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Free High PR Directories Submission Sites List 2017

Directories Submission Sites

Free High PR Directories Submission Sites List 2017

If you are just starting out with your website, you might be looking for directory submission sites to submit your website. I don’t recommend you to submit to hundreds of directories. As Google recently announced that it will devaluing the directory sites, but still some sites are useful.

here is the list i have complied

Free High PR Directories submission sites list in 2017.

Directory NameAlexa RankNumber of BacklinksPenalized?,846103kNo,642353kNo,200 56.2kNo,092758No,107 18kNo,102688kNo,918 9.83kNo,700 101kNo,664 4.41kNo,782 3.3kNo,733 8.13kNo,195 44.6kNo,402 9.15kNo,934 830No,020 6.15kYes,364 4.56MNo,576 438No,944 102kNo,767 26.2kNo,584 1.25MNo,729 6.24kNo,84246.kNo,120 3.67kNo,215 2.8MNo,883 3.9kYes,130 242kNo,176 4.47kYes,426 124kNo,860 7.29kYes,989 171kNo,657 591kNo,361 356kNo,537 6.54kYes
http://www.247webdirectory.com198,414113kNo,260 622Yes,484 3.5kNo,842 54kNo,207 4.98kNo,146141kYes,879 N/ANo,47112.6kNo,242 N/ANo,983 10.8kNo,701 N/ANo,153 N/ANo,973 N/ANo,446N/ANo,613 N/ANo,965 N/ANo,541 N/ANo,555 N/ANo,083 N/ANo,516 N/ANo,372 N/ANo,263 N/ANo,717 N/ANo,782 N/ANo,153 N/ANo,437 N/ANo,145N/ANo,419,866 N/ANo,910 N/ANo,276 N/ANo,410 N/ANo,414 N/ANo,697 N/ANo,700 N/ANo,085 N/ANo,145 N/ANo,012 N/ANo,445 N/ANo,957 N/ANo,723 N/ANo,929 N/ANo,579 N/ANo,432N/ANo,167 N/ANo,486 N/ANo,176 N/ANo,161N/ANo,140 N/ANo,012 N/ANo,988 N/ANo,377 N/ANo,611 N/ANo,952 N/ANo,957 N/ANo,715N/ANo,377 N/ANo,773 N/ANo,410 N/ANo,810 N/ANo,333 N/ANo,104 N/ANo,807 N/ANo,040 N/ANo,315 N/ANo,611 N/ANo,585 N/ANo,430 N/ANo,275 N/ANo,493 N/ANo,789 N/ANo
https://www.onemilliondirectory.com206,504 N/ANo,193 N/ANo,928 N/ANo,525,873 N/ANo,695 N/ANo,037 N/ANo,618 N/ANo,535N/ANo,833N/ANo,563 N/ANo,414N/ANo,022N/ANo,140 N/ANo,156 N/ANo,988 N/ANo,592N/ANo,611 N/ANo

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