the readers. Today the length of the blog has become more important. So if you need to create a high quality blog it is not a bad idea to use the WordPress plugins. It is not possible to use all the plugins that WordPress has to offer but you can definitely use a few and see how it can change the way you write.

  1. PrePost SEO
    Plugins can be of immense help when it comes to improving the quality of the content. Using “PrePost SEO” plugin you can check the density of the keyword, broken lines, keyword density, plagiarism, meta tags, content and image optimization.

    Before publishing your article it is not a bad idea to use the PrePost SEO plugin. We will now list the features that this includes:

  • Analyze meta tags.
  • Provides suggestions on improving the content.
  • Calculation of the keyword density.
  • It will highlight if there are any broken lines in the content.
  • It will help in post title optimization.
  1. Word Statsthis is another very useful tool that you can use. This can definitely help you to improve the quality of your content. This tool definitely has a number of features but what it provides specifically are listed below:
  • The top twenty keywords
  • Word count
  • The post types as per the number and percentage
  • You can also show a graph that will show the monthly word count as per the type of the post

It will also show a diagnostic table that will link all the posts which require your attention. For example if a post is too short or not good enough for the readers to understand will be highlighted. With this guide you can for sure create a much better content. It is like a linguistic diagnostics that you can do on your content.

  1. WP Keyword Suggest
    with the help of this plugin you will be able to add the best keywords to your content. This SEO plugin will take suggestions from yahoo and Google in order to suggest the changes you must do in your article. It can give as many as two hundred and fifty keyword ideas.

    With this easy to use tool you will not have to spend any time on deciding what keywords you need to use for your post. For example your topic is “keyword research” with this too; you will get a list of keywords that you can use. We are enclosing a screenshot to make the idea clearer to you.

    Simple right! So in this list you get a long list of suggestions on the keywords that are related to the primary keyword. Thus we recommend this tool in order to help you think about more words and also for improving the quality of your content.

  2. Editorial Calendarwith this feature you can see all the posts that you have written and will also help you to manage the blog better. When you are too much into blogging you will seldom miss out on arranging the ideas in a more organized manner. With the help of the ‘Editorial Calendar’ you will be able to arrange the ideas better. This will ensure that you have effective fresh content that is good not only for your blog but also for the readers. Just having a good content is not all the content must be well arranged too. That is exactly why this tool is so important.

    We will now mention the top features that this particular tool has to offer:

  • Drag and drop the capabilities
  • A list of all the post including the details of which one needs to be published when
  • An easy access to the status of all the posts
  • Help you to arrange posts from different authors

It can definitely save you more time as you will not have to bother about which post should be published when. The managing and organizing of the posts can be done by the tool very effectively. If a good content is not published on time it is of no use to anyone so to avoid this you must install this plugins.

  1. Easy content templatesthe content of each post that you come up with are different so the format of these posts should also be different. With the help of this tool you can ensure that the format of each of your content is different. With the help of “Easy content templates” you can also create a content template that you can use in the future. You can also make these templates private or share them with other users.

When you have a different format for different articles they automatically look more interesting to the readers. It gives a new feel to each post. It can be a time taking process to give a new look to all your posts but using this user friendly tool can be of great help.

  1. Search everythingwhen you are writing long blogs and your frequency of coming up with new blogs is quite small you tend to forget what your previous blogs was about. In such a case it is indeed a challenge to remember all that you have written and ensure that you provide the readers with new and interesting content each time. The “Search Everything” tool can help you in this situation. This will help you to look for what you need in order to create a new content.

    This feature will help you to link to your previous articles and ensure that you do not repeat what you have already written. This will keep the audience happy and will help you improve the quality of your blogs.

  1. SEO internal linkswhen you have a long and detailed post it will have a much higher chance of getting a better rating in the search engine like Google. If you want to create good content for the readers you can do a lot of things to improve the articles. One very good method is to provide internal links to other articles. This will support the post that you have written and help to improve the reader’s experience. Some features that this tool has are:
  • Setting a custom keyword list
  • Setting up own customised keywords and URLs
  • Streamlining the administration panel

Even if the blog that you have written is very good, unless internal links are provided it will not be able to make the desired impact. Sitting and adding internal links can be a really time taking process. Nevertheless, using the “SEO internal links” feature this can be done much faster and in a very effective way.

  1. Add link to Facebooksocial media can do wonders in promoting your blog. You have to share the post with the target audience so that the blog becomes a success. How you can do this is by adding links to Facebook. This tool can easily help you achieve this without spending much time.

Some people will say what is the harm in posting the links to the articles manually on Facebook? There is no harm actually. Nevertheless, if you want an automated system to do the same job then this tool can definitely be of great help. With this tool you can share the content between your blog and Facebook quite effortlessly.

Another useful point here is that this plugin can help you to understand what kind of posts do well on Facebook and will ensure you to publish similar posts on Facebook in the future and create more visibility.

  1. ImageInjectwhen you want a killer content you also need to ensure that there are enough interesting and relevant images in the content to make a right impression on the readers. If the blog does not have enough images it will not look interesting enough to the readers and will fail to make an impression. Searching for the right image can take a lot of time for any blogger. The “ImageInject” tool has a huge database of images that are related to different topics. As soon as you choose the topic you will get all the images that you need and all that you have to do is chose a few from the many options that you get.

    Some unique features of this tool are:

  • It has a lot of SEO benefits
  • It can break up the content so that the readers find it easy to read
  • Value to the content can be added making it clearer

So you have a number of pictures here that are closely related to the topic you are writing. All that you need to do is just choose the one that you feel is best. You don’t have to worry about if you are allowed to use this picture and other such things. Searching a picture and inserting it was never so easy before. You have about four hundred million pictures related to various topics available in the database. Images can definitely give a better experience to your readers so start using more images.

  1. Zeditymaking the blog look professional is equally important. Some of you may wonder that a good knowledge of coding is actually required in order to come up with an article that looks nice. This is not true all the time. With the help of “Zedity” you can create posts that look very nice and interesting. You can choose a number of designs and templates. You can drag the images and ensure that you get the perfect look for the post.

With the help of this feature you can actually change the look of any page. With the help of this you can make the blog posts look interesting and as a result enjoy more inflow of traffic to your posts. All this can be done without writing any code. All that you need to do is install “Zedity”. It may take you a little time to understand how the tool works but as you spend time on it your expertise will improve.

  1. Edit flowthis tool will help you to manage your workflow much better. Some features that this tool has are:
  • User groups – will help you to understand the user groups and their needs.
  • Notifications – this will help you to stay connected with your team and check what they are doing.
  • Editorial comments – this is helpful when you have a separate team of editors.
  • Monthly calendar – will help you to decide which post should be published when.

    This feature becomes very important when you have a large team doing different things. This can tool can help you ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Yes blogging is a time taking job. We are not saying that you must use the WordPress plugins that we have discussed in this article. Nevertheless, if you actually start using these plugins you will eventually realise that it can actually help you to create a much better content in a lesser time. This will ensure that you can get more time to improve the quality of your posts as other things are automatically being taken care of by the plugins.