Excessive Sub IDs with Cake Platform

Excessive Sub IDs with Cake Platforms like Convert2media, Grabads, Clickbooth, Neverblue, Clickdealer Error Fix





Careful with usage of sub IDs especially with s1 in cake platform.

Cake Platform ( An affiliate network software mostly used by affiliate networks like Clickbooth.com, Grabadsmedia.com, Convert2media.com and even Neverblue.com) don’t allow the usage of s1 subID for passing unique values in numerous numbers. If you are using any tracking software like CPVLab means, then mostly you will be passing values to your SubID which is s1.

Switch to s2 from s1 for passing unique values. Or you will end up getting warnings like this.

And access to your SubAfiliate Summary will be restricted.

As shown in the above screenshot, s1 should be used for grouping identifier, while s2 – s5 can be used for passing unique values.

In CPVLab you will be tracking subID’s like the below

And in your Cake Affiliate panel, you can see the track like in the below screenshot.

You should not use Sub ID 1 or s1 for unique values, as shown in the above, use other s2 – s5 for passing unique values.

Most affiliate networks use two types of tracking platforms.

  1. Convert2media – Cake Platform
  2. Neverblue – Cake Platform
  3. Grabadsmedia – Cake Platform
  4. Clickbooth – Cake Platform
  5. Affiliaxe – Has Offers