Effective Guest Blogging Tips

Guest blogging

Effective Guest Blogging Tips

Guest Blogging can be an effective tool to get backlinks and improve the overall performance of your blog. However, it is a bit technical thing. In the following paragraphs, you will learn some of the verified tips on guest blogging.

  1. Set your Goals

Like anything else, before starting guest blogging, decide what is your aim behind doing it. If you know this, you will be able to choose the right type of blogs to submit your guest posts. Guest blogging is mostly done for three reasons.

  1. Getting a name of an authority in the industry.
  2. Getting traffic to your blog or website
  3. Getting quality backlinks to your own site

If you add right type of posts on right types of blogs, it is not difficult to accomplish all three of the goals. If your goals are something like number 1 or number 2, you will have to find huge blogs with lots of audience. If you are interested in number 3, you want to find the blogs with strong domain room activity.

  1. Getting the Opportunity to Guest Blog

Having set your goal, you now have to find opportunities to guest blog. Definitely, you will find the blogs related to your niche. Some things to keep in mind are

  • The content is as closely related to your niche as possible
  • The visitors of the blog are interested in your industry/services
  • The readers are engaged with the blog. They share them on social media frequently.
  • The blog has active social media forums.

It means if you are selling motor oil, you want the blogs related to cars with the audience of a large number of car owners. The following can be helpful in finding right type of guest blogging opportunities.

Google Searches

Like anything else on the internet, guest blogging opportunities can also be found using Google. Just type in the following searches replacing keyword with the keywords of your blog/niche/industry.

  • [keyword] “submit a guest post”
  • [keyword ]”guest post”
  • [keyword ]”guest post by”
  • [keyword ]”accepting guest posts”
  • [keyword ]”guest post guidelines”

These keywords will lead you to the guest posts on related blogs and the guest blogging guidelines of the blogs.

Prominent Guest Bloggers in the Field

If you regularly read the blogs related to your industry (which is a good practice), you will be knowing the people who frequently write guest posts. For example in internet marketing niche, Leo Widrich, Neil Patel and Marcus Sheridan are some prominent names. You can search google like “guest posts by Mr. X” This will show you all the blogs where these people have posted. You can consider these blogs to guest blog on. If you personally know one of the prominent guest bloggers, it will be even better. They can introduce you to the blog owners.

Use the Competitor’s Backlinks

It can also be helpful to run a backlink analysis of your competitor. If they have guest blogged somewhere, they will have left their backlinks there. You can use those traces to guest blog on.

Social Searches

Guest bloggers usually share their latest guest posts on social media. The easiest to search is twitter. You can use it to search for ‘guest post’. This will show you the tweets about all the guest posts in your industry. You can then follow the links to see which blogs are still inviting guest posts.

  1. Preparing the Guest Post

Having set a goal and having found just the right forum to guest post on, we have to make preparations for the guest post so that it performs up to the mark.

Familiarize with the Blog’s Content

Knowing in depth the blog’s content is utmost necessary to guest post effectively. You do not only want to know that they have the content related to your niche and your keywords but you also need to know the following.

  • For what type of people they are writing (beginners, intermediate, advanced)
  • What type of the people are the main readers, business men, consumers or general stake holders.
  • What is the type quality and format of the content? Do they like descriptions, introductions or tutorials? Do they like lists or paragraphs of text?

Observe and Learn From The Other Guests Posts on the forum

Go to the site you have shortlisted and see if the recent guest posts area doing well. See the involvement of reader in terms of comments and social media sharing. Find the type if guest posts having the best response from the audience.

Watch Out For Competition

See what type of people are doing guest posting on the blog under your consideration. Try to compete with them. If the gest posters are very highly qualified and are experts of the field, it may not be the right place for you.

Find Out Some Good Ideas

To make sure that your guest posts are accepted by the owner of the blog, research that what topics are getting the best response from the audience. If you propose to post on those ideas, there are bright chances that the blog owner will accept your proposal as a gust poster. The following sites may be helpful in this respect.

  • http://topsy.com/s?q=domain.com – This can let you know how many times a specific post has been tweeted.
  • http://plus.topsy.com/s/domain.com – This can let you know how many times a post is shared on google+.
  • http://delicious.com/search?p=domain.com&jtf=E&partial_type=B – This can be used to find out how many times a post has been shared on Delicious.

http://digg.com/search?q=site:domain.com – This will show the posts with the most amount of Digg votes.

