Ensure that the first impression in search result is a winner

Ensure that the first impression in search result is a winner

We all use Google to look for some info or the other. You know what about seven of ten people would like to search about you on Google before they decide to buy a service or product from you. If they search by your or the name of your product and the first review that pops up on Google page is a negative review about you. What do you think the person will do, the answer is obvious he or she will not buy from you and chose your competitor. This is exactly why it is very important that you ensure that the first impression of a search made on Google about you is a positive one. If you neglect this aspect the business will only suffer. Another important thing that you must know here is that most of the people will search your website by the name and not by the URL.

What causes first bad impression?

  1. The auto-suggest is not providing a flattering option – This is a problem that was actually faced even by big organisations. For example you have a client who was not satisfied with the service that you provided him or her. The reason could be any there is also a possibility that it was the fault of the client himself. However, due to this experience the client decides to start trash talk you on the web. There is a possibility that whatever the client is saying about your product and service will be shown right at the top of the search page.

    Now suppose a person comes looking for you they will automatically see these review like “[your name] sucks” and etc. They will decide not to go ahead with you and look for some other option. Google can also see these negative feedbacks and what Google does next is it will start suggesting some other options that are better than yours. If Google starts giving alternatives for your business, it will only make things worse for you. Do not feel that it cannot happen to you. Well it is a very common problem that is faced by many doing online business.

  1. The image result looks weird – Another thing to look out for is when you put your name in Google what are the images that come up. This is very important because if the images are weird and embarrassing they will discourage the users from clicking the link. Of course you should avoid these controversial images for both professional and personal reasons. These one box search results are basically attracts attention. As per a latest study if a page as image and text the human tendency is to naturally get attracted to the image and not the text. Human brain is naturally programmed to see images. Thus the images that come with the search results of your name will draw immediate attention and will influence the behaviour of the people.

    You will often notice that the images that are coming along with your name search are not in line with the brand that you represent. These images can be very embarrassing so you will definitely have to remove them and replace them with proper images as you cannot let the name of your brand suffer.

  1. The business reviews that you are getting are not favourable – Getting negative reviews can be a huge area of concern that you must work with if you want to change the results on the search page. Any customer will lose the interest in your product if he or she comes across a negative review. The worst part is that Google will highlight these reviews with stars so that anyone who is looking for your product just cannot miss out on these. For example if there are three stars means that the product is not that great and these ratings are picked up by Google from all the reviews that you are getting.

    You definitely do not want to get into this. The intention of Google is to ensure that the user is made absolutely aware of the choice that he or she is making so that they cannot blame Google for anything that went wrong. You must ensure that you are absolutely aware of any negative review that you are getting they can be real spoiler for your business and the revenue that you are generating. Any person who is buying a product will compare the reviews and naturally go for a product that is getting a better review.

How can you fix these problems?

Now that you know what are the problems that you can face with Google search we will tell you how you can also solve each of these problems. Some of the recommendations we have will take time but they are actually very simple. We have tried to provide solution in the same pattern as we discussed the problems before in the article.

  1. The auto-suggest is not providing a flattering option –

    The Google auto search results are fast to appear and they do take a lot of time to go. This is a fact and you will have deal with it. Another problem with Google auto search is that it is basically powered by what the people are typing on it this why it can:

  • Show you phrases that you need to be ranking for.
  • Manifest a real problem that you will need to fix.
  • It will easily signal a competitor’s negative campaign.
  • It could be the entire above put together.

The steps that you can take to address the above issues are:

  1. Try to use a Mechanical Turk to push the other suggestions into the box (you must keep in mind that this should be the last option for you to try).
  2. Try to fix the problems that the customers are complaining about by searching for each of the problem in Google.
  3. You must create and optimise the landing page so that you can rank the suggested queries (this is true for both the PPC and the organic).

You must look for the competitors and keep an eye on their site. Before it becomes a suggestion try to handle it. You must always ensure that your product is better than all available so keep monitoring the other sites. There are some comparison sites that you can use like SiteGeek, Similarweb and G2Crowd. If you can establish your presence in these sites the problem with search results can be handled easily.

  1. The image result looks weird – We now come to the second problem that people generally face with Google search. It is not possible for you to choose the image that will appear on the Google image result one-box. However, you can provide a lot of images that are different from each other. The Meta data should be matched to your name and this will help Google to almost immediately recognise it while searching.

    Ensure that various images are published in various platforms. The more images Google can search with your name the better it will be for you. Google will always look for a varied number of images. It is the nature of Google that if it cannot find varied images for your brand name it will start to pick random images which may not have any connection to the brand or product that you are promoting.

Variety is one of the most important factors for searching in Google. You can do the following so that you can get more control over the image search result:

  1. Try to use more visual sharing platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus, Flickr, Instagram, etc. Try to upload different pictures of yours. Try to diversify as much as possible the visual marketing channels.
  2. Try to use folders, tags and album. You can also use solid and original descriptions. This will give Google more contexts and it will ensure that your photos are surrounded with absolutely original text about you.
  3. If you are invited for an expert interview to someone else’s blog then try to look for a unique picture of yours that can go with the interview.
  4. All the multiple visual channels that you set must be monitored with Cyfe.

When you provide more visual context for yourself and your product it will be a great help to you. Google will have a lot of options to choose from and as a result it will not pick any random images. So the solution is actually simple compared to the problems.

  1. The business reviews that you are getting are not favourable – This is the last problem that you can face with the Google search page. Another common problem is negative reviews. Suppose you have people posting about your products and services on your site as well as other sites like Yelp. Suppose these people are saying that the product of yours is not good and it is not helping people. Ensure that if there is a feedback you respond to it and try to solve the problem. Your prospective customers will chose the product or service of yours based on the feedback that you are getting.

    Try to catch up with these people who are not rating your product well and try to ask for suggestions on how you can improve the product. You can ask them to work with you and help you build the brand image. Try to bring in all the changes that are being suggested and take these feedbacks positively. It is quite possible that when you work on the product and the service then in the future you might get a positive feedback from the same customer who had given you a negative comment sometime back. Any reasonable person who wants to make it big online must do these steps so that the image of the brand does not suffer. There can also be a situation where there is a problem that would require a legal action.

    The fact is you cannot stop people from writing what they want. Sometimes the reaction might be absolutely unexpected and silly but still you will have to handle it with patience and ensure that the customer feels that you have taken them seriously. You must have patience. Try to ensure that you also have a lot of good things written about you across the web and your product gets some good ratings too so that the average rating of the product comes up. You can ask some of your loyal customers to now and then write something good about you too. You can also use social media for this purpose. Tell your friends and customers to comment in Facebook about the service and the product of yours. You should have a few five star reviews to show the customers.

    One tip that you can use is try to use schema.org on your site it will help you to optimize your site effective snippets (starred ratings used in Google search). We will explain in details how these help:

    1. Using review schema.org you can generate codes that you can add to your product page and it can work for any products like eBooks, services, courses, etc.
    2. You can also install the org plugin to your blog this will help you to use rich makeup for the blog review. You can easily install and use these.

We have tried to explain all that you can actually do in order to ensure that your first impression in the Google search is always a good and a positive one. SERP (search engine result page) it is an important one and you must give it a lot of importance. It should be a positive one always. If it is not always remember that your business will suffer a lot. We hope that this article will help you and ensure that you do not suffer on SERP.