Extract images from .docx/.doc Word documents

Extract images from doc/docx
Extract images from doc/docx
Extract images from doc/docx

Recently, i got a couple of guest articles from Guest authors. I am soo skeptical at approving guest posts unless they are filled with appropriate images. So, the articles i got were with lot of images in it in a word doc/docx formats. Normally, i use word to publish my guest articles directly to my blog. But, today, when i am trying that i got an image upload error with word , so i tried to post the guest post manually.

But, with wordpress wysiwyg editor, it is not copying images from word (doc/docx) documents. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. I usually have around 10 images in my blog posts. So, i thought of extracting the images myself from word and uploading into my wordpress blog. But, i guess many people really don’t have any clue on how to do this. So i thought of sharing this to my readers..

I found two methods which can actually help in extracting images from word documents.

1) Saving the word document in (.html) format can help you extract images from the word document.

2) Renaming word document (.doc, .docx) to (.zip) can help you extract images from the Microsoft word document.

Let me show you in detail with screenshots.

Step 1 explanation : saving the word document in (.html) format.

step 1.a – Open the doc/docx document and click on File > Save as


step 1.b –  > save the file as .html format.


step 1.c – In the above, Google Analytics.docx will be saved as Google Analytics.html


step 1.d – Now, after saving the file to html format, you can see one html file and also a folder associated with it. Just like in the below picture.



In the above, i got Google Analytics_files as folder and Google Analytics.html as file.

step 1.f – Now, if you open the folder, you can see the images extracted from your word document.


Step 2 : Explanation

Step 2.1 – The below picture is a sample word document with images in it . Now, if you want to extract images, keep reading further. The file name is Google Analytics.docx



Step 2.2 – Try to rename the file by pressing F2 button in your keyboard.



Step 2.3 – Now rename the file’s extention .docx to .zip



Step 2.4 – It will show a warning, and click on “Yes” to proceed.


Step 2.5 – Now, your file will become a zip file and you can browse the files in the zip file.



Step 2.6 – Click on the folder “word” to access your images present in the word (.docx) document.


Step 2.7 -After click on the folder “word” you can see another folder “media”. Now click on it.



Step 2.8 – Finally, you can see your images in the folder “media”.


There is also another way to extract images from word document by using Ctrl+C of your images in word document and pasting (Ctrl+v)  in your favorite photo editor.