Earn a Name in the Blog Community

To increase the chances of being inducted as a guest blogger, you must first make a name in the eyes of the blog owner. To do this, comment frequently on their recent posts. Sharing the posts on social media can also be helpful. Do mention their names when you share the post on social media.

It’s About Time

Some ties are better than others to get selected as a guest blogger. These include.

  • When the blog mentions you in their posts or on social media.
  • When the blog owners mention you or your product on their blog
  • When the blog invites guest posts
  • When another guest post is recently published

Some Rules of Thumb

While submitting the proposal for a guest post you must keep in mind the following.

Consider their Guidelines

Before you propose a guest post, see if the blog owner has some guidelines for the guest bloggers. See if they want full posts or just the basic idea. Also look if they want the guest blogger to make some account or sign up.

Write a Distinctive Email

The blog owners receive a number of guest proposals every day. They start with Dear Sir, Dear Madam, Dear Webmaster, Dear Owner of XYZ.com etc. or simply Hi. Write something that attracts them. Their name can be the best option. You can find it on their about page or on their social media pages. It can also be found in their videos (if they post any).

Introduce Yourself

Most of the blogs only allow a specific type of people to submit guest posts. Read the bio of the guest bloggers already posting and figure out what kind of people are the most welcome. Introduce yourself as a blogger if they are accepting the posts only from the bloggers or an expert if they only welcome the experts of the field.

Why are You Eligible?

Give the blog owner a handsome reason to select you as a guest blogger. You can do this by giving the links of your posts published elsewhere. If this is the first time, provide links to your own blog. Include the posts with the most social media activity.

How to Propose An Idea

If the guidelines say that only ideas are welcomed, consider the popular posts of the blog and give the ideas related to them. Do give more than one idea so that at least one is selected.

  1. Submitting a Great Post

So far we have learnt how to set a goal, select a blog and get selected to post. Now we have to learn how to make a guest post for the blog that actually performs well.

Do in the Rome as the Romans Do

See the type of posts on the blog. Try to write like them. If they are posts with 500 words below average quality write like it and if there are posts with 1000+ words and lots of pics try to produce content of that quality.

Remember! It’s not Your Blog

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is not your blog. Do not write about yourself, services and business. Do not use it as an advertisement forum. Try to provide information to the reader. You can occasionally mention yourself but reserve the most for author bio section.

On their Ground Play their Way

Research on the posts of the selected blog. Try to write like them. Your headers, tone and format should be as closely related to them as possible.

Link back to them

Show the blog owner that you have gone through their blog. Include the links to their posts in your post. Try to mention their most read and shared posts.

Invite Comments

We believe you have written a great post. Invite comments on it to get the best response from people reading it.

YOUR Section: Your Bio

Most of the times, the key purpose of guest blogging is to include you own bio. This is the portion where you promote your own site and provide the links back to your own business. Your bio depends on your goals of guest blogging.

  • If you want to get backlinks via guest blogging, provide a number of links in the bio section.
  • If you want to get traffic, provide the links of the places you want the traffic at and remember you are writing posts related to the topics for getting traffic.
  • If you want to get social media followers, add a line like “Catch up with me at facebook/twitter/etc.com/xyz.”

Fine Tuning

If you want the blog owner to value you as a guest blogger, do maintain the quality and catch up with people in the comments. This will also earn you a name in the niche. Also remember to promote your own post. It will let you have a good relation with the owner as you are getting him traffic.

Keeping in Touch With Results

Having done all this, you will like to see the benefits of the guest posts. If your goal was traffic, it can be easily measured. You can use google analytics to determine how much traffic is coming from a specific post. You can use it to calculate the traffic from 20 distinct sources. Using google analytics, you can see all the referrals from the sites coming in.

If the goal is getting known in the field, see the amount of comments on your post and see how people are mentioning you. Do they think you are legit? Do they share your posts often?

If the aim is backlinks, see how many of the backlinks you provided were visited.

Going the Other Way Around: Getting Guest Bloggers

Never forget what goes around come s around. It may be difficult for you to build up your own content while guest posting on other forums. Keep an invitation for guest bloggers always available on your own blog. This will not only help you have updated content but also you will get a new perspective for your audience in for of guest bloggers.