How to disable Plugin updates in WordPress and why you should not try doing it?


How to disable Plugin updates in WordPress and why you should not try doing it?


If you are using WordPress you must have noticed that more than often you will get to see plugin updates. The question that many users have is whether they should disallow these updates. The point is you can definitely stop the updates from happening but we will recommend that you do not try to do it due to many reasons and we will explain a few reasons here in this article.


Why you should not try to disable the Plugin updates in WordPress?

One wrong conception that many WordPress users usually have is that the Plugin updates can break the site. This can be true in some cases but if you are using the best WordPress plugins that have a standard complaint WordPress theme then the chances of an upgrade to break your site is actually very low.

You must ensure that you know well which WordPress plugin is best for your site and then start using them. There is a checklist that you must refer to before you choose a plugin that is perfect for you.

Why we say that the plugin updates are important because they will not only offer new features but they will also patch security vulnerabilities. They can improve the performance and also fix compatibility issues with the latest versions of WordPress. If you are not upgrading the WordPress plugins then you are basically compromising on the security and the stability of your site which can cause you huge damage.

It has been noticed that some developers will disable the plugin updates on the sites of the client in order to prevent them from breaking the websites. This is not a good thing to do. The client relationships are for some time and if this is done the websites of the client will become highly vulnerable in the future. Instead of doing this the best solution is to educate the client and keep them aware.

We hope that by now you have understood why we say that the WordPress plugin updates are important we will now discuss how you can ensure that you disable the plugin updates in a situation where you do not have any other option.


Disable the WordPress plugin updates

We do not recommend doing this but we also do understand that there may be a situation where you will have to do it and only for those cases do try this option. To do this you will have to install and activate the “easy update manager” plugin. If you are not sure how to install a plugin then do refer to our article on installing a WordPress plugin.

Once you have installed and activated the “easy update manager” plugin you can move to the next step and that is visit the Dashboard and then the update options that will help you to manage the plugin settings.

Here you will have to click on the tab that says “general” then scroll down to the “all plugin updates” option. Here you will have to click on the “disable” in order to ensure that the plugin updates are disabled. The process is indeed very simple. We are enclosing a screenshot to ensure that you can better understand what we are trying to say. At the end after making the changes do not forget to click on the save changes button. If you do not do so the changes will not get stored in the settings and you will have to do the whole thing again.


You can also selectively disable the updates for specific plugins in WordPress

In some cases you may feel that only a few particular plugins updates must be disabled. This is a good option as you are not disabling the updates on all the plugins which can be dangerous as we have explained before in the article. To do this you will have to go to the dashboard and then to the update options page. Here you will have to click on the “plugins” tab and you will get to see a list of all the plugins that you have installed on your WordPress site.

You will be able to see a “disallow updates” and all that you will have to do is click on this. This will automatically ensure that the updates for that particular plugin is disabled. We are enclosing the screenshot to explain the process to you in a better way.

The “easy update manager” will allow you to quite effortlessly manage all the plugins that you are using in your WordPress site. It can also help with the core, theme, plugin and the translation updates.

This is all that we had to discuss regarding the topic on how can you disable the Plugin updates in WordPress and why you should not try doing it? We hope this will help you to take a better decision on if you should stop the plugin updates or not